Everything Wrong With Les Miserables In 6 Minutes Or Less
*This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/9/13*
Also, TV Sins here: uzload.info/wiki/e4bOvc1mYxFcQ5xPb9Zmow
Ah, Les Mis. A super-relatable lavish musical about an obscure French rebellion from two hundred years ago. We decided to go looking for sins, and yeah, we found a few.
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  • Qyntifex

    i liked this movie but funny hehe

  • Danielle Wegman
    Danielle Wegman

    notice that Aaron Tveit wasn’t the cause of a single bonus point

  • Laura Peter
    Laura Peter

    “Does this kid gave any parents?” Yes, they are the Thenardiers

  • Absolute Buffoon
    Absolute Buffoon

    "Does this kid have any parents?" *me knowing damn well who his parents are* sighs *also knows who his sister is* cries

  • Joseph Hilbert
    Joseph Hilbert

    Yeah a lot of these sins are stupid af

  • Ryder Ryder
    Ryder Ryder

    +8 sins for the non french acent thoughtout the entier movie

  • my display picture doesnt share food!!!
    my display picture doesnt share food!!!

    I love that Samantha (Eponine) didnt received a cringe note sin because SHE CAN ACTUALLY SING. (The others can actually sing too, but there are some, that I think could be replaced with someone better)

  • Isabella Post
    Isabella Post

    Notice how not a single sin was added for Aaron or Samantha. This is why we should hire Broadway stars when filming musicals

  • Mark

    Eponine "On my own" is sin removal worthy and almost makes the rest of the movie worthwhile

  • Valerie Loc
    Valerie Loc

    Well, Fantine prayed to god, to kill her and not Cosette. That´s why she died and Cosette is still alive

  • deeaplw

    A movie that spans more than 2 hours of your life, doesn't have to show every time people pee, shit, etc. There are some things one must be willing to accept when watching forms of entertainment. I bet you guys are mad that spongebob has fires under water.

  • deeaplw

    Its a musical.

  • Stephanie Stevenson
    Stephanie Stevenson

    "Does anyone in this movie die or do they just run out of time?" Sounds like another one of Amanda Seyfried's movies.

  • Low Quality Gamer
    Low Quality Gamer

    Making singing realistic when they sing everything? Makes so much sense.

  • pianogal

    I am a music geek and have seen Les Mis live on Broadway. We went to the movie to see this and my husband turned to me during the 1st scene and said, "Is this a musical?" 😂😂

  • pianogal

    I love Les Mis...BUT...I could not STAND the whiny nasal sound of Russel Crowe singing. Ugh. Hugh Jackman sings circles around that guy. #howdidhegetcast

  • thegamingchip850

    "Retrieve the flag" *picks up entire mast, drags it a bit and then drops it* "I said the flag you fucking moron, thats 20 more years for you"

  • Hazel-Baby

    _kid_ _gets_ _shot_ "finally some decent parenting" I laughed way to hard at that 😂

  • just some killjoy
    just some killjoy

    Honestly surprised they didn't mention the fact that you can't actually see any stars during the song that's called stars. And also not knowing if Gavroche even has parents is on the director, who never thinks to mention that his parents are the Thénardiers

  • pure innocent boy
    pure innocent boy

    Cinemasins: "Even after filming this, the director still thought the live singing gimmick was a good idea?" The director: "Yeah! That's why next i'm gonna makes cats sing like that"

    • Imani Floyd
      Imani Floyd

      I mean there would be no real other way to do it, seeing as this musical has literally no dialogue

  • 庫倫亞利克

    Cinemasins has no appreciation for art or human emotions whatsoever.

  • jasonloseefu

    The random blonde girl is indeed way hotter. Also, how CAN anyone not want her after hearing her sing?

  • katie wilding
    katie wilding

    i'm incredibly glad that they didn't include any of Samantha Barks in the bonus round because she is FLAWLESS

    • alex thelizardking
      alex thelizardking

      She was a ringer. They just knew that Eponine must not be ruined.

  • Yeet YEET
    Yeet YEET

    I watched this but failed to realize what's going on and what's the plot.

  • Lauren Leigh
    Lauren Leigh

    i hate these videos. you’re criticizing literally nothing. les mis is great.

  • Dora the dog's channel
    Dora the dog's channel


  • Vincent Beers
    Vincent Beers

    This is a musical, not sure why you called it an opera

  • Samira M
    Samira M

    I‘m a big fan of the movie but this was hilarious to watch 😂

  • The Mad Librarian
    The Mad Librarian

    You should watch Sideways's video on why the music of Les Miserables is worse than you think. Anne Hathaway lost weight fast to play Fantine, Hugh Jackman deprived himself of water to get ripped to play Valjean, and Russell Crowe had FOUR different vocal teachers, and those are just the start of why the singing is bad.

  • Catherine Meadows
    Catherine Meadows

    best part: “Javert is wearing a night-cap” 😂

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    NOTES THAT MADE US E!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    IT'S STILL MISERABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Kabler
    Gary Kabler

    I love the bonus round!

  • Jazz_ In_The_Dark
    Jazz_ In_The_Dark

    Oliver twist doesn't have any cockney in his accent. For one thing he is well spoken with a soft tone. For another thing, He was born (as clearly explained in the film ((and book) in the fictional town of Mudfog. Leicester, Swindon, Coventry, Cambridge, Southampton are all about 70 miles from Central London (Big Ben). Leicester is likely the closest to "70 miles north". To be classed as cockney you have to be born withing hearing distance of the Bells at St Mary le-Bow Church, London. This is 3 miles away from Big Ben. I guarantee that you can't hear the bells 70 miles away. Therefore Oliver Twist isn't a cockney. Jack "The Artful Dodger" Hawkins, on the other hand, Is a cockney. You can tell both by the language he & most of his companions use, both his and his fellow theives accents and the area in which he he both lives and operates his "business".

  • Anonymous Dinosaur
    Anonymous Dinosaur

    I like how you didnt tally the *actual* theater actors singing. Aaron tveit and Samantha Barks

  • Denisse Marion Ocampo
    Denisse Marion Ocampo

    So, no one's gonna mention how Fantine was seen sneaking out of the scene while Marius and Cosette were holding onto each other when Valjean died-?

  • Margaret Harlock
    Margaret Harlock

    I actually really like most of the singing in this movie

  • Fionn Cahill
    Fionn Cahill

    She had Tb

  • Dragons Reign
    Dragons Reign

    I honestly whine like a wounded dog whenever gavroche death scene happens

  • Aoife Foley
    Aoife Foley

    Cinema Sins: Everything Wrong With Les Miserables Theatre Kids: So you've chosen death.

  • Frood Tooth
    Frood Tooth

    This is savage and I love it

  • Reserved Hogs
    Reserved Hogs

    3:48 I love how he said nothing about Crowe's or Jackman's vocals, but started bitching about the vocals being bad after literally the best vocal performance in the movie.

  • Whales inc.
    Whales inc.

    You're good at pointing things out but overall did you think it was a good movie

  • CraftZard

    The way Jeremy is saying the Javert though

  • Turnip

    I never understood what some people saw in this movie

  • Mimsy

    Holy crap they really did just yoink all the actors from Sweeney Todd except Sweeney himself.

  • Mimsy

    OML *kid gets shot* CinemaSins: “finally some decent parenting.”

    • Turnip


  • Cody

    Loved the film and Crowe and Jackman were perfect

  • Suthan Fathir
    Suthan Fathir

    honestly eponine is the saddest girl in movie history, in my opinion

  • Max Conroy-Hargreaves
    Max Conroy-Hargreaves

    ok i just noticed something and i have to say it. please never include colm Wilkinson in notes that made us cringe ever again. thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • Jazmine Fiore
    Jazmine Fiore

    yes, this movie was ass, but the musical slaps

  • Chris Carpenter
    Chris Carpenter

    This is what happens when books don't matter to you.

  • multirampage1

    3:39 Don't you know? it's not stalking if the woman is attracted to the "stalker".

  • Excaria

    Everything else was funny as hell but HOW DARE YOU SIN COLM WILKINSON YOU EVIL MAN

    • Max Conroy-Hargreaves
      Max Conroy-Hargreaves

      thank you! your the only person ive seen point this out

  • Judgmental Animal
    Judgmental Animal

    Ok the cringe counter was unnecessary and just made me cringe. Nothing will make me change my opinion that Les Misérables is one of the best musicals I’ve seen, in my top five.

  • Brenna Kubec
    Brenna Kubec

    Did... did you really say getting you teeth pulled is more traumatizing... than prostitution? I stopped watching after that.

  • kermit the frog
    kermit the frog

    Okay I freakin love Les Misérables so much and it’s my fav movie but....I have to admit that this vid made me laugh so freaking hard

  • George Griffiths
    George Griffiths

    the fact that everyone in everyone’s life keeps reappearing

  • N Y
    N Y

    Those notes made the sin counter escalate rather quickly. And also, "To the guillotine!"

  • Karol Facemyer
    Karol Facemyer

    Sentence: WAIT BONUS ROUND!!! Mario: LETSA GO! proceeds to murder a movie

  • Yana Camm
    Yana Camm

    Yes, Gavroche is actually the son of Monsieur and Mme Thenardier, in the book at least and Eponine is his sister.

  • Jorge Stolfi
    Jorge Stolfi

    But the "best" thing in the movie is the music. I had to stop watching halfway through the first song; it hurt my ears. The composer never learned that there is more to singing than just speaking with stretched vowels and randomly changing pitch and tempo.

  • Whales inc.
    Whales inc.

    I hate this but im not gonna dislike cause i clicked on this. Just to say I hate it. Mr. Attention to detail

  • Rook34

    Pee-drinking gags huh? So American beer.

  • Isabella Greene
    Isabella Greene

    The Marius Ships Cosette x Marius (no) Eponine x Marius (on my own is a good song but she should be singing Let it go) Enjolras x Marius (we stan)

  • Fionn Cahill
    Fionn Cahill

    Valjean died of old age.

  • Fionn Cahill
    Fionn Cahill

    Gavroche had a sister who die in a little fall of rain.

  • Fionn Cahill
    Fionn Cahill

    Tuberculosis killed Fantine

  • Russell Shemouil
    Russell Shemouil

    I saw Les Miserables at the theatre and let out a loud "HA" when Gavroche died. Stupid little kid.

    • Aoife Foley
      Aoife Foley

      So you've chosen death.

  • Peter Stafford
    Peter Stafford

    I love how he took the 4 hour musical and only had 6 minutes of sins cause it's the best musical of all time

  • Soggy Potato Bear
    Soggy Potato Bear

    You forgot the scene of Anne Hathaway as a sneaky ninja.

  • talon1824

    How DARE you sin one of Colm Wilkinson's notes, you uncultured swine.

  • MoKuZai

    I have to finish the book for school, thanks, now I can say everything wrong with it.

  • I'm_Multi_Stan _You_Know
    I'm_Multi_Stan _You_Know

    This really proves no movie is without sin

  • Andrea Crockett
    Andrea Crockett

    it’s actually a really good musical don’t let Russel Crowe deceive you

  • coffee & cream
    coffee & cream

    oh no he didn’t

  • Lisa Liu
    Lisa Liu

    This is one of the longest movies he sins and what's the final sin count? 61. 👏👏👏👏

  • Fab Z
    Fab Z

    Thanks for this video as I only lasted 20 minutes watching this awfully sung musical. Just couldn't take ear piercing high pitch Hugh Jackmans annoying vocals. Russell Crowe also way out of pitch perhaps autotune could've been utilized for the non professional singer/actors. The English accent as well was a humorous choice. I don't think I missed much by not watching the rest of the movie.

  • The grinch
    The grinch

    This more like exposing really

  • ST5R Asuna
    ST5R Asuna

    the joker part was hysterical!

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon

    Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING could beat out the 25th anniversary show at the O2.

  • Bella Blondon
    Bella Blondon

    Not even the Thenardiers (I forgot how to spell it -_-) could save this movie

  • Jacey King
    Jacey King

    Les Miz has been my favorite musical as far back as I can remember, and I remember being sooo _hyped_ for it to be made into a movie! And then I saw it... and then I saw it. I dreamed a dream too, Fantine.

  • T Bobo
    T Bobo

    I would have thought that the amount of sins would be 24601.

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore

    *sigh* You had the chance to remove the rape joke, but you chose to keep it in. That really sucks.

  • John Turpin
    John Turpin

    I’m sorry but I loved this fucking movie... like the music was awesome and the acting was a amazing... well I had a full blown melt down at the end when they showed Eponie and the kid

  • ZSK Beatbox
    ZSK Beatbox

    My parents forced me to watch this movie when I was 10, at that time I thought it was the worst film every created. Looking back on it, I still hate this movie.

  • THEjazzyCatYT

    How does the seventeenth sin count as a sin That's just messed up

  • it's nico
    it's nico

    1:36 according to the book, she had TB or something like that. Take it from a Les mis fanatic

  • Kayla Horenstein
    Kayla Horenstein

    I love this musical/movie so much that watching this makes me want to rewatch the movie. (Btw, I only watched the video because I was curious)

  • Dylann

    I watch this video only because im a canadianfrench man

  • Reyiel Cloud
    Reyiel Cloud

    Retrieve the flag seems pretty light

  • Smite_NoOne


  • Tyrannosavage Rekt
    Tyrannosavage Rekt

    The singing in this movie really isn't as bad as the critics make out, especially as in most cases they opt for character over pitch.

  • Brian Ponder
    Brian Ponder

    Send some of these sins to Dragonball Evolution please it needs a hell of a lot more than what it got

  • encryptlake games
    encryptlake games

    Damn they broke the sins counter.

  • Chris Samuel
    Chris Samuel

    Everything wrong with stardust!

  • Sharon Mcgrew
    Sharon Mcgrew

    I did *NOT* expect this movie to have 14,580,000,000 sins

  • -communist rat-
    -communist rat-

    The bonus round killed me.

  • zotharr

    I love musicals a lot I had the privilege to watch quite a few in West End But after 2 and a half of hours of this is was like: Omg, are they still singing?