Everything Wrong With Onward In 15 Minutes Or Less
We thought it was time to finally count the sins of Onward, Pixar's latest film. It's an adventure story about two brothers, a magic gem, and a weekend at Bernie's. And it has plenty of sins.
Thursday: Sh*tty action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Iron wolf15 w
    Iron wolf15 w

    Who DOESNT get together to play life

  • BAN idiots NOT GUNS
    BAN idiots NOT GUNS

    how did you not sin the scene with the parking violations. I LOST MY SHIT WHEN I SAW THAT

  • Marcas Mannarino
    Marcas Mannarino

    Missed sin the Cheese puff didn't leave a cheese trail

  • Funtime *error*
    Funtime *error*

    12:14. Put a sin off. It says 2 hours and 13 minutes, in small it says the seconds

  • Jackson Peterson
    Jackson Peterson

    They lost the phone they can’t rember?

  • Corpsimmons

    1:19 they try to master science and evidentially fail because MY GOD that plane is the worst designed plane I have ever seen! its like an A340 and a 737 had a baby!

  • turbohusque

    Wow. I know every Pixar movie can't be WALL*E, but god damn this is a cinematic suppository of a pile of shit of a movie. This is the kind of Direct To Video trash I expect from Sony or Dreamworks.

  • Michael Oluwajuyemi
    Michael Oluwajuyemi

    The fact that the opening was repeated later isn’t wrong!

  • Mr Guy
    Mr Guy

    12:28 its 2 HOURS and 13 MINUTES not 2 minutes 13 seconds

  • EpicGamers2453

    Here‘s a plot hole why did Ian and barley just wait the next day and then use the phoneix gem at the end

  • peggiepink

    Wth onward is like a great movie

  • Rhett Olsen
    Rhett Olsen

    The biggest sin is the fact that the 24hr period didn't start over. It was a new gem and a new spell cast. They should've got another 24hrs with their dad. Ding!

  • s10 Bubba
    s10 Bubba

    2:52 “dudes daddy”

  • Kamil

    I started to hate this guy after he said Cars 2 was worse than Cars 3. Kind of seems like an unpopular opinion since everyone I ask says Cars 2 is better than Cars 2.

  • Tash

    Just watched this movie today and I'm in love with it. Shut up, let me have this!

  • Dotty Spot
    Dotty Spot

    At least Ian could see his dad through pictures. The dad had nothing to see what Ian looked like.

  • The_Stinger_0113

    onwards down into the bottom of Disney's sh*t list

  • oh bOI
    oh bOI

    I hated this movie so much... it was so boring the whole time. Sure the ending was kinda cute but it was like... impactless. The older brother is like "Cool i got to talk to him" and then happy music roll credits

  • Shadowy_Ambiguity 88
    Shadowy_Ambiguity 88

    At 4:32, I'm pretty sure it's because of the orange stone thing

  • Darren Belevics
    Darren Belevics

    It’s blank

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett

    Actually it’s 2hrs 13 mins on the watch. You do know it takes just as long to say “LOTR” as “ Lord of the Rings”

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger

    A sin for CinemaSins for playing the allergies for laughs card. DING!

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This movie is Disney Pixar Onward 2020 DVD


    Who the f*ck told you that mushroom houses came from the smurfs. It’s been an element in fantasy since it was created.

  • Tom Bell
    Tom Bell

    4:29 - "I'm just saying I learned pretty early on that if you want the magic to happen, step one is actually holding your staff." Is it me or did anyone else get the joke? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous Fangirl
    Anonymous Fangirl

    Okay but I love how they made the popular kids actually nice, instead of the cliche snobby bullies

  • Aiden Claws
    Aiden Claws

    Me finishs family movie. Me 6.5 seconds later How many sins does it have

  • Kitty The Mage
    Kitty The Mage

    Your right about the mytic-curse trickery thing.

  • Kitty The Mage
    Kitty The Mage

    Only 2% of the magic-logic (I don’t care if those two collide) actually exists.

  • WholesomeDemonKast

    I think the staff thing worked at the beginning because of the phoenix gem

  • Jason Venardos
    Jason Venardos

    Whenever this guy removes or adds a sin and laughs it just cracks me up like how he gets cracked up.

  • Star Wars Battlefront 2
    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yo, I need to know, is this the same girl every time in one of your college days, or were you ‘that guy’

  • Killer

    hey get better at explaining what's wrong with it, you arnt even explaining what is actually bad or what is the problem with any of it, and all your doing is litterally hating on everything, also all of u who are this guy's fan stfu it isnt satire, this man his human garbage and needs too shut up and learn too be a real critique

  • AccurateMemin

    Bonus sin: If the spell lasts until Sunset, why not just wait to use the stupid f*cking spell again tomorrow morning? That way, the dad doesn't get nae nae'd on by his sh*tty sons who don't know better.

  • Krista's Korner
    Krista's Korner

    The movie was actually good but people wont stop comparing it to other pixar movies

  • H3R0 -Spectical
    H3R0 -Spectical

    I disliked this video because it left out the best part of the move

  • Jack Binch
    Jack Binch

    The only thing that really annoys me about this film is they use a second Phoenix Gem and cast the spell again but they only get to see their dad for few seconds. They should at least get the top half of their dad for a day.

  • Patrick Rabich
    Patrick Rabich

    why was this movie finally better then the game of throes one and I know I know its a TV show compared to a movie but still come one

  • shabahn jaza
    shabahn jaza

    Is it bad that as soon as I see a film I come straight to CinemaSins to see if they’ve already done a video on it?

  • Brody Wilson
    Brody Wilson

    You know the whole movie is based off D&D right

  • CEO of antifa
    CEO of antifa

    It's Blank

  • Lorenzo Waeles
    Lorenzo Waeles

    Just one sin is unjustified: the fairy using an airplane. Look at her wings! You think those tiny little wings can fly over for example the Atlantic ocean? Its like us and cars. We have feet that can walk perfectly but we use cars to get around because it's less hard and faster.

  • Sarah N.
    Sarah N.

    Thank you for saving me from watching the movie!!

  • FirstbornIntoAgonyandDarkness

    The spineless brother and the ADHD brother characters are so overused it should be a trope.

  • Adel and JJ 1
    Adel and JJ 1


  • Golden Frodbear_1985
    Golden Frodbear_1985

    6:56 is that story actually true? If not I’m sining this

  • Malcolm Pul
    Malcolm Pul

    Quests of Yore is basically Risk for them, then?

  • caden browning
    caden browning

    wow, that bumper has more magic than everyone in this movie hah

  • White Kitty, Amber Heart
    White Kitty, Amber Heart

    If we're being positive, the dad gets to live out the rest of his life with his family, because of the second gem. If we're being negative, the dad should have an extra day cause the spell was redone, if anything, the legs should have dissipated. *DING*

  • Lenore

    Y'all know humans are made for walking and running long distances.. But we switched running for cars and busses, which is also horrible and doesn't even have a toilet attached.. The true sin is that this remember ALL THE SPELLS at the top of his head.. I play DnD with people that played for years and they still have to look up all but the three spells their characters actually use..

  • Kye Dysarthria
    Kye Dysarthria

    What chucky cheese has a lot of traffic. Something suspicious was probably happening there.

  • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
    Abigail Katerberg Colibaba

    Um isn't it supposed to be 2 hours and 13 minutes? Not 2 minutes.

  • InflateMePls

    *_12:23_**_ I sin the sinner for reading that as 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Git rekt._*

  • Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
    Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

    1:22 sure but the thing about science is that once you get the ball rolling it becomes more and more convenient plus if someone makes a calculator you don’t need to know how to make it yourself in order to operate one Edit: grammar

  • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
    Abigail Katerberg Colibaba

    1:50 the room is not that big. And I say that as a person who once shared a den bedroom with 2 siblings. That is a decent sized room

  • Ang3l Moreau
    Ang3l Moreau

    I dont get this :v

  • The Warden
    The Warden

    I failed a test so im going to let him ruin my favorite movie

  • JackTheChap

    And how the hell do their noses work

  • Blind Assassin
    Blind Assassin

    I think the point of the movie is that magic was hard to master and science was easier, probably because with magic your talent effected the spells you cast, but with science if you follow instructions then it will work as intended. still though, this is a really good video.

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    Question: what do I need to smoke to come up with stuff like this? Also daphuq IS this?

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    Science isnt THAT hard if you've got the mind for it and pair that with a fitting field. I would argue that magic is much harder simply because I first have to believe in the bulshit that is Magic in the first place. You know like religious stuff.

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr

    Wait this isn’t that vr game

  • Caleb Tds
    Caleb Tds

    You should CinemaSins "CinemaSins"

    • Caleb Tds
      Caleb Tds

      @iiSavage Craft _Tell me your secrets_,

    • iiSavage Craft
      iiSavage Craft

      They already did, twice.

  • Plushie Boiiis Adventures
    Plushie Boiiis Adventures

    Cinema Sins: Hey why don’t they take a picture of the map? Me: But at the beginning of the movie Ian’s phone breaks but like we don’t know if Barely has a phone and if he does the Cinema Sins is correct but if Barley doesn’t have a phone then how do they take a picture of the map?


    I tought the title says everything wrong with akward lol

  • Con Breen
    Con Breen

    20 years from now, this movie will be nostalgic

  • Mariah Benetatos
    Mariah Benetatos

    19: thats Thanksgiving! 😂

  • Melodi

    The lack of comments makes me think I'm the only one who thinks the dad looks like John Krasinski

  • Kermit

    I hope you didn't take your girlfriend to the movies

  • Christian León
    Christian León

    02:32 I don't know, something like THE SIMS, maybe? (There are mods for multiplayer)

  • levi_ draws
    levi_ draws

    It's historically accurate that's what they said about war thunder

  • Good Dog
    Good Dog

    And this is why I didn't want to watch onward with my family.

  • Martín Jaimes
    Martín Jaimes

    12:25 I think the clock actually says 2 hours, 13 minutes and 7 seconds. The small number on the right is seconds, not milliseconds. No?

  • Timere Cephas
    Timere Cephas

    Jeremy: "and do you know anyone who gets together to play life?" The Sims: hold my beer

  • Stache Boi
    Stache Boi

    But have you ever tried to magic?

  • Lance Cape
    Lance Cape

    Try science Never again 10 years later I'm going to try it again 😀

  • C a t
    C a t

    This is now how I watch movies.

  • Pixel Treason
    Pixel Treason

    It feels like you were the kid in school who corrects the teacher and reminds them of the homework and now you’re worse.

  • CabbageSFM

    I mena yeah but I still like the movie

  • Zerajnim Egroj
    Zerajnim Egroj

    Pixar’s worst movie

    • Zerajnim Egroj
      Zerajnim Egroj

      Luigi Marinus Gaming that’s actually top 5

    • Luigi Marinus Gaming
      Luigi Marinus Gaming

      Cars 2?

  • Jack Miera
    Jack Miera

    Dude the outtakes make these videos so good😂

  • Izais Ruiz
    Izais Ruiz

    Also a good idea to use a very rare gem on your first attempt at magic without devoting any time into practicing the spells nore the lingo.

  • Intactbjörn

    Is it weird that all I could think about during this movie is, because of the events that occurred, their mom wouldn't have enough time to spend alone with their dad after their bonding for a post-mortem bone session? Because, obviously, if they brought their dad back they weren't just gonna hog him and not let their mom spend some time with him again, and had they spent that time together it would've totally been spent banging?

  • Meg Fisher
    Meg Fisher

    are we gonna ignore the fact that he called ian and barleys dad “partial pop”

  • arthur stark
    arthur stark

    when the cyclops said "my girlfriends daughter" that dosen't make sense, because if they had a kid, she could have said "my daughter" and idk what she meant otherwise, so yeah, this phrase does not make sense.

  • Rainbow CatTail
    Rainbow CatTail

    Your laugh is adorable

  • Emmett S05
    Emmett S05

    The watch at 12:29 is 2 hours and 13 minutes

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff

    That scene when Ian is flashing back to childhood and then more recent moments was touching. Should've had at least 5 sins removed, rather than 1.

  • Jietro Raximoff
    Jietro Raximoff

    9:01 Cars 2 is not an original story. Cars 2 is a mashup of spy movie cliches. 12:22 also, that 2 *hours* and 13 *minutes* not 2 minutes and 13 seconds.

  • peashooter4802

    at least its better than bright

  • Flam1ngGeck0-117

    What always bothered me about the scene at the end with the dragon, was that to roar the dragon needed a school bell. But the dragon was just able to spit fire with seemingly no material or tool.

  • The Pokémon Guy
    The Pokémon Guy

    hello everyone i love this channel but i wanted to point out a continuity error in this movie that you guys missed re watch the scene where the mom and the ripoff gryffindor mascot look at the expository tattoos on her arm one second they're there and then poof they're not there and when shes explaining the curse they pop up again its quick but my girlfriend and i watched this movie a few dozen times its for a few frames watch close you'll see it happy hunting!

  • Michael Conrad
    Michael Conrad


  • TJOC Creation
    TJOC Creation

    "Unless your dad is *ŘÚ§ÞÝ ŅÆÍŁ!*


    Ok aside from the predictable jokes and movie references, 14:00 Did pixar forget to animate nose hole's

  • Claire Mast
    Claire Mast

    Thank. You. I was so freaking mad about their LGBT 'representation' in this movie

  • Brandon Snyder
    Brandon Snyder

    4:29 That is probably the funniest line I've heard Jeremy utter

  • Charlie Kahn
    Charlie Kahn

    Not to nitpick, but you had a brother the size of a large closet?

  • over charge
    over charge

    A game is historically accurate screw that

  • Navoii Gamer
    Navoii Gamer

    nah i like the old intro * ding *