Everything Wrong With Murder Mystery In 16 Minutes Or Less
Murder Mystery is another in the line of Adam Sandler Netflix movies. And at this point, you are either on board and you enjoy them, or you don't even bother with them. But for both kinds of people... we watched it for you and counted all its sins.
Next week: 2 animated sins... I think.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • kaizer sozen
    kaizer sozen

    wait till jeremy sees hubie halloween

  • maruch dobrahan figuel
    maruch dobrahan figuel

    Adam Sandler has a cool look in this movie. Killer stache!

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Juicy Boi
    Juicy Boi

    Can we just appreciate that when Nick says that the killer in Audrey’s book was the butler was literally foreshadowing the end of the movie (Madeleine’s last name, LeBoullier, translates to “the butler”)

  • Liyah

    *Yeah their movie was something else.*

  • Olympic airways
    Olympic airways

    14.99 for some allergy tablets... that is ridiculous 😂

  • Rogue1stclass

    KICKING AND SCREAMING! Holy shit! I have been trying to find out what movie that was FOR 25 years! That scene at the ticket counter was one of the BEST THINGS I've ever seen, but I caught late at night on HBO and I had no idea what it was! And I find out in a CinemaSins for a fucking Adam Sandler movie????

  • Eli Says Nah
    Eli Says Nah

    Im only twelve but i love this movie-

  • pas de problème
    pas de problème

    Im not one to get offended easily, but when they assumed going through Spain was disgusting and awful by showing a cramped bus with a traditional Spanish dancer and a guitar player annoying everyone.... I thought it was a cheap way to make an entire country seem undesirable and bad. Tourism is very popular here and I’d say tourists usually have a good time. Tourism is a pillar of Spain’s economy and it stopping is one of the reasons our economy has crashed. Idk it just made me kinda upset :(

  • whooptydoo

    You guys should have watched this movie before playing among us

  • Connor Axon
    Connor Axon

    Personally I love Adam Sandler and found this a really enjoyable film of his, he has done far worse

  • DSkehan2004

    Can you do the paul blart movies?

  • Hayden Riggs
    Hayden Riggs

    Adam Sandler is the best actor

  • SilentShowOff

    That’s not Kevin James....

  • عبدالله الفزاري
    عبدالله الفزاري

    I love this movie it's very fun

  • Yowatsapp 05
    Yowatsapp 05

    I havent read the comments but im going to take a guess that everyone hates this movie and im the only person who loved this moive. Mark my words this is gonna be true cause I swear to god everytime there Is a movie or show I enjoy,everyone is talking trash about it and they hate it so im just calling it

  • Maddox Neely
    Maddox Neely

    This movie is great btw

  • Alexa Wall
    Alexa Wall

    I'm incredibly flexible, do yoga, can almost do a split, and now I kind of want to see if I can join the Mile High club.

  • destruction 3.0
    destruction 3.0

    I'm sorry, but did i just see you give as sin because someone was LEFT-HANDED! WHY

  • Hayford Sarfo
    Hayford Sarfo

    5:22 thaaaaats racist *ding*

  • Desmond LeGuay
    Desmond LeGuay

    Is cinema wins also cinema sins?

  • Edgar Allen Hoe
    Edgar Allen Hoe

    My takeaway from this movie was that it would be dumb but fun if you simply removed Adam Sandler from it

  • SciFi Bri
    SciFi Bri

    I miss the Adam Sandler movies where he plays an imaginary flute!

  • Akeem Amor
    Akeem Amor

    I was thinking the exact same thing about the pit maneuver 🤔

  • a person on the internet
    a person on the internet

    Fun fact I believe this is Jenifer Anstons and Adam Sandlers 1st 2nd or 3rd movie together

  • Interdimesional_ Hunter
    Interdimesional_ Hunter

    You know how long it took me to realize that the old billonare is the same actor as Jake's grandpa lmao from (miss perigrine's home for peculiar children)

  • Luke Akim
    Luke Akim

    Do Ricky Bobby

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    This was the most meh movie I’ve ever watched


    Premature maharajaculation XD you got me.

  • MochiPerson 《She_Her》
    MochiPerson 《She_Her》

    This is how i watch movies

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke

    Adam Sandler in this movie looks like Freddie Mercury, for some reason.

  • Sad Llama ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
    Sad Llama ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

    For one second, I read "martin mystery" instead of "murder mystery"

  • Billy Hoyle
    Billy Hoyle

    Sandler is awful and Aniston is just mailing it in anymore and their completely terrible together.

  • Beatriz Sales
    Beatriz Sales

    I actually like this movie

  • JBuckman10

    Love your channel!! but i also hope you guys are able to switch off your brains sometimes and just laugh at stupid movies.

  • Ava Morgan
    Ava Morgan

    It'd be amazing if you can do kissing booth, to all the boys and all the other cheesy Netflix crap

  • that guy
    that guy

    TV sins is a rip off of cinema sins

  • Kimberly Callaghan
    Kimberly Callaghan

    This movie is really fucking funny 😂😂😂

  • aflockofchicken

    I’m sorry but knives out is NOT a murder mystery. They literally give away the “killer” in the first few minutes. The “twist” is not really a twist.

  • naiastra


  • Blubba McFarlane
    Blubba McFarlane

    Big Filtered Bong Hits of good Kush, and the movie was great

  • Ellis Lawrie
    Ellis Lawrie

    This is a shit movie but I enjoyed watching it so much, I love crime/ murder mystery movies but when I saw it was Jennifer and Adam I knew it would be pretty shit, still enjoyed it tho :)

  • batch2448

    Frog tit

  • Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises
    Dr. Braxy Gilkey Cruises

    When I first saw Murder Mystery, I enjoyed it. But, if I'm completely honest, I kept saying, "They survive this, DING!" and "Roll Credits, DING!" and other catch phrases the whole time. I knew CinemaSins would burn them. 🤣😂🤣

  • Woggle-Eye

    You sinned left-handers? Wtf?

  • Adam Waterhouse
    Adam Waterhouse

    Sinning Left Handers??? Hell Yeah!!

  • Demon 9978
    Demon 9978


  • Ed Brook
    Ed Brook

    how did this movie not get unsinned once for the sheer humour

  • Liam Nolan
    Liam Nolan

    McLaren winning a F1 race *ding* Iykyk

  • Cole Render
    Cole Render

    He should be an editor for movies

  • barbyonabike

    Sinning left handers is a hate crime. I'm giving you the finger, Jeremy. With my left hand! Ping!

  • mimi Xx
    mimi Xx

    literally watched this film for jennifer aniston and jennifer aniston alone

  • FA QUU!
    FA QUU!

    House of 1000 corpses, devils rejects & 3 from hell!!!!!!

  • ble eh
    ble eh

    no five sins for the hair salon bc they did the joke some where in the start of the movie

  • Gaming boy 356
    Gaming boy 356

    This was released before knives out...

  • Drea C
    Drea C

    I've never been one of those self-serious people who whine about how unfair the sins are... But I literally gasped when you sinned being left-handed. That's handist! A sin for you, old friend. A sin for all your channels.

  • runnmd

    Love these videos and glad you can make some $ but these add breaks are so annoying. Maybe have 2? Almost don’t want to watch another. 😫

  • Priscilla Jimenez
    Priscilla Jimenez

    I loved the Orient Express reference at the end

  • Smartest Furret
    Smartest Furret

    3:05 Phoenix Wright Justice For All Case 4 would like to speak with you

  • Saulo Lima
    Saulo Lima

    to be fair, do we know who jeff bezzos or mark zuckeberg relatives look like?

  • VReview It
    VReview It

    How come you don't get copyright strikes? All the footage is from Netflix , right

  • Kreigh Lucas
    Kreigh Lucas

    Why sin my favorite movie

  • Lildoc911

    Hate the man as much as you want, the dude is getting paid to go on vacation around the world.

  • old fashioned gamer
    old fashioned gamer

    i have watched this movie and it was actually interesting so yeah

  • Robert Torok
    Robert Torok

    I'm curious which movie so far has the most and least sins, any help?

  • Possum SedNolo
    Possum SedNolo

    07:55 damn i wish for a remake where nick is the murder so bad.

  • Kat D. 杜洁
    Kat D. 杜洁

    This movie is so bad that I watched it and remember so very little from it.

  • Frank Campbell
    Frank Campbell

    Never heard of this movie until now and what I seen annoyed me

  • MR Bunny
    MR Bunny

    God damn Adam sandler

  • Alejandro Lorenzo
    Alejandro Lorenzo

    Imagine having a head so big you just sinned that silly little man for LOOKING LIKE HIMSELF

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby

    This is the worst 2019 movie I ever seen

  • Yugioh Something
    Yugioh Something


  • Unveiled by Poetry
    Unveiled by Poetry

    This movie was so bland; total waste of Luke Evans' talent

  • Waldo Wallace
    Waldo Wallace

    Having Nick be the murderer would have totally saved this murder... I mean movie. I got a little excited even thinking about it.

  • Aneta

    Have you checked out some of the UZload free with ads movies? I watched this movie called “Bakery in Brooklyn”, and I think it’s BY FAR THE MOST CONFUSING, weird, and randomly funny movie I’ve ever seen! The sin metre would explode and regardless, it was kind of.. entertaining! uzload.info/fun/qpdvh3rRyZt8rGQ/video Also, do you know that there’s a “Supersize Me” sequel? It’s called “Supersize Me 2: Holy Chicken”. It’s also free with ads uzload.info/fun/mYavnJSqyHKJ23k/video Ding! You’re welcome 😉

  • BattleAngelFan

    Cinemasins guy has never seen a multi-colored toothbrush. +1

  • Zerajnim Egroj
    Zerajnim Egroj

    This movie was waste of my time

  • All Hail The Wii U
    All Hail The Wii U

    I remember watching this in class lol

  • Valherjar

    I definately root for Gaston in this movie.

  • Cassandra Crocker
    Cassandra Crocker

    Everything wrong with RED

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill

    Do green hornet

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus

    This video is 16:28.

  • You Shall Drip Rubies
    You Shall Drip Rubies

    Happy Gilmore??

  • Janli Gwo
    Janli Gwo

    Adam Sandler is now one of the highest paid actors in hollywood due to his recent Netflix deal, and honestly I’m glad about that, never thought I would say Adam Sandler and Poirot in the same sentance :) He’s right it was a vacation movie

  • Saxon Myers
    Saxon Myers

    Oh, man. They dragged poor Terrance Stamp into this, didn't they?

  • Music Man
    Music Man

    I know you didnt just sin left handers

  • Will Elliott
    Will Elliott


  • The Enlightened Savage
    The Enlightened Savage

    I owned that toothbrush. It's the artificial butter flavoring.

  • Hayley French
    Hayley French

    Any decent film or show please. Willing to write the sins myself if I have to. Some suggestions are the god father movies(or just an al Pacino week) the breakfast club,anything with a Hepburn in it. Repo the genetic opera,The devils carnival.Casablanca,Any POPULAR Disney movie,any tarintino film not already done(there is a finite amount of these) Shows: The Adams family,the munsters,the Orville,family guy,South Park,bojack horseman,the nanny,house,true blood,the vampire diaries,once upon a time,lie to me,the suite life of Zach and cody(just because the hotel layout and reasoning of their living there will drive cinemasins insane),glee,riverdale,heathers(movie or show not fussed)ANY reality show. More movies off the top of my head that more people would want :jawbreaker,the craft,clueless,legally blonde,Harold and Kumar,bill and Ted,bring it on,romy and Michelle’s high school reunion.

    • Hayley French
      Hayley French

      Scream 3 and 4,studio 54,cleopatra

  • death gaming YT
    death gaming YT

    He says that this is an adimsalor movie and yet he's fucking watching an adimsalor movie go figure[ding] I'm done hear.

  • Miha Dajcman
    Miha Dajcman

    Perhaps the most unbelievable thing in this movie is 10:44 - serving a beer in a pitcher. That's a total US thing. Nowhere in Europe will you see beer served like that. We prefer a fresh stein 🍺. You know ... which hasn't been sitting on the table getting all warm and flat. 😁 And also: that pitcher is full. Where did the beer in their glasses come from? Is that a second pitcher? They're on the run and they have enough time to get not one but two pitchers of beer? Ok, movie, if you say so ... 🙄

  • Damian Rivoli
    Damian Rivoli

    please make "everthing wrong with shrek 2 and 3!"

  • Marisol Donoso
    Marisol Donoso

    Can you do everything wrong with into the pit

  • Aiden Beale
    Aiden Beale

    Every thing wrong with corona virus

  • Tyler Nielsen
    Tyler Nielsen

    I liked the “Some people call me Maurice” line, the only thing in this movie that made me laugh

  • J Stylez Get'Wild
    J Stylez Get'Wild

    I like Adam Sandler because he looks out for his homies. Thats 💯

  • CuiKid

    He should do are we there yet like to agree :D

  • Kush Shukla
    Kush Shukla

    Adam Sandler movie = 999999999 billion sins

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Cinema Sins is da best

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Adam Sandler is funny just immature But he’s Funny

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