Everything Wrong With Knives Out In Whodunnit Minutes
Knives Out, Rian Johnson's follow up to The Last Jedi, was a universal home run with critics, and a hit with audiences alike. Because it's f*cking rad.
But we do what we do, so we did what we do, and here is what we did...
Thursday: Animated sins AND a brand new CinemaSins intro video-bumper!!
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  • Aksiniya Alves
    Aksiniya Alves

    15:23 she left her number for them to call if anything happened. I think her dying is something you would call for !

  • C M
    C M

    Hey folks, I just watched Knives Out, and while I personally think it's over-rated, I did like it. Let me make one thing clear- I love sci-fi films, superhero films, supernatural films etc. I have no problem with suspending my disbelief as long as the film doesn't break it's own rules, so to speak. One thing that did make me stop suspending my disbelief however was the way Ransom (Hugh) went after Marta with the knife. I mean, out of ALL the dozens of knives on the rack, what are the odds that Ransom picked the one fake knife? It just felt contrived to me so that the film could have a 'A-ha, remember the foreshadowing scene with the fake knife earlier? Got ya, didn't we?'. That's not to say I wasn't a fan of the other bits of foreshadowing, or even the twist- I liked them fine. It's just this one thing that to me crosses the line in being far-fetched and done just for a 'clever me' moment. I think it would have cooler if it was implied earlier that all of the knives were fake, and leave it completely ambigous to the end. Just my two cents. I asked on Reddit and it appears it was established. But, Reddit being Reddit, most of the replies were by stuck up cunts. I must have been tired watching it because believe me, I'm usually a stickler for details to an annoying degree. If anyone can provide a time stamp or a scene where it's said all the knives were fake, please let me know, I'd honestly love to be proved wrong in this case. Thanks!

  • darksideof themoon
    darksideof themoon

    15:15 That's because Marta gave the doctors her number to call to update her on Fran's status. She said that's what she did back in the Hospital waiting room. That's why she got the call.

  • W

    Knives out has to be one of the best movies in the past 10 years

  • Fatima Alaa
    Fatima Alaa

    12:40 I mean, her first response was to look for the antidote, and after not finding it she remediate thinks to call for help, she even returns for a last attempt at stopping Harlan when when she sees he's already done it. I think if Harlan wasn't such a fan of the drama she would've totally saved him. Also I'm pretty sure she was doing CPR to Fran after the overdose thing

  • Clarence Chung
    Clarence Chung

    this is the real life Among Us game where everyone is sus and the innocent one is the most sus, whereas the least sus one is the impostor.

  • Krizia Andrei Yap
    Krizia Andrei Yap

    :38 rosary, you can see it in another seen with ransom in the car

  • ForestBunny

    15:30 I said the same thing to my dad and my dad said she probably already hanged up

  • Micah Goldson
    Micah Goldson

    Just feel I should point out - you should NEVER just drive to the hospital yourself in a medical emergency, even if you think you could get there faster. You could get stuck in traffic, and driving under pressure could increase your risk of getting into an accident. Ambulances can avoid traffic since cars must pull over when their sirens are on, and they contain emergency equipment that will help keep you alive until you reach the hospital. In cases like this, where you know you’ll die before an ambulance arrives, there’s really nothing you can do (although you should call anyway since they still might be able to save you). Thanks for listening. :)

  • TinyCat127

    This video is wack just because it did not point out the thumping of the cane reflecting her thumping heart when they threaten to deport her mother

  • ACV

    There is no movie ever created that is not wrong to you.

  • Platinum ninja Gaming
    Platinum ninja Gaming

    Is this a record for the least sins

  • Jack Anthony
    Jack Anthony

    Christopher Plummer was the only highlight in this otherwise stilted, unfunny, badly written mess

  • The darkest Zenitheon
    The darkest Zenitheon

    the chase scene was half filmed in my town

  • Fisher Barry
    Fisher Barry

    Sometimes you watch a cinemasins video only to realise that the movie is AMAZING and that you should watch it yourself

  • Plake Plays
    Plake Plays

    I love how he is sinning them for literally just breathing wrong lmao

  • Otahere34

    Oh back to the good ol’ days of less than 100 sins in a movie. I have a feeling you liked this one, didn’t you?

  • Cici Munnoni
    Cici Munnoni

    Wow, sins just for the sake of sins

  • Jomard Benemile
    Jomard Benemile

    So i’m just going to ask since I googled it and found no answers, What did Marta do with the will?

  • Zachary Carey
    Zachary Carey

    sin #1 the movie was boring but I slogged through rather than give up halfway through

  • Gary Varkey
    Gary Varkey

    i never knew that i could hate a charecter played by chris evans with this much passion

  • Sam of the Stars
    Sam of the Stars

    Can we just acknowledge that apparently, the lawyer is played by Frank fucking Oz?

  • Blaze Rocker
    Blaze Rocker

    Frank Oz is in this movie. _reverse ding_

  • Burger

    I think maybe walt tells Harlan to go back to bed so that he wouldn't see him smoking, but they didn't explain that, they barely even hinted at it, so I guess it should still count as a sin

  • Holly Pace
    Holly Pace

    My theory is Harlan knew he wasn't poisoned. He liked to play games and Ransom threatened him. He went out on his terms and played one last game

  • Riggatony ‘S
    Riggatony ‘S

    Also if a case is a suicide they wouldn’t pay much attention to the toxicology report and wouldn’t see the morphine overdose

  • Soawa Sugimoto
    Soawa Sugimoto

    he named it Thrombey because the case was about Thrombey-

  • Oneofdazzz

    sinning the baseball throw for lack of open windows and not sinning the super pathetic force or distance of the throw.... +1 sin @CinemaSins

  • Crimson Apothecary
    Crimson Apothecary

    Ok wait, you completely didn't sub the fact that Fran was injected with an overdose of morphine which would kill her within 10 minutes yet ransom's car wasn't seen leaving the area and Fran was still alive enough to potentially survive? That didn't garner a sin? I'm sinning you cinema sins!

  • Morgan whymark
    Morgan whymark

    I only disagree with about 10 of the sins

  • Spencer James-Gay
    Spencer James-Gay

    Is this the least amount of suns given to a movie

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez

    So what, the main girl accidently killed the old guy even though he killed himself?

  • Astro Wolvez
    Astro Wolvez

    What the fuck is this movie?

  • Gowtham S
    Gowtham S

    Watching this spoiled me the ending of Murder on the Orient Express 🤦

  • Sean Cartinella
    Sean Cartinella

    It feels off watching daniel f*cking craig sound like he is about to start chanting "RIGHTS FOR WHITES!" with that southern accent

  • jana e.
    jana e.


  • Gift Queens
    Gift Queens

    Dying by fisting...mehn that turns my morals the wrong way 😂

  • Jonathan B
    Jonathan B

    Amusing about the blood on the shoe being red rather than brown once it’s dried, since that was a key detail in Rian Johnson’s previous film The Brothers Bloom.

  • Kyle Vernon
    Kyle Vernon

    Good film and great acting but the mystery was very lackluster. Kind of obvious who the bad guy was. The detective was such a cliche and hated how he ruled Marta out immediately and made her his little Watson. So the drop of blood on her shoe makes not a suspect for some reason. Harlan was such a drama queen and I hate People like him who give their fortunes to random nurses. 99% of the time a person gives their inheritance to a nurse they are often tricked or not mentally sound. The family 100% deserves the money and they got screwed out because 1 of them caused the death. Why was Marta so pissed at the family, did she honestly expect them not to be mad. Of coarse they would be mad and would try and coerce her to give up the inheritance. That’s a lack of empathy for other people. So much for a “kind heart”. Harlan probably gave it to her because she’s an anchor baby and was screwing her. A film about Americans futures and fortunes being stolen by illegals.

  • Don MelMel
    Don MelMel

    *4th I Know What You Did Last Summer movie

  • Robo-Horus

    0:30 she has a cross hanging from the rear view mirror

  • Dominic Barandica
    Dominic Barandica

    The fog horn leg horn reference was sooooooo good

  • Warriorz Catz199
    Warriorz Catz199

    But this movie was beautiful tho

  • Vaibhav Bhosle
    Vaibhav Bhosle

    This is not your average whodunnit movie, this is an allegory! Everything that happens in the movie has subtle undertones of the current political situation in the USA or for that matter, in most of the countries!

  • FantillDeath

    The mic deserves 10 sins it was a good movie but that shit bothered when I saw it.

  • That Random Guy
    That Random Guy

    Actually bringing Marta to the investigation had purpose since Bond had already seen the blood stain on her shoe

  • Tom Weise
    Tom Weise

    “He died of fisting!” 😂😂😂

  • StorksandStarks

    I am so happy that you pointed out that dogs are not a good judge of character. I personally love dogs myself but I have been misled many times by trusting awful people just because they liked dogs...


    Dude i want the podcast behind this but i dont want to go threw all the episodes

  • Danny Buenaventura
    Danny Buenaventura

    Ooh this is among us without the murder.

  • L8 Sheffcity
    L8 Sheffcity

    You took 4 sins off at the end not 5

  • ian long
    ian long

    Blanc kept Marta around because he knew she had something to do with the death, but believes she is a good person

  • Bryant Merriman
    Bryant Merriman

    "not changing your Windows XP default wallpaper" what are you talking about? That thing is the only wallpaper you need for that Operating System

  • cora b
    cora b

    i have another sin. why didn't they just take fingerprints of ransoms letter to blanc? he clearly isn't wearing gloves or smart enough to do so. it plays in 2019 so it's definitely a possibility.

  • Egg and friends Mtb
    Egg and friends Mtb

    I think that this movie is good

  • Mr. Stone
    Mr. Stone

    I don't get, why everyone loves this film. Johnson wasted all the good actors he had at hand, Craig is just the wrong guy for this role and the movie focuses so much on little details that it forgets to tell a good story.

  • Scott Isitt
    Scott Isitt

    18:10 😄

  • Shredd

    While the movie has it's plot holes, many of these felt forced, or plain out incorrect

  • Vivian 11037
    Vivian 11037

    theres already a third i know what you did last summer

  • Janeen Durr
    Janeen Durr

    How do you not sin the accent?

  • Jag är en kött popsicle
    Jag är en kött popsicle

    I'm convinced that this is another book written by Harlan

  • Human Bean
    Human Bean

    just watched it. thought it was pretty good and hilarious that they always say a different ethnicity for Marta lolol

    • Zephyr Stryke
      Zephyr Stryke

      Same here lol


    At 0:48 1 time on the phone is 10:15am and the other time on the phone is 10:26am

  • Karey Trevizo
    Karey Trevizo

    I'm really sad you left out the Nazi boy masturbating in the bathroom.

  • Michael Schwab
    Michael Schwab

    steven universe movie trailer

  • Velasbloc

    This move was so fucking good.

  • Joe B
    Joe B

    Daniel Craig sounds like that dude Harlan Fontaine from LA Noire

  • PalmQuigley

    Did you do a everything great about knives out though?

  • Priscila B.
    Priscila B.

    That's gotta be the least amount of sins ever lol.

  • Kaylee Marinelli
    Kaylee Marinelli

    Im so glad you liked this movie because you it’s PHENOMENAL and im SO HAPPY you pointed out the LEGENDARY final scene

  • BucketBabe

    10:14 I think the reason Ransom didn't just leave the time and meeting point on the note is because of handwriting. If Marta read the note and saw that "I know what you did" was in one set of handwriting and then the meeting place and time were in another set of handwriting, she would start to get suspicious, probably not of Ransom but she would at least know that there are actually two people involved and that there are now fewer people she can trust. Of course, for his plan to work, Ransom needs Marta to be as trusting as possible.

  • Emmy D
    Emmy D

    Can you do everything wrong with dream girls?

  • Brian Quincy Scott
    Brian Quincy Scott

    The cop let the aide follow him because he already knew from the beginning she was involved...I believe he gave her space because he needed to see if someone would try to fix the problem.

  • Tanvi Khare
    Tanvi Khare

    They really did struggle sinning this one😂

  • Maya Salazar
    Maya Salazar

    I started out watching this movie telling myself that there is no way Chris Evans, basically a baby panda stuck in the body of an adult man, could successfully play a conniving, arrogant, asshole of a villain in a whodunnit movie about killing your own family member. I was wrong.

  • Kenton Miller
    Kenton Miller

    This movie is great I was surprised cinemasins didn't catch the plot hole that I noticed... If the toxicology report was normal why did fran think she could blackmail ransom with it... Unless I'm forgetting something then there shouldn't have been any real reason for fran to try to blackmail ransom aside from him just being a dick

    • Attilablabla

      They said she didn't know what the numbers meant, she just thought he switched the meds so the tox report would show it. That's why she didn't even include the actual findings in the blackmail letter

  • rumpel stiltskin
    rumpel stiltskin

    drew gooden

  • Daniel J. Machado
    Daniel J. Machado

    You took off only 4 sins at the end, not 5.

  • Connor Weir
    Connor Weir

    This movie is f*cking brilliant

  • Butterball Adderley
    Butterball Adderley

    Maybe the camera outside the medical examiner’s office was damaged early on and the footage wasn’t usable. It’s logical that the arsonist would take out the camera first.

  • Aiden Hopkins
    Aiden Hopkins

    Even though this movie was so good. My favorite part is definitely when Ransom just starts to tell everyone to “eat shit.”

  • JaeWitThaK

    The window when he threw out he baseball was open tho

  • leon knott
    leon knott

    Marta got the phone call about fran because she left her number at the hospital so she would get updated about it, that’s why they leave the hospital in the first place. -1 Sin.

  • Brew City Boat Club
    Brew City Boat Club

    Genuinely RJ made up for TLJ tenfold with this movie. I genuinely can't think of a movie I've gotten more enjoyment out of in the last 15-20 years

  • The Humble Channel
    The Humble Channel

    A sin for CinemaSins for not making a Captain America voice-over for Ransom

  • Akaashi’s wife
    Akaashi’s wife

    Jaeden martell is in it therefore all sins removed

  • BaddCamden

    so many of these comments are just saying sins in the video are not deserved, how does a movie get this good?

  • brazierf

    11:10 - point about villains not using iPhones: doesn't the creepy nazi kid jacob literally have an iPhone in the poster/dvd cover/main artwork for the film? bit of a massive giveaway before you've even seen the movie

  • ReinQ _
    ReinQ _

    It seems that cinemasins guy miscounted. 71-5 = 67? Idk.. shouldn't it be 66?

    • Dr Fizzy
      Dr Fizzy

      I think he added another one for something else.

  • Deter

    0:42 Are those 2 chairs CGI? They seem off...

  • Aidan The Wizard
    Aidan The Wizard

    For the sin about Ransom doing something to her car, he probably did. That’s why he left early.

  • Killukawa

    I feel like I’m one of the few people who couldn’t stand this movie it was so incredibly boring and predictable

  • Cosmos Code
    Cosmos Code

    I think this is the first time eww felt remorse for sinning a movie! Good on you man!

  • Loki

    He made comments about the girl being a "good nurse" but the thing is sometimes when a loved one is the one that is hurt or in serious need of medical help even a good nurse can panic because that is their loved one

  • J Griffin
    J Griffin

    You aren't gonna take a sin off for the mastefull use of hand held camera while Marta tries to escape the house after the will reading?

  • Videos

    The racist dinner scene was rly a movie masterclass.

  • Ponti Vids
    Ponti Vids

    I agree, Ana de Armas deserved an Oscar for her performance in this

  • Patrik Tobola
    Patrik Tobola

    Wait...1:25 What kind of monster would change their wallpaper on XP ?!?!?!

  • Matt Young
    Matt Young

    I’m giving a sin to Cinema Sins, because you didn’t sin Rian Johnson. Whom I believe has stated that he does not like Cinema Sins. Even if I’m wrong, it’s still getting a sin, because reasons. *ding*

  • Arjun Wali
    Arjun Wali

    I love how each of Harlan's children differently remembers how the cake was given to him, each making themselves the center of attention