Everything Wrong With Mulan In Mushu Minutes
With the new live-action Mulan approaching soon--er... indefinitely delayed... um... we thought we'd go looking for sins in the original animated Mulan. And while this movie is charming as hell, we still found some!
Next week: comic hijinks sins and ninja sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Edna Hollis
    Edna Hollis

    Also, I know what happened with her bleeding *IT WAS HER PERIOD*

  • Juliet Taylor
    Juliet Taylor

    disney - automatic +5,000 sins.

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay

    Remember when McDonalds had cool Mulan toys In their happy meals? Yea..we’re that old 😂

  • Tate Nakashima
    Tate Nakashima

    The snow actually is water.

  • Etagon Gaming
    Etagon Gaming

    Have you seen the new one? The new one makes all these sins disappear Also you do realize this is based on an older China and has a lot of facts against women being anything more than a wife...

  • Carlos Mattessich
    Carlos Mattessich

    If this movie has 115 sins Imagine the live action

  • AlexTheUmbreon

    0:37 Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the great wall of China on the south-western border of China as well, thus making the northern border have nothing to do with the great wall?

  • Ace AJ
    Ace AJ


  • Caden Lohrman
    Caden Lohrman

    Yes it is a thicc horse 1:19

  • Fauzan Aziz
    Fauzan Aziz

    this movie tries so hard to be sexist that it's bordering way too close to cancel culture.

  • SummerTime High
    SummerTime High

    The way he talked about how thick the horse is lmfao

  • Steven Turnblade
    Steven Turnblade

    They don't kill the emperor at the stairs because they want a hostage to rule the country. The sin is the shouldn't have killed him when he wouldn't bow.

  • MeMe_Very_Unoriginal

    Some of these sins are complaining about things that are accurate in history. Like saying that woman aren't equal and need to prove themselves to men and praying to their gods to help them. I don't think being acurate to what your trying to depict should be adding sins.

  • KYCrusher1

    So I know this is for comedic purposes, but some of these sins just don’t make sense

  • H Re
    H Re

    The movies not really meant to be about feminism. It's just that Mulan cares for her family and wants to make her father proud

  • Emilio Olavarria
    Emilio Olavarria


  • Ramon Olavarria
    Ramon Olavarria

    but that's really how it is- 12:22

  • Ramon Olavarria
    Ramon Olavarria

    but that's really how it is - 3:17

  • Isaac Payne
    Isaac Payne

    NOOO you did not just have a sin involving books

  • L.S. Pig
    L.S. Pig

    I'm starting to think that Cinemasins likes horses a little too much

  • Bowman C.
    Bowman C.

    I don’t believe anyone has ever chocked on a dumpling. The skin is designed to be slippery and soft. The filling is finely minced and repeatedly beaten to denature the protein. And it’s boiled, so commonly wet. And the filling extrude liquid during the cooking process so you are basically drinking half of it. Anyway, no one chocks on dumplings. Steamed buns, sure. Not dumplings As for the period thing. She was being married off. So she’s about 12-14. Chinese people generally start having periods later and older generations also tend to have it later. So I would say she might not have started having periods Oh and the size of army... lol. That was no army. That’s barely a platoon. Chinese southern kingdom period armies go by millions. In this case, if I remember correctly, they sent out 6 million people to fight against the rouran people. Who, btw, no longer exist. We don’t know anything about them because their culture died in the 6th century.

  • IGH Fernandez
    IGH Fernandez

    watching because this movie is one of my favorites. HOWEVER, if you would like to do the live action mulan i would gladly watch that and add my own sins.

  • Llennoux

    7:00 yep

  • Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me
    Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    I wish Asian people really DID have fangs, then I could cosplay as a vampire on a daily basis 🧛 (if you can’t tell, I AM Asian)

  • Lemon Bloomly
    Lemon Bloomly

    The new Mulan is shit!!!

  • Fluffacep

    UZload isn't letting me see the 6.2K comments

  • AngelMovement

    Missed a golden opportunity for the audio outtakes. When Mulan is entering the camp, after Mushu suggests she does her “man walk”, you could’ve dubbed in Vince McMahon’s entrance music.

  • Yes No
    Yes No

    11:05 I'm still laughing

  • Luminarity

    You should have add a sin for every time they pronounced Chinese words as English

  • Star Finder
    Star Finder

    I have a sneaking suspicion that heart boxers is an inside joke... like the A113 thing.

  • Elalae La
    Elalae La

    The fact that they haven't done the hunchback of Notre dame but keep referencing hellfire all the time is truly sinful

  • Kim John Shreck
    Kim John Shreck

    15 seconds of logo, you got to do beteer

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This movie is Disney Mulan 1998-2013 DVD

  • I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun
    I like modern warfare And war zone it’s fun

    I now know 15 in japanese


    Where's is that scene the scene were mushu said you miss how could you miss he was three feet infront of you

  • The Ap-Sap
    The Ap-Sap

    The movie deserves all of it's sins off just for Mushu.

  • Alex Foster
    Alex Foster

    I've got to ask... How do you think periods work? Do you think a woman has a fire hydrant of blood down there for a week? Like. It could have been when she kicked him in the face. And if she had just started her period, she would just have some blood in her underwear and since her pants aren't tight to her vagina, she would have to be seriously ignoring it in order to have blood that far down her thighs. And it would make her crampy and grumpy, but all it takes is some extra fabric and some time to wash it. She managed to bathe on her own, and she had a tent of her own- with a bowl of water, she'd be fine. And Women have core muscles that allow them to hold their pee longer then men, so she could just. Wait for a moment alone.

  • J22

    *gives the movie a sin* Feminists: “Never should have came here!”

  • Emmett Barley
    Emmett Barley


  • Bakura Ryou
    Bakura Ryou

    My favorite Disney movie.

  • Void

    FYI Mulan didn't set out to become a war hero, she just wanted to save her father, THATS why she just went back home

  • Hi, Nice To Meet You
    Hi, Nice To Meet You

    When you choose the original Mulan Movie as a bad movie instead the Live action one...

  • donteatmeplease iamscared
    donteatmeplease iamscared

    I can't wait for the live action mulan

  • 69 killer
    69 killer

    "This horse is THICC with a capital DAMN!" Well said

  • Vanessa Schwarz
    Vanessa Schwarz

    @8:45 The D&D references were so unexpected they were absolutely jarring. I love it!

  • Killer

    hey get better at explaining what's wrong with it, you arnt even explaining what is actually bad or what is the problem with any of it, and all your doing is litterally hating on everything, also all of u who are this guy's fan stfu it isnt satire, this man his human garbage and needs too shut up and learn too be a real critique

  • max payne
    max payne

    its sexiest sin it and get over it crying like a loser over it

  • glossyshimmer

    Please do Mulan (2020)!!

  • Callen Maes
    Callen Maes

    6:42 ... Just..look... down... Ding

  • Shaun SR Wong
    Shaun SR Wong

    it feels like Star Wars all over again. You know what that is Disney's problem right there. They are interested not in truly representing cultures and all, they instead rely on their incredible graphics (sometimes even that fails) and powerful Dolby Cinema audio system to get people into the "mood" of the thing. As long as the trailers look cool and come in 4K HDR10+, people are interested. It doesnt matter if it is not well-liked, people don't read reviews about a movie they don't want spoiled. Therefore they go watch it with high expectations in mind from the epic trailers, and they do get the stunning visuals and sound and action. For most people, thats all that matters. This allows Disney to get away with what they do. It's literally Star Wars all over again. Lucasfilm could create such good movies with complex storylines because George Lucas loved his ideas and wanted to expand on this mythical, amazing space opera. It was his passion. *Disney's passion is now in making money, and then making the directors say in interviews that "this actor and this actor are amazing to work with. There are no other actors like them."*

  • Maryam Mu
    Maryam Mu

    He keeps talking about notre dame but he doesn't have a video about. LIKE IM GENUINELY INTERESTED IN THIS SONG HE KEEPS TALKING ABOUT???

  • King Bob
    King Bob

    "Trying to please your parents" my mums a surgeon! Not much I can do to top that. Lolol

  • Corinne Murphy
    Corinne Murphy

    how does this man think period works?

  • Little Miss Logical
    Little Miss Logical

    But she didn't do it to be seen as something else, she wanted that sure, but she did it to save her Farther.

  • Trevor Topcik
    Trevor Topcik

    The memes at the end is the best part

  • Anisa Covarrubias
    Anisa Covarrubias

    Cinemasins: "13 seconds of logos" Also cinemasins:*has 14 second logo*

  • Orion Moore
    Orion Moore

    Who else saw a snail at the beginning?

  • Mikaylah Puli
    Mikaylah Puli

    I'm excited for when they do a video for the new Mulan movie. They should give a sin for every minute that movie plays. plus one for not just copying the original material, one for not including Mushu, and ONE MORE FOR NO SONGS!

  • Roopnarine Deonarine
    Roopnarine Deonarine

    Cliche 13:26

  • Roopnarine Deonarine
    Roopnarine Deonarine

    Or red eyes

  • People's Republic of Liberland
    People's Republic of Liberland

    If this was a Japanese movie the first time they said you dishonoured our family she would've commited suicide.

  • R4Real

    I can't wait until he discovers the remake

  • yoursnotmine1996

    Chopstick flick-fest...I'm dying.

  • xMomoK

    I want a compilation of all the characters you've deemed worthy of working cinema sins. Then maybe someone with art skill can make a poster of you and your new staff.

  • Kijreena Louie
    Kijreena Louie

    2:51 is the best!!!!

  • xLord _Anubis
    xLord _Anubis

    Thicc with a capital DAMN. Lol ....that line kills me every time I watch this.

  • IError

    You've got the message so f*cking wrong in this movie. Mulan never wanted to be a warrior. She never wanted to become someone special. She never wanted to be affiliated with politics. She just wanted to save her father. And that's it! Once her father is saved, she just wants to go home and live her normal happy life. This movie was created before the indoctrination of "Your true self is great. It's the societal norms that keep you from being your best self".

  • Darius Radu
    Darius Radu

    That LOTR sin just made me realise it takes longer to say 'L-O-T-R' than 'Lord of the rings' . Can't wait to be a smartass about this with someone.

  • jana e.
    jana e.

    me: mulan is an a MAZING movie cinemasins: hold my ding

  • Maddy & Kipper
    Maddy & Kipper

    The fact that the new Mulan has no Mushu and no Eddie Murphy is illegal and i refuse to watch it. Also, if he had just fucking looked down.

  • Freyja The Healer
    Freyja The Healer

    I don’t care what the other comments said. That line about your period starting at the worst moment and that moment being probably right as she kicks him had me laughing so hard.

  • dvm 123
    dvm 123

    "I demand to see a ghost who choked on a dumpling XD"

  • KateSinging InTheSnow
    KateSinging InTheSnow


  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay

    5:00 Uh, I think that's a falcon.

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay

    Not removing a sin for the awesome short hair montage?

  • firestorm 8265
    firestorm 8265

    This movie is a perfect description of what you should do to please Asian parents.

  • DraakoThe(Game-Breaking)Dragon

    "This horse is thick with a capital damn!" I'm using this now.

  • Ace Scionti
    Ace Scionti

    The horse is thicc with a capital damn! Lmfoa that shits too funny

  • Blobbert Mcblob
    Blobbert Mcblob

    Wait until Jeremy here sees the Live-action insult that Disney did and he'll think this version of Mulan is pure gold.

  • Stealthlock

    Cinemasins be tearing down the sexism on both sides. Sinning sexism to Mulan but ALSO commenting “Men in general are not disgusting.” HECK YES

  • Bambina Saldana
    Bambina Saldana

    Cinemasins: *sins this movie Everybody: 2:42

  • Megan B.
    Megan B.

    7:29 Has Eddie Murphy ever been in a bad movie? I somehow doubt it. He makes any movie a hilarious one.

  • TheHTAA

    6:00 i died! that's awesome!

  • Lil' Janey
    Lil' Janey

    6:53 The actual Mulan who the movie based off goes to the forest whenever she's having her period, and a lot of soldiers who noticed her disappearence thought she was passing off secrets to the enemy.

  • gamecatz

    Mulan: I NEVER want to see a naked man again. *Top 10 Most Regrettable Things Anyone Has Ever Said*

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson

    10:55 Why didn't you sin Mushu for not breathing fire to to cook the dumpling? He's literally a dragon 😂

  • Tree Derrpah
    Tree Derrpah

    cant wait for him to do the remake :)

  • Mystic Leo 14
    Mystic Leo 14

    "This horse is THICC with a capital DAMN!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Miss Lissy
    Miss Lissy

    Not everything that comes across as sexist is sexist, sometimes it is metaphorical and sometimes it illustrates cultural or societal norms and needs to be taken at face value.

  • Ollyoxenfree

    Is the matchmaker a man or woman?

  • Hyper

    5:44 especially because that is an inappropriate joke

  • Aamira

    Came to gently urge a sin tally for the remake but now I’m not sure if I want you to.... I think maybe only 10 of these were actually valid. I mean still make one but this one was an uncomfortable mess. Did like the end edit though.

  • Hun Lim
    Hun Lim

    WTF? It's the law, it's not convenience.

  • Hun Lim
    Hun Lim

    This isn't comedy, it's being nitpicky and not actually appreciating any of the work that went into it and just being WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING

    • Hun Lim
      Hun Lim

      @The Unknown Critique if. you. don't. care. then. stop. replying.

    • Hun Lim
      Hun Lim

      @The Unknown Critique then you shouldn't have replied in the first place. dumbass...

    • Hun Lim
      Hun Lim

      @The Unknown Critique if you didn't care why'd you respond? Realizing that you're wrong and then backing out, lmaooooo

    • Hun Lim
      Hun Lim

      @The Unknown Critique Okay, we're NOT arguing, But you didn't address my former reply at all. Why can't I criticize comedy if he can?

    • Hun Lim
      Hun Lim

      ​@The Unknown Critique He insults the real historical backgrounds of movies like he did with this one, insults stories that have been made by actual people, he sins lines and comedy for no fucking reason. He criticizes comedy, why can't I? His channel is comedy right? And if it's not then that means he actually means the dumbass things he says. I just gave you examples and you are just gonna say go on? I guess that shows what kind of pathetic people I'm arguing with on the internet rn.

  • waterhorse02

    Hey, at least it can't get any worse than the remake lol

  • Kristopher Prime
    Kristopher Prime

    For my personal son count of this video: remove every sin he gives based on sexism. At worst, this is sexism done right if it helps make the movie good. Including the “sexist” songs. Kind of annoying these sins were.

  • Fré

    Important note: This is my favorite Disney movie and therefore I am biased. Enfin, I did not like your sins in this video. You barely pointed out flaws. To me it felt like you were mocking it, just for the sake of having something to say. Most of your 'sins' reminded me of that spry kid in class that had to make a remark at everything in an attempt to be funny. I am aware my comment is 6 months late, and that it is a tiny grain of negative rice in a field. But if it tips the scales, I 'd hope you reflect on it.

    • Jay Reid
      Jay Reid

      @Aamira or calling things sexist, which is the whole point, and sinning the praying to ancestors, WHICH IS THEIR CULTURE

    • Aamira

      Ditto everything + the “I’d like to see someone who choked on a dumpling” comment 😑

  • christmastiger

    Alright, I appreciate the attempt at being "woke" (I hate that word) with all the sexism comments, but it was painfully clear that it was written by men who didn't understand the concepts they were talking about and were just virtue-signaling.

  • Bored Orange
    Bored Orange

    Now do one for the live action

  • Sunset Random
    Sunset Random

    Is no one talking about the second sin-