Everything Wrong With Downton Abbey in FANCY Minutes or Less
They made a movie about that show about the upstairs/downstairs nature of rich British old-timey households! You bet your ass it has sins.
Next week: 2 comedy sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • WarlegganFangirl1984

    LNER= London North Eastern Railway Also: They're talking about Irish Republicans not English Republicans...

  • Regan _h246 !
    Regan _h246 !

    Haha, watching the movie without watching the WHOLE show first... NOOB

  • Elvira Åhlberg
    Elvira Åhlberg

    My physical reaction to seeing this was: “oh I’d like to see what you can find that’s wrong about this”

  • Ashley Seider
    Ashley Seider

    The movie is for fans of the show not just your average Joe. You don’t understand the movie because it’s a reunion of the show. That’s like watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life without having watched the series first. Come on Jeremy. Get your shit together

  • Shobhana Rajasenan
    Shobhana Rajasenan

    As a fan of the show, I thought the movie was underwhelming, like it had somehow lost its soul. Maybe it only works as a tv series? The one good use of this movie is that it produced a CinemaSins video worth a lot of laughs. So enough of the “Americans just don’t get British period drama” complaints, Jeremy really nails it here.

  • Bismuth83

    6:30 He must have confused swans with secretary birds, largely terrestrial relatives of hawks native to southern Africa that capture snakes by kicking them to death. Swans actually use their WINGS in combat.

  • Brenna Brunn
    Brenna Brunn

    Does he know there was a tv show before this?

  • Cocky4U

    As an English person I can only apologise for this , one of the shittest films ever made .

  • Curtis Whitehead Jr
    Curtis Whitehead Jr

    1 Sin for making the Brits look so uptight about any and every damn thing. 😏 💖🇬🇧

  • Jim Bell
    Jim Bell

    Maybe if your going to sin stuff, look into its origins first? Your sinning things that have been explained years ago in the series that a fan who will be watching this will understand, so do research.

  • Carlos Berrios
    Carlos Berrios

    Props for sinning this. I nearly fell asleep watching the sinning. I can't imagine how many times you had to start the actual movie from where you last dozed off.

    • Feologild

      Yes because the fact that you found it boring means that everyone in the world found it boring, because you and you alone are the bench mark for what people find boring or not. That was sarcasm.

  • GamingAnimations

    11:56 Thank you!

  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon

    Worst cinemasins video of all time. Watch the series asshat

  • Sammy OB
    Sammy OB

    This is so painfully narrated by an American

  • Natalie Martin
    Natalie Martin

    I still love the series and movie.

  • Rosie

    Okay but most of those weren't castles...

  • Max Headrum
    Max Headrum

    Whoever made this is a complete ass

  • Mr Oogabooga
    Mr Oogabooga

    He got into the queen meme👌😂

  • Briar Brathwaite
    Briar Brathwaite

    Lol this was not the film for you. I like when you count sins that are actually errors. Not stuff people who actual like period dramas would enough 😂

  • Bambammetje

    Weird seeing Imelda Staunton not shrieking her head off like mrs Palmer or Doloris Umbridge.

  • vegetarianvamp101

    Your parents cousins...are your cousins. Second cousins, if you want to get super specific, but still cousins. Also: *constantly sins the movie not giving any backstory* *proceeds to sin when the movie does give backstory.*

  • Michael Swärdh
    Michael Swärdh

    As an american it might be hard for you to understand how EXTREMELY conservative the british are today, and in the 1920's even more so, the movie is very good and the show is perfect. You should really see all the episodes of the series before doing this Everything Wrong With episode. This movie need all the backstory from the show to be logical, especially for a non british person who haven't any experiance from monarchies. I'm not british btw.

  • juliana22

    Cinemasins you have gone too far. I love Downton Abbey. No sins. :)

  • Jack Kurtis Productions
    Jack Kurtis Productions

    So McGonagle AND Umbridge are in this movie? That's hot. Maybe this is just Harry Potter: Summer Break

  • RiiConnaissance

    Not sure if I should sin him calling Lady Violet "grandma" when she had clearly already been addressed as 'Granny' by Mary. ... ... Ah, what the hell. *ding*

  • RiiConnaissance

    I am STUNNED that he did not make a pass regarding Dame Maggie Smith (Lady Violet) and Imelda Staunton's (Lady Maud) prior roles as Professor McGonagall and Professor Umbridge! Flabbergasted!

  • Lithule Hlabisa
    Lithule Hlabisa

    jesus , even the cinemasins video for downton abbey is boring

  • Lauren Joyner
    Lauren Joyner

    I'm guessing this was done without any research into the TV show itself. Otherwise you would know the characters and general backstory 😂

  • Rockin Rootbeer
    Rockin Rootbeer

    I wanted to watch this sin video when it first came out, but one minute in and I realized I remember absolutely nothing from this show even though I know I really enjoyed watching it 3+ years ago. I've been told I have ancestors who fought against the British in the American Revolutionary War, mayhaps they cursed me to forget such a delightfully British show?

  • Elizabeth

    I'll have you know that we were not riveted by the fact Violet was passing down the torch. Violet is going to be dead in the next film, she was the whole show! She's the best

  • Mbunnyj

    I love the vibe in this video - Narrator Guy seems to be really into the soap opera storytelling, no matter how he makes fun of it. Even if it's not true, he seems really excited to be completely confused and entertained in all these plot lines.

  • Broken Princess
    Broken Princess

    “ROYAL SKIP” is my favorite thing now.

  • Jim W
    Jim W

    Oh STFU!

  • MalfoyRocks

    If you haven’t seen the show then you really have no business talking about this.... maybe you should have skipped this one. Not even finishing the video. Dislike

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett

    I thought it was about some show about nuns in the hood, it would have made it better.

  • Sean Hartnett
    Sean Hartnett

    My grandma loved the TV show, downtown abbey.

  • Regina Beth P. Moreno
    Regina Beth P. Moreno

    This movie is for Downton Abbey fans, not for first-timers like you who have absolutely no clue with what was going on and has no interest to find out what it is either.

  • Bruh

    This states that you have to actually get the show in order to understand it Because most of this is just an American guy not getting the old days and how it worked in England Because you can’t sin a movie because the title isn’t downtoWn abbey

  • Tozzywozzy01

    This is gonna sound weird but a week ago I wanted to watch this review because I was aware of the quintessential Britishness of the show...Only problem was I hadn't seen the show myself. What with lockdown I decided to binge watch the show and the film and here I am again laughing at CS trying to wrap his head around all these characters. Believe me, a summary video isn't enough to help you delve into this movie. XD

  • James Lemaiyan
    James Lemaiyan

    The Comcast sin never gets old 😂

  • OnlyTheTruthSorry

    Downtown Abbey is so boring I couldn't even go through 5 minutes of it on Cinema sins...

  • Jennifer Adams
    Jennifer Adams

    Robert is Maud's second cousin, so still a cousin

  • As Lovely
    As Lovely

    Very cross with your pictation of the wonderful film . You don’t understand it at all 😡

  • Rustum Laattoe
    Rustum Laattoe

    Saying 'vallett' instead of 'valay' is okay so long as you also say 'horse doovers' and 'homidge. Either scorn all french accented words or none, but dont mix and match.

  • Josny13

    5:40 What again did they say about sarcasm? xD Don't worry. I hate it too when my joke goes well into satire, and is still being called out for low witted sarcasm.

  • Lunarmy 13
    Lunarmy 13

    I watched this knowing it was a movie from a tv show but I also knew I had no interest in watching the show or movie so I thought I could just watch this and get the information fast and honest to god this is the most confused I've ever been in a cinema sins video and I'm not sure if that counts on a sin to the movie/show or to cinema sins so I'm going to say both DING!

  • freakshow283

    i couldn't even watch this whole episode, i can't imagine watching the actual movie

  • Edward Branscomb
    Edward Branscomb

    you aren't in Violet's league

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Do Vavarium

  • Jonah Proctor
    Jonah Proctor

    Do a episode of Hacksaw Ridge

  • Alexander Sussman
    Alexander Sussman

    This is the only bad Cinema Sins episode I've ever watched.

  • Justin Knight
    Justin Knight

    Not saying this movie is a “white people” movie, but why don’t u guys do other types of movies that black people and other races watch like: straight outta compton, ray, ali, selma, 12 years a slave, fruitvale station, hustle and flow, boyz n the hood, friday, poetic justice, new jack city, juice, menace II society, and like anything spike lee has done. I’m black so i can’t name other empowering movies for other races. I just feel like u guys only do “white people” movies, comic book movies, kids movies, and really terrible movies. U guys do those really well, but why can’t we see other types of movies. Those movies have flaws just like the rest of them.

  • Бородатый Жора
    Бородатый Жора

    OMG, the sinning of this movie is painfully tiring to watch!

  • pokekiller559

    This video felt like it took an hour.

  • pokekiller559

    This video felt like it took an hour.

  • Layla Abdush-Shaheed
    Layla Abdush-Shaheed

    Apparently, someone needs to explain the concept of removed cousins to Jermey.

  • Kirsty M
    Kirsty M

    "England republicans" - Branson was an IRISH republican. Seriously do the Americans learn anything about life outside their borders?

    • Erin Mabry
      Erin Mabry

      We barely learn anything about life inside our borders.

  • Nicholas Reid
    Nicholas Reid

    The seat on the train says "L.N.E.R.", the name of a British railway of the time.

  • Alexander Hart
    Alexander Hart

    He gave so so so many sins for things he just didn’t like, I don’t feel like he was critical in the dialogue like he usually is. Ugh I wish he could have watched the show or at least a few episodes before making this video. It’s a really great and well produced show.

  • Sawyer Brandt
    Sawyer Brandt

    You had to see the show to understand the movie more. Am I the only one who thinks that he needed to see the entirety of the show to understand some of the references the cast made in this movie to understand some of the plot? Not like the movie entirely went off what happened in the final season of the TV show, but still.

  • IreneWY

    I didn't know there was a movie! Need to watch it!!!

  • KFish Loto
    KFish Loto

    Liberals -.-

  • Houston Dozier
    Houston Dozier

    Remember franku

  • Ben Buck
    Ben Buck

    Please do 1917

  • Shannon J
    Shannon J

    It’s not right that you’re sinning this movie based solely on the movie. Literally everything you sinned would have made sense had you watched the series. So that’s you’re failing, not theirs. Also, missed opportunity to use Harry Potter audio for Maggie Smith in the end.

  • 1701spacecadet

    Who is Henry? Erm....surname 'Ford'? Clue: He's gone to a motor show...

  • Jonathan Ebe
    Jonathan Ebe

    Why haven't you sinned Baywatch

  • Saving History
    Saving History

    Is it me? Or is the narrator just irritated that he missed the Downton Abbey phenomenon and so puts everything in the movie down because he really doesn’t understand what’s going on? LoL

  • Ty Shields
    Ty Shields

    Everything wrong with ricochet?!

  • ShadowWing Tronix
    ShadowWing Tronix

    For years I thought the show WAS called Downtown Abbey. Of course I didn't actually watch the show, I just rarely saw an ad on PBS or a name in the TV Guide.

  • paddygirl

    this movie was made for the fans of the series, so I don't what ou business is wathcing it

  • Juliette Wahl
    Juliette Wahl

    Idk what y'all say but I took my 85 year old grandmother to see this movie and the part where Maggie Smith says she's dying to her granddaughter made me cry so hard and so did my grandma.we have been watching this show together since it aired so it just was all too much

  • Jay Kilkenny
    Jay Kilkenny

    Didn't know American knew what Downtown Abbey was

  • waters129

    The screenplay in this movie sounds like a patchwork quilt. I didn't know what the hell was going on! Good thing I wan't the only one LOL

  • Infosyphon Gaming
    Infosyphon Gaming

    Everything wrong with covid 19, next

  • gangztafranco


  • gangztafranco

    It's valeT you American person

  • Kaitlyn M
    Kaitlyn M

    This is amusing, but rather than being so because I like watching him pick holes in the movie, it makes me laugh everytime something he criticizes is just something we,,,accept,,in the show. Also! I liked the mail delivery because I thought it was cute. I also liked Henry

  • liamnaruto

    this fucking movie kept running over it's timelimit...

  • violet lavi
    violet lavi

    10:22 well generally it's a good rule of thumb not to tell the audience the plan unless it's going to fail. That way, we can be kept on our toes throughout the plan's execution and feel triumph and happy surprise with the characters when it succeeds

  • Araxie Rose
    Araxie Rose

    To me, this movie is to Downton Abbey what the Sex In the City movie was to Sex In the City- not the worst thing ever, but DEFINITELY not a proper representation of the best either show had to offer. In the case of both shows, at their strongest they were smartly-written, observant and well-acted. If anything, it tells me that there are some shows that simply don't work as full-length movies (then again, where the heck were the executives who decided to make a DA movie back when LITERAL WW2 was in Britain's backyard??).

  • Elizabeth Magnusson
    Elizabeth Magnusson

    Do I love this movie? Yes. Am I huge fan of the show? Yes. Am I offended by this? No. Still funny. Doesn’t change my love for the movie and show!

  • chuck cross
    chuck cross

    Man when did these guys become such butthurt liberal social justice warriors smh

  • John Cantrell
    John Cantrell

    2:50 pretty sure that's a line from the song "Raglan Road"

  • Talds

    Should have used "King in the North" from Game of Thrones when they all cheered

  • P38DLightning

    I love the series, but the movie just dragged on for too long

  • tommy fred
    tommy fred

    4:01 valet is pronounced correctly if you are British. just another example of an American thinking he speaks queens English and making a twit of themselves by trying to correct a misuse that is no such thing.

  • Josi

    Why did you sin it for you not knowing the characters? That's your own sin. 😜

  • tanhayk

    Half of these "sins" are not even sins. And the moment you attack Tom Branson, you lose. Next time don't sin a movie if you're not going to get half of it. The film was clearly made for the fans of the show, who very much enjoy the things you sin as "boring". Sorry, but this time the video doesn't come across as witty and funny, just very childish.

  • Emily Little
    Emily Little

    12:09 the story of Thomas' life

  • Emily Little
    Emily Little

    *IRISH* Republican, Sir!

  • violet lavi
    violet lavi

    7:00 ...because the parent's cousins are also their children's cousins? Ex: someone's second cousin is their parent's first cousin, their third cousin is their parent's second cousin, and so on. It's how people can have a bunch of second and third cousins (+ the removed, the kids of those cousins) that they've never met

    • Kaitlyn M
      Kaitlyn M

      I know I was thinking that

  • Sarah Vandenberg
    Sarah Vandenberg

    Bro u seriously need to watch the tv series. Everything makes much more sense

  • Josh Dukes
    Josh Dukes

    I'll be that guy.... a mother's cousin is always the son's cousin as well. That's where the "x times removed" comes in. If Maud Bagshaw is Violet's first cousin, then she is Robert's first cousin once removed. I'll see myself out, now...

  • Nora Rambling
    Nora Rambling

    "but also republicans"😂😂😂

  • Nick Small
    Nick Small

    Please do an EWW the Oscar winner Debbie Does Dallas, the plot is ace and sound effects rock

  • Nick Small
    Nick Small

    Pronounced ..Gran ..th..am and not Grant..ham Abbey. Think ..tom ..ate..o

  • Baby Tato
    Baby Tato

    So I'm not the only one who says Downtown Abbey instead of Downton Abbey, right?!

  • Sofia Bastos
    Sofia Bastos

    Worldwide (except in the US), being a Republican means the person is against a monarchy and for a republic.

  • Rebekah L
    Rebekah L

    I have never seen this movie, but the first dude who speaks in this, plays Henry Brown in Paddington, and does an excelent job at it too. Edit: 9:56 Hey dont diss Paddington 2... I mean I know thats ur job but still ... Hey.