Everything Wrong With Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
At this point you are either already on board with this film before it even comes out, or you're not. Guess where we stand. Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw has sins galore.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland

    this movie tryin so hard to be funny.. this cringy bromance has to stop!

  • josh palmer
    josh palmer

    This guy’s laugh is hilarious

  • derpy boy
    derpy boy

    "I mean you have to be, I guess we just take for granted you have radios or something... but you dont" actually, yes they do. They got them from shaw's gf

  • alex olibo
    alex olibo

    earth lil dicky

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama


  • Drake Pryce
    Drake Pryce

    17:08 is the reason we are all here. You watched the movie, went straight to UZload to find Cinemasins. Lol admit it

  • GeekyHairyBestia

    If the virus is in pods in her hand why dose it take 30mins and WHY NOT JUST CUT HER HAND OFF 🤣🤣

  • PS Arc
    PS Arc

    When even the sinns for the movie are boring...

  • Rmell Robinson
    Rmell Robinson

    This Movie was Dumb as Shit

  • Sonaru Kun
    Sonaru Kun

    I thought that was gordon ramsay voice 😂 0:09


    that voice of the mysterious antagonist near the end, it sounded like dominic toretto (vin diesel). of course i may be wrong, but it felt like him talking.

  • Echo2407

    This movie has more sins than the EMOJI MOVIE and THAT is a sin

  • Megan Borland
    Megan Borland

    Anyone else just imagining him standing in the scenes spouting these sins and just a pause in the action while he does before they start up again because I have and it is hilarious. Just the sin where it's only Hobbs and Shaw taking on the job and they all stop to listen before carrying on what they're doing

  • DK K
    DK K

    I actually think this movie was kinda good

  • Zeocyte93

    No wonder Hollywood actors are turning more stupid than usual... They keep acting in idiotic written film

  • Leo unknown
    Leo unknown

    16:12 funny how they started the 30 min clock & it went from pitch black to sunny & they still hzve over 21 mins left on the clock

  • Tyler Mullet
    Tyler Mullet

    Ummmm....you got to pay attention to the movie before sinning it. The Russian Mobster chicks specifically gave them encrypted communication thing-a-ma-bobs to put in their ear and FUCKING TOLD THE AUDIENCE

  • lulcart

    11:11 Sounds a little too familiar

  • Zonnex Necton
    Zonnex Necton

    Um space? Yeah I heard rumors about Fast 9...

  • Davin Scott
    Davin Scott

    13:49 add 5000 extra sins that is not how a suspension works, they are all dead, and so is that car's suspension

  • Marshal Murat
    Marshal Murat

    When the rock jump down the building, you should have added 100 sins for disrespecting sir issac newton law of physic

  • Nxbx Bshdhd
    Nxbx Bshdhd

    Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini

  • Volta Machine
    Volta Machine

    I’m black spookerman

  • Robert Colontonio
    Robert Colontonio

    I'm very surprised he missed the obvious discount Patrick Warburton at 3:25.

  • Patient 0
    Patient 0

    This movie is like 2 min noodles, a flashy packet with no substance and leaves you hungry for something real.

  • CrazyDash Yt
    CrazyDash Yt

    I’d make it 229 sins because of Roman Reigns’ appearance in the movie

  • Zack Tarbet
    Zack Tarbet

    This guy is an idiot. Its a movie its not supposed to be realistic

  • Rashond Grant
    Rashond Grant

    @13:43 I didn’t even realize the dumb fuckery that this movie presented on a hot plate until now 😂

  • Pradyumna Chandel
    Pradyumna Chandel

    11:10 that didn't age well

  • Ramon Salcedo
    Ramon Salcedo

    This spin off is the biggest fucking SIN in the entire history of Fast & Furious movies EVER! Why would they create something so ridiculously comical that not only makes you feel more annoyed with this franchise but on top of it all, it changed the entire rhythm of its own cinematic world possibilities which now has to be applied into the next movie that comes out.

  • Nap Airsoft Vlogging & gaming channel
    Nap Airsoft Vlogging & gaming channel

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MOVIE EITHER some people are fucked up if they thing something is wrong with this movie.

  • Gema Arya
    Gema Arya

    "It's not done!"

  • lauren k
    lauren k

    Just thought it was abit.......mehh, they really messed up on the Samoa island fight, dark then suddenly daylight?

  • Jaden and the family
    Jaden and the family

    I still remember what fate of th furious did to sin counter

  • Wicket the Ewok
    Wicket the Ewok

    So this isn’t a marvel movie

  • Discdore

    This movie is now kinda ironic considering the situation we are all in

  • Filip Jovanovic
    Filip Jovanovic

    Fast and Furius is BULLSHIT, exept for first 3 movies

  • 100 subs with out any videos
    100 subs with out any videos

    12:20 hobs and Shaw have cables that around their neck and in the next scene the cables not there which allows them to escape hmmm +1 movie sin

  • Majozi Chongo
    Majozi Chongo

    I came here for 17:08

  • Evmeistah

    I am surprised there were not more sins for the bullshit of four trucks latched together by bullshit, still attached to and fighting the helicopter, and then they all four do nitro in a row, and then a rocket splodes in front of them and they come apart like legos

  • Stephen Phillips
    Stephen Phillips

    "Finding that out must have been super easy". Super easy, barely an inconvenience...

  • AlFaShArK 246
    AlFaShArK 246

    I can't finish this movie for the life of me

  • Turaani

    Your voice sounds different

  • Ludah

    God with all the secret brother sins he’s going to go insane when fast 9 comes out with the invisible man as doms brother

  • MajorCO2 Gaming
    MajorCO2 Gaming

    2020 is the alternative ending of this film where the virus was released

  • Thomas Broden
    Thomas Broden

    So let me get this straight. You added 100 FUCKIN SINS for doing what almost any action movie has done EVER...............................................................................................I LOVE IT

  • Sgt-R Xmt
    Sgt-R Xmt

    btw an AI dose multi tasking way better than humans they are known for it how the hell cant it just fight 2 guys at the same time ?

  • James Plunkett
    James Plunkett

    A cricket bat not a paddle

  • Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham
    Mike Bottomless Pit Dunham

    What do you have against the People's Eyebrow?

  • R3SP3CT Gamer
    R3SP3CT Gamer

    The pancakes are all gone after not eating 1 you forgot that part

  • Lovall Josephsocool2
    Lovall Josephsocool2

    This is the only way I can watch movies for free

  • x Botz
    x Botz

    Crazy how captain America did the same helicopter thing 🤣 straight outta ideas

  • Stalker


  • Peanut Plum
    Peanut Plum

    I know there will be a shit ton

  • Austin Thomas
    Austin Thomas


  • Micah

    13:35 Sin #187. This might be the only time I defend this movie, but it was shown in a previous scene that they were given wireless communication devices.

  • Kryptoskillet

    1:48 Lemme stop you right there. Jason Statham looks AMAZING for his age. Also, not the actual actors, the characters.

  • Jovian Mercado
    Jovian Mercado

    I am way to young to watch Hobbs and Shawn but I did and loved it

  • LBorden

    Saw this movie a few hours ago and it finally took me until now to get the Mike Oxmaul joke

  • The Reaper
    The Reaper

    When shaws mother was talking about Keith moon child Owens hair was not black.

  • memetastic

    17:06 captain America

  • KeatonGames1234


  • Shayne McCory
    Shayne McCory

    Get Ludacris to help 😭😭😭

  • Tai Wilson
    Tai Wilson

    more entertaining then the 8th one at least lol, dont mean much.

  • Leadoof

    This movie was a year early

  • Victor Goossens
    Victor Goossens

    A black hawk helicopter can carry over 4 tons by sling, this means he was supposedly pulling down with a force of over 4 tons.

  • King Gaming
    King Gaming

    Do u like any movie

  • JayHog1992

    CinemaSins: "Finger pressure?" Me: "I think it means how trigger happy he's close to being from an accidentall trigger pull."

  • Wayne Jonker
    Wayne Jonker

    No the rock has never done steroids either!!! Ever!!!! Right!!!!

  • Noemy Armas
    Noemy Armas

    Batgirl barabra caslin Gordon vs Hemidalll

  • Noemy Armas
    Noemy Armas

    Batgirl barabra caslin Gordon vs henidall of Asgard

  • Frick Chamber
    Frick Chamber

    Are we really gonna ignore the fact that Roman reigns is The rocks cuzn and is in the movie but doesn't have a single dialogue?

  • Brian Evans
    Brian Evans

    The sudden Deadpool almost killed me...

  • 陳奕釩

    So film makers get hi during production,for example, Adventure time producer smoke weeb when making the show,and when they are making this dumpster fire of a waste of time,the film makers are high on Testosterone.

    • Marcos Gibson
      Marcos Gibson

      So let me get this straight... You can spell "Testosterone", but not "weed"? smh...

  • Chanandler Bong
    Chanandler Bong

    Say what you wanna say about this movie...Its still the funniest movie in the FF franchise imo

  • Nyarako-chan

    This is a James Bond film without James Bond in it.

  • Joker Kujo
    Joker Kujo

    Finger pressure means the guy was putting pressure on his finger, and was almost about to pull the trigger or ready to pull the trigger

  • Aaron Mauthe
    Aaron Mauthe

    Hey look, the sin counter has been resurrected for another fast and furious movie despite dying in the last one. Cliche. Ding.

  • Jago Oman Ra
    Jago Oman Ra

    Why does black superman need a helmet

  • OZANE 本能
    OZANE 本能

    13:33 Is Steamy Stacks No JOKE


    He forgot the part where Ryan Reynolds literally stabbed a guy with a brick

  • Unathletic Fitness
    Unathletic Fitness

    Loved the Goodfellas reference 😂😂

  • BatCaveOz

    Circa 09:40 that is a cricket bat... not a paddle 🤷‍♂️

  • Stockwell Santley
    Stockwell Santley


  • Alyssa G
    Alyssa G

    "this movie is about a virus that can kill everybody on earth in a week" people in 2020: haha covid. you only wait

  • Parzival

    Sudden deadpool is never a sin

  • Rampart

    Why do people like these kinds of movies? It's the reason why this franchise continues to make these nonsensical movies.

    • Marcos Gibson
      Marcos Gibson

      TBH... As "nonsensical" as the movies get, I can't help but love them. This franchise is like the Dieting version of a "Cheat Day".

  • Rampart

    Ryan Reynolds is in the movie Everybody: OH MY GOD DEADPOOL IS HERE AS WELL?!

  • Callsign Whiskey
    Callsign Whiskey

    That virus cliché didn’t age well

  • Montoku Gaming
    Montoku Gaming

    you talk like a nerd

  • cam biggaveli
    cam biggaveli

    That was definitely John Cena at the end

  • CentiSZN

    If hes five years older than he was in the video I was just listening to... why does he sound younger?

  • anik monette
    anik monette

    I don't remember which platform was desperate enough to play the trailer for this thing, but I do recall the bit with Hobbs smashing a bad guy's head on a security panel and it made me chuckle a bit... But then I thought that if it's all the movie had to offer then it would be embarrassingly bad, and by watching this video I'm glad to see that my 6th sense(which is entirely dedicated to spot awful movies from 20 miles away) is still sharp as a fucking tack! Also, now that I think about it... Why is it about a virus? Viruses can be fun plot devices because you can use it to Thanos the shit out of Earth, or sell the cure to desperate governments but to kill everyone? That's so boring! And we have the nukes for that sole purpose so shame on that movie for wasting a potentially fun premise!

  • PutridFoe 65
    PutridFoe 65

    I swear, the more movies the Rock is inc the stronger he becomes.

  • Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
    Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    I forgot this is a part of the fast and furious

  • TomHadders95

    1) The scene with The Rock holding the chain to the helicopter should be sinned 1000 times. It’s hilariously false. 2) How the f*ck did The Rock survive that fall off the cliff into water that wasn’t really that deep. Both his legs should have gone through his ass at least. 3) Why were there soo many individual camera shots on Roman Reigns when we have no clue/introduction of who his character is? Simply just because it’s Roman Reigns... 4) Especially in the end credits when The Rock returns home, you see Roman over his right shoulder on the close up. Yet for the wide shot he is behind the brother on the porch??? His character knows teleportation apparently! Geez this film was bad...

  • Ajarthis

    2:07 With all due respect anyone, ANYONE that saw X-Men origins Wolverine might disagree with that statement.

  • Andrew LD
    Andrew LD

    Shit Movie

  • N Mouse
    N Mouse

    and the mistake with ur channel is u don’t remember this is a “Movie” Fiction humor drama action not realistic it’s a movie for a reason🤣 ur dumb asf

  • Boris Pernichev
    Boris Pernichev

    Everything wrong with sins 1: He said 19 minutes or less and it’s 19:03 😠 😂