Everything Wrong With The Iron Giant In Superman Minutes Or Less
The Iron Giant is an incredible film. Gorgeous animation, heartfelt themes, solid voice acting. It's fantastic and you should all watch it.
Then come back here to see all the sins we found in it. :)
Thursday: British sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Sasari Wtf
    Sasari Wtf

    Why does landing in the iron giants hand equal the kids being totally fine when falling an editorial two meters into the snow would have presumably resulted in their death....?

  • K S
    K S

    "History will remember your actions and their consequences, not your motives." That sounds like a terrifying villain line. I gotta make mine say it.

  • Lyric Pavlovec
    Lyric Pavlovec

    Chief inspector of an army is the one responsible for well, inspecting shit in the army and making sure people dont do drugs n shit

  • G G
    G G

    Iron Giant is a masterpiece, you're the sinner.

  • JohnDoeHedgegg

    "Wait I've said too much..." You really did bud. You really did...

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Awesome is movie The Iron Giant 1999-2016 DVD

  • Michael Acton
    Michael Acton

    There actually is an inspector general in charge of each base.

  • Jane Devine
    Jane Devine


  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    This is an underrated movie, it deserves more accolades.

  • userdetails1

    Noone bothers to go to the fallout shelther and the boy's father says it wouldn't do any good anyway. What type of missile is this? A Tsar nuke?

  • Daniel Quinn Ferguson
    Daniel Quinn Ferguson

    nobody: manly: LAuNcH ThE MisSSLe nOw!

  • / Josephine.
    / Josephine.

    I hate this channel. I would ban it.

  • The Gamer3825
    The Gamer3825

    how the hell does that gun shoot with that torch

  • Luca Downey
    Luca Downey

    I wonder how many death threats he's got for this one

  • Broccoli Nyu
    Broccoli Nyu

    CinemaSins missed an opportunity to make a Pacific Rim reference

  • Dre TheOBJ
    Dre TheOBJ

    This is the greatest movie of all time.

  • Lachlan Reade
    Lachlan Reade

    This movie was awesome and no one can tell me otherwise

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    This was my son's favorite movie when he was growing up, it was something we could always watch together ❤ Great memories spending time with my little guy.

  • Carlos

    Missed sin: when the 2 kids dropped and giant caught them, there’s no way they’d have survived the fall considering what they landed on was probably worse then the snow underneath.

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    MORE IRON!!!!!!!!!

  • XxTalkingTeacupsxX

    12:27 i would've cried, i'm sure, if i knew WHAT THE HECK THAT EVEN SAID.

  • Geovani Rodriguez
    Geovani Rodriguez

    And this is why CinemaSins is an outdated UZload channel

  • put put
    put put

    Wait I just realized it’s in superman minutes or less



  • Naomi Paine
    Naomi Paine

    the video everything wrojng with the iron giant in supeman minitues or less SUPERMAN MINUTES!?

  • Rashto 69
    Rashto 69

    Me: *looks at thumbnail* *ITS BLANK*

  • RyanVader5

    I mind you this video gave us *”welcome to downtown Coolsville.”*

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor

    How old is this movie?

  • Mitch Neu
    Mitch Neu

    You didn't even mention what Mansley says right after the nuke is launched: General: There's no way to survive this, YOU IDIOT! Mansley: You mean...we're all going to-- General: To die, Mansley, for our country. Mansley: SCREW OUR COUNTRY! I WANNA LIVE! Mansley's comeuppance, and his last line of the movie, comes with what I and Nostalgia Critic call the "Politician's Battle Cry".

  • Gualberto Gascon
    Gualberto Gascon

    CinemaSins:everything wrong with the iron giant Me:😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱how dare you

  • Bloodshade Ronin
    Bloodshade Ronin

    The only thing bad about this movie is that there is no Iron Giant 2

  • Justin Hackstadt
    Justin Hackstadt

    I am 40 and seen this movie dozens of times. Everytime I see him fly into the atomic bomb I tear up. What a magical altruistic scene.


    This was a great movie

  • Demetrius Sideshow
    Demetrius Sideshow

    Get a fuckin grip making a stupid ass video like this. It's a kids movie that's better than anything you could ever dream of making

  • Daniel

    The Iron Giant finished his ham sandwich car so that sin should be taken off

  • oblivexx

    no mention of the giants transformation or the green nuke from the giants chest, sin for Cinema sins

  • oblivexx

    a shitty fallout shelter is not gonna do shit, yay the blast might go way and you will survive that, but ounce those shelter doors open everyone is gonna be getting huge lung full of radiation.

  • Dragon The Hero
    Dragon The Hero

    My childhood: (@_@)

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    CinemaSins: Everything wrong with iron giant. True Childhooders: Stop thats illegal.

  • underplayer 508
    underplayer 508

    I love how you can tell which movies he loves more by how many sins are given.

  • Leonardo Palacios
    Leonardo Palacios

    Cinema your gonna lose something precious . Sorry you should of known what you where going into .

  • Sandra Lucius
    Sandra Lucius

    Movies cool and everything but why did a guy walk into a restaurant and just flash everyone And why did a squirrel jump out of his pants

  • Dusty Wilkins
    Dusty Wilkins

    Welcome to down town cools ville

  • Chazz, The Ultimate Ojama Lord
    Chazz, The Ultimate Ojama Lord

    Dude, I just realised The Iron Giant is like Bastion from Overwatch, usually peaceful but when he sees violence he gets violent.

  • Xak Ray
    Xak Ray

    "Murder Is Murder" me: no, that wasnt murder... it was genocide

  • Gregor Shanley
    Gregor Shanley

    Is nobody talking about him adding a sin for gluttony? Pure genius

  • Untitled goose
    Untitled goose

    Everything wrong with the croods

  • Joonny

    Do people really like this film? It's just a ruined version of the original book The Iron Man

  • Ben Hornback
    Ben Hornback

    You do realise that fallout shelters are used to protect yourself during fallout aka after a nuclear explosion. However it will not keep u safe from nuclear explosions

  • carlotta robbins
    carlotta robbins

    Who else thought that they would never do this movie since they seem to love it so much and use clips of it in their dubbed bits at the ends of other videos? | | V

  • Dylan Lopez
    Dylan Lopez

    I’d do so much to see a continuation of this or something more to it

  • E ms
    E ms

    I cried when last part recovered from giant beeps and flies away from window.

  • סיון קאופמן
    סיון קאופמן

    13:15 They may have already researched the technology and found nothing special

  • Rainbow the snail
    Rainbow the snail

    I used to love this film when I was younger. Its still fun but damn there was a lot of things that I missed when I was younger.

  • Steve Jordan
    Steve Jordan

    this video is illegal

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    Half of these "sins" don't even make sense

  • Jacob Rengen
    Jacob Rengen

    Where are the sins Mansley

  • Miss Misunderstood
    Miss Misunderstood

    The squirrel part tho

  • Deer Bird
    Deer Bird

    Total Sins: 0

  • Nik Lakpour
    Nik Lakpour

    The ironic twist is anyone looking at the nuclear blast would be blinded and most people if not EVERYONE would die from acute radiation poisoning AND the government or anyone for that matter would be able to retrieve any parts as before the classic mushroom cloud forms, a fireball of plama as hot as the surface of the sun would vaporize the ENTIRE iron giant, leaving nothing behind. plus, anyone who has miraculously not died will have been quite litarally and quite simply, FRIED (have third degree burns. and speaking of frying, as soon as the iron giant touched the warhead and set it off, everything that could burn would, however ridiculous, start BURNING.) and while third degree burns wont necesserely kill you, buildings falling on top of you probably will. high pressure winds would flatten you. and if you're still not dead, dont forget that exploding gas stations create a firestorm and if the radiation doesnt get you the first time, the black rain ( yes, really.) certainly will. radiation will find you, and it will kill you. aside from that, the mushroom cloud needs air to fuel itself, so, that tiny town has become a glorified vacuum chamber and you'd suffocate. and if it didnt already seem like the apocalypse has arrived, the surrounding waters i.e the SEA would beome polluted. yay(!)

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo

    The one movie you don’t do this on is THIS MOVIE

  • Melodic

    The iron nigga

  • It's Eri
    It's Eri

    This film was amazing but ye there are definitely dumb things about it lol

  • Mets Fan
    Mets Fan

    For the sin about the military giving Hogarth the alien tech they had probably analyzed it already and decided that it was of no help to them

  • James Shenk
    James Shenk

    so the kids falling from the building onto metal doesn't hurt them but the snow would?

  • KA MAR
    KA MAR

    The mom in this movie is better than Mrs incredible and you cant change my mind

  • Sharkattack300 69
    Sharkattack300 69

    The only thing wrong with this movie is... NOTHING!

  • OfficerTooBaked

    Lol gluttony what a deadly sin

  • Michael Salinas
    Michael Salinas

    Anyone else catch at 4:43 when he called the mom “Rachel”? (I know she was voiced by Jennifer Aniston but her name was Annie)

  • Crystal Rengel
    Crystal Rengel


  • Crystal Rengel
    Crystal Rengel


  • prototype tiger 1 2.0 thicc
    prototype tiger 1 2.0 thicc

    wait if that’s the 50s now is the patton tank created? i mean, what? (wait is it a patton?)

  • Obito uchiha
    Obito uchiha

    1 sin: when the kids fell from the tower they landed on a iron hand from a great height without breaking anything

  • Neko- Kat696
    Neko- Kat696

    10:40 Although a nice scene movie expect me to believe that two kids can survive a fall and land safely in an iron palm plus one sin

  • smokeyfgg

    Freedom is non negotiable - liberty prime xD

  • Caleb Woodward
    Caleb Woodward

    Cinema sins: posts this Me: (whispers) superman...

  • Rayla 957
    Rayla 957

    Is nobody going to acknowledge the great Hamilton reference right at the beginning? I feel like we should acknowledge this. Also, this dude has a dang good singing voice.

  • Gregory Schoenleber
    Gregory Schoenleber

    uh uh you dont get to hate on this movie this movie is incredible. dislike

  • Marcelo Yuri
    Marcelo Yuri

    Oh yeah... That was Vin Diesel... Yeah, he made me cry there too.

  • Matthew Drury
    Matthew Drury

    You should of sinned the fact that his gun wouldn't have worked with that big flashlight in front of the barrel

  • Bryce Gibson
    Bryce Gibson

    Solution to remove all sins: The whole thing is a 'fictional' movie

  • AJQ

    It's a sin there hasn't been a sequel to this fantastic movie, and how underrated it was when released.

  • steven castner
    steven castner

    Look buddy don’t mess with this masterpiece

  • crazex • 12 years ago
    crazex • 12 years ago

    Bro I think this is the best movie for it's time it's still a really good movie now just not as good as movies now

  • A Wanka
    A Wanka

    SOMEONE FINALY DID IT, SOMEONE FINALY CRITASIZED THE IRON GIANT. GONGRADULATIONS, everyone hates you now until your next video comes out

  • crazy jack
    crazy jack

    Makes sense why iron giant is such a great movie low sin tally and no sin for not making a iron gaint 2 that's a sin right there God $@## it new sin total 86

  • Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant
    Nicolas Charron - Legend of Remnant

    Treading on sacred ground here, man. I won't stop you, but take heed.

  • NickTheGreat785

    i litterally said noooooooooooooooooo when i saw this


    *It's blank*

  • Mega Lucario
    Mega Lucario

    You missed a sin How the hell did the kids survive a fall on a f***king iron hand.

  • Little Vaporeon
    Little Vaporeon

    This is one of the most underrated movies ever

  • Jojo Turd
    Jojo Turd

    I'm kind of getting tired of people not knowing it's satire and not somebody criticizing it

  • Ty Iaela
    Ty Iaela

    My heart skipped a beat when he began singing Hurricane from Hamilton

  • Alexander

    Alternate title: Ryan Magee HATES this video

  • Douglas Kurtz
    Douglas Kurtz

    Hey they changed what was on tje TV, used to be a commercial with a kid saying "I want my maypo"

  • Alissa Awe
    Alissa Awe


  • BiggestPhangirl

    +1 sin for CinemaSins sinning from their own assumption of what was going on only to be proved wrong (which is actually better, I did not at all understand that sin). +50 more sins because CinemaSins seems to have forgotten this movie was made in 1999 and therefore automatically more innocent and wholesome. Also going to remove some movie sins because CinemaSins clearly did not understand Hogarth is a child and therefore isn't going to be as careful as an adult.

  • the beans Art & Music
    the beans Art & Music

    Sorry, i couldn't stand to watch the one about "Bad Mom's" anymore, so I switched to "Iron Giant."

  • BananasonPickles

    then its iron giant vs pennywise(since their in maine)

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