Everything Wrong With Extraction In 14 Minutes Or Less
Extraction is a Netflix film, and stars Chris Hemsworth, and it has an INCREDIBLE "one-shot" action sequence in it. But outside of that, it's kind of just okay. And it has plenty of sins!
Thursday: animated sins from the aughts.
Remember, no movie is without sins. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • AlMaslool

    Biggest sin...They tried to show that an Australian soldier can takeout the entire Bangladesh army with the help of an Indian soldier who is on par with the Aussie ....Now had this been against the Indian army.....

  • cyber thief
    cyber thief

    If your Indian like

  • Adrian Wood
    Adrian Wood

    As an aussie I can confirm there is "the Kimberley" in Australia

  • LLX

    I really thought he was gon sin those 15 MINUTES OF CREDITS

    • Evelyn Roman
      Evelyn Roman

      Aaaahhahahah 😂👍 True

  • Dare Master
    Dare Master

    Oh my God dude what do you not count as a sin?? Someone can’t even breathe or drinking a damn glass of water without you saying it’s a movie sin!!! Ding🛎. On what standards do you calibrate these so-called sins that you Continuously decide to puke out just to hear a stupid bell 🛎 for no reason except the dumbest of reasons Stop trying to make good movies look bad with your stupid bell 🛎 just so you could get likes and followers 👀 Yea I said it!Godforebid if you were ever in charge of directing a movie or the making of one because I think the damn thing would probably come out looking like a damn tellytubby movie or Barney movie because you would be to afraid of creating a movie sin and being criticized about it because you’ve criticized so many With your stupid bell 🛎 ding!🤦‍♂️ .....and just to get subscribers It seems like there are no movies you actually like that are sin free you are a cancer to UZload and I’m pretty sure people will unsubscribe after reading this.... anyone who reads this please feel free to reply good or bad I don’t care and if you think I’m wrong please elaborate I accept being wrong if I am 🤔 I promise I won’t ring the bell and say your comment is a sin

  • dentoncrimescene

    I loved this film.

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      This is such an epic movie hey you should Sort the comments by date added and check out my comments on this video

  • Dean Winchester69
    Dean Winchester69

    This movie has so many stereotypes This isn't 2004 Sin 30 plus Also why do they gotta shoot the movie with yellow shade? 20 sin Plus

  • Morden Warfare Man Is Here To Kill You
    Morden Warfare Man Is Here To Kill You

    I definitely knew that the part when his commando uncle got shot on the bridge was some real prob ...

  • Bradley Winn
    Bradley Winn

    Huh, i thought the kid drowned himself in the pool and that's why he is seeing what looks like rake at the end

  • Moonwake534

    I really didnt like this movie, had no idea and didnt care what was going on

  • gng 999
    gng 999

    There was a scene where nick slipped like a lame frog. It was a drone shot and nick and her team started running out of the car 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Jason Carter
    Jason Carter

    A rare miss on this video. Movie- 647 points Cinema sins- 167 points The movie won

  • Nxbxb Jdbxbd
    Nxbxb Jdbxbd


  • Green Goo
    Green Goo

    I didn't even notice the blurred figure at the end of the movie when I watched it and yes I am excited for the possibility of Tyler being alive and a second movie. For the record I don't care if it makes sense Cinemasins, I don't care. hahaha

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      Oh by the way sort the comments by newest first and check out my comments on this movie

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      I agree with you it kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat let’s hope another movie comes out soon and is as good or may be better than the first one .....side note I don’t know why the guy gives so many sins though 🤦‍♂️Oh well I guess we have to deal with it

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    I enjoyed the movie, however I wouldn't of paid movie theater prices to see just this movie. Good job on Netflix making a movie of this caliber, compared to some of the crap Hollywood has released in theaters.

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      If you got time sort the comments by newest first and check out my comments on this movie

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      Yes I agree Netflix or other movie outlets did a good job on releasing this movie and we didn’t have to go to the theater to pay full price either yay but do you really agree with all the sins this guy is 🛎ding It’s way too many in my eyes but that’s just me

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    Surprised we didn't get a discount Marc Anthony for the dude at 5:17.

  • MyName'sJames

    I hate Hollywood deaths because that neck shot would have killed Tyler instantly, like come on!

  • Sonic the Hedgeteacher
    Sonic the Hedgeteacher

    Priority number 1 in American movies: "Make sure that you film the shittiest places only in foreign countries with darker and moody colors, but also make sure that US looks nice and safe with punchy and happy colors because we don't want people to believe there are other, better, safer and more beautiful places than US."

  • Noel Vermillion
    Noel Vermillion

    Kinda pissed me off that Saju died

  • Bellfost

    He didnt even talk about the soldier who got his neck snapped by the other soldier's feet.

  • Raijin Tsoutai
    Raijin Tsoutai

    Some of the sins here are valid, but some are just straight down pathetic.

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      True I agree with you 100% sort the comments by newest first and check out my comment on this movie

  • Aimee Taber
    Aimee Taber

    “Like, they seriously think that a guy that’s cut like a Norse god-“ Me, remembering that Chris Hemsworth played Thor,” That’s exactly what they think!” 3:25

  • Sosa

    +200 sins towards cinema sins for bringing up his ex girlfriend from college in almost every video

  • super Jenius11
    super Jenius11

    I mean, cliches and all, fuck that was a good movie

  • Happy Savage
    Happy Savage

    Has Mr. Cinema Sins, gotten over his college girlfriend? OR is he currently dating her, and always talking about her? Badly? lol

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    A drug lord or something controlling the whole military, how unbelievable is that.

  • Dany Stana
    Dany Stana

    They did bring so much hype to a movie directed by actually my 80 year old aunt

  • jygh gyui
    jygh gyui

    Man this channel is terrible now lol

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      😂 true so true😂👍

  • Blake B.
    Blake B.

    Movie sucked

  • Gj 1
    Gj 1

    It always bothered me how the old general dude comes out of the closet with a sniper rifle and smokes him from a km away. A) how they saved him till last like he was the bad guys secret weapon and B) if anyone's ever been in the military you'd know that that old crusty at that rank might pick up a weapon once a year and still have to retest on his annual weapons qualification. That fucker is not making that shot

  • xKnightOfNi

    Lol this man just sinned Australia

  • Aurangazeb Haque
    Aurangazeb Haque

    "Took out the Entire Population of Bangladesh" Damnn

  • Chris James
    Chris James

    11:33-11:44 so actually the sound is from the bullet breaking the sound barrier.

  • ThePeanuts1000

    I love how Saju hired a team of mercenaries to extract someone, and then try to stiff them by killing them all. Like, if you're that good, why not go in yourself?

  • Carlos Z
    Carlos Z

    Everything Wrong With The Old Guard PLEASE!!!

  • 00justSomeAccount00

    Bangali people don't talk like that. Tone is wrong, colloquial grammar is wrong, sometimes idioms are used that only make sense in English. Bangla dialogue in this movie sounds like somebody gave an English script to a child of an emigrated person to translate.

  • ZDU

    There is a region called the Kimberley in Australia.

  • gaming101 songs101
    gaming101 songs101

    The sniper version of this works is pure skill

  • soulman 2221s
    soulman 2221s

    you forget a scene THAT IS NOT DHAKA in Dhaka you cannot even see the sky for the buildings and our military isn't that bad that our general have to be our sniper

  • dumb irish kid
    dumb irish kid

    Do u even have a favourite movie and if u do what is it

  • Supreme BurgR
    Supreme BurgR

    Him holding his breath was foreshadowing so he might have lived

  • Supreme BurgR
    Supreme BurgR

    I don’t care what you say this is my favorite movie ever

  • hhailey bbear
    hhailey bbear

    The fact he said he looked like a Liam and his brother looks so much like him and IS named Liam.

  • Anis Ur Rehman
    Anis Ur Rehman

    I don't think you know how bullets work when traveling long distance, but I'm pretty sure that's what it sounds like in 11:58 if the shooter is far away

  • Dead Hours
    Dead Hours

    That one American from Modern Warfare....the movie.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck

    Wait a minute? How the hell is her saying " and the Indian kid " racist? You part of the problem man. Your the type were you see racism everywhere in everything. Its not necessary, warranted, and comes close to ruining this awesome channel because you find racism in almost every movie. Every movie made by leftist Hollywood virtue signaling sjw scumbags.

  • Fanator 456
    Fanator 456

    5:31 when Quentin Tarantino dies in one of his movies

  • Zion Zix
    Zion Zix

    the 14th "sin"... since when is that a cliché? All your "cliché" sins are cliché... and stupid... and repeatative. "Extraction. Indian kid." - How is that racist? Because she mentioned his nationality? Don't act as if you wouldn't sin if she just said "kid"... 'A kid? What kid? Who are you talking about?' You were hoping for an actual cliché when you want Tyler to respond with "I'm out of the game" - 'still does it'... and is mad because he said he'll do it whilst taking a drink? You say that as if he's drunk the entire movie. sin 19: Dude... did you want them to show the entire debrief? Wouldn't you sin the movie for padding the runtime? Stop with the location "sins"... they're not funny, they are only moronic, but not a sin of a movie... these "jokes" get old, quick, but you do these because it's a running gag... yet you sin movies for having running gags. Isn't that a bit hypocritical? You've become clowns, CinemaSins. Please go back to actually sinning the movies for the faults in them, and stop with the moronic "jokes" and hypocritical "sins". Please!

  • DrakeDracoDragon89

    Sin for every action movie having to have a romance side plot in it.

  • k1ngs4ndm

    All I can say is thank you for sinning the sniper shots being heard before felt, this really bothered me when I watched this movie

  • Jonathan Gunderson
    Jonathan Gunderson

    As mentioned before, the film is a militarized version of John Wick. But it is even cool to watch.

  • DivinitasJanus

    I actually watched this movie and narrated it in my head like a CinemaSins episode. But at the end I thought "... ... well, that didn't suck."

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      My thoughts exactly hey check out the comment that I left for this video sort the comments by newest first

  • De Leon
    De Leon

    Those clips at the end are works of art

  • KingOfWaffles

    7:12 you cut to the truck is the very next sin at 7:16

  • Hasen Garcia
    Hasen Garcia

    Buby believes

  • Brizz Joshi
    Brizz Joshi

    I would add 1000 sins only because they fucking ruined pankj tripathi in this movie it's like having a sward and using it for sawing buttons.....

  • Mark London
    Mark London

    Why say a 'naughty word' and then censor yourself? If you think the word is too naughty, don't bother saying 'sh*t' at all. Getting really tired of fake liberal shit.

  • MsKara308

    I'd take all the sins away if she said "MEDIUM LEFT!"

  • Hardik Khade
    Hardik Khade


  • Moe

    Only 1 sin removed for the 12 minute 1 take action scene that includes both loads of dialogue,driving and well choreographed fight scene unacceptable

  • George Kypreos
    George Kypreos

    cinema sins makes the dumbest sins.

  • Agrhonak

    10:35 everyone shooting at me is defnetely not innocent

  • Andrew Shepherd
    Andrew Shepherd

    Is it just me or is CinemaSins getting hit with more copyright claims than normal recently? Seems like the last month or so I've had multiple ads in all of their videos.

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Do Vavarium

  • Agrhonak

    11:11 that's the whole point I was watching the movie and worth minus 200 sins

  • Agrhonak

    The movie was really awesome. Minus 100 sins for that amazing 'onetake' sequence

  • Luke Cheung
    Luke Cheung

    “The sniper version of this” is wall hax

  • James Murdock
    James Murdock

    I have had mission briefs that are a location and task where they remind you the ROE is still bull shit, literally lasted 45 seconds.....so yeah, can atest to accuracy.

  • SoulHuN7eR

    Nah, they didnt kill whole bangladesh there... the rest fled to athens.

    • DuckyFaraz

      Racist but I don’t think athens can hold 160+ million people you idiot

  • Brandon

    I had personal qualms with certain parts of this movie, and I got what everyone expected watching it, but I feel it deserves less sins from the sheer stunts alone. Not a single punch in that initial fight scene looked pulled. The shootout in the little apartments was nonstop action, and you didn't even include one of the best parts to the whole movie - where Chris Hemsworth brutally beats the shit out of those kids. That scene alone is a 10 sins off imo.

  • Žarko Ostojić
    Žarko Ostojić

    totally spot on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jjb 8383
    Jjb 8383

    I think Jeremy forgot that snipers can use subsonic ammunition

  • TTG ChaosYT
    TTG ChaosYT

    It is possible for sniper rounds to be heard before the hit, if the shot is from a very far distance. Its just kinda rare.

  • RadStaz

    in any of the action scenes, chris should've said, "Heimdall! open the Bifrost!"

  • Jack Cravford
    Jack Cravford

    So you are saying, that first fight of this movie is pretty bad, compared to Bourne fight scenes? .... WHAT? I mean, Raid is on another level, for sure, but.... lol. The thing is, Damon had all his punches crippled, by stupid editing, shaky cam and fast cuts. Hell, how can i even know, that Damon is there fighting and not his stunt double, hm? That first fight from this movie is clear, has phenomenal, almost "kinetic" energy and i can see, that Chris is doing everything by himself. It really does not matter, what kind of Bourne, apart of that first one, every after has that stupid editing. Even Legacy has much better fight scenes.

  • Crystal Gosiewski
    Crystal Gosiewski

    You should do The Man From Uncle, the movie

  • Samurai Shampoo
    Samurai Shampoo

    Aaaah but then come on Hemsworth is smacking the taste out of all those kids around the 8:30 mark! Should’ve taken the sin off for character development

  • Vicky Garnett
    Vicky Garnett

    I love Cinema Sins anyway, but this time you actually showed me the very end, which I missed entirely as I was looking at something else! Didn’t see the blurred figure at all first time round 😂 I mean, I was expecting it, but it took so long to show up, I figured it wasn’t going to. But it did! Also, entire film is basically an extreme version of what happens when men don’t listen to women. And then the women have to come in and sort shit out.

  • Eli Young
    Eli Young

    Premature extract-elation, I laughed too hard at that lol

  • Taheem Lewis
    Taheem Lewis

    take a sin off for the boy not trusting hemsworth.

  • sogerc1

    11:49 Yes and also the huge muzzle flash on a suppessed gun also bugs me. The suppressor suppresses the flash too, even more effectively than the sound.

  • EthanCruise

    To be honest, India is very messy with vehicles driving everywhere and every side of the road. That was a perfect depiction scene lol

  • Boltok Gear
    Boltok Gear

    6:25 I mean I know you guys know this but I’ll say it anyway. Actors don’t do their own stunts all the time lol. Otherwise we’d have more John Wicks and less Marvel’s Cut-omatic Universe The stunt team basically gets told: You guys need to shoot this fight scene without the actual actors because they’re too expensive to replace if they get injured, good luck! Then the editors get told: Ok so make that stunt actor look like it’s the actual actor in that scene, good luck!

  • Burrito Sama
    Burrito Sama

    See now that Cinemasins has mentioned The Raid 👀, I think two videos are deserved now.

  • Jeremy Santos
    Jeremy Santos

    I'm so glad he makes videos for that voice in my head that says wtf while I'm watching movies

  • Suflysflash Reviews
    Suflysflash Reviews

    You stretched for that Mumbai bai-birdie line longer that dhalsim.

  • Steve Chamberlain
    Steve Chamberlain

    CinemaSins need todo Shaun of the dead

  • namogel67

    This movie was obviously made for an Indian audience. I guess all actors take on terrible roles from time to time. I'm pretty sure Hemsworth will bounce back from this steaming pile.

  • Taryn C
    Taryn C

    9:14 wtf was that? 😂😂

  • Goutam Goswami
    Goutam Goswami

    Chris is not an actor, more of a stunt guy. This type of movie matchs his criteria of acting. anyway it seems that you were adding sins by force just becoz you need to create the video for money.

  • cromusic ibra
    cromusic ibra

    Will keep writing until i see it: Please, review the abomination known as "Home Alone 3." Here's some sins you can use when you encounter the appropriate scene for each: > This movie exists > We've gone from "being left at home" to "weapons espionage." > They took a picture of the taxi with their...... glove cam??? > This is a group of INTERNATIONAL criminals (Agent Stucky says so, later in the movie). So aren't they likely on some sort of Wanted list? How the hell did they get through airport security? > Thank God none of these houses have stay-at-home parents, retirees or college kids who are home for the Christmas break. Really lucked out there, eh? > Mr Unger jumps almost 4 feet in the air when he dives to catch the car. That would result in some substantial physical damage when he hits the ground, considering it's concrete >There is no way the car JUMPED out of Alice's hands and hit her in the face. No RC car is powerful enough to launch its way out of someone's hands, especially considering that she wasn't holding its wheels... WHICH IS WHAT MAKES THE CAR MOVE IN THE FIRST PLACE! > There is no way Unger got hit by a fucking MINIVAN and didn't get broken legs or broken knees > What's with the mousetrap? First of all, it wasn't even on top of that freezer in the shot where Unger was falling down the stairs >Second, even if it WAS, what kind of pointless trap is that, and why was it on top of that freezer? >And how did Alex know where to put it so that someone's hand would land exactly on top of it? > We have a lot of unfunny pratfalls in this movie. And i mean a LOT. So let's just take care of those all at once, and add (conservatively)... 65 sins. > Beaupre picks up a toy gun that Alex had spray painted black. But toy guns are made of plastic and weigh almost nothing, while real guns are heavier and made of metal. There is no way he picked up that toy gun and didn't notice that it was the wrong one > Since when is toilet water blue? > I doubt Alice fell that much of a distance and didn't suffer any injuries. They carried her out near the end of the movie in a weird contorted position, which would be impossible since she likely has at least a spinal fracture or a split pelvis (and probably more) from that much of a fall down an elevator shaft

  • shakeBeATSz - aerokiss
    shakeBeATSz - aerokiss

    he hasnt done a everything wrong with the raid movies yet?

  • R4-P17

    sorry how is kimberley any wierder than washington? its named after a person, thats what happens with place names and im afraid as an australian im going to have to sin you a hundred for yet another dingo ate baby meme, you do realise the mother of that baby went through fucking hell for the past 40 years so please, enough already america, its not funny.

  • graffitiwomen

    Now I don't have to actually watch the whole movie! Thank you!

    • graffitiwomen

      @Dare Master I read them, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I have no desire to see this and IF I watched it, it would just be to stare at Chris Hemsworth.🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Dare Master
      Dare Master

      Yes you do this review does not merit an excuse to not watch it it’s a Very good movie highly recommend to watch it check out my comment on this video by Sort in the comments by newest first And read my thoughts on it

  • Zama Maphumulo
    Zama Maphumulo

    You also should've removed sins for when Rake slapped that kid in that dark alley 🤣🤣🤣 I thought that was Hella badass!!!

  • Zama Maphumulo
    Zama Maphumulo

    I still don't get why you blur out the cussing? I mean this is a freaking sinning video, you really don't need to be polite for this 🤣🤣🤣

  • Smoovadatious

    I thought the Squidward Joke in Infinity War from Tony was very appropriate actually

  • Dutch Viking
    Dutch Viking

    3:25 not to be racist but ain’t Norse gods almost unknown in countries like Pakistan? Especially at the maffia? Edit: either way you should also think ‘why is a guy twice the size of them be the one to bring the money back and forth

  • Bobleeswag

    The flames from the suppressed AR15 were ridiculous. Overall a good movie though.

  • SilverPigeon1

    Would love to see you comment Tombstone, the mother of cliches.

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