Everything Wrong With Night at the Museum In 17 Minutes Or Less
Night At the Museum. A movie so stupid and crowd-pleasing they made a couple more of these things! Nothing about this movie makes any sense, and there are sins galore!
Next week: space sins and comic book sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Logan Perschau
    Logan Perschau

    But i love this movie

  • Insanity

    Why are the Romans speaking fluent English instead of Latin or whatever?

  • Caleb Koczur
    Caleb Koczur

    Christopher Columbus was awesome!!! Happy Columbus day 13:50

  • Alessandro Diego
    Alessandro Diego

    Ah freddy mercury!!

  • Katie Doodles
    Katie Doodles

    This movie and it’s sequels are incredible and you can’t change my mind, also rami warms my heart

  • k D
    k D

    LOL the Christopher Columbus joke made me laugh so hard

  • Game Plays
    Game Plays

    I recall hearing about how people began to flock to the the museum of natural history soon after this movie was out in theaters.

  • alex_ze_awsum YT
    alex_ze_awsum YT

    This movie was my childhood, so shut up.

  • Manav Udgirkar
    Manav Udgirkar

    AAH Freddy Mercury Ding! im dying

  • Allison Varsanyi
    Allison Varsanyi

    Please do the other two night of the museum movies

  • William Reid
    William Reid

    Fun facts: The scene where Larry uses a fire extinguisher inspired me to learn how to use one, and to PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep). Hilariously, around the time the winter blackout occurred in Ontario in Xmas 2013, I was cooking Mac n’ cheese & the oven mitts caught on fire! Luckily, my dad is a firefighter so we called for him and he comes running in his underwear, and he and my mom ran outside and shoved the mitts into the snow like Harry’s hat catching on fire in _Home Alone._ Also, the “Central Park” scene in the movie was actually filmed in a forest in British Columbia, according to the commentary.

  • MGstaR17

    12:57 Fall-over-chair-warning!

  • MGstaR17

    Ah the good old times.

  • lauraafjs

    Why would he read the instructions this way🤦‍♀️. Read them all then do them. Who reads them one by one??? He deserves all he gets.

  • daddydwaved

    Larry may not be the smartest but at least he try's to help but I hate when you said he isn't so you should shut up.

  • rodrigo mendonca
    rodrigo mendonca

    will anyone praise the fact that they managed to bring Mickey Rooney, Robin Williams, Dick Van Dyke, Rami Malek and Ben Stiller together in the same film?

  • Chester Parish
    Chester Parish

    So many of these are either dumb little nitpick or ridiculous ways of trying to prove this movie is bad.

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman

    honestly these movies were pretty good ngl

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp

    I'm sinning YOU for this. 3:39 How do you mispronounce know?! *ding!*

  • Kevorka

    Swearing = cool, everything is racist, blah blah blah

  • Surge Dex
    Surge Dex

    Actually I’m in bed at 1 am I’m not running around

  • Drumming Spinda
    Drumming Spinda

    You said 17 minutes or less

  • Westube349

    16:41 Roll Credits

  • Adamant Forge
    Adamant Forge

    There would be TONS of cameras for no other reason than people are assholes. Not to mention there is always at least one rotating gallery, in that place probably 3, plus countless individual donated items that the actual owners are not going to be cool with the no camera policy for the likely millions of dollars worth of items and displays units. Even back then this factoid, to enable all the plot line, took the biggest and most world breaking suspension of disbelief. Not even a quick "we've tried but there is something that interferes at night and we can't figure it out so only the external cameras work; but they still don't record which is why you are here. You sit here, to monitor the cameras, every bottom of the hour go rattle the doors. We need to have someone bonded due to insurance, which is why we don't hire a rent a cop service, but you're easily replaced so stay awake." Viola the camera plot hole closed barring the external scenes which were on the news portion anyways. That director still should have fucking known since those exhibit changes happen after hours and he WOULD need to be there if the owners did, and would, demand the oversight. And most museums do overnight stays for school group and random kids and the occasional adults only night, including that one! That's not even touching the plot which you honestly could write an entire master's thesis on how wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong WRONG wrong, IT'S WRONG, IT'S WRONG.

  • Daniel

    So much hate to this movie just can be explained by he secretly loving it

  • Lol Smil
    Lol Smil

    Ahhhhh Freddie Mercury!!!!!

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    Everything wrong with *CinemaSins*

  • Just call me Luke
    Just call me Luke

    So... Toy Story in a museum.

  • Kalista Silva
    Kalista Silva

    *Rami Malek pops up* "Ahh Freddie Mercury" I laughed way too hard at that

  • gliscornumber1

    Everyone watching this moive: well that was a thing Scott cawthon watching this movie: *furiously writing notes*

  • Hunter Wilder
    Hunter Wilder

    I like this movie. I don’t care what anyone says

  • UnderToe3

    ...he's got some seriously GREAT eyes....

  • WinterSeelie

    I get this is for comedy...but is there any movies that you don’t entirely rip apart?

  • CLuv

    CARLA GUGINO..........That is all

  • Icefire667

    12:24 I don't know what the exact range of the tablet is, but once something is brought to life they stay "awake" for the entire night and it doesn't matter how far away they get from the museum and/or the tablet. Like in the third movie they came to life at the British Museum, and were able to get back to the AMNH still awake while the tablet was left in London.

  • VixyMix 101
    VixyMix 101

    You know very well octavious and jedadiah were gay as hell. Or at LEAST octavious is, the movie is basically making jokes about the past, and Romans were pretty gay. Steve coogan is also responsible for that as well so blame him for making octavious gayer then he was before.

  • Mimsy

    I absolutely love these movies and I will fight you.

  • SCS

    The new intro goes hard

  • Franco Barrera
    Franco Barrera

    No sins off? I'm impressed. I genuinely enjoyed the entire NATM trilogy.

  • It's Marie
    It's Marie

    The animals going down the stairs remind me of Rodeo Stampede

  • Enakronizum

    PLEASE!!!.... Bill and Ted Face the Music, it's imperative to our future!

  • NotRandomYT.

    Shut up this movie is amazing

  • Abubakar Gaming
    Abubakar Gaming

    Who loves twilight Bella Edward Caralile Esme Jasper Alice Emet Rose Jacob Renesemy

  • Stories

    That’s Ricky fucking jervase (or however you say it)

  • Webber 56789
    Webber 56789

    This movie is pretty good dude!

  • Webber 56789
    Webber 56789

    Other sin is that this movie show us a mammoth, and there’s no mammoth in the American Museus of Natural Science

  • FACTBOT 5000
    FACTBOT 5000

    It's funny that he thought MARCH of 2020 seemed long. That aged hilariously.

  • Supergirl 102
    Supergirl 102

    You mean 2 from the 70s because there's one actor who from the Mary Poppins movie.

  • D Moore
    D Moore

    My issue with this movie is that there isn’t any Black or African history played by a person of color in the entire series

  • Kira Ryuken
    Kira Ryuken

    I haven't seen night at the museum since middle school, but I've seen this video three times now.

  • Tallonest

    Man, your wokeness ruins the video.

  • Joseph Penarrieta
    Joseph Penarrieta

    I loved this movie as a kid, & I still quite like it now

  • Zachary Siple
    Zachary Siple

    9:01 That's the joke.

  • Red October
    Red October

    Jeremy: Sins NATM Everyone: So you have chosen death?

  • 2BitUser

    I told the wife that about no cameras 🎥 recording anything. How can they downsize the Overnite security to 1 person? Larry works 5 days most likely and is off for 2 days. What happens then? No janitors scrubbing and waxing the floors and cleaning restrooms 🚽 at night 😂.

  • Ashton Giertz
    Ashton Giertz

    9:40 because unlike arrows and rocks, bullets are not reusable. Those pistols have likely been out of ammo for decades

  • The NatoPotato
    The NatoPotato

    Do the second one

  • Amanda Bartlett
    Amanda Bartlett

    one the directors must have finished watching jurassic park and thought hey lets add a t rex chase so cinema sins can put in must go faster

  • Isabella Stanley
    Isabella Stanley

    this movie was my entire childhood

  • spaghetti

    You are wrong

  • Anthony Gibbs Jr
    Anthony Gibbs Jr

    Cinemasins: "I dont usually sin the lengths of credits" . Also CinemaSins in every video: "45 secs of damn open credits" .

  • JAY R0
    JAY R0

    It's empty

  • William the great
    William the great

    do herbie fully loaded

  • 01 gamchard
    01 gamchard

    17:39 is that Paul Rudd? Ant man? Wow I was too young watching this the first time. There’re so many familiar faces

  • Fresh Price
    Fresh Price

    Are you getting paid to say this

    • Christy Shultz
      Christy Shultz

      Uh no more so than any other channel on UZload.I'm not sure but I think there was a time when you two could be actually be purged if you weren't actually getting enough traffic through. And AdSense wouldn't work with you at all if they couldn't you know gadge enough foot traffic. So why are you being a dick?I mean all movies have some sins in other words something that you could nitpick on every movie just about.in fact the only movie that I saw him reluctantly do was princess Bride because he admitted the movie was mostly perfect. But it still had a few sins..so get the hell off his back or just don't watch the vids.

  • Fresh Price
    Fresh Price

    Can you at least be funny before you speak

  • Mister Wuss
    Mister Wuss

    This is an outrage! How could you do this movie of all movies?! I demand you do the others in compensation.

  • littleCharizard 426
    littleCharizard 426

    The only reason why I watch the Night at the Museum movies is because I like museums and Robin Williams.

  • FinnaGetEm :P
    FinnaGetEm :P

    Bro no no no this movie is perfect af

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    Its August and its STILL March 2020.

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams

    where did Owen Wilson go??? I know he had that little kill himself break down, but he really hasn't been seen since then...???

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101

      He's still having trouble with heroin, along with Steve coogan

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams

    Ben Stiller is the WORST... and that's knowing who his father/parents are... the "baby keys" part churns my stomach!

  • Aqil Shadow
    Aqil Shadow

    Who though this was Escape The Night

  • Erin Dunn
    Erin Dunn

    Fun fact, the actor who played the kid went to my high school.

  • James Stull
    James Stull

    The fact you took this f$#@! long to address this movie is a sin itself

  • Jim Kilpatrick
    Jim Kilpatrick

    Also...front desk is destroyed the first night...how is it replaced and nobody notices. Also, they notice a tiny figure moved or missing, but don't notice a full on missing caveman.

  • mimi Wmki
    mimi Wmki

    Worst moive ever

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101


  • Wasted Bread
    Wasted Bread

    realistically this museum would be open 24 hours... they would make so much money at night time

  • Great Worldz
    Great Worldz

    Since he can't understand the mayans and they give no fucks either way of course he gives the ones he can understand a chance

  • Noah Olson
    Noah Olson

    8:17 lock up the Mayans But let the Romans out The civilization with a culture entirely based off conquering their neighbors and Let the Cowboys manifest destiny All across the museum

  • WorldTravel1518

    0:22 you mispronounced decade

  • Meloveulongtime

    Jinxed Jerry stiller, X2 SINS

  • sarah jane slater
    sarah jane slater

    I don't hate this movie I just hate stiller he plays himself in every role

  • Sean Pacheco
    Sean Pacheco

    The Tropic Thunder reference makes me really wish that there was a “Everything Wrong With Tropic Thunder In That’s The Trailer Minutes”. Please make it happen.

  • Namu Griff
    Namu Griff

    Guess you ignored the end credits that shows that the museum manager knows about the museum exhibits coming to life and partying with them.

  • McCarthy Media
    McCarthy Media

    I love this movie

  • Ammu Menon
    Ammu Menon

    12:57 “ahh Freddie mercury” hats off to Rami Malek for that performance

  • bbqweeji

    You missed the fact that Roosevelt was very racist toward Natives but had the hots for Sacajawea

  • Nelson Soto
    Nelson Soto

    God you are so annoying

  • Define 4K
    Define 4K

    Nah bro we don’t sin this movie round here😤💯

  • Stephen Connors
    Stephen Connors


  • Don't Mind Me
    Don't Mind Me

    8:50 nostalgia hasn't hit yet. But sooner or later maybe 10 years These will b legendary riffs of nonsense lol the laughs might come back

  • Akash Rodge
    Akash Rodge

    One of the Best movies ..... During my 11th and 12th class ....it made me soooooooooooooooooooo attached emotionally .... specially a stone hearted guy like me .....I watched it many times .... won't watch it anymore cause it reminds me the emotional aspect of my heart ....feels soooooooooooo lonely

  • Marc TSANG [5T]
    Marc TSANG [5T]

    Do the 2nd and 3rd movie of Night at the Museum

  • FallonFireblade

    Sin here: How does McPhee not find the position of the miniatures suspicious? They've gotta be made of like, plastic, right? Rigid, stuck in one position. Does he think Larry had the capability and the craft tools with him to seamlessly change up these miniatures? Does he think Larry had replacement miniatures ready to pop out for a prank? What was he even thinking happened? **Ding**

  • BronzeBrawn

    You forgot the part where Gus yells "Pile-driver" when clearly he hits an Elbow drop onto Larry.

  • Creative Weirdo
    Creative Weirdo

    Do number 2!

  • Mexican Nightmare
    Mexican Nightmare

    Jerry Should’ve played one of the Security guards

  • Ev N
    Ev N

    The one time that I went to the museum from the movie I threw up. Ahhh... Memories...

  • Michelle Versace
    Michelle Versace

    i wish they had this movie on disney +