Everything Wrong With Enemy of the State In 20 Minutes Or Less
Enemy of the State is a movie that is WAY ahead of its time, but also objectively bonkers. It begins as a warning about government surveillance, but ends in a basic shootout. This movie is watchable as hell, but it has sins like crazy!
Next week: 2 sins videos, God willing.
Remember, no movie is without sins. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Shaderock Chakra Shizzam Shizzade Louis
    Shaderock Chakra Shizzam Shizzade Louis

    Thanks for mentioning DC (6:40-6:47) and I laugh at all your “Everything Wrong With.....” videos. It’s the new entertainment of new entertainment.

  • Hamster Smash
    Hamster Smash

    i loved this film

  • Gameflyer001

    The rumour is that this film serves as a quasi-sequel to The Conversation, with Gene Hackman playing similar characters (or even the same character under a different alias).

  • Janusha

    Has ANYONE EVER had clothes with their god damn initials in them? Or cufflinks? Dont these things exist ONLY as clues in detective movies?

  • Malidictus

    I get the joke, but "Christmas movie" gets really damn repetitive after the 20th time or so.

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Vicktoria Gencheva
    Vicktoria Gencheva

    You have to sin "The War with grandpa".

  • Matt Collins
    Matt Collins

    "There's a cocktail party at the reservoir!" LOVE the Sneakers reference!

  • Burt Gummerfan
    Burt Gummerfan

    Fun fact: at the time of this film's release, the surveillance technology shown was 2-3 generations old.

  • Encyclopedist

    Very glad to see "The Conversation" recommended.

  • Regal

    I love how at 5:34 he didn't sin the obvious "This guy is actually clear of the fire truck and would not have a chance to hit it" bit. At least from that first angle that's how it looked. SKIP

  • Pomerlain89

    There should be a sin off for the fact that Robert had the smart idea and the guts to get both the mob and the NSA off his back by having them both think they were talking about the same tape. And the shootout scene alone deserves multiple sins off.

  • Stark Parker
    Stark Parker

    Repo Man is without sin.

  • George Salisbury
    George Salisbury

    You gonna do a sins video on Parasite?

  • Daethalion

    When I was very young I loved this movie. Then I got into high school and realized it's completely idiotic.

  • Seosamh MacAdam
    Seosamh MacAdam

    I bought this dvd in a bargain bin for 2 euro 10 years back, great movie

  • Miotch

    I would love a compilation of just the times Jeremy says it's a christmas movie

  • terry landess
    terry landess

    You need to come over and clean my monitor of the drink I spit all over it after you said "cock curtains".

  • J.T. J'nyce
    J.T. J'nyce

    Regina King is sexy as hell

  • Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
    Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy

    The Conversation was a great film

  • JuggaloJohn

    Huh..? so Enemy of the State is a Christmas movie. adding it to the list.

  • Pip Smith
    Pip Smith

    I always gave police helicopters the fingers as a kid in the hope they react!

  • u2bemark

    good stuff.. I wonder if productions like this work in all the Christmas stuff as leverage to get that nice end of year release date.. if a studio takes 2 equally mundane movies and both want the prime release date window.. surely the one with a Christmas theme filmed all over it would get it.. right? And the others release date gets moved to February

  • Alduin the Lord of Dragons
    Alduin the Lord of Dragons

    Oh I have been watching the older vids and that new intro definitely surprised me

  • Free MGTOW
    Free MGTOW

    One of the most stupid films ever done.

  • Michael Lombard
    Michael Lombard

    You guys are the best. Been a huge fan for a while. Never seen anyones face till this video. Amazing content. Love the beards. Keep up the top content. The blend of comedy and artistic criticism is much needed and welcomed. Love yall

  • Jack Napperino
    Jack Napperino

    986 would mean it's an ITIN and not a SS#

  • Ant the knee Oof
    Ant the knee Oof

    “Least he’s not cooking meth” lmao

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee

    The first time I saw this move, a friend recorded it on a VHS tape for me. It got all the way to the climax where everyone had their guns pointed at each other and the tape ran out... so I had to wait a long time to see how it actually ended.

  • Bxbx Snjdh
    Bxbx Snjdh


  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • Renaldo Goosen
    Renaldo Goosen

    Next time, instead of spending 20 minutes rearranging letters, use this : www.thewordfinder.com/anagram-solver/ Sorted!

  • Ronnie Day
    Ronnie Day

    You have to do Everything Wrong with Bait... hahaha

  • Rust ak
    Rust ak

    Heres a challenge everytime he says Christmas movie you take a shot

  • Xbxb Đhfh
    Xbxb Đhfh

    Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment

  • mg19cal

    3:21 when you said Barry Pepper, the guy you showed after saying Jack Black, that was not Barry Pepper but Loren Dean

  • Tarmo Luberg
    Tarmo Luberg

    "i got Phil Hammerslys murder on tape and they are after me" is a really long and time consuming sentence to say to Will Smith in the underwear shop by the guy running from bad guys.

  • Ray Foy
    Ray Foy

    that is the funniest! "...the movie thinks so too!" uzload.info/fun/aGtmd4jIsW2czGA/video

  • MiKe MiDNiTe
    MiKe MiDNiTe

    Anything with Will (thinks he's the shizz) Smith in it is bound to be bad

  • Setekh

    A sin off for CinemaSins for all the ways to say "Christmas movie".

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    Look at the big brain on Brett... Totally new respect for you Cinema sins being down with the conversation one of the, literally, most criminally underrated pictures of all times

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    Can't believe you didn't call discount gwenyth paltrow on lingerie chick and goddamn could I spell both her fucking names worse... Or is that right...

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    I'm kinda surprised you didn't include Jason Lee in the you get to be famous thing... Course he was already famous, dude had his own airwalk for shit's sake (back when airwalk was the shit)

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    I get the whole Christmas movie argument that die hard has created... I'm going to spend the remainder of my days convincing the world that the godfather (part two too while you bullshittin') is an Xmas movie...

  • EXLR8

    This mans talks at 1.25 speed

  • Ray Gudel
    Ray Gudel


  • Savage Dawg
    Savage Dawg

    OH. MY. GOD. CHEESE CURLS. Do they still make those??????

  • chiissu

    28 sins were actual issues with the story, plot or logic. The rest: Jokes

    • Dr. D
      Dr. D

      Welcome to Cinema Sins...it's clear you're new here.

  • Matt F
    Matt F

    Brill just had the chips on him, as he explains later he’s hypoglycemic and needs to eat often, I think he even buys the same chips when they stop at the store. Point is he didn’t bring it to block the tracers, he just happened to have it, which is why he dumps the chips out. I mean you could just carry around a piece of aluminum foil if you’re going to do that.

  • Matt F
    Matt F

    You can find the Zapruder film at any local library, provided you can find a library, so maybe it is impossible to find now, I just talked myself into it. I think at the end Jack Black and the other guy don’t necessarily turn good, he realizes this whole operation is fucked, and turns the recorder on to save his own ass, he wasn’t trying to help anyone but himself, and maybe his buddy. They both end up getting off by saying they thought it was a training exercise.

  • Matthew H
    Matthew H

    Why is nobody talking about the missing ding for sin 8?

  • Steven Ater
    Steven Ater

    They definitely explain the "flip-flop". Jack Black's and Jamie Kennedy's characters say during the debriefing that they thought it was all just a training exercise. So obviously, they realized shit wasn't right when John Voight's character shoots Gene Hackman in the van.

  • Renegade2786

    Where's the snow?

  • Anne Mills
    Anne Mills

    Not to nitpick or anything but the guy he identifies earlier in the video as Barry Pepper is 100% not Barry Pepper😬😬

  • German David Urdaneta
    German David Urdaneta

    I watched this movie a few weeks ago (liked it) and went a few days without entering UZload, I am in today and couldn't believe the surprise in me when I realized CinemaSins made a video of it hahaha everytime I watch a movie I always go "damn I wish CinemaSins made a video about this"

  • Ed Kezz
    Ed Kezz

    You ever been in Little Italy ? This is as close you'll ever get to either of those two factions. So what do u know ?... nada. Stop hyperventilating silly douche..

  • Stuart Randall
    Stuart Randall

    Classic film i Love this movie

  • Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun

    Please do Mercury Rising

  • Skybound

    I thought it said “Enemy of the Satan”

  • 7

    Check out "the corbett report" on youtube For factual news and well researched quality documentaries. No ads no bias. Knowledge is power.

  • Lord Karasu
    Lord Karasu

    Wait...is eotsna Christmas movie!?

  • Masaharu Morimoto
    Masaharu Morimoto

    ya but it's a pretty bitchin movie tho!

  • KingLeo

    Good movie tho

  • Jonathan Sherry
    Jonathan Sherry

    Here's a technical nitpick you missed. The card in the Turbo Express is a PCMCIA hard drive made for a laptop. PCMCIA uses a pin connector, but the Turbo Express uses an edge connector. And there was no gaudy NEC sticker on the back, just a regulatory information sticker with the serial number and such on it. BTW, anyone interested in buying a Turbo Express with the TV tuner attachment? Still works! :D

  • Amilcar Reyes
    Amilcar Reyes


  • Charles Urban
    Charles Urban

    We can't have a surveillance state unless there are enough cameras to pull off bullet-time effects on random people.

  • DxQx

    Damn... this "Christmas movie" joke is worse than the "ex-girlfriend" joke.

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    as time goes by you seem to be sinning more and more! lol 20 minutes or less! your first movies were like 10 minutes or less!

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore

    Why does it matter if it's a Christmas movie, and why does it deserve so many sins?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds

    minority report.

  • Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner

    the pills were heart medications

  • Scout Racing 392
    Scout Racing 392

    Missed one 8:35 Christmas Movie!

  • Gregory Means
    Gregory Means

    I asked, you delivered! You have earned my respect!

  • Sunil Permaul
    Sunil Permaul

    I love this movie and I love this video even more.

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    there is in fact a 2nd "zapruder film" from a different angle that was never seen it was turned in as evidence and disappeared

  • Jarrads 32
    Jarrads 32

    Would the scanner work through that metal fence where they are scanning him for bugs as the cop ? I wouldnt have thought so, but the gaps may be big enough and he gets close enough to him maybe ?🤔

  • m m
    m m

    I love the comment from Jeremy how he wouldn't give his cat into the care of someone he'd believe to be an idiot.

  • Александр Мамайчук
    Александр Мамайчук

    критик :) великий художник ...

  • Reggie

    I have a fan theory. I think this film, is secretly a Christmas movie.

  • codemiesterbeats

    maybe the rotation scene was insinuating they were able to process all the existing cameras in the store to generate a 3d image out of it all... similar things exist now. uzload.info/fun/pmdpqJ7Tmo6bvn0/video but yea over the top maybe.

  • JB Jacobs
    JB Jacobs

    F^ck the Music City Miracle.

  • Lucas

    This film was pretty damn great if you ask me.

  • nemonucliosis

    What aliens in the Zapruder film?

  • Christian Satine
    Christian Satine

    "Christmas movie" had me cracking up. I'm glad you referenced "The Conversation" because it is fucking brilliant.

  • Information Uncoded
    Information Uncoded

    Do enemys at the gates

  • Duprée Lee
    Duprée Lee

    I don’t know if it’s a joke or not, but the guy you keep showing isn’t Barry Pepper... who’s actually in this movie...

  • KillerFroc1

    The music video of Bon jovi it's my life definitely does seems like this movie.

  • mkeil100

    Christmas movie... hahaha

  • Daniel Schuster
    Daniel Schuster

    They are 100% cooking with the left over wine.... gross

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    I actually thought the actor who plays Bulldog from Frasier had a very convincing monologue and was very well acted.

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    Why did you sin the lingerie scene? It was a scene to showcase Smith's normal life before the chaos was about to enrupt on him with the video tape ended in his bag.

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    Also, Tom Sizemore is a beast in that ending scene.

  • Insignificant Aftermath
    Insignificant Aftermath

    Hugely underrated film. And genuinely Will Smith's best performance because he, for once, isnt playing a cockier version of himself. Its a 90s film id gladly watch EVERY time its on tv..

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson

    😄BRAVO!!!!👏👏👏👏 Your BEST WORK YET!!

  • TheNext BigBoss
    TheNext BigBoss


  • Jessica Birnie
    Jessica Birnie

    Love this movie its criminally underrated.

  • h445

    are you guys getting lazy as fuck or what? half of these aren't even sins - do you watch the movies you are dinging?

  • Mr. Poopybutthole
    Mr. Poopybutthole

    Where's the Christmas movie counter?

  • Darkstar Darin
    Darkstar Darin

    That Matrix blooper's extra funny considering Will Smith turned the role of Neo down.

  • Seth Heasley
    Seth Heasley

    I'll be sorely disappointed if the "you're a cat; I'm black" line from I, Robot didn't make it into the outtakes.

    • Seth Heasley
      Seth Heasley

      Epic fail. Here's the clip for when you realize I'm right: uzload.info/fun/iaCPo6jfj2asqWA/video