Everything Wrong With Hustlers In 13 Minutes Or Less
Hustlers is a pretty good movie. It has strippers, J-Lo, Julia Stiles, and stealing! It's also got sins, so we counted them. Like we do.
Thursday: action franchise sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Keinlieb

    The real sin here is that there were only 966 sins for this movie.

  • King Reo
    King Reo

    Didn’t see the movie but definitely have a question... is jlo ever fully naked in the movie? Asking for a friend

  • David McGrail
    David McGrail

    How did he come up with the point system for the squad strolls?

  • Fernando Garza
    Fernando Garza

    jlo found the antidote they give to jane fonda and queen elizabeth

  • lefthandcigg 425
    lefthandcigg 425

    0:39 Jenna marbles plays a convincing Asian.

  • Maksim Z
    Maksim Z

    966, is this a record or?

  • BigGuyZee

    Just commenting to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your 2 sin removals.


    I haven't even watched this vid yet, but I know its not enough sins somehow. Movie was terrible..... Yet I've watched it 3x...🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jan Kam
    Jan Kam

    Don’t worry about Destiny’s child because she’s a survivor . 🤣🤣🤣

  • KingTyger

    I love when movie sins does a movie I haven't watched, I cna spend a few minutes watching this, over watching a movie I actually didn't care to see.

  • Josh

    What a weird movie, I get that they in a hard environment so they are drugging and stealing from men to get ahead (and the men are morally questionable themselves) but who is rooting for the main characters really? I can't watch someone drug and steal from people and root for them, even in gangster movies they have rules and levels of respect

  • Josh

    Ohhh this is cardi bs autobiography film where she heroically drugs men an steals their money, and because it's women it's heroic if it was men it would be horrifying

  • Jake Wagner
    Jake Wagner

    500 sins because cardi b -5000 sins Jennifer lopez at her age wanted to learn how to work a pole 69 sins she waited till she was 50 to learn it👉👈

  • Chloë-Rose Hearnes
    Chloë-Rose Hearnes


  • carlos ramirez
    carlos ramirez

    is that lizzo

  • AdrianK Starz
    AdrianK Starz

    *Bring it to a low boil....* im dead. *CinemaSins always cracks me up* *R I P to the pans used in the film*

  • Nxbxb Jdbxbd
    Nxbxb Jdbxbd

    Iya ya Allah

  • A B
    A B

    This video is toxic masculinity.

    • JΛMΛ

      u serious or...

  • Julie C
    Julie C

    I’d sin Constance Woo’s accent. Her character grew up in where Queens? She sounds like such a Valley Girl! Like the word like is like every other like word for her. So distracting.

  • Tauqueisha Chester
    Tauqueisha Chester

    But if your a stripper don't be mad that the guys are dicks

  • Kerra Johnson
    Kerra Johnson

    I liked that they bleeped the name. It made me sit up and pay attention when I was getting a little bored.

  • Alice Regalado
    Alice Regalado

    I hate this guy

  • Abdul-Rahman Washington
    Abdul-Rahman Washington


  • Abdul-Rahman Washington
    Abdul-Rahman Washington


  • Spam Me
    Spam Me

    This is a terribly poor film and i regret watching it. Please pray for my eyes, thank you.

  • Svinja

    This movie’s secondary title should just be “J-lo spitting straight facts for 2 hours”

  • Alex Szabo
    Alex Szabo

    When you don't want to watch a movie so you let cinemasins "summarize" it for you

  • joshua moskovitz
    joshua moskovitz

    One of them should become a bad rapper and it could be a Cardi B documentary.

  • S.A Impavido
    S.A Impavido

    Yes jlo has a great body but she made a terrible stripper lol the movements the crawling on the stage lol no

  • Aex Uruchima
    Aex Uruchima


  • criss Cross
    criss Cross

    Call me whatever but I cried like my dog died after finishing the movie. Like I couldn’t go inside my house and had to walk around the house a couple of times before going in. 🤷‍♀️ I’m not saying is a wonderful constructed movie but dam I felt something.

  • Synthetix

    It went from 83 to 966 sins so fast. It was honestly the fu niest part of this whole video.

  • Tugce Taskin
    Tugce Taskin

    How did destiny even get rich? She seemed like a throphy wife

  • Gustavo Delgado
    Gustavo Delgado

    Tired of this whole “dad joke” bit that passive-aggressively looks down on them for being strippers but when a pole scene comes on, it’s like wow me likey. Also the argument that two wrongs don’t make a right might make sense if you made it convincing that you truly believe finance bros are malicious. Instead you used the strippers’ criminality as an excuse to justify your hatred of sex workers.

    • isinyan23

      Gustavo Delgado 😐

    • Randy

      @Gustavo Delgado I suppose k can see the inherit irony in what I said when you put it that way, but the point also stands that you can't possibly expect people to rework their style of comedy just because it offends You, I'm sure it's safe to say that this man doesn't actually feel this way towards women or sex workers, same as I don't feel this way towards them as you so ignorantly assumed in the same overused statement people on your side of the argument tend to use. The classic "You don't agree with my statement There for you don't respect such and such and your basically a bad person". But the thing is I can still respect women and respect sex workers while seeing the humour in the topics this movie provides, that's my argument, things aren't black and white, you can both feel strongly about an opinion, while finding the space to have a laugh at that same topic, that's what comedy is MEANT for, finding the time to take a break and just laugh at things.

    • Gustavo Delgado
      Gustavo Delgado

      Randy The irony of your tired, overused argument is that you think people should be able to express their opinions no matter how discriminatory or biased they are yet you don’t think people who call it out should be able to do so. Make it make sense. I’m not new to this channel, and I’m usually a fan of the narrator’s sarcastic humor when it doesn’t involve poking fun at marginalized groups. I draw the line on what I’ve already stated. If you can’t learn to appreciate what you consume while still keeping a critical eye, I don’t think it’s me who needs to grow up.

    • Randy

      @Gustavo Delgado I have nothing but respect for women, what I don't have respect for is people that c Ant let jokes be jokes and feel the need to make everything into a personal attack, if you don't like the joke then leave, you aren't being forced to watch. Not everything needs to rellvolve around what you think is ok and not Ok, it's completely immature to even begin to assume it does, grow up.

    • Gustavo Delgado
      Gustavo Delgado

      Randy Just say you don’t respect women and leave. I don’t see how him looking down on sex workers is a comedic sarcastic device. My point still stands. He’s commenting on what he believes is immoral behavior, not about the plot holes of this movie. My problem isn’t necessarily this specifically, it’s that he only makes this conclusion for the women in the movie who have fallen victim to a system with few protections for them.

  • Mariah Paredes
    Mariah Paredes

    CinemaSins said not to EAT THE RICH

  • boring.

    😂😂 you got jokes I see lol Be careful for what you wish for 2007.

  • crazy lavend
    crazy lavend

    yeah I'm so glad they put an almost rapist into a movie about strippers

  • Captain CJ 97
    Captain CJ 97

    What a mess of a film

  • Michelle Belle
    Michelle Belle

    Me: you dare insult this MASTERPIECE Lol

  • Anele Malinga
    Anele Malinga

    The analogies had me crying!

  • DionnTheGreat

    You sinned this because you didn’t see a butthole....😂😂men lol

  • - , you’re so golden ‘-
    - , you’re so golden ‘-

    Please don’t let baby Evan see his mommy’s secret life.

  • Maya F
    Maya F

    The amount of sins

  • Danielle

    Omg 😂😂😂

  • Talyah Coco
    Talyah Coco

    It says 13 minutes or less I - It’s 14 mins lol

  • Elliot x
    Elliot x

    i was fucking laced with the same shit u could have definitely taken advantage of me then, i had the homies protecting me tho

  • firdsyafr

    I miss going to the theatre

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L

    Constancely wooing her.... Constance Wu. I hate you CinemaSins 😂

  • pedro Castro
    pedro Castro

    1845 constitutional convention😂😂😂😂 you're killing me bruh!!!😂😂😂

  • Winter Huff
    Winter Huff

    I love this movie

  • amanda g
    amanda g

    Thank you for captions!

  • Bee Tv
    Bee Tv

    Nothing about keke ??

  • J

    They movie turns 1 today! Saw it with my older sister opening weekend Yeah....awkward... Had no idea it was based on a true magazine article. The financial crisis hit a lot of people hard back in 2008. So these dancers felt the guys at Wall Street robbed them of their business. J. Lo is excellent next to Constance Wu. It was actually a lot deeper than I thought. There's some impressive audio mixing too. I’ve never had this kind of problem at my gentlemens club. All the dancers are nice but you have to have the budget to enjoy the kind of dances they provide.

  • Jay

    I tried so hard not to.... well get hard

  • Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)
    Niamh (yup that's how it's spelt)

    As a pole dancer, the sins off for pole dancing appreciation has made my day

  • shakhir r
    shakhir r

    Gotta disagree, I think her analogy (6:25) is pretty accurate

  • Jalelah Win
    Jalelah Win

    The take about women who have beef who don’t talk to each other are over it is 100% false. Any woman I got beef with and we ain’t speaking 10 years down the line. I wanna know what that bitch saying about me

  • Kiara Animefan
    Kiara Animefan

    Was there really a stripper crime ring in the early, mid-2000s? Where was this?

  • dazey mel
    dazey mel

    woah its been forever since ive watched one of your videos what is this NEW INTRO!?!?!

  • Elida Acosta
    Elida Acosta

    Where is the sin for using Cardi B to promote the fuck out of this movie and then she’s barely in it?

  • Dente Lux
    Dente Lux

    Holy fuck I found the most sinned video. Thank hod they were hat 😆

    • Dente Lux
      Dente Lux

      Hot* damn

    • Dente Lux
      Dente Lux


  • Level of Snipes
    Level of Snipes

    The main sin was casting a cute Asian soccer mom with a body like a 16 year old Malaysian boy in a role that was mean to be sexy and seductive. One of the worst casting decisions ever

  • Alaina Leasure
    Alaina Leasure

    “motherhood is a mental illness” yikes

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    From my experience. Ketamine and E are not good together. You take too much K, you fall into a K-hole that you wish would end quickly, adding on the E that gives jitters. It feels like worse nightmare, and you can't even ask for help.

  • MezAtHome

    8:36 foreshadow tho

  • ColonyofE

    This is like Kitchen nightmares

  • IAMBlakButtafli.

    She really thought this was Oscar worthy LAFF

  • Cap Glo
    Cap Glo

    13:00 Yes! The Yoshi Mario song 🤣 I’m deleting 100 sins from your LiFe for this

  • Brett

    Has anybody figured out yet what determines whether a line is shown or done as a caption? Because I haven’t found the pattern

  • The Bob
    The Bob

    I love your videos. Thank you so much for all the fun

  • Marcus Byrd
    Marcus Byrd

    Sin off for Stormi Maya.🔥🔥🔥🔥🤤

  • Marcus Byrd
    Marcus Byrd

    The strip club that employs someone with a body like Jlo does not also employ someone with a body like Lizzo. This does not happen

  • Mul len
    Mul len

    I think the Cardi b and lizzo scenes were reshoots to shoe horn popular singers in at the time, one with a famous stripper background

  • anarchist burrito
    anarchist burrito

    Someone watched the last dance, it was so good wasnt it?

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue

    Still waiting for a Desi dancer at the clubs though.

  • Heidi Caterina
    Heidi Caterina

    Wearing fur aka murdered animals should've been a sin.

  • Davy Jones
    Davy Jones

    12:03 XD

  • Robert Lange
    Robert Lange

    How about the fact that this is a movie about strippers that dont strip.

  • BoneBlueLess

    Is it ok to watch this if I have a fear of vomit

  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer

    You forgot Comcast sin.

  • Nyneva Kyte
    Nyneva Kyte

    I liked this movie better when it was called Baise Moi

  • Barika Reese
    Barika Reese

    Bro the fact that it took JLo less than a two months to learn and perfect that routine at 50... Damn y'all.

  • Prometheus Unbound
    Prometheus Unbound

    Jeremy's boner aside, let's not forget the fact that Jennifer Lopez isn't really much of an actress. And music videos don't count.

  • stripe801

    this movie was trash. they were so bad at business & spending it’s embarrassing.


    Add a sin for that fake ass piercing JLo has on,

  • Pierre Buie II
    Pierre Buie II

    This movie is sick

  • savanna vazquez
    savanna vazquez

    im gonna have to give YOU a sin for ‘J-Logos’

  • Shania Acker
    Shania Acker

    The fact that Cardi B has drugged men and robbed them and admitted to it and has a cameo in this movie should be mentioned

  • Pannemat

    When you have a room full of strippers but the most erotic thing in this movie is Julia Stiles' voice. Oh, is it just me?

  • Jangler333

    sorry, I can't even watch you making fun of this shit.

  • Jangler333

    3:18 shouldn't she be doing the local sunday morning news show?

  • Baraka UglyyAhh
    Baraka UglyyAhh

    I still can’t get over Constance Wu’s bangs 👀

  • potatoe deets
    potatoe deets

    Finnaly, a movie I've actually seen

  • A H
    A H

    I was confused about this movie... We're they supposed to be young strippers or were they like 40 something strippers? Cuz the latter... 😬😬

  • Rajan Dominari
    Rajan Dominari

    Lesson to be taken: Unless the movie is ‘The Players Club’, movies about strippers aren’t very good.

  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera