Everything Wrong With Bloodshot In 17 Minutes Or Less
Bloodshot is the last movie we saw in theaters. We saw it with our SinWeek attendee friends. And it was hilariously bad. So it was a privilege to count the sins of Bloodshot. An honor. Oh, who am I kidding? This movie sucks balls and is a slog to get through. But we did it anyway!
Thursday: giant sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Juju the third
    Juju the third

    The no mission too difficult no mission to great had my father walk out the room

  • Michael Black
    Michael Black

    Yes. What about Jesus?

  • EndoSym50

    3:30 the way that Jeremy says this is gold

  • Yves Charpentier
    Yves Charpentier

    good catch on the flour. my first thought too

  • L K
    L K

    Vin is the geek with a jocks body that thinks he's cool.

  • Ravi Rajyaguru
    Ravi Rajyaguru

    You talk too much.

  • mine mine
    mine mine

    That’s one sin for being over 18 min

  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    This move was good than fast and furious

  • Bubonic Toast
    Bubonic Toast

    also the police just casually sitting in their car with a fucking gun America you do know we don't have guns right?

  • Zachary Chambliss
    Zachary Chambliss

    I have a theory that this is a prequel to the fast and furious movies like if you agree

  • Garrett Moore
    Garrett Moore

    Watching this while doing hw. Y’all are lifesavers!

  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher

    Is it just me, Orbis it funny seeing black or middle Eastern men with such a clean proper British accent, especially while playing thugs lol. Imagine going to South Central LA and some Crips roll up on you talking like that lol. I think it's awesome and makes me laugh but I would never want to change it lol. So off my favorite characters in movies or our African American brothers with British accents like in the movie Snatch, their exchanges in that, have me pissing my pants.

    • Stephen Fisher
      Stephen Fisher

      15:20 love that guy lok

  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher

    Saved me from watching the movie :) I have to say, when I heard about it coming out before the virus hit, I assumed it would suck and just trying to capitalize on the superhero trend, which personally I'm way over with. So I figured it wasn't going to do good and was happy to feel that way since it's just a cash grab like the last fifteen fast and furious movies, but once covid happened just as this was due to hit theaters, I couldn't help but feel bad lol. Talk about terrible luck and a movie that IMO would be lucky to break even at the best of times was clearly going to end Carrers now that they can't even show it properly. They of countries to hide it and release it after theaters reopened but even if they could, the buzz would have wore off and would have tanked but what happened and we all knew would happen is it would be leaked beforehand and they would lose their shirts. I even posted that in April, even though I had zero interest in the movie, I did kinda feel bad about their luck.

  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher

    Huh.. not to brag, but I must be super hung. Ten inches top, 12 inches bottom. ;) Or two inches, "FROM THE GROUND!" lol.

  • Mikail Thomas
    Mikail Thomas

    "A third testicle?!"

  • wessydxty

    One more sin, after he kills Baris, he visits his wife in London, and when Shivs and Colgate are chasing him through the city, all of a sudden, they're in Cape Town... You can tell by the police van...

  • andrea perez
    andrea perez

    Bloodshot is the most Vin Diesel movie that has ever been Vin Dieseled

  • Arrynek01

    Flour is extremely flammable. Many a windmill went up in flames, sometimes even exploded, because of the flower dust and heat from gears/sun. And they light flares. *DING*

  • Bunny man
    Bunny man

    Don't get me wrong I get how this movie was bad but I still liked it but that doesn't mean this video rocks

  • mentor397

    No. It wasn't more lens flares than Star Trek. It may have been a lot in this movie, but it'd have to be a lot, lot more to beat Star Trek.

  • Govvy

    You missed a sin when they goto London Soho, which is actually California with Cali streets, cars with California plates! That an additional 100 points!!

  • Jack Sklar
    Jack Sklar


  • qolity S
    qolity S

    U can't wipe someones brain u can suppress it but u can't get rid of it this is why he saw all the people he killed

  • Shawn Breaux
    Shawn Breaux

    When i was 15 one of the things my family and I did was make fireballs with flour. we also used cornstarch and baby powder. Do not try this at home.

  • Senator Sheev
    Senator Sheev

    Do they have to rebuild that column every time they reboot Vin?

  • Nalituba Chizongo
    Nalituba Chizongo

    1:12 lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • cuLiref

    It was a stooopid movie... that’s all I can say. Then again so is every movie with Vin Diesel in it

  • Fuwozkvx Tsiwjzgxx
    Fuwozkvx Tsiwjzgxx

    1:40 dog: help my please

  • bacon8tor

    5:10 actually made me laugh, good job bro

  • Laura Jolley
    Laura Jolley

    Why no sins for him leaving in a truck? How did he have a truck? Keys? hu? Also, 100 sins for that guy's eating noodles.


    I'm surprised people still watch Cinema Sins. This channel really sucks.


      @Why Do I Even Look At The Comments I guess. Haha. Sometimes you check in to see if it got better and it hasn't.

    • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
      Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

      Guilty pleasure I guess. Hate watching? I'm not healthy.

  • Ashley Seider
    Ashley Seider

    When you called Sam Heughan “Outlander” I died of laughter 😂😂

  • potatoespruce 16
    potatoespruce 16

    Adding a sim for the double add at the beginning of the vid

  • Justice Egwabor
    Justice Egwabor

    The Jesus joke got me on the floor😂

  • Fleato

    can we get aiza gonzalez in more movies....... girls wayyyyy too gorgeous....

  • Fleato

    i present to you, vindiesel, the movie about vin diesel being vin diesel playing vin diesel doing vin diesel things...... that's the sum of this movie

  • Sparrow

    7:00 flour can actually be explosive when mixed in the air like that +100 sins for not making the tunnel explode from the flares and shit. edit: oh ok you got it ;)

  • Seth jason
    Seth jason

    From kenya here it is pretty well connected

  • Dndh Djhđb
    Dndh Djhđb

    Is my is my mother goose club out

  • Cody Mennenga
    Cody Mennenga

    Thank you for pointing out how flammable flour is. It is the same with any large amount of dust particles in the air. If it hits the right mixture it will combust into a giant fireball. I know movies are fake and all that but this scene took me out of the movie for how ridiculous it was that nothing blew up.

  • Mr Lesir
    Mr Lesir

    Ok im going to try and light some flour on fire, thats awesome if true

  • Joshua McDowell
    Joshua McDowell

    Cinema sins guy not knowing you could drive from Africa to Italy is my favorite part. You know who did know that? Italy in WWII.

  • Adamant Forge
    Adamant Forge

    Want to see some MOAB level food kaboom - Sugar plant explosion! Not only does aerosolized sugar granules go up like flour it also burns a hell of a lot nastier. Mother Nature You Still A Scary Bitch!

  • Jordyn Petzer
    Jordyn Petzer

    Another sin, the weird bike chase thing, was filmed in South Africa, even using a south african police vechile, but the movie said this was England 0_0

  • Bxbd Nddhdg
    Bxbd Nddhdg

    Iya ya Allah

  • Tea Kay
    Tea Kay

    This is almost as bad the fast and Furious game

  • DEATH111183

    it's funny how as i was watching the off track rants of the fight in flour tunnel.... i was writing my own rant on how the FACT flour is flammable as jet fuel, and how it's a sin you didn't catch that.... but then your actual sin for the flour came up and i instantly was happier than a puppy getting real bacon for a treat, and not those bacon strips in the dog treat bag

  • Nap Airsoft Vlogging & gaming channel
    Nap Airsoft Vlogging & gaming channel

    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BLOODSHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is an amazing movie.

  • Jordan

    He passed out because of the power of boners... if anything that's a sin removed since that's a normal reaction for a techie to pass out when seeing an extremely attractive girl

  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    @15:38 basically confirms my previous comment and also 'sins does it better

  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    @6:30 Killian (harding) it's over 9000

  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    And Killian (rey) is still wining about his extremis project going to be public before he wants it to, I mean what if Ironman were to ever check the internet? All of Ironman 3 would be ruined Lolz

  • AngelintheCLoud

    I love how the candles still being on all night is what broke character for you haha

  • Mc Donalds
    Mc Donalds

    "Oscar Pistorius, the prosthetic-legged assassin." *So, Oscar Pistorius?*

  • Hellblazer

    Take a spoon of flour in your mouth, take an open flame (good lighter or set a piece of paper on fire) in front to your mouth and blow. Nice party trick

  • Peter Wolf
    Peter Wolf

    They are breackdance fighting? Must be Jason Born.

  • gOtakutaku

    Lol movie looks boring. Next sin.

  • jdoefer

    Thank you for making the point about the flammability of flour. Flour is SUPER flammable and there are hundreds of flour mill explosions throughout history to prove it.

  • That Sodding Gamer
    That Sodding Gamer

    I was very much expecting a scene where the flares started a conflagration, just as Vin's character planned. Perhaps completing the scene with a "No, Wait!" warning that came a second too late.

  • raphael nekati
    raphael nekati

    Me texting if flour is flammable 😂👍🏿

  • Ivaylo Traykov
    Ivaylo Traykov

    I don't know how is Bloodshot showen in the comix but this movie destroyed it for me. Also you would think that CGI is getting better, you know technology, progress etc. but no man, they will prove you wrong. Another great idea they blew away. I guess we can wait 5 years for the remake, right! :D Also I don't know if its pandemic gotting to you, CInemasins, but you're sins really suck lately. Wilkins jokes every 2 words he says but on the 10th time its funny so remove a sins, are you joking. Also barely hitting 120 sins on this movie. ON THIS MOVIE!!!! Also really f...cked up thing to joke about brain cells looking like corona virus man. We're not even half way through the pandemic and even after its done people won't joke about it.

  • soulreaper 1981
    soulreaper 1981

    Flower clouds and flares..... Hhhhmmm I forsee explosives results

  • Jones Kleid
    Jones Kleid

    Well I’m going to go find out if flower is flammable now

  • Random Sog
    Random Sog

    This movie has a similar ending to his other movie Babylon A.D.

  • Andrew Ksmash
    Andrew Ksmash

    All that flour would be insanely dangerous with those flares

  • Mark Greis
    Mark Greis

    The ugly scene in 16.06 diserve 15 sins

  • Quinten Momberg
    Quinten Momberg

    Man I'm so Siked this was Shot in South Africa!!!

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B

    🤣 nice

  • Michael R
    Michael R

    Do we need a covid joke when 1) we would all like to put our minds elsewhere to not think about the shit going on right now, and 2) covid jokes aren't ever funny. Why waste you breathe on this shit, a cheap laugh? I constantly forget the whole point of this channel is listening to an asshole complain and say shit without a filter. Knowing this i shouldn't be surprised by the dumb shit that comes out of your mouth.

  • nopaincobain72

    Flour started the great fire of London..... FYI 😏

  • Caput Mundi Noctis
    Caput Mundi Noctis

    "Send out oscar pistorius the prosthetic leg assassine' lol

  • Zero gamer
    Zero gamer

    And also i don't aderstand what you say on every video

  • Zero gamer
    Zero gamer

    And then he allways says i have unfinished business to do

  • Jaheim Lewis
    Jaheim Lewis

    this movie felt incomplete it seemed like they skipped over some important stuff

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
    Santiago Rodriguez Guillen

    I start to understand movies. Show abs when you don't have boobs. Solid theory.

  • Hosza Bagley
    Hosza Bagley

    there’s clearly an Italian flag behind his and her head on base as they hug 😂

  • Cringe Police
    Cringe Police

    I mean, the chick in the thumbnail is pretty hot tho

  • Bryce Miller
    Bryce Miller

    there's no way homeboy knew where mombasa was off dome. I refuse to believe.

  • Nhlamulo Shibambu
    Nhlamulo Shibambu

    U shld add a “Vin Diesel wears a tank top cliché” sin...

  • Sunrise At Midnight
    Sunrise At Midnight

    this is just mass effect 2

  • James Younger
    James Younger

    I'm just curious how often the mood is spoiled by having to spend 3 hours lighting mood candles... no one fucks like that, they get a hard on, drop trow, slide panties to one side, and thrust until theres a friction burn on the side of the D. Or thats how its done as a teenager, I've not had sex since then, tho I'd assume its similar in effect.

  • Xurreal

    This flour is straight up 🔥

  • rinjimaru

    This feels like poor men’s upgrade

  • The Swirling Sea
    The Swirling Sea

    Kenya is more connected than you thought.

  • a a
    a a

    Those aren't scars, they are tattoo's

  • camille dorval dion
    camille dorval dion

    the entire movie XD

  • Blitzø is fun
    Blitzø is fun

    This movie reeks of Call of Duty Advanced warfare

  • C O
    C O

    Not enough nude scenes, maybe

  • zq ninja
    zq ninja

    all this di_* talk is making me think that xxtention is durecting this...

  • Fashy Farmer
    Fashy Farmer

    Lol already got to test flour's flammability.

  • daneg007

    fake-legged guys aren't very good at being real assassins, unless the target is an annoying girlfriend.

  • daneg007

    when i saw this i thought he crashed the flour truck and then tossed a flare so that he could just burn all of those guys alive, instead of fighting them.

  • Joshua Black
    Joshua Black

    It was 05:30 before I realized that this movie isn’t XXX 😂😂😂

  • zesty chicken
    zesty chicken

    I always think the movies you review is on point. But I feel like it wasn't sined enough it was a snooze fest it was so bad.

  • Tattle TV
    Tattle TV

    You forgot to sin the fact that their base was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (cue the Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower), but when VD drove out, the streets are definitely not KL as we don't have jagged lines on our streets. Lol 😂

  • Christopher Mark
    Christopher Mark

    Goodbye and take ur channel off UZload coz you clearly hate all of life

    • Christopher Mark
      Christopher Mark

      @Master Shifu aight fair point you got me😂😂

    • Master Shifu
      Master Shifu

      Goodbye and take ur account of UZload coz you clearly hate him for giving is opinion on a movie

  • Christopher Mark
    Christopher Mark

    Get a life that has meaning in it


    5 to 10 extra sins for Martin Axe's footwear...

  • Derek Pitchford
    Derek Pitchford

    When did the dark and dingy London turn into sunny New Zealand. Also why is Vin wearing the same white vest top, do they come in other colour's then just white.

  • Nicole Wahito
    Nicole Wahito

    Since when does Mombasa look like that?!!!!!!!!!!