Everything Wrong With It's A Wonderful Life In Merry Christmas Minutes
It's A Wonderful Life is an all-time classic. It's fantastic in almost every way. But even fantastic movies have sins. So in the spirit of giving that comes with the holiday season, we're giving the film some sin-counting. And to anyone shocked we would sin a movie this beloved and revered... well, you must be new here.
Next week: mid-aughts scary sins and recent scary sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • da ghetto ghost
    da ghetto ghost

    I watch this movie every year and it always makes me think of what if I was in gorges situation and I cry every year for how lucky I am long story short I almost died as a baby and that’s why I think about all that but regardless this movie is a freakin timeless classic and I luck foward to watching it every year god bless frank kappa Donna Reed and jimmy Stewart

  • José Manuel Sánchez Gómez
    José Manuel Sánchez Gómez

    This is very funny. Do more classic Movies, please! Including silents!

  • Taner Archibald
    Taner Archibald

    Okay this movie is well written, quite well written

  • Grey Fearon
    Grey Fearon

    20:35 I love that they mention Rope

  • Grant Sexton
    Grant Sexton

    I don't see anything wrong with this film

  • baby boo
    baby boo

    I dontknow why u picked This Maybe full of flaws but they steam from craft. Unlike all the other movies u usually sinned.



  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • nikki urban
    nikki urban


  • Sandra Seals
    Sandra Seals

    You forgot a few sins for the fact that Mr. Potter never returns the money or pays for stealing it.

  • S. Adam Bernstein
    S. Adam Bernstein

    5:02 because he wants Alfalfa to take the blame. 15:20 Okay Charlie, you have your wish. You've been replaced on 2 1/2 Men by... Doh!

  • TV MAN
    TV MAN

    I have made the one movie he can't sin...........no movie at all

  • kryceksangel


  • Hello mornin
    Hello mornin

    I can kill a person with a Twinkie!

  • Ravage Gonza
    Ravage Gonza

    Correction on building the pool sin count. Retract. My claim? Would you build a hotel flat and pay for 5 acres of land in commiefornia or buy 1 acre of land and build the hotel to be 5 floors up?

  • Joseph Cohen
    Joseph Cohen

    Taste poison to make sure it's poison drunk is the only kind of drunk I know

  • Douglas Milton
    Douglas Milton

    Everything Wrong With 'It's A Wonderful Life'? Jeremy, I'm sorry mate, it's been a great ride, but I just can't be seen with you anymore. Because, any moment now, demons are going to come swarming out of drains Ghost/Pennywise-style to drag you down to hell.

  • AltimusPrimeG1

    You forgot the sin that the angel watched as potter got the newspaper with the money in it but did not tell George this info.

  • 1921 APFA champs
    1921 APFA champs

    “Happy New Years to you . . . In jail.”, should of gotten a sin off.

  • Lucas Soares Montes
    Lucas Soares Montes

    In Portuguese the title of the film is: BR: A felicidade Não se Compra (Happiness is not for sale) PT: Do Céu Caiu uma Estrela (A Star Fell From Heaven)

  • EthaniOL

    Lol, you can actually here the sob in his voice

  • Cameron Jacobs
    Cameron Jacobs

    I want to see "Everything Wrong With All Dogs go to Heaven"

  • Nade Coles
    Nade Coles

    I was gonna chuck my tablet through the wall if he didn't take off sins for the ending. Jeremy's a self proclaimed jerk, but not heartless

  • Changabob

    I watched this movie with my father so many times that I memorized 3/4ths of the script

  • Evolution Productions
    Evolution Productions

    No, please don’t

  • Cordless

    The fact that you point out anything wrong with this movie makes me want to watch star wars attack of the clones

  • Carama Gambino
    Carama Gambino

    This is one of the “devils soldiers” ladies and gentlemen. This is one of the people out there that you need to look out for. The sadistic in the twisted making fun of such a beautiful movie that everyone loves except the devils soldiers.

  • Justin Copus
    Justin Copus

    George Bailey lost $8000 of his customers money, and was seen kissing a woman that wasn’t his wife. No financial institute can spend segregated funds. George Bailey was headed to prison, I don’t care how much the townspeople gave him. Potter is absolute piece of shit for keeping that money. George Bailey is headed to jail and he tells the cops where he is at. His evilness exceeds the Thanos fingersnap.

  • eden powell
    eden powell

    No no no . I enjoy most of your videos.. you dont take the piss out of this film.. take down or I will come and find you

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    Mary's Towel Scene is my Favorite!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    Merry Christmas Minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adamv2

    Should’ve gave points for when Mary tells Martini to start serving wine to the people at her house. What, because he owns a bar it’s his job to serve people drinks whenever he visits people’s houses? That always bugged me.

  • S. Adam Bernstein
    S. Adam Bernstein

    This film is unwatchably corny, yes except for Jimmy Stewart. 3:40 you figured it out. There's a glitch in the Matrix!

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes

    16:45 Bravo CinemaSins. “It’s had a pretty good life”

  • Philip Carter
    Philip Carter

    Get a new career

  • Blu

    Plot Twist It’s actually a horrible life

  • Puxomawi

    It’s a ONEDEFUL life... I’ll see myself out...

  • Jeffrey G
    Jeffrey G

    Excellent. Thank you for doing this. Do more classics!

  • James White-Aldworth
    James White-Aldworth

    What’s so laughable about the Pawn Shop? It signifies people have to pawn things regularly to survive

  • Kayla W.
    Kayla W.

    This movie was...confusing to follow when I watched it for the first time. But I also saw why it's such a classic. The ending where the town comes together at George's house literally made me cry.

  • Dirty Bert Murgle
    Dirty Bert Murgle

    You missed a sin that a lot of other people I've mentioned it to also seem to miss. Clarence says Harry Bailey died at the age of 9 but when you look at the tombstone it reads 1911-1919. According to that he could've only been 8 years old.

  • José Manuel Sánchez Gómez
    José Manuel Sánchez Gómez

    Please do more classic movies like this. Thank you.

  • egg boy
    egg boy

    0:23 Yay!

  • gbonkers666

    That's exactly why I have multiple harems.

  • gbonkers666

    Sin# 370 George Bailey sells sub-prime loans to people who couldn't afford them, and then gets depressed and tries to kill himself when he goes out of business.

  • Throckmorton's Nephew
    Throckmorton's Nephew

    Hey Cinema Sins - the unseen celestial voices in the beginning are two other angels - based on all the versions of the script. Sorry, but I'll have to sin you.

  • Talitha Costello
    Talitha Costello

    That "Rope" audio out take threw me for a loop. Then I figured it out and could continue on with my life, amused. :)

  • Chloe the Shitzu
    Chloe the Shitzu

    This movies apparently hands out more wings than a KFC joint... it that a lie, or is KFC out of business?

  • stogucheme

    To be fair, the angelic alt universe was probably a lie. They were trying to convince him that his life was worth living, after all.

  • Matthew S
    Matthew S

    Gotta ask though. What action did his existence cause to change the weather (snowing when alive and clear skies when not (sure this is supposed to be a way for the audience to know what reality he is in before the character but It's surely still a sin, right?))?

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds

    planting a bread tree is how jesus did it.

  • Dante' Maddox
    Dante' Maddox

    I honestly don't know if I've seen this movie. I'm black by the way, so save those spit takes

  • A Moment In Time
    A Moment In Time

    You think old maids are happy? Loneliness isn't a good thing no matter what your progressive agenda asserts.

  • arya xz
    arya xz

    ummm you do know this movie has a colored version right ?

    • retnavybrat

      But it was originally released in black and white.

  • Nadia Cash
    Nadia Cash

    Have you sinned The Butterfly Effect?

  • spectrevampire

    I think it was mentioned in this video, but what exactly was Clarence's plan before George gave him the whole "pretend you were never born" deal? It seems his M.O. at first was essentially to just pat his shoulder and go "naw, you're good" over and over. And why did he feel the need to jump in the river in the first place? Couldn't he have just called out to George from a distance?

    • retnavybrat

      If George was intent on committing suicide, he might not have been aware of all but his immediate surroundings.

  • Benjamin Romanello
    Benjamin Romanello

    You might not know this but the guy who is given the key to the basketball floor pool is the original Alfalfa Switzer from Little Rascals

  • asnowballinhell

    No sin for George and Mary being the same age throughout the film?

  • Latoya Clark
    Latoya Clark

    Can you do one on Paradox Alice?

  • Daniel Baldwin
    Daniel Baldwin

    You missed the most obvious sin in the entire movie! Clarence said that Harry died at age 9. His headstone said he lived from 1911 to 1919. So unless Harry was Korean, somebody done screwed up in the movie, and you guys done screwed up in this video.

  • spartus

    again..who takes ...counts $8,000 full of bills and putting in an envelope the local bank...again a lot of sh$t full of money in 1930s ... evening 2020 that a lot of loan money ..

  • Josny13

    20:07 Oh, hah. Funny thing, we don't either. xD

  • vSolace

    Um excuse me remove 50 sins for that last part of that film

  • Snarky Mark
    Snarky Mark

    What really didn't make sense was why Uncle Billy was taking $8,000.00 from the Savings and Loan to deposit into Potter's bank? They had a room-sized safe IN the Savings and Loan, and should have kept money on hand to loan out. Just more crappy writing from Hollywood.

  • Adam Galati
    Adam Galati

    How did Harry Bailey die at 9 years old if he was born in 1911 and died in 1919?

  • Stockwell Santley
    Stockwell Santley

    No sin for 1940s costumes and hair in 1928?

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez

    Should've removed a bunch of sins from the phone scene and then add one.

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez

    1:10 normally Jeremy doesn't attack Christianity. Don't start now!

  • Larry Takura
    Larry Takura

    PASSENGER 57 !

  • Lucerostar - John Lucero
    Lucerostar - John Lucero

    What everyone fails to notice as the biggest BS flaw is, that a deficit is discovered at the building and loan, an arrest warrant is then issued, the media is contacted and all are waiting at George's house in what seems to be about an hour maybe 2 on Christmas eve. Computer banking does not exist back then so how does the auditor know whether the deposit was made on the same day or not and how is a crime determined within that same time frame? Potter's phone call has no proof to back up any claims yet all of these agencies rush to action to arrest George Bailey immediately? Again, all on Christmas eve?

  • Jaimee Nash
    Jaimee Nash

    This use to be good and point out movie glasses, but now they are just grasping.

  • Jessica Emery
    Jessica Emery

    Clarence: Yer a Wizard Harry

  • David B
    David B

    Retrofitting 2019 cultural values and woke-ness into the 1940's...points off.

  • Rick Gutleber
    Rick Gutleber

    Cinema Sins Sins: The word is "riffling" not "rifling". Ding!

  • Philip Monihan
    Philip Monihan

    You really made me smile at 0:23. Also, I appreciate you directed no Sins at Sheldon Leonard. Looping in stuff from Rope and Vertigo at the end was funny, too.

  • Blaze The Movie Fan
    Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great video and great movie. Happy belated Christmas.

  • Natalie M
    Natalie M


  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy

    A couple pieces of constructive criticism: you talk too quickly, so that it's hard to follow and appreciate what you're saying and absorb the humor. And there should be a bit more of a pause between each 'sin' to separate the different streams of rapid dialogue. Also, the blurred edges on either side are distracting and unnecessary. And perhaps offer a little more context for each sin for those who aren't intimately familiar with the movie.

  • socialex

    I'm handing out wings throw back.

  • socialex

    "Could make him smarter but then he wouldn't believe in me" they going in dry on this one kids 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Quatro
    Jonathan Quatro


  • michael Smith
    michael Smith

    I don't like this shitty movie anyway.

  • Chris Henson
    Chris Henson

    OK, the "Mary is the real hero here" thing may be the single greatest epiphany ever offered up by CinemaSins. It's absolutely, 100% true and undeniable. And this is the first time it's ever occurred to me. In retrospect, it's also probably why I've had a thing for Donna Reed my entire life.

  • Chris Henson
    Chris Henson

    "Clarence Lapdance" is my favorite emo band.

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    I know CinemaSins isn't exactly the best source to judge by, and I've never seen the actual movie - but I honestly can't see why this movie is supposed to be such a "beloved classic".

  • Douglas Kurtz
    Douglas Kurtz

    Remaking It's a Wonderful Life; who do you cast?

  • Saoirse del Tufo
    Saoirse del Tufo

    I love that you naturally assume someone would immediately accept the angel and realise they’re in an alternate reality as opposed to complete denial...

  • Alex Swank
    Alex Swank

    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Serious(WithDaysOff)

    18:04 When Mary gets back she looks at them and says hello like she had no clue that they were there which means she wasn't there to let them in before she left

  • Keith Wayne Jones
    Keith Wayne Jones

    potter reminds me of old man lebowski

  • Hermione Young
    Hermione Young

    Ok this one I found really harsh and unnecessary

  • Jayden Adkins
    Jayden Adkins

    "Everytime a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." *All Sins Removed*

  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore

    0:23 -- MST3K reference! Take a sin off this man!

    • Monet Hofmann
      Monet Hofmann

      I was DYING, such a great reference!

  • Mike Peluso
    Mike Peluso

    Scene does not containt a Clarance lapdance! Brilliant.

  • Mac C
    Mac C

    Please do "Jesus Of Nazareth" , nevermind, just watch it. :-)

  • psifla

    I’m not even going to say “you missed the point” as you’ve done with yet another classic... Oops, I just did.

  • Cayden Sandau
    Cayden Sandau

    Actually bars with alcohol were very common during the probation era so he would not be a wanted criminal they usually only went to the dealers that’s why a lot of bars in New York are hidden almost because they have not updated since.

  • Skywalker

    Goes to jump off bridge to kill self. Jumps off of same bridge to save Clarence. Does not die.

  • William Grant
    William Grant

    You missed one of the most glaring sins in this film that has always bugged me. In the cemetary scene where he sees his brother's tombstone, he goes there trying to find Martini who lives in "Bailey Park" the subdivision he helped create. Either George Bailey razed a cemetary to build "Bailey Park" or...well that's the only option, because in the alternate reality with him never born, his brother was buried there in 1919...So it obviously was a cemetary in 1919 and him being born or not wouldn't have changed the location of this cemetary, so we can only conclude that "Bailey Park" is built over a cemetary.

  • David Angeletti
    David Angeletti

    Either I missed it or you didnt take a sin off for one of the most iconic lines in cinema history: "Help me Clarence, I wanna live again!"

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