Everything Wrong With Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Scott Pilgrim vs The World is pretty awesome. Well, it's definitely manic, and funny, and unlike anything you've ever seen. We like it. But it's got sins, my friends. So we counted them.
Next week: animated sins, British sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Jane

    I dunno I don't see the appeal of this movie.

  • sabastian bishop
    sabastian bishop

    "Everything wrong with Scott Pilgrim VS the world. There is nothing wrong, have a good day." *queue end sequence*

  • Mr. Gibbs
    Mr. Gibbs

    How have I not seen this

  • isocuda

    Is this the most sins removed in a short period of time.

  • Aloe Does Stuff
    Aloe Does Stuff

    Shes "too clingy" because she's an immature teenager, that's like,,,, the point

  • Spring_Time_Fun gaming
    Spring_Time_Fun gaming

    U are sin there is nothing wrong

  • Will Y
    Will Y

    15:46. She attacked Gideon because he was about to kill Scott and she cares about Scott.

  • fairy king Harlequin
    fairy king Harlequin

    idk if i have done this but sins taken off 9 i think

  • Sol Whitehurst
    Sol Whitehurst

    Why does Scott get a 1-up after defeating multiple people? Why do you get a 1-up for bouncing on multiple enemies in Mario? Love this channel but that sin is fuckin stupid lol

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    1:59 There's more artists and bands under B to the right, and the cut off bone on the left ends with Brothers. I'm not heavy on knowing all bands and artists, but the two I know are Allman Brothers and Doobie Brothers. So that section is very light on who they have albums for and the next is very heavy on their variety. 6:07-6:48..... Why does Scott have to fight a homosexual to date some girl that's it dating this guy? Also, looks familiar. Does he have a channel on her about sissification and such? 7:47 So, Scott's been dating Knives. Then he sees this Ramona girl, who dyes her hair like every day and doesn't lose it, starts going for her and even kisses her. Then he dumps Knives... Scott's a selfish dick. The Comcast music with side-to-side neck crack cliché. And 8:53 They all look similar and even have the same board style with the same X design rather than having any originality. So because of stunt doubles, their faces and big differences in height and stature are big giveaways. And not like they all need new boards everywhere they go when they could use the same board to give some consistency from use. No wonder Ramona doesn't date any of those guys. He's pissed about being defeated because it took him 2 hours to make some calls and emails? This guy never worked blue collar.

  • fivenightsofben

    This must hold the record for most sins removed

  • Brady Lewis
    Brady Lewis

    Whey to plant Anne

  • Ollie

    2:15 it's explained later in the film (and more clearly in the graphic novel) that the reason Scott sees her is because she uses his brain to get around and deliver packages. "You have this really convenient subspace he is highway running through your head. Its like 3 miles in 18 seconds." Forgive me if I got the quote wrong.

  • OfTheNight92

    This movie believes everyone that sleeps together become girlfriend and boyfriend... This is why people are stressed out, just bang and get back to work. Not everyone but some will help you past those who would be ex's.

  • Harbinger sev-oh-wohne
    Harbinger sev-oh-wohne

    You should've sinned when Scott dumped Knives on her BIRTHDAY

  • Cruz Garcia
    Cruz Garcia

    11:40 getting a peacock ad at this moment was so perfect 😂

  • Aidan Angeles
    Aidan Angeles

    He loves this movie so much.

  • Lina TM
    Lina TM

    if cinemasins takes off so many sins off a movie, it means the movie is really good

  • Jeremy Oakes
    Jeremy Oakes

    This movie is just 2 hours of Michael Cera simping

  • quag311

    Had to drop a like for Knives Out. Catch the mouuuuuuuuse.

  • Emerald Emmitt
    Emerald Emmitt

    Ok, so you didn't understand a few thing and that's ok. But the sin count is more 80ish

  • Bind Media
    Bind Media

    The second after Scott said "You cocky cock!" I got an ad for Peacock where the first word was the guy saying the name of the streaming service. That was the most perfect ad I've ever received

  • Emerald Emmitt
    Emerald Emmitt

    Dude, he wasn't playing Zelda it was just the noise


    wrong at number eight, the band is called Bad-Exes...

  • Chris Lopez
    Chris Lopez

    There are a few things that you got wrong for just not paying attention to the movie also why didn’t you add one for envy WANTING Todd to win therefore envy and Todd breaking up and Todd getting with romona???????

  • The One Jackal
    The One Jackal

    5:24 "And wait... she's... kind of into it? This relationship is CONFUSING." *Oh please, that's only a SMALL PERCENTAGE of that dumpster fire.*

  • Sophia Sullivan
    Sophia Sullivan

    Is it just me or did they totally skip over the twins in this movie

  • ayden johnson
    ayden johnson

    no stop this movie is perfect

  • racoon killer 7
    racoon killer 7

    No offence the music in that movie is dog shit to me

  • Parker KFDL:SFJ:l
    Parker KFDL:SFJ:l

    pete davidson

  • Dementional

    The purpose of her being so praised at the party and standing alone is intentional.

  • Loli Snips
    Loli Snips

    Even cinema sins likes this fucking movie

  • maddyIncubus

    nitpicks n nitpicks!!!

  • Lugia Reborn
    Lugia Reborn

    He got the 1-UP at that point because of his score remember in the arcade games you get an extra life after you reach an specific score or in Mario for example you get 1-UP after 100 coins so yeah that sin did not count

  • AnotherBiteWithDuo!

    I was expecting 0 sins.

  • Gideon Holdgate
    Gideon Holdgate

    My name’s Gideon so of course I don’t see a single sin in this movie

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    I don't know if I said this before, but I really don't understand this movie..... and I REALLY don't want to. (Although when Scott was talking to his "Dark Scott" counterpart, I was wishing the Dark Link fight in Ocarina of Time could be like that.)

  • justin gartside
    justin gartside

    How dare you

  • Street Gamers
    Street Gamers

    I'm 3min into the video and I'm just gonna ask you, did you even watch the fucking movie?

  • ni456

    So everything wrong with Scott pilgrim, but they aren't going to mention the light switch at the top of the wall at 2:27

  • eyonex

    Also uh seth rogen is barley older than amber heard....

  • eyonex

    .....why is this happening just now? Not shitting on sins, but why do this 20 years after?

  • Andre C. Fennell
    Andre C. Fennell

    Did he... did he just- Did he insult call Micheal Cera ugly

  • best boy nagito
    best boy nagito

    I fucking love this movie and im happy that this video was made Im happy he removed sins for the good scenes

  • Jordan Nguyen
    Jordan Nguyen

    95 sin asshole

  • Crazy Chris Volpe
    Crazy Chris Volpe

    This movie is perfection

  • The Bike Hippie
    The Bike Hippie

    I'm not sure I want to watch this. Edit. Fair enough

  • ahmad alhasan
    ahmad alhasan

    the fact that almost all the movies here get 100+ sins but scott didnt is funny

  • Jonathan McKinney
    Jonathan McKinney

    I wish they would count the points taken off at the end. I feel like this one might have the high score

  • Alex Tuozzo
    Alex Tuozzo


  • Squirtlecipher2578


  • josh browder
    josh browder

    kung fury

  • Amelia H
    Amelia H

    At 9:00 is when Scott is thrown through and rips the city backdrop thing

  • Definition of Average
    Definition of Average

    That very last one got me the most

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    15:28 "Scott earned the power of love" Me, a Back to the Future fan: "Don't need money! Don't need fame! Don't need no credit card to ride this train!"

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    Bonus sin: *Universal was too stupid to release this movie in 3D*

  • Dev

    Thank you for not saying toronTO

  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith

    So nobody noticed the BLACK AUDIO music section??

  • colorsofcolina

    the arrested development reference at the end FUCKING SENT ME

  • gustavo toraz
    gustavo toraz

    “Everything wrong with scott pilgrim vs the world” No. The scott pilgrim vs the world stories, novel, comics are good. The movie.. yeah well umm probably no, but close enough.

  • James John
    James John

    I know Canada has universal health care and free college, all good things, but, do people in their 20s still live in this kind of local high school, self-obsessed world.

  • Samuel Coppens
    Samuel Coppens

    I lesbian this movie.


    Everything wrong with Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Sin 1. It exists. Video over in 6 seconds. Could have been a vine

  • Ice-Wallow-come

    There is nothing wrong.

  • Watching U FrMBhindU
    Watching U FrMBhindU

    This is definitely Edgar's bottom barrel


    It goes with the comic my guy. Thats why its like jump cutting in between.

  • Anna NG
    Anna NG

    When i watched the movie for the first time as a kid I always thoughts steven and knives would get together at the end of the movie (just from the way he stared at her from the door and their short conversations they had flow well)....yea never happened!

  • falconfilms 1
    falconfilms 1

    I love how they did the whole same vs same fight set up and gave us a different ending then we've seen from like every movie

  • Cheyenne Meepster
    Cheyenne Meepster

    15:32 I can imagine playing this video games. I did. it happens pretty similarly in the game. you walk into the cloud room. the sword is just laying there on the floor.

  • Cheyenne Meepster
    Cheyenne Meepster

    8:01 just noticed he wearing a Skelton shirt while they talk about "having a bad time"...

  • the real mr mago907
    the real mr mago907

    remove this blasphemy

  • Diane Ramsey
    Diane Ramsey

    A sin for the fact it was only bad when Ramona was got hit. And how come when knives got punch no one did anything and before you tell me,"Scott did help knives" might I that he only did something when Todd said some shit about fun in Toronto

  • Becky W
    Becky W

    Movie Sin Tally: 90 Sins removed: 11

  • Pj and Chloe
    Pj and Chloe

    No u

  • funnyguy f
    funnyguy f

    This is my first movie I watched so man this is so frickin accurate like always

  • Douglas Hoston Jr.
    Douglas Hoston Jr.


  • Maxim Kik
    Maxim Kik

    the comic is 100x better the movie is really lame you should read the comic its awesome

  • atticus king
    atticus king

    can you do other edgar wright movies please! like the cornetto trilogy! that would be so awesome. (shaun of the dead/ hot fuzz/ the worlds end)

  • Riley McAndrews
    Riley McAndrews

    The computer isn't Scott's it's Wallace's along with a majority of the other items

  • beej

    This comment section has convinced me to watch this movie and read the graphic novel.

  • Marcus R.
    Marcus R.

    Nothing. The end

  • kcuF dniM
    kcuF dniM

    I laughed too hard at the "Comcast" sin

  • Isabella Young
    Isabella Young

    Everything he is saying is what makes this movie so hilarious

  • Richard Justin
    Richard Justin

    Know what everything wrong about your video is? That you have like 3 commercials in a row playing every 30 seconds. And fiction by its definition requires "a willing suspension of disbelief," the film has a guy who throws magic fireballs and conjures demonic backup dancers as he pulls a Winona Ryder doing Shake Señora in Beetlejuice levitating in midair but you criticize the logistics of Lucas Lee's (Chris Evans) filming schedule?

  • david jennings
    david jennings

    Short answer. Nothing. Epic movie.

  • Josh Taleb
    Josh Taleb

    really wanted a sin removed for the he's vegan line

  • WakenerOne

    14:34: Have you ever _played_ a classic video game? You don't get an extra life based on how well you perform in each level; you get an extra life when your _point total_ from _all_ levels exceeds a set amount (which usually can only be reached after completing _multiple_ levels).

  • WakenerOne

    2:56: The fact that Ramona was standing by herself talking to nobody _makes_ her the coolest girl at the party these days. Nobody's in her league!

  • Sonasuke

    *adds sins for following the comic*

  • Jakobo

    Does he know that this was a comic book series first?

  • rudy nosa
    rudy nosa

    I see her leaks and i watch the faces here.....noice

  • Kyraptor

    I'd personally pay for more sex bombomb music.

  • jdoefer

    Agreed, this movie has a great sound track and it is a sin whenever an evil ex interrupts one of the songs

  • Homemade Memes
    Homemade Memes

    Just watched this movie, so now I get to see it torn apart

  • Hologram

    This is my favorite movie and I'm glad you can recognize its utter greatness

  • Getskar 0707
    Getskar 0707

    Cinema wins wants to know ur location

  • austin edmondson
    austin edmondson

    Fun at parties

  • Lizzey

    There was no sin for the fact that Todd punched the hair dye and the BLEACH out of Knives' hair??? I mean, sure, fine, punch out her hair dye, but theres no way dark hair like that could achieve that bright of colour. Also, I know that's it's an amazing movie, but why were there no signs for the fact that his fight with Lucus Lee was incredibly inaccurate to the books??? I personally wouldve taken a sin off the Coumu's line about how the comic book was better than the movie; it refers to the fact that Scott Piglrim was a Graphic Novel. And I wouldve added a sin for not including Kim and Scott's past relationship. And I, personally, wouldve added a sin for the fact that they didnt include Stephen's adorable gay relationship, but that's just me. My point is, it feels like no one who worked on this actually read the books. I might be wrong, but that's how it feels. There are so many inaccuracies from the books to the film, it feels like they need a seperate video just to point those out.

  • The Rabbit HABIT Forgot
    The Rabbit HABIT Forgot

    Adding a sin to the channel for not editing the scene where Ramona's skating towards the camera to have Look Alive, Sunshine by MCR playing over it.

  • N E W T I N G Z!
    N E W T I N G Z!

    knives out killed me then i came b ack to comment,am going back now bye bye