Everything Wrong With Sonic the Hedgehog In SEGA Minutes Or Less
Sonic the Hedgehog is a movie. That's a fact, and it will be true forever. Is that movie any good? Ehhhh. Does the movie have sins? YES!!!
Thursday: Anxious sins
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Jmodom Odom
    Jmodom Odom

    Nobody going to mention how Sonic flosses twice?

  • skiddypappap

    you missed a sin how does a pea sised robot have a more powerfull lazer than we have now in the real world

  • Sean Pacheco
    Sean Pacheco

    The og Sonic from the first trailer looks like a wolverine cross-bred with a cat in a bucket of blue paint. Change my mind.

  • Sean Pacheco
    Sean Pacheco

    The fact that they put Sanic in the movie though.

  • Supercloud15

    I mean he also annihilated a 20 foot tall mech with rockets and launchable spiked hands by repeatedly rolling into it

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye

    Maybe robotnic knew they were going to San Francisco by the shirt Tom was wearing. Plus the cop station in green hills.

  • RedBoiPaul YT
    RedBoiPaul YT

    CimenaSins: “The. F*cking. End.” (21:21)

  • Clifton Sargent
    Clifton Sargent

    I can’t imagine how many sins this is gonna get, great idea for a channel keep it up

  • Pitty Studios
    Pitty Studios

    3:32 we get the indication that Sonic can speed read everytime he runs because if he can't, he'd crash every time. And if that doesn't count, this is the film indicating that power, especially since we aren't even 10 minutes in.

  • ꧁ Pokimations ꧂
    ꧁ Pokimations ꧂


  • Rachel S
    Rachel S

    I want to know which movie has the most sins

  • the train master
    the train master


  • Jacoby Dodge
    Jacoby Dodge

    "Who do you think you are?!" "Star-lord" I died. 😂

  • Lexi Rex
    Lexi Rex

    The region the redear scaner read 296 is because, at the speed sonic is shown to be running at. It is higher than the rader scaner can read. So, it caps out. I will point out that a error message could have as well pop up on the radar. This is because radar scaners are designed to be used on cars, and not a hedgehog that that can move at the speed of sound. Edit: I might not like sonic but, I gust wanted to point out the radar scaners thing. Edited two: So, something design for cars couldn't show something moving at or over the speed of sound. Edited three: I gust wanted to say sonic is not in no way a game I like. I actually prefer hollow knight, and mindcraft and, undertal and, pokemon. I most likely will not biy ont of the games or moves still. I gust watched because, I was bored and, wanted to comint about the radar scaners thing. That was all.


    this movie have more sin than new HELLBOY

  • TAPC2585

    The mushroom planet comment makes me.wonder if they are referring to super marios

  • TAPC2585

    I agree Ohio is weird

  • Gabe Smith
    Gabe Smith

    Sonic goes slightly slower than the speed of light

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian

    Never even knew this movie came out 😂🤷🏻‍♂️!

  • zephaniah Owens
    zephaniah Owens

    what about the fact that they made a sanic joke

  • grace4five

    the mushroom plant can only mean one thing... a new super Mario movie and a sonic cinematic universe! imagine how terrible that'd be.....

  • Creeperman812

    3:48 the very top world is actually the Sega Saturn logo and the bottom right is the blue spheres mini game

  • fantasticfourmatt 2010
    fantasticfourmatt 2010


  • Darren Henry
    Darren Henry


  • ECL28E

    I hate how Sonic is so clingy and whiny. I also hate how James Marsden has to relive Hop, minus the jellybean-shitting

  • Simon Rae King, enby transmasc bean
    Simon Rae King, enby transmasc bean

    As a person from Ohio, I can 100% confirm Sonic could have come from here. It is truly that weird.

    • Tushar Sundarka
      Tushar Sundarka

      Well canonically (according to the first draft for Sonic's backstory in 1991) Sonic was said to be born in Hardly, Nebraska

  • Anigame memes
    Anigame memes

    I was hating on the movie for a bit until I figured there was sequel probably soon to come also it dosen’t make sense sonic moving at his speed can break the sound barrier at 767 miles per hour which means him running should be causing devastating shockwaves why include that he disable 1/4 of the country in a emotional fit also that a big hit to the country the damage he did will easily take years to fix but then not show the aftermath of any of the destruction these two Demi gods did while in America also tales has better tracking tech that robutnic also if sonic can blow his mechanisms with ease why dose he qualify for this job and why dose a tranq dart Pierce his skin but not explosives and apparently even at Sonic’s speed he can’t motablisze the dose fast enough to stop It and apparently putting a talking animal in cage instead of reporting was a good idea thats stupid judging by the fact sonic can flip a car and then make a joke about it what was stopping him from put a hole through the cage and the man like a slow blue bullet also the person who made sonic is retarded and dosen’t know that a bullet moves at 1700miles per hour or about 2.3x Sonic’s speed why even also quick lesson in physics even if a bullet dosen’t hit you the shockwave from the speed it moves air against your face if it where one 0-1.5 inches away from actually hitting you the shockwave would do damage to you this movie was sinned but needed more sins for the fact the try to address sonic in a physical sense but don’t do properly or at all they don’t try to go through the reality of how dangerous his power is to human without showing it in full fighter jets are several feet in the sky for a reason sonic is a walking ball of energy with more area than a nuke and has little restraint his took out a quarter of America when he was upset clearly this wasn’t a two man job but only two where on it with no backing from the military? Why dosen’t this have way more sense for fucking the laws of physics

  • Amun Tutana
    Amun Tutana

    Sonic can travel slightly faster than light speed if he pushes himself Yeh they should've mentioned his true speed potential

  • Crewmate Engineer
    Crewmate Engineer

    How did he not give the floss 10000000 sins?

  • God Of Death
    God Of Death

    This dude voice is a sin

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Fine, Forget massively popular movie, in Sequel Sonic the movie DVD 2020

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Most popular movie Sequel Sonic the movie

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Sega Genesis Sonic original Games Prequel

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Most Popular movie not film Sega, Nintendo sonic video game

  • Chanibear 777
    Chanibear 777

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 tails is Kidnapped by Eggman and sonic saves him, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Knuckles and Sonic are in a war to get all Chaos emeralds before Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, Sonic is a fugitive all because of a Mysterious black Hedgehog and Eggman uses it to find the ARK.

  • zSteve1

    Robotnik: Your not allowed up there your on one of the world seven wonders. Me: Says the guy who destroyed the sphinx a few seconds ago.

  • GLitCh101


  • Joshua Macias
    Joshua Macias

    What I want to see in the sonic 2 movie is tails sent by long claw to sonic to find him but until tails finds sonic Tom Maddie and sonic are trying to find a job for sonic so I also want crazy dan to say that he saw a orange bird with hands and 2 tails then sonic finds his job but he bumps into tails after that he quits his job after that robotnik fins his quill build metal sonic since this is tails first time using rings he teleports to to mushroom kingdom leaving behind a dropped ring after egg man discovers the ring that tails Dropped after that it cuts to tails using the rings to some back to Sonics home planet after that he finds Amy since Amy was tails only friend he ask her for help finding sonic when they find sonic Amy istently fell in love with sonic when they found him after that sonic told them about his life in green hills after that they set up a fun day together then it cuts to egg man again but him and metal sonic heard somthing in the bushes then knuckles pops up egg man tells him all about sonic and misinformation about him then knuckles accepts to help him after that knuckles show egg man what the ring he got was for then they got into the really world in the search of sonic,tails and Amy after that tails tells sonic about the chaos emeralds then they found them all but one that knuckles had found years ago after that sonic finds egg man but this is not the final fight this is just a mini fight for the last emerald (I will leave this part for the producers and directors) after sonic goes into the final fight also knuckles denied egg man to figh for his side and noticed he was lieing so he turned to Sonics side sonic remembers the emeralds and uses them to turn into super sonic. *addons i want for the movie* .more sonic memes for humor . Real sonic music from the games . I also want Tom and Maddie to have an important role in the movie .mabye to in the credits they can announce a new character mabye more villains ? Mabye more characters idk

  • Angelica Cabello
    Angelica Cabello

    I saw the old man draw sanic

  • Clement Muteto
    Clement Muteto

    You missed a Riddick joke with Dr Eggman at the end there

  • Chew Ster
    Chew Ster

    Nobody talking about that apartment being 4K a month on zillow eh lol

  • Felix Figueroa
    Felix Figueroa

    because its blue like me

  • Felix Figueroa
    Felix Figueroa

    maybe its mine

  • Bromine Bradley
    Bromine Bradley

    This is my favourite movie, until he found things. Please say before this is opinionated.

  • Cassie Mason
    Cassie Mason

    “Why wouldn’t he think he’s from a weird part of earth, like, Ohio?” I take offense.

  • Sir Minty
    Sir Minty

    Sin this movie as much as you want, it is by far the best video game movie out there.

  • ReXperFN


  • Exterminatus enthusiast
    Exterminatus enthusiast

    Jim Carrey is the best, and his power gets rid of sins

  • Nitwit

    19:52 I'm surprised with as detail focused as this channel is that it missed that the guy's chainsaw is spinning the wrong direction.

  • tyler is bad lol
    tyler is bad lol

    Really this move why noo i loved this so much

  • baconman

    9:06 this feels like a callout post

  • Haydonarker

    *He moves at Mach 69,420*

  • j h
    j h

    Honestly really love how they did this movie. It's funny and kinda nonsensical at times, plus Sonic's character is actually pretty faithful. Eggman's whole evil genius shtick dose make me wonder why they... Hey, no sin for the general guy streight up saying he doesn't even really know why he's really sending robotnic to begin with?

  • Rogue401

    Bruh Ohio is fine wtf

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      -10/10 boring wouldn't reccomend

  • Ethan Vigil
    Ethan Vigil

    What the heck, it seems like he has a grudge to Sonic

  • Nolan Meyers
    Nolan Meyers

    ok the memers have added 999999999999999999999999999999 at right about 4:33

  • Chillin with Chase
    Chillin with Chase

    I loved sonic and only reised the sins till now

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas

    I'm disliking for his dissing of ohio

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      Let me guess....you live in ohio?

  • Arham Playz
    Arham Playz


  • Royce Rex
    Royce Rex

    That Last location was very specific there bud

  • Heather Hodgson
    Heather Hodgson

    im from ohio and its pretty weird here but not as weird as Florida

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      You right I mean- florida is number 1 in incest count

  • Yeet yah Yeet
    Yeet yah Yeet

    There’s a basketball area and they never turn the light off until 0am Europe time

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

    14:24 What the baw-k?

  • Delirium Flaky
    Delirium Flaky


  • Anton Jimfred Tuble
    Anton Jimfred Tuble

    COMMON THE 200 SPEED WAS FROM MATPAT BLAME HIM FOR THAT note matpat is a good youtuber

  • Insidious DrNine
    Insidious DrNine

    uzload.info/fun/a6ipp6idsY2Bp4k/video ALF! Get under the TABLE!


    Walt disneys mom passed so thats the reason every mom and mother figure dies or is already dead because he couldnt cope with his loss

  • Mic Carter
    Mic Carter

    Hey... Resenting that all the way here from Branson "Fucking", MO lol

  • Mr_Skwuid

    can cinema sins and film theory please do a fucking collaboration.

  • Dee Kan
    Dee Kan

    Honestly this movie was so bad

    • Dee Kan
      Dee Kan

      @best boy nagito and that, young man, is also an opinion. You didn't have to share it, but anyone CAN share their opinion. Welcome to the free world :)

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      honestly nobody asked/and or cared have your opinions you don't have to speak it

  • The rawring dog
    The rawring dog

    Why didnt the owl go through the ring,she one she was gonna die instantly and even if it was to hold them back the lasted about 1 second I imagine

  • The rawring dog
    The rawring dog

    Every second should have been a sin

    • The rawring dog
      The rawring dog

      @best boy nagito and why's that Also dont question me just shouts that you dont know much about anything and dont want people to ask you,plus,its a joke,and again what's up with my name

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      I wouldn't take advice from someone with the name "the rawring dog"

  • Ethan Bush
    Ethan Bush

    296 is not IndyCar fast, that’s Top Fuel Dragster fast

  • Sean Everick Deniel Magsino
    Sean Everick Deniel Magsino

    I think you forgot about the "run around in 2 seconds" but he literally runs around for more the ten seconds

  • Greta Thu'umberg
    Greta Thu'umberg

    12:50 No,you take that back

  • Gabriel Oneal
    Gabriel Oneal

    I still don't understand what the hell is happening in this movie. I mean..SEGA played a part in this right? I get the Echidnas at the beginning. Being on an island. And putting Sonic in the "human" world But why does Sonic look like a midget version of himself and whO iS thIs oWl. Opening...really should have done better. And..Tails is in the ending but no other characters are mentioned during the opening? Very bizzare.


      Because Sonic was always three feet tall? And the main reason why it’s set mainly on the human world was because of the budget, making a CGI world for the whole movie will cost a lot of money, but now that first movie made so much money, we could see more of Sonic’s world in the sequel.

  • PsYOniC yT
    PsYOniC yT

    We should take 5-10 sins off for the animators not hitting the uncanny valley

  • Chris Winkler
    Chris Winkler

    The. Fucking. End. ='D

  • Speedy The meme lord
    Speedy The meme lord

    This movie cinlus you're just sad because Mario didn't get a good 1

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      *sinless And he will be getting a good one cus there will be a fully 3d animated movie And shut it this movie was average i enjoyed it but atleast i can admit it wasn't that good

  • Bueno Excellente
    Bueno Excellente

    I tell you what i loved Jim Carrey in this, don't know why

  • Phoenixz :D
    Phoenixz :D

    18:32 OK I got to stop you right there chief ._. If he actually did he would lose his rings to Robotnik. Making it sound like losing his rings they transport him to Other World’s.

  • Tysen Bean
    Tysen Bean

    Hey I'm from Ohio

  • vendettaachild 64
    vendettaachild 64

    Scp 173 and 173 sins

  • Brian Vasjo
    Brian Vasjo

    How many Bad word we're said in this movie 59

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito


  • Clau Dion
    Clau Dion

    0:35 DAME DANE

  • lucas lipska
    lucas lipska

    Fun fact: Sonic is voiced by ben Schwartz (in the movie not the game) ben also voices Josh on bobs burgers

  • Meerkat

    It genuinely felt like Sega wanted this movie to bomb. I mean the Only (credited) director for the movie is some guy who has only directed 2 other projects which were BOTH frickin' Short films. Yeah why have someone you know can direct a feature length film and maybe has experience with cgi characters OR a guy with barely any qualifications!

  • Touch Bareis
    Touch Bareis

    Have you not seen Game Theory

  • SlantedSlug

    Ok so he obviously doesn’t feel any emotion for the games/shows that these movies are based off of. This is a great movie and he wasn’t very sparing at ALL. When he did The Last Airbender and Dragon Ball: Evoloution, he was so sparing it kinda killed me inside. I think he wasn’t enough of a dick back then, and he’s too much of a dick now.

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      I think you're just being a piss boy cus you can't take a joke/and or opinion

  • Dave Skywalker
    Dave Skywalker

    Idk what this asshole says, this movie is awesome. Hollywood can and should learn something from it.

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    *Love* how he quoted The Fugitive at 9:49 🤣

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Rebel Fleet Trooper

    I'd rather watch the Sonic The Hedgehog 1996 anime film. :3

  • StoneTheGamer

    CinemaSins you kinda forgot something... Mr. Robotnik mentions something to Agent Stone about Robotnik likes robots because they actually listen and then later in the show... He asks Agent Stone to pin himself against the wall (Agent Stone pinning himself up is what I mean) And he does... And the fact that he can make these machines means he can make a robot...

  • Ste ik
    Ste ik

    2:04 So is it explained why the owl-mother-figure doesn't jus fly away when being chased by the tiny arrow wielding not-ewoks? What the fuck is the point of being an owl then anyway?

  • AngelintheCLoud

    So are they going to try another live action super mario brothers movie? Hell even pikachu got a movie

    • AngelintheCLoud

      @best boy nagito awesome dude

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      I HAVE SOME NEWS ABOUT MARIO! last time i checked Mario will be getting a fully 3d animated film

  • Gameboynitro 9
    Gameboynitro 9

    Jim Carey was playing more of himself than Robotnik and honestly that's the main reason why people wanted to see this movie.

  • Foxtube

    This was actually a good movie. also the reason it started at the end and re-winded to the beginning was because the directors wanted to make the movie longer and more I N T R E S T I N G

  • TheMythicalMatty

    And he was my friend.... OH MY GOD THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP BROUGHT HIM BACK TO LIFE! 10 + sins.

  • BillsfanMC

    no ones talking about how in the beginning of the movie the radar gun says sonic feels accomplished about going 300mph when in the end of the movie the eg man has to develop some fancy technology to go that fast when a normal fighter jet can break the sound barrier

    • Mattheholic2

      Because those speed trackers have a limit on what they can track. That was not Sonic's actual speed..

  • Zachary Wilcoxon
    Zachary Wilcoxon

    Ohio is not weird ok 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • best boy nagito
      best boy nagito

      You're right Its boring

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