Everything Wrong with The Grudge (2004) in Gruuuuuuuuuuuuuudge Minutes
The Grudge. It came after The Ring, but wasn't as good, though neither is really as good as the foreign original. Well, Sarah Michelle Gellar is here, and some other stuff happens. I think. Anyway, there's a new one for 2019 or 2020 and so we went back to the "original remake" looking for sins. And I'll be damned... we found some.
Thursday: Modern scary sins!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Zelda Wonder
    Zelda Wonder

    Fun fact in Japan homes where people have died cost less to rent. They're called Stigmatized Properties.

  • Michael Trainum
    Michael Trainum

    her name is Rachel, that busted me up! 😂😂😂

  • Colepat432 Doj
    Colepat432 Doj

    The original grudge the jaw scene disgusted me

  • Victoria Blanchard
    Victoria Blanchard

    Fun fact about the slippers those are guest slippers so they don't trek dirt into the house. You leave your shoes at the door and use the temporary slippers while you are there.

  • Jolijn DC
    Jolijn DC

    Giving myself some good exposure therapy for the movie that traumatised my youth :p

  • iMiinxx

    I know it was a joke but as a selling agent, in most states, you don't have to disclose anything "super natural" it really depends exactly what the situation is(homicide, just super natural occurrences, other type of death) most likely you wouldn't lose your license

  • Raechel Jackson-Ward
    Raechel Jackson-Ward

    I love when movie characters say, "Who's there?" Like ANY answer would be okay? Just like when someone yells at someone they are chasing and want to kill, "Come back here!" Oh. Okay.

  • Bethzaida Jurado
    Bethzaida Jurado

    I watched this movie when I was about 5 or 6 scared me shitless,to this day I don’t think I can handle watching it. Not to mention she became my sleep paralysis demon 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Mina Smith
    Mina Smith

    Cinemasins Mother In Law!*

  • PissCat


  • Joseph Celis
    Joseph Celis

    For the love of god could you please please please do scary movie 4 and just talk about how much better it is

  • Chad Peralta
    Chad Peralta

    The 1 single part of this movie that gives me creeps is the scene where it climbs through the sheets...

  • Nate Davenport
    Nate Davenport


  • Fondant Swirl
    Fondant Swirl

    I will say at least at my work (an assisted living facility) no call no show happens a lot. 🙁

  • p Can
    p Can

    The JU-ON is is an amazing horror movie ... it is a movie about cultural believes and Urban Legends. The way the movie was shot was so cool.. and the fact that curses take time to build up and take effect. It make no sense if it kills you right away .... this is not Harry Potter... Hollywood loves to take movies from Asia and try to have it appeal to audience world wide . It is not a bad things, but you people from Hollywood ruin all these amazing concepts. You do not get to make fun of it ....

  • Killer

    hey get better at explaining what's wrong with it, you arnt even explaining what is actually bad or what is the problem with any of it, and all your doing is litterally hating on everything, also all of u who are this guy's fan stfu it isnt satire, this man his human garbage and needs too shut up and learn too be a real critique

  • Crypted Skull
    Crypted Skull

    I have a grudge about this movie.

  • Atlas

    I'll be honest, the simplistic design of the grudge us better than the complex monsters of other horror movies, simplicity is often better in my opinion

  • Evan S
    Evan S


  • AdventuresTeam Studios
    AdventuresTeam Studios

    Cinemasins, next time you review another The Grudge movie, just don't call the main antagonist The Grudge, just call her "Kayako"

  • strafer

    Trying to hard to be funny. The hand holding the lighter isn’t from a mannequin. If it burnt her she would have dropped it. It gathers at the house but it stains people. Otherwise people could just leave the house and there is no consequences. Does that sound scary to you?

  • Karlson

    Pog champ

  • scales the ink demon
    scales the ink demon

    Time to watch the grudge and Samara fight to the death just by looking at each other, because that's what these movies are mostly about... just staring and VHS tapes

  • IIKekethedollII Dunham
    IIKekethedollII Dunham

    Also also ALSO Giving Child and Adolescence and even some adults Permanent Scarring that develops into a Phobia of Sleeping , Darkness or beds Severely x10 for each who experienced that additional 5 for each that experienced Mental Trauma that made them afraid of being in there room alone forever or being alone forever , or waiting somewhere.alone etc. ding!

  • IIKekethedollII Dunham
    IIKekethedollII Dunham

    Also also those that experienced PTSD from the movie wtf America we knew the original movie was ok but we didn't need a level 99 scary movie DDDIIINNNGGG (slow motion ) x99

  • IIKekethedollII Dunham
    IIKekethedollII Dunham

    Also The Rattle she is doing exists in real life .... Ding! x10

  • IIKekethedollII Dunham
    IIKekethedollII Dunham

    Causing full grown adults to have horrible nightmares and sleep paralysis experiences that involve her x ( each person who experienced it ) Ding!

  • IIKekethedollII Dunham
    IIKekethedollII Dunham

    I have a horrible experience with this movie's villain 😭😭😭😭 so when I was 13 I had a horrible sleep paralysis experience with her in it she crawled up my bed and came closer and I saw her get closer and closer until she rushed up and killed me

  • Danny Buenaventura
    Danny Buenaventura

    In Gruuuuuuuudge minutes, you can tell he knew many things in this movie was full of BS, he even gave up on the title.

  • BustANut Cheerios
    BustANut Cheerios

    This movie was literally hard to watch

  • awesomecat42

    "Phones are not startling!" Me, with an anxiety disorder: yeah, sure, haha...

  • Carlie Cole
    Carlie Cole

    "curse gathers in place of death." Man.... How, in this ghosty's cursed world, does ANYONE work- even VERY part time- live, or even just EXIST in day to day life within the vicinity of: a) hospitals b) mortuaries c) funeral homes d) morgues e) cemeteries f) crematoriums g) the entire city of Paris/above the catacombs f) any historical mass burial site or grave around the entire globe....? Dead peeps be EVERYWHERE! Gah. Countless tens of BILLIONS of people have died on Earth & I think I'll just go out on a limb here & guess that there have probably been QUITE a few people with, ahem, MUCH bigger reasons to be holding onto their "grudges" from life well into death- a lot more than this sassy little cursin' demon!? I mean, if this chick causes all THESE problems when this is what happened in HER life- how would she have gone about a'grudging if she was, say, wrongly accused of a crime & put to death with some sick, medieval execution device?! Or, well, I'm guessing PARTICULARLY back in the more heinous, violent, superstitious days of history what with burning "witches" at the stake and massive amounts of ceremonial human sacrifices and what have you- I can just imagine there would be COUNTLESS numbers of "angry souls" who died this way....?! That's SOOOO MUCH CURSES GRUDGING going on, would ANYWHERE BE SAFE?! Antarctica? I think it's been a pretty non violent place throughout human history? But heck, besides that- with this whole shoddy ass Gruuuudging curse logic, it sure sounds like we're pretty much just all f'ed?!? Great talk, grudge theorists, grrrreat talk indeed I'll definitely sleep well tonight! 😘

  • Serasia

    They had ten people on set and gave them all lots of soda in order to make the croaking noise.

  • Benis Collector
    Benis Collector

    I love how the sin tally scene is just the grudge pogging

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson

    4:50 😄😄😄

  • MultiBOZA

    This _The Grudge_ (despite being the most popular) is actually the worst in the whole series. It takes itself way too seriously, there are too many characters to keep track of, and the chronological jumps are too frequent, making the scenes too short. In the 2020 movie, the chronological jumps were less frequent, and there was an actual in-story explanation for them; plus the acting was better.

  • 2000semopunkthrowbackdonewronglol

    Am I the only one who thinks the grudge is actually Uber cute? ❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺

  • Chill Will
    Chill Will

    Wow, Daphne came a long way from solving those old town mysteries, this one is the real McCoy.

  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Love Cinema Sins Always great videos #CinemaSins

  • Any other Name
    Any other Name

    I was surprised at everyone being so scared of this movie until I remembered that when I was 8 I was so traumatised by Gremlins that I threw up 😆

  • "appear to be at least 50% hair, phone calls, and vhs tapes" I DIED

  • I hate that you paused when it was zoomed in on Kayako's eyeball and play them little by little. Ugh🤬🤬🤬

  • Purva Abhiraj
    Purva Abhiraj

    Fuck you,its a fabulous movie,really scaring

  • N-Rage

    December 31st 2019 video says "newly discovered flu" and "you've gotten an epidemic". You predicted the future, mate.

  • Grant Elder
    Grant Elder

    This horror is so fucking overrated

  • My uncle used to recommend this to all of his friends and then he laughed at them for being too scared to go the bathroom.

  • Marcel

    None of this would have happened if she would just have said that she wanted to speak to the manager.

  • Mini

    This got recommended to me because I've been watching the Japanese films here on UZload. I only watched the first one so far, but let me tell you, they gave kayako bangs and that makes her 80% less scary.

  • Raeex

    Everyone is saying that this movie gave them nightmares or traumatized them (I havent seen this movie yet cuz i love spoilers lol) is it the face or the jumpsacres?

    • Mini

      For me it was the face and the concept. I didn't like thinking I could see that thing appear at any moment and kill me. Seeing her hand reaching for me was my first experience of sleep paralysis.

  • Pepper

    nice vid

  • milky plums
    milky plums

    Thumbnail: Me:YES YOUR MY NEW SENPAI👍👍👍👍😁😁😁😁

  • J Ep
    J Ep

    It was not a flashback. The ghost of the Pullman character was repeating his last experiences.

  • Prometheus Unbound
    Prometheus Unbound

    I thought Jason Behr was hot when he was in "Roswell." He looks even hotter here.

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    I'm still so scared of this movie that I refuse to watch this video, I'm listening to it while I work with my phone face down

  • ーmoorhsoom

    " *The* Grudge" " *The* Shining" " *The* Ring" (and others) hmm... i THINK i see a pattern

  • tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS
    tashi kun 0.2 CULTURED UPLOADS

    I found the grudge hot for some reason I gotta stop reading ghost waifus

  • Duygu B
    Duygu B

    buffy can't act and definitely not pretty. glad she was wiped out.

  • Christopher Stanley
    Christopher Stanley

    Respect for you saying 119 instead of 911.

  • SentreNet

    LOL! Best take on this movie I have ever seen😂

  • KuPoMoMo

    Scrolling through my feed and this pops out😑

  • Julio Arturo Chong Estrada
    Julio Arturo Chong Estrada

    Man.....I laughed so hard when he said “this is not going to have many sins and that makes me mad, so I’ll add 28 more”

  • Giuliana Saravia
    Giuliana Saravia

    I enjoyed more/got traumatized with the japanese versión. CinemaSins doing this? Makes me laugh and i love it

  • MasaHiro

    a Remake of Ju On: The Curse (2000), Ju On: The Grudge (2002) & Ju On: The Grudge 2 (2003)

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B

    Bro, youre fuckin killing me...the sound of the bike haha

  • Meipon

    thank you movie i was able to fuck around with my sister by making the grudge sound but I remember the girl trying to speak Japanese by saying sushi and food// yea I'll go back to the original japanese

  • Meipon

    when he said pocky stick i thought he meant the chocolate biscuit snack pocky

  • NotthatDigusted

    Actually I thought the Grudge was scary when I first saw it in 2004 when I was around Middle School age.

  • UnderWorld

    o no... the dawn of the Karens...

  • Marios_ Boudouris
    Marios_ Boudouris

    I think all horor movies characters have a disability for fear or common sense cause there are so many movies that could have never happend if the hero thought about his actions or felt slight fear enough to say fack this sh*t i'm out!

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl

    Japanese horror, cultural isolation of the main characters and Sarah Michelle Gellar in her prime. This is still my favorite horror movie.

  • PixieLady45

    I love this movie. Good video.

  • Faded Alien
    Faded Alien

    i should not have smoked weed before watching this. vibrating in my chair in fear, every milliliter of fluid drained from my mucosa. also i was the 19,650th person to like this video. i do that everytime.

  • Mislav Romanov
    Mislav Romanov

    dejavu hahhahahahahaa

  • TheScorpio Vampyre
    TheScorpio Vampyre

    This movie is my childhood trauma

  • Lord steve Is pleased
    Lord steve Is pleased

    2004 was the only version I liked..

  • Savor The Robot
    Savor The Robot

    I should be scared but the ghost children are pogging half the time and it cracks me up.

  • Kevin R.
    Kevin R.

    Aren't there rituals to prevent this sort of thing? I mean, I can understand not having a good counter to Sadako/Samara, since she was an isolated incident facilitated by modern technology, but this seems like a much older type of curse, and this is a culture that regularly burns old and disused toys and dolls to prevent them from developing into malevolent spirits.

  • I can actually make a sound very similar to the grudge sound so I enjoy scaring people that were terrified of this movie.

  • Land Whale172
    Land Whale172

    Should add a sin for not having Karen ask to see the manager

  • mark s
    mark s

    In few word; it bad cuz it suck

  • Logan

    Leaving your shoes somewhere means you committed suicide, just in case you didn't know.

  • TJ G
    TJ G

    Damn, there are a lot of white people in japan.

  • Thomas Studstrup
    Thomas Studstrup

    Sarah Michelle Gellar does a good job being scared, so fuck you.

  • Thomas Studstrup
    Thomas Studstrup

    youve got a problem with premarital sex?

  • Kayo Malum
    Kayo Malum

    I find it funny how often he points out that the characters should have bigger reactions, yet about 12 and a half minutes into the video he states that if the curse was accurate, there would be more cursed people than not. My be the reason they all under react is because ghosts are pretty normal in this world, and maybe these once are just better/more murdery than the others?

  • Bre Leslie
    Bre Leslie

    Do the grudge 2!

  • Trazmaball Gyster Myster
    Trazmaball Gyster Myster

    Ah yes Here comes the PTSD again

  • YeOlGamer

    like... all of the sins made here can easily be transferred to the Japanese version...

  • Adrien Le Dumb
    Adrien Le Dumb

    not gonna lie the elevator scene was uber scary- the boy got closer and i almost pissed myself

  • Devin Harbert
    Devin Harbert

    Review The Grudge 2

  • Shrekles

    7:55 nice

  • bobfredwhatever

    most of these sins can be explained away by saying the word 'ghosts'

  • Ben Novara
    Ben Novara

    When’s “The Grudge 2” Video gonna come out?

  • Yim Ying Lam
    Yim Ying Lam

    This really scared me as a kid... It still does

  • Vũ Phương Anh
    Vũ Phương Anh

    I have a grudge for "The Grudge".

  • Im still scared of this movie and im 22

  • MCat

    Moral: Don't throw noodles on the floor, eat them.

  • S Budke
    S Budke

    dont mind me just doin the dishes they must have lost someone they loved. YA THINK?!?!

  • murderoustendencies

    I am cry-laughing while watching this. I am scared crapless.

  • Whitney Solano
    Whitney Solano

    This movie. This fucking movie traumatized me. I'll never get that sound out of my head.