Everything Wrong With Titanic In 9 Minutes Or So
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 11/7/13*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
So... feast on the delicious sinfulness of one of the most-widely-disliked Best Picture winners of all time.
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  • Anthony Ogans
    Anthony Ogans

    Don't worry about the granddaughter. She ends up with the director........really.

  • Caroline Darlene
    Caroline Darlene

    The line at 4:49 was absolutely not useless but go off!!!

  • Caroline Darlene
    Caroline Darlene

    The line at 4:49 was absolutely not useless but go off!!!

  • Tyler Sparrow
    Tyler Sparrow

    You get mad at people playing the pronoun game but then do a bonus round of people saying the two protagonists name .............you can’t have your cake & son it too

  • Neo

    lmao this is brilliant. What were the names of the two main leads in this again?

  • Sharlize Richards
    Sharlize Richards

    the names "jack" and "rose" were said so many times in a row in the bonus round that they sound weird to me now

  • Mansoor Ahmed
    Mansoor Ahmed

    Jack and rose bonus round is glass 173 sins

  • Yahikkox

    what was going on with the sound at the end of this video? jeremy sounds like he is in the submarine that discovered the titanic

  • Eric Miguel
    Eric Miguel

    Rose killed Jack. She could've gotten onto the lifeboat and Jack could've gotten onto the door.

  • IDGam3r

    These guys maybe assholes, but I can one up them easily. Cinema Sins are a bunch of assholes who most likely have not heard of a thing called the outdoors.

  • Jeffrey Baer
    Jeffrey Baer

    This movie is absolute dreck. It made its money off of hundreds of thousands of women renting it and "jilling off" to De Crappio. (And a few "jacks" for the 5 seconds of boobage.) The story is horrendously trite and boring; the acting is HILARIOUSLY bad (like, it makes "Avatar" look like "Terms of Endearment" bad). Cameron's directing is all flash and NO substance. The entire "action" sequences are anti-climactic -- of COURSE the chick winds up alone. The only redeeming part was that Jack dies. Just like the only redeeming part of Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet is that BOTH Claire Danes and DeCrappio die. Seriously, Leo -- you've done some great work in your career... please disavow all ties to Titanic and R+J. They are both God-awful.

  • Josh Nobles
    Josh Nobles

    @CinemaSins please just let us enjoy the movies and also please your “sins” mostly are bullshit and you dont truly understand the movies you review

  • FormulaManuel

    What were their names again? Didn't quite catch that 😬

  • Aussie Gunzel
    Aussie Gunzel

    Carpathia should be a sin

  • Crons 85
    Crons 85


  • Abz Zbz
    Abz Zbz

    I am watching this video just to watch the beautiful moments of the movie. Imagine how great the movie must be.

  • Travis Kussrow
    Travis Kussrow

    I think the movie was sad

  • Cutie Cat
    Cutie Cat

    If rose would’ve stayed on that boat, jack would’ve found that thing alone. He would’ve then gotten on to it and survived. Rose, knowing that he might still be alive, would then spend 5 years searching for him. She would then find him, only to find out that he’s been with another woman for 3 years and they have two kids. Rose is then heartbroken and goes off and marries an alcoholic and becomes one herself. Rose, now 50 years old is in the hospital with liver failure years after her husband died. She finds out that Jack is in the hospital right next door, also with liver failure. She finds out that after seeing her again all those years ago, he left his family and went searching for her. He eventually realized the search was hopeless and gave up and started drinking. They then reunite and realize they still love each other. They both die the next day

  • Vladinir Shotitov
    Vladinir Shotitov

    Major Arthur Godfrey Peuchen (7:45) was close by when lifeboat 6 was found to be short-handed. He volunteered and 2nd Officer Lightoller said if he was a good enough seaman to climb down to the boat he could go. Peuchen made it. The next day he found Lightoller and got a letter confirming he was ordered to help out and not a coward who saved himself.

  • flux freeze
    flux freeze

    the guy who shot jacks friend be like wtf is wrong with me im just gonna shoot myself now go to hell and be like why didnt i go to heaven

  • flux freeze
    flux freeze

    as soon as rose taks her rose of jack s like ... oh no here it comes

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    I went on a cruise about a decade ago, and we had to do a practice drill of going to (not on) the lifeboat. A person with a bullhorn said that women and children still go first. I was a newlywed and I told my husband that I would stay with him if something happened, and this little old woman behind us started laughing saying that, “oh honey, u must be newly married.”.

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    Here we go..

  • Squash fei
    Squash fei

    "Jack" and "Rose" don't even sound like words anymore.

  • MrHimguy Gift
    MrHimguy Gift

    The jack and Rose bonuses are hilarious

  • Lilli Marino
    Lilli Marino

    dang this ruined titanic for me :/

  • Allen Reed
    Allen Reed

    “She’s got the Jack.” -Bon Scott

  • History Builder
    History Builder

    “Rose and I differ in our definition of fine art’” “Well said Jack” Edit: I also just realized that numbers 207, 208, 209 were missing the ‘0’ in between the numbers...

  • S Hughes
    S Hughes

    9:28 In the bonus round they started to rack up more sins than the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film

  • plaguedbysociety

    There’s no way she wouldn’t get on that life boat.

  • 567 123
    567 123

    Wtf is heart and souls?

  • Jimmy Boy
    Jimmy Boy

    James Cameron has a *foot fetish*

  • Roger Warburg
    Roger Warburg

    Bro I lost my shit at “Even in death, this guy is a door man” lmfao

  • Mika-Markus Natunen
    Mika-Markus Natunen

    Everything I remember from this movie is Jack and Rose.

  • Brent Brent
    Brent Brent

    Title: Everything Wrong With Titanic in 9 Minutes Or So Video length: 14 minutes Me: *Wait a second...*

  • Eric Rosen
    Eric Rosen

    3:54 Looks like there is black smoke coming from all four smoke stacks... but the aft smoke stack was there largely for aesthetics.

  • vonEmpalmeOlmos -
    vonEmpalmeOlmos -

    3:38 *Exactly* xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Penny Graham
    Penny Graham

    I feel we get more of the story from jack and rose but I don't come here cuz I haven't seen movie I have it on DVD I just do it to hear your opinion

  • Penny Graham
    Penny Graham

    if u didn't see she really did hit his hand with the axe and a guy that jumped off wasnt attached on the ship and finaly when rose punched the guy the blood was on his hands

  • Dark Lightning Müller's
    Dark Lightning Müller's

    They said eacher others name more than 160 times

  • MiBones

    How long does it take to be overcome by hypothermia? How long did they run through freezing water? They would never have made it off the ship.

  • Jerry Farber
    Jerry Farber

    So how many jack ang roses were there?i wanna know

  • Grant Patterson
    Grant Patterson

    O my god your so annoying get a job not everything is perfect ok I want to see you do better for god sake you idiot

  • Freddy Dog lover
    Freddy Dog lover


  • Coacha Cola
    Coacha Cola

    Rose doesn't sound like rose anymore

  • Penelope Clearwater
    Penelope Clearwater

    Anjay ngakak woi

  • Science lover
    Science lover

    God please no one say the names jack and rose again

  • Bryan Doles
    Bryan Doles

    Rose She protecc She attak But most importantly she kill jac

  • DevinTD09

    its funny how you added the underwater music in smb3

  • Kai Fox
    Kai Fox

    The people who dislike are banana's😏

  • girlwholoves tacobell
    girlwholoves tacobell

    She is able to go to titanic heaven because 1. she tried to kill her self, id consider a part in her would have died for her brain to want to follow through enough for her to climb over the rail and 2. she was literally half dead when she was pulled from the water.

  • kevin bresnahan
    kevin bresnahan

    Fucking hillarious XD

  • Cellosiiax

    Rose said jack so much I don't even know what jack means anymore

  • Ranvir Grewal
    Ranvir Grewal

    Brother your videos are great and funny but seriously most of the sins have a logical explanation, and good job on pointing out it's her heaven instead of it being a dream, it really makes up for his death. BTW to those who think she is dreaming *#@! you and it's her dream come true, she dreamed of him her whole life and now is with her.

  • Sophia T
    Sophia T

    I think her name is rose

  • Thomas Groover
    Thomas Groover

    I fucking love bonus the rounds

  • LD Davis
    LD Davis

    The rail at the bow was off-limits to passengers mainly because a humongous anchor was lying there on the deck. And, since this scene was in broad daylight, it is safe to bet the crew (right behind them in the wheelhouse) would have ended that endeavor before it was attempted.

  • wklfa

    Couldn’t mention that if rose just had stayed on that life boat, jack could have crawled on the plank, and both had survived

  • abitextra

    "Rose." *sin* "Mr. Dawson, I-" *no sin* "--Jack." *sin*

  • emily barber
    emily barber

    i still love titanic

  • Sara M.
    Sara M.

    I love you so much, but I can hear you reading this

  • Creating by Emma
    Creating by Emma

    I’m thinking that Jack makes Rose pregnant so the grandchild is related to Jack, but early in the movie Rose says ”I never told your grandfather about him. I never told anyone about him until now”. So she maybe married a guy while being pregnant with Jacks baby. 😉😏👍🏻

  • Isaiah Wakeen
    Isaiah Wakeen

    Watching the bonus round made me think of something. The movie says the main characters names so many times that you subliminally fall in love with the characters, almost as if you know them yourself. This might be why this love story is knows as one of the best.

  • Caitlin Ann
    Caitlin Ann

    I’ve heard rose so many times it no longer feels like a word anymore...

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas

    Oh god he's ruining another classic movie

  • Aa532575 _
    Aa532575 _

    12:12 Thats a lot of sins

  • ValleyScott Blog
    ValleyScott Blog

    My god I never realized how often they say "Jack" & "Rose" during this film, nor how utterly annoying it is.

  • Thuto Tlholoe
    Thuto Tlholoe

    "Shoo, shoo sir. I have no other character traits" IM DYING!!!😂

  • Joas Mares
    Joas Mares

    why didn't you mention in the axe scene jack wearing suspenders but his stuntman isn't

  • Sousoumaxgamer

    6:45 if you look closely, you can see Rose is actually trying to cut Jack's hand. *ding*

  • SupaNova

    Inuyasha and Kagome have 24hrs to respond to the bonus round

  • Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel
    Ian Teh Youtuber12755!'s Second Channel


  • supremesamthegoat

    says under 9 min but is 14

  • Minor Strations
    Minor Strations

    I mean lightholler is here

  • Michael Perrier
    Michael Perrier

    I went to the movies to see this with my friends and we all laughed so hard when that guy hit the propeller

  • Annoying_ravenclaw

    More than half the sins were in the bonus round

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise

    You're a type of guy to have a blm sign on your yard.

  • Jacob Ellis
    Jacob Ellis

    "the lookout where to occupied spying on some teens kissing" "why is everyone clapping, where they personally affected by rose and jacks romance?" Well seeing as you already answered the question +1 sin for you sir

  • Ghost Special ops
    Ghost Special ops

    I fucking hate this guy, I wanna punch him so bad for fuck sake, I don't give a shit about the movie, but his voice pisses me off

    • some guy 89
      some guy 89


  • TheRiddick27

    How did that fella get into the 'women & children only' boat? Well if it's anything like the delusional feckers we have today he can just claim he 'identifies' as a 'woman'. An think of the problems that would cause with the snowflakes today! An you think the feminists would still be wanting equality in this life or death situation? Not a fecking chance!

  • Stuti Bhatnagar
    Stuti Bhatnagar


  • F. I. M.
    F. I. M.

    Cal looks A LOT like Ruby Rose

  • amii the artist
    amii the artist

    *_lol yeah but all of us loved it anyways_*

  • Viktor Birkeland
    Viktor Birkeland

    Holy shit. After watching this, I hate this movie even more than I already did. It's a horror movie about a girl that cares only about herself, and endangers everyone around her!

  • Alice Young
    Alice Young

    What if Rose got pregnant from that one time with Jack? She may have had just one child who had children of their own, so maybe Rose's Granddaughter is also Jacks Granddaughter. So when she reunites with Jack at the end of the movie, her family could also follow and meet their family in the heaven?

  • The Poppyman
    The Poppyman

    Why do he know about The Book of Revelation, but not about the fact that most people weren’t even at the docks, when the Titanic sailed of. In fact most of them where at the docks when her sister ship, Olympic sailed of, but when she sailed of it was just another girl taken her first steps. As a matter of fact, I would be amazing at CinemaSins!

  • Sarah_playz

    You could have easily made this a 2 hour video

  • Bella Dodds
    Bella Dodds

    You won’t change what I think about it they worked hard in that moive

  • The Visitor
    The Visitor

    Pickey idiot

  • RMSJohnnyStorm1912

    you ruined my favorite movie lol

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis

    Jsck asks a person thst 2 days ago trying to kill herself wow

  • TRS MookieLukie
    TRS MookieLukie

    "Rose" has lost all meaning to me

  • Kate Felton
    Kate Felton

    Literally wtf is this video you obviously don’t have taste in movies like can u chill out it’s not meant to be criticized and picked apart it’s a love story with a deep message. Also what you said about her resorting to killing herself because “she’s rich” incase you didn’t know sometimes people don’t just value money being roped into marrying a d*ck because her family needed money is terrible and I’d probably do the same. Money doesn’t equal happiness

  • Eli Kibler
    Eli Kibler

    Me after this video… what is a rose? 😅

  • ლუკა მინდორაშვილი
    ლუკა მინდორაშვილი

    In this movie trere are always sayng jack but everyone calls him leo 😂😂

  • CycolacFan

    “He exists now only in my memory,” that’s exactly what they said about Mad Max.

  • Princess Pinke
    Princess Pinke

    James Cameron's foot - fetish 🤣🤣🤣

  • •xXAriXx•

    The words Jack and Rose don’t even sound like words anymore

  • Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz
    Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz

    Mega sin/Real life sin: in James Cameron's 1995 expedition to the Titanic to shoot this thing, the submersible he was in accidentally collided with the bow of the wreck's hull, leaving a mark on the sub, and also breaking the top of Captain Smith's room, making the interior visible *L*

  • Tasrick Hasan
    Tasrick Hasan

    Holy shit you fkn kill them dude.