Everything Wrong With Date Night In Mom & Dad Minutes
Date Night is a pretty funny movie you probably forgot. But it still has sins!!
Tomorrow: There's no video tomorrow, what are you talking about?
Thursday: Ninja sins!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Banjo Peppers
    Banjo Peppers

    Okay I could swear this movie just came out last year, but you're telling me it came out in 2010???

  • Ben Steinberg
    Ben Steinberg

    At the end there’s a shot of the 59th St Bridge at sunrise but the sun is shown rising in the west

  • K T
    K T

    Hey fuck you for disparaging James Patterson books! I love every series you mentioned, especially Michael Bennet man. Great series.

  • madcat gaming
    madcat gaming

    “I’m a cop!” “Not anymore you’re not” “Ohhhh so that’s how that works” I love these guys.

  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • Logan Mannke
    Logan Mannke

    Did you just call an Audi a muscle car????? SIN X TEN

  • Vinny Vega
    Vinny Vega

    Just found your channel I’m enjoying it thanks for the content

  • creemcheems

    steve carrels character should be called micheal scarn

  • Wrathtard

    I am so glad you used the clip from 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' for the sweeping D.A. scene at the end.

  • Valerie Fedion
    Valerie Fedion

    Speaking of Jackie Wilson are you guys ever going to do everything wrong with Ghostbusters 1 or 2

  • Issack Cintrón
    Issack Cintrón

    0:26 "Character jumps/attacks another character and yells out the wrong wrestling move" cliche. Search UZload for "Owen Hart Stone Cold Piledriver" and you'll never forget what an actual piledriver is.

  • Mark Clipper
    Mark Clipper

    No nerd cameo for the rolling rock sin?.... *Ding*

  • Killa Barbie
    Killa Barbie

    Dang that sex scene was not more awkward then midsommar 😂

  • J A
    J A

    9:35 - that's what happens when Tina Fey asks if you want to be in her movie! People respect her so much they just ask when and where instead of how much!

  • Phil C
    Phil C

    "KILLSHOT! ITS A KILLSHOT!" Had me rolling when i first saw this movie.

  • Mehtåp Ciånå
    Mehtåp Ciånå

    There is nothing homophobic about this movie you nutter

  • Emily Alnwick
    Emily Alnwick

    15:40 well you should know that you only need to give the Miranda admonishment if there is custody + interrogation. The detective character wasn’t asking him any questions related to the crime, she was just reading him his charges. Therefore, the Miranda rights didn’t have to be read

  • Ruhrpott #wirgebiet
    Ruhrpott #wirgebiet

    The sins in these movie are mostly by Jeremy wanting to sin at least something and makes it up

  • Alejandro Cardona
    Alejandro Cardona

    Bruh. Plus one sin to Cinema Sins for calling an Audi R8 a MUSCLE CAR. Disappointed smh.

  • dodgers doon1130
    dodgers doon1130

    I forgot wonder woman was in this movie😍😍

  • SirOlrox

    I don't think it's a sin for Gal Gadot to be in any movie.

  • winner winner
    winner winner

    This movie was funny as hell

  • Josny13

    0:50 Maybe the boring name was the point? This movie seems boring af. So it fits. 2:59 Oh god, who watches this crap?! 4:50 F*ck no. That joke took way to long to set up. Should have just been: "Now I have to eat off the ground again?" I hate these slowpoke jokes. 6:40 Another one. "I don't want them to live with your mother!" would have been enough. Adding "She's awful!" is just redundant. Was the writer afraid people wouldn't get it?

  • LamiNalchor

    A muscle car? Wow, some people know less about cars than a little boy with his matchbox.

  • TrixiLovesYou

    So booooooooooring.

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise

    You are such a liberal douche.

  • Joshua Critchfield
    Joshua Critchfield

    As far as "writing on your hand." My mom does that all the time and it works about 80% of the time.

  • Brailey Vine
    Brailey Vine

    Somehow ya'll ain't done Parasite yet.

  • charles _ hix
    charles _ hix

    Did this man just call an Auidi R8 a fucking muscle car

  • Ray Rowley
    Ray Rowley

    I write on my hand. I call it my palm pilot.

  • Matshidiso Sekgampu
    Matshidiso Sekgampu

    I loved Date Night

  • Chris Atwill
    Chris Atwill

    Is there any way we can download the transcripts only, on our tablets, pc or phones ? These are funny as hell and they would definitely make for a fun reading!

  • Maria Hanover
    Maria Hanover

    This is a shitty comedy and a shitty thriller. The movie is completely tone deaf without a single funny joke.

  • lutascheier

    Empire? PERSON OF INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devin Reilly
    Devin Reilly

    that is not how miranda works bud/

  • stevo1354

    "Hi Im date mike nice to meet me!"

  • Drake Smith
    Drake Smith

    Lol, it’s Bill Burr.

  • It’s Henka You Psycho
    It’s Henka You Psycho

    Michael Scarn is really popping off in these movies

  • Anika's Bridge
    Anika's Bridge

    Is this a re upload or am I a time traveler?

  • Michelle Bressette
    Michelle Bressette

    Moonstruck, do Moonstruck!

  • Editwithmouse

    Lol, my sister in law still writes notes on her hand

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace

    Rolling rock = sin Going too far bruh

  • Louie Stevens
    Louie Stevens

    Please do cats

  • Barnes Harry
    Barnes Harry

    Do greeen street

  • TheCumberCoIlective

    I write in pen on the palm of my hand all the time. How sweaty do you have to be to think it would immediately sweat off?

  • Issac Clark
    Issac Clark

    U... need.. to... do... The Core.

  • No Budget Comments
    No Budget Comments

    15:40 She's arresting them, not charging them, and you don't need to Mirandise someone when you arrest them.

  • Lex

    Ooh you guys should sin 'O Brother Where Are Thou'

  • Calico321

    Just an FYI for future sins - you can absolutely be arrested without being Mirandized. Miranda is only necessary for being in custody AND being questioned. They don't need to inform you of your rights until they need to interrogate you.

  • Rachelll S.
    Rachelll S.

    date night? nah DATE MIKE

  • denyingdestruction

    10:08 also, Bill F**king Burr! BING! (or is it a win? I can't tell these days)

  • Bella Sandoval
    Bella Sandoval

    I felt so attacked at that James Patterson part

  • Jacob Sherer
    Jacob Sherer

    I have a serious problem with the “Famous People: The Movie” sin at 9:36. A) I love this sin because it’s true there are so many random famous people in this movie. B) I love this sin because I do it all the time. I’ll be watching The Town hoping that Batman can make it work with Iron Man’s ex-girlfriend before Don Draper catches him or his best friend Hawkeye screws things up. But C) If you’re going to name so many things that the actors in this movie are known for, why stop at those 12? Why say Black Mirror for Jimmi Simpson but not say something for Common? Like Suicide Squad? Why say the Avengers for Mark Ruffalo but not Bridesmaids for Kristen Wiig? Or is she included in Big Mouth even though she’s only in two episodes and it was clearly mentioned for Nick Kroll? Basically this sin simultaneously pleases and frustrates me and I needed to get this out. That is all. Move along.

  • Chris Edward
    Chris Edward

    Two woke actors.

  • Jason Warren
    Jason Warren

    Tina Fey is so hot.

  • Shane Shanahan
    Shane Shanahan

    5:30 perfect example why @th3birdman exists

  • Nene J. Phillips
    Nene J. Phillips

    So nobody’s going to mention Cee Lo Green’s song Shotgun during the strip club scene? Probably one of his best songs.

  • Harry Parker
    Harry Parker

    Nobody: Seriously nobody: Not a single person: Cinemasins: Here’s everything wrong with a random comedy from 2010

  • Analiese Rea
    Analiese Rea

    Also I just realized that their names are Claire and Phil.... Modern Family ?!

  • tremayne1204

    Miranda rights only have to be read if you're in custody AND being interrogated. Asking basic information like name birthday address is not interrogation.

  • ew dew
    ew dew

    That Audi R8 is a full in supercar, no muscle Car dammit!^^

  • Mike, from Texas
    Mike, from Texas

    The biggest sin of all is you calling that plastic piece of sporty shit a "muscle car". C'mon man.

  • Vincent Beers
    Vincent Beers

    Miranda rights don't need to be read during an arrest. They only need to be given during an interrogation. They won't be read at all if no interrogation is done. The one thing this movie portrayed accurately was no Miranda rights being given during the arrest. Miranda warnings being given during an arrest is one of the most common mistakes in movies and television, you should be sinning every time they are read incorrectly.

  • K Rab
    K Rab

    Lol. For someone who doesn’t like James Patterson you know an awful lot about his writing.

  • Kaiser Emotion
    Kaiser Emotion

    PLEASE. you only have to be read miranda rights if they plan on interrogating you or using things you say. they can read them at any time before then. it doesnt have to be at the arrest. also, there would be no reason to as they basically have already confessed.

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise

    I hate nick kroll.

  • Marley Gamble
    Marley Gamble

    do fargo

  • tredog501

    He didn't say trsnsformers

  • AML-657

    When you died but you were alive 0:26

  • Michael Garramone
    Michael Garramone

    I like Rolling Rock.

  • Alex Force
    Alex Force

    9:94 sudden Bill Burr is sudden.

  • Chris Richardson
    Chris Richardson

    @15:47: they don't read your Miranda Rights to you until you appear before a judge the morning after an arrest. Don't ask why I know that

  • Rooster RR
    Rooster RR


  • The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers
    The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

    Featuring Cast members from 30 Rock The Office The League Always Sunny In Philadelphia Curb Your Enthusiasm Gossip Girl Saturday Night Live Family Guy F Is For Family

  • The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers
    The Next Douglass Bubbletrousers

    Wiig can get the D

  • XanderShiller

    *"NJ tax consultants" is the BEST company name!!*

  • unretrofied619

    No sin for borrowing names from Modern Family?

  • Andrew Cheshire
    Andrew Cheshire


  • metalpsyche82

    hey you, could you just tell "Roll Credits" like you were used to when the film's title is mentioned rather than deform it every fucking time? Thanks

  • Jessica Wardlaw
    Jessica Wardlaw

    Missed opportunity for a McPoyle reference at the end

  • doomsfear

    Miranda rights are not mandatory.

  • OhElvira

    All I can think about is Lyle the intern from Letterman

  • Kamikaze Chivalry
    Kamikaze Chivalry



    MacGruber ROX Sins! It was robbed of at least 6 Oscars.

  • Gabe King
    Gabe King

    Sports car not a muscle car

  • Gabe King
    Gabe King

    How were they homophobic jokes

  • Olatoye Gureje
    Olatoye Gureje

    I forgot how many famous people are in this movie

  • Sedrick Santiago
    Sedrick Santiago

    I hate memes, I just fucken hate em

  • Sedrick Santiago
    Sedrick Santiago

    U get a crazy amount of likes

  • The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian

    Nobody: The comments section: oH mY gOD hE cALleD aN aUDi A mUSclE cAr tHE woRlD iS eNDinG!

  • Ronny D. B. Lopez
    Ronny D. B. Lopez


  • Black uncle tom I mean Bull for white couples
    Black uncle tom I mean Bull for white couples

    98% sure that's a misuse of the word "(a)etiology" at 4:07

  • George Varughese
    George Varughese

    I thought it was a good movie.

  • nathaniel alderete
    nathaniel alderete

    Contagion, please.

  • Dannii Lee
    Dannii Lee

    do Marriage Story!

  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim

    You do not have to read the Miranda rights to detained nor arrested individuals. It's mainly for questioning so that it is admissible in court.

  • MrSugardove

    Sooo.... this movie funnier than bad boys 2.... cinema sins o.k.

  • Kryptonian Guest
    Kryptonian Guest

    Well, now I have to watch Everything Wrong With The Happening again.

  • Kayla Vorlicky
    Kayla Vorlicky

    I will say, even when a couple has been together for a long time, they do sometimes miss obvious nonverbal cues. No matter how many times I've used the squeeze hand signal (and then later had to explain it when we resorted to finding another way out of a situation) my partner will probably never get the hint... love him, but some guys are actually that oblivious.

  • Michala Zappia
    Michala Zappia

    You better be careful. This is my favorite movie. And that’s saying a lot because I don’t give the “favorite movie” title away silly nilly.