Everything Wrong With The Shawshank Redemption In 20 Minutes Or Less
The Shawshank Redemption is one of the greatest movies of all time!
Listen, we don't sin movies because we hate movies, you should know this by now. We sin movies because it's fun, and it's just as much fun to sin awesome movies as it is to sin terrible ones. Have an apple; take life less seriously.
Thursday: Space thriller sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Ameen Ahmed
    Ameen Ahmed

    He did it. Jeremy finally sinned this movie... Sorry I've been away for a while.

  • R P
    R P

    Everybody is complaining about the number of times it took to crack open the pipe. WHY IS NO ONE MENTIONING THAT when he was done there was only enough room for him to look in the pipe- how did he create the hole large enough for him to fit his entire body through?!

  • Freed Thinker
    Freed Thinker

    I hav 2 Sin u for not including the beach scene at the end. This movie is perfect

  • Freed Thinker
    Freed Thinker

    Best movie ever.. Wish u would have removed a sin when Morgan F. Ducked the worden throwing rocks.

  • yrraH nottoC
    yrraH nottoC

    There is nothing wrong with this movie it’s one of the all time greats. So.... STFU

  • DrCash7

    Seriously? No Mr. Krabs reference?

  • Femke van Kooten.
    Femke van Kooten.

    I watched this while being on my chamberr for a week because of COVID and it cried. While I was down to get some food, my mom was like what the hell happened to you. Masterpiece of a movie it is

  • ALex Klassing
    ALex Klassing

    How dare you b

  • Kacen Williams
    Kacen Williams

    9:52 he says “is gonna be at least” but the text reads “last” just after he made the sin for “judgement”

  • Wild Bat 2004
    Wild Bat 2004

    I hate Cinema Sins more than any other channel

  • legofproductions1

    Does the Parole Board pause for tea? err... yeah!

  • Dstroke

    Are we at a point in time where you have to censure the word shait, but can openly be racist (towards white and republican black folks) and wish death on your president? If you're a democrat obviously

  • Beans4000

    Christ I come back to cinema sins and they’ve bloody Upgraded

  • Kirk Mitton
    Kirk Mitton

    Worse thing about this review, the begging, middle and end.

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle

    The fact that the guy who plays Hadley in this is the same person who does the voice of Mr Krabs still blows my mind.

  • R. Velarde
    R. Velarde

    Ok you had me all the way till you got to 18:49. Yes, technically you can go to your own cell bathroom whenever you want, but if you are in a prison work station in or in the yard there is an element of control. Why, so if a poisoner does not have has to ask then he is seen as having "choice" which leads to independence, which leads to prisoners literally taking over the prison. On a side note: Have you ever asked why students from high school who transition to college you can automatically tell who is an incoming freshman (said the freshman in a junior class when he raises his hand "can I go to the bathroom"). That deserves at least two sins off.

  • Ron G
    Ron G

    There’s nothing wrong with this film. Turn in your “Man Card”.

  • The Midsouth Cyclist
    The Midsouth Cyclist

    It felt like for all but a handful of sins, it pained you to have to assign sins to this movie. And, I thing we all agree, that you were dutiful in making this video, even though we were all with you knowing it was bullsh*t.

  • Glip GlopTY
    Glip GlopTY

    You really can't shit on this movie

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson

    What is this heresy

  • John Koenig
    John Koenig

    Here's a sin it took me about twenty viewings to notice: where did Red get his speech patterns from? He's very erudite, even poetic at times. He's a convicted murderer who was sent to prison at the age of twenty, who describes himself at the time as a "young, stupid kid," which implies he's not well-educated. So, what gives?

  • Chris Tatnall
    Chris Tatnall

    LOVE this movie, however if we are going to nitpik, the one that always bothered me was that "Andy visited nearly a dozen banks in the Portland area that morning" ... even if you had a car and had preplanned your route perfectly, I can't imagine closing all your accounts in that many banks in a day, let alone while being hunted by the police, and with the warden suspecting that he'd be going after the loot...

  • lowell mayfield
    lowell mayfield

    Also, in the scene when Red was skipping parole, he says something like "For the second time in my life I committed a crime: parole violation...", however, throughout his prison career he was smuggling booze and "bags of reefer" into a maximum security state prison, which is almost certainly a career's worth of felonies, once you pile them all together.

  • ???????

    bruh my died let me watch this rated R movie when I was 7 yrs old lmfao

  • Gus R JR
    Gus R JR

    Your reaching bruh this channel kinda stupid, stick to the facts nd statistics

  • THOT Exterminator
    THOT Exterminator

    The title of this video only gave most of the dislikes😭. Even just looking at it I don’t know if I would’ve disliked or not if he didn’t immediately remove 5 sins

  • Crashburn 32
    Crashburn 32

    I was once at a Dodger/Giants game at Dodger Stadium and the guy talking two seats left of me sounded so familiar. I finally leaned forward, pointed at him and gave him that, "Don't I know you?" look. He said something like, "Yeah, it's me." And that just confused me more. After a few minutes later it finally it hit me, "Clancy Brown." (Capt Hadley from Shawshank) I bought him and his friend a beer and said, "I'm sorry about that, I thought I might have known you from work or something." (Residents of LA generally leave the celebs alone. It's douche move to stare at the celebs.) He was totally cool about it. I think he bought the 3rd round and he couldn't have been nicer. He gave me 5 innings of shit for being a Giants fan.

  • Drinkwhiskwyraisehell

    This is just annoying.

  • Stan Petrov
    Stan Petrov

    I feel like if the CinemaSins guy was a lawyer. Nobody would ever get convicted of anything.

  • Hyoukikyo

    I think the warden kept the books so he could use it as another publicity stunt. He would have loved talking about how he allowed it and even made it so that bibles could be added or some shit.

  • Olympic airways
    Olympic airways

    What do you mean where are we great britain about the spelling mistake we came up with the language, it was you yanks that ruined it.

  • TheRiddick27

    I disagree with the 'Do you trust your wife' scene apparently not making any sense. It's clear Andy Dufresne doesn't interact well with people in the beginning. Thus making him seem cold & aloof. Autistic, possibly.

  • Bloofishy

    I know this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but in multiple videos you have laughed at or downplayed religion, acting like it is a joke. Your videos are great, but I don’t think anyone appreciates their religion being a talking point or a negative in a movie. What he said about blasphemy is more than respectable, and I truly believe that I would do the same. God bless you!

    • i6s1

      No, it's not respectable at all, it's despicable. A person's religious views are their own choice. Nobody has the right to impose their religious rules on others using the power of their position. I don't have personal or religious rules against blasphemy, nobody has any right to demand that I follow their religious edicts. Having said that, in the US at the time, it was common for people in positions of power to coerce others into following religious rules, so the scene absolutely does belong in the film.

  • JesseRoxII

    17:23 You removed a sin for Thomas Newman's score. Why didn't you do that for WALL-E, or A Series of Unfortunate Events?

  • The Gambler
    The Gambler

    EVERYTHING your saying is wrong. NO....all that Does happen in prisons and yes buttoning the top button of your shirt yes with beating horse aka new fish guards aka officers chow time yes inmates doing paperwork jobs for staff only picking certain inmates for work details I can't comment on other stuff for legal issues :)' Oh and for have over 15+ yrs in prison as a Officer I have seen all this

  • Dar Dedar II
    Dar Dedar II

    Missed one of the biggest sins: How did Andy dig that hole at night AND get much sleep?

    • EK

      @Dar Dedar II 26? What you talking about? He was only in there for 20. At any rate, 3-4hrs a day is all some men need to remain functional.

    • Dar Dedar II
      Dar Dedar II

      @EK For 26 years?? He'd be dead.

    • EK

      He didn't get much sleep, simple as that.

  • Zach Storey Davidson
    Zach Storey Davidson

    My teacher used to say easy peasy japeneasy

  • Ryan Zedd
    Ryan Zedd

    Sin Missed, Error. Lightning And Thunder Do Not Happen At The Same Time.

  • Herb Bass
    Herb Bass

    Yea y’all can definitely find sins in any movie😂😂😂

  • Khalil G
    Khalil G

    Can't sin the #1 movie of all time (aside for the lion kings)

  • kiwiblaze !
    kiwiblaze !

    Your wrong

  • Monte wright
    Monte wright

    None of the sins are things WRONG with the film.

  • Brett Kelly
    Brett Kelly

    The Rita Hayworth poster makes complete sense, the name of the novel that the movie is based on is call "Rita Hayworth and the ShawShank Redemption"

  • louis taylor
    louis taylor

    @3:31"Mouse farts" are 'impossible. As we all learned in our junior high biology class,,,mice ( rats & rabbits) cannot 'pass wind', burp, or vomit.@ 13:07 Is that not "Richie" from "The Soprano's"? Lou from NYU

  • Pokerface1337

    I have been watching this "everything wrong with Movie X" for quite some time now and to be honest... this movie deserves to be left alone. Same goes for other Stephen Kings Adaptations. This is sacred ground. Also, Clancy Brown is a brilliant actor and I LOVE the way he portraits the crooked / evil characters in movies.

  • Emotional Basketcase
    Emotional Basketcase

    It would be reasonable to expect that there would be a rock hammer in the prison, there might not be a Rita Hayworth poster

  • Carl Mart
    Carl Mart

    Most of the sins mentioned here are covered in the book lmao

  • Vanity Cyan
    Vanity Cyan

    I used to love this channel... But off lately it has become quite boring and unreasonable. Like marking every freaking thing a SIN!?!?! That's just too being too pessimistic and unnecessary just to increase the SIN count... Pathetic. Unsubscribing now... !!

  • t v
    t v

    "You're being obtuse! ... No, now you're just being acute."

  • Anna Sharanevych
    Anna Sharanevych

    fun fact i work as a scare actor in the prison this movie was filmed in. Mansfield Reformatory

  • phoexer

    A Red Dead Redemption made me spit take.

  • RatatRatR

    A lot of this is such ridiculous quibbling, but it's a really good point what an unnecessary risk it was to choose a girly poster instead of one the warden would have approved of.

  • Matthew Bowerman
    Matthew Bowerman

    my most favorite movie, always brings me to tears

  • Jody Stacey
    Jody Stacey

    How many people will catch the Susan Collins comment in 20 or 30 years?

  • F L
    F L

    @2:58 Hadley broke the first rule (blasphemy)

  • Charli Ouda
    Charli Ouda

    I wonder... a compilation of every sin removal... ever! This movie would be pretty high on the list!

  • edbro Aotearoa
    edbro Aotearoa

    Being too literal than using intellect to understand the basic context of the narration which most understand makes you an absolute simpleton. You're entitled to your opinions of course however understand it's a movie based off a book and nit picking is usually reserved for nit pickers with no original creative imagination with a self loathing insecure personality. My advice is to remove that chip off your shoulder and try some positive glass is full mentality so you may live a full healthy productive life and sit down shut up and enjoy lifes simple pleasures like The Shawshank Redemption. Ps what movies did you enjoy? Bamm

  • sl0ptart

    Up until about 1995 the Edmonton remand in Alberta had pool tables

  • Ted Johansson
    Ted Johansson

    i dont think fingerprints was a thing in 1947 tho.

  • Lord Haberdasher
    Lord Haberdasher

    18:35 These days, it's notorious within prisons (as in between actual prisoners) that those who show the least interest in parole, who put the lowest amount of effort in, tend to be the ones who get approved. It's fucked up, it's contradictory, and it's infuriating. But it's the way of things.


    I don't see any mistakes in this film Are you a director? So why comment on it, just make your film Yoo and prove you can make it better than this

  • Theodore Guthrie
    Theodore Guthrie

    This movie is perfect and like you said at the beginning it is a sin to even sin this movie

  • HL B
    HL B

    “Mouse farts are not audible to the human ear” is the only sin that I can get behind.

  • Rohit S Z
    Rohit S Z

    I signed in just to hit dislike on this video and it was worth it.

  • Larry Trainor
    Larry Trainor

    I just realized that the prison guard that was the captain in the movie was the voice actor in video game Detroit become human he voices detective hank.

  • Mephostopheles

    2:21 He’s heavily Christian, and the FIRST COMMANDMENT is not “Thou shalt not kill” or “Thou shalt not steal,” it’s “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me,” followed closely by taking the lord’s name in vain and all that. The first thing they establish is that obeying the religion is the most primary rule, above all else. Even if you refrain from theft or murder, if you aren’t respectful of God, you’ve failed. So can you really say you’re surprised? (By the way, the first commandment actually refers to the fact that the society of the Middle East, including the Hebrews, was henotheistic. Everyone essentially believed each other’s gods were real, but everyone had their own dedicated gods. This is why the Hebrews are “God’s chosen people,” and why the first commandment tells them not to have “strange gods” before him. It’s not telling them to not believe in other gods, it’s telling them not to _worship_ any of those other gods. It also explains why they’re so quick to start worshipping the golden cow.

  • Firebrand55

    The ending is something we can all feel; a friendship that endured privation, violence and time and the final scene could not have been better!

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    11:46 All I can say is prisons require certain nutritional requirements to be met Every experience I've had in schools tells me that public schools do not

  • HoldenNY22

    I didnt know that Richile Aprille served time with Andy DuFrane

  • HoldenNY22

    The FAt Crying New Fish wasn't just beaten0 he was beaten to death by the sick, sadistic head Guard. He should have been charged with Murder- multiple murders after they arrested him by the end of the Movie.

  • chipsthedog1

    Guessing you not been in prison they do have pool tables even a snooker table in one, also believe it or not swimming pools

  • no known alias
    no known alias

    *Four brave souls*

  • Mean Mr. Mustard
    Mean Mr. Mustard

    imagine if there was a grate at the end of the pipe

  • Tiny Giraffes
    Tiny Giraffes

    10:00 This guy actually thinks prisoners do taxes? There's a lower limit to tax and prisoners get paid basically nothing.

  • raynemacer

    You forgot to sin the movie for Morgan Freeman's son playing young him and antagonistic prisoner when When Andy arrived!!! Haha

  • Josh Hind
    Josh Hind

    How dare you

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore

    “How often do you really look at a mans shoes?” Kids in 2020 would beg to differ.

  • Alphasnowbordergirl

    Judgement with an e is not a spelling mistake. Both spellings are acceptable. Was in a proud family episode and everything.

  • FireFoxCosworth

    How dare you to do this masterpiece? This is the only movie you had left alone.

  • Russ C.
    Russ C.

    Overrated movie

  • Thomas Groover
    Thomas Groover

    So glad there were 2 sins for black suits with brown hats. Hats off to you, Cinema Sins.

  • Jason Willows
    Jason Willows

    You missed one. The warden filled every chamber of his gun to make the audience think he was getting ready for a gunfight, but then he just turns the gun around and shoots himself. If he was going to shoot himself then why fill up every chamber?

  • Eric Rosen
    Eric Rosen

    10:00 At least when we do our taxes, we sit with the accountant for maybe 15 minutes where he gets what he needs and all of the real work happens after we leave. And that involves at least a few minutes of niceties that presumably don't go on in the prison setting. At this likely level of play, their better players are pitchers who can also field a couple of different positions while also being good hitters, so I'd guess they likely have 15 or fewer players on a team. So for in-person time, I'd guess 3-4 hours total would cover it. And this can be split up into before and after the game, so two batches of ~1.5-2 hours. And assuming this is all happening reasonably near the field, players not starting the game and players who get subbed out could step away and put in their 15 minutes during the game. Adjusting for that, it could easily be the game time plus 1-1.5 hours on each end?

  • lyly truong
    lyly truong

    i like it

  • X X
    X X

    No way he could have rehung the poster from inside the narrow tunnel

  • Mark Brigandi
    Mark Brigandi

    You also didn’t point out that not 5 minutes after the warden said blasphemy is the top unbreakable rule, the top guard (the Kurgan) takes the Lord’s name in vain twice. What the fuckleberries?

  • Troy Evitt
    Troy Evitt

    "His first night on Arrakis, Paul Atreides cost me two packs of Spice. He never made a sound"~Morgan Freman.

  • Brett

    Blasphemy being the first rule above not killing or anything else is also why some people have some issue with the Ten Commandments

  • The Night Wanderer
    The Night Wanderer

    One movie sin is that it was filmed in Mansfield, Ohio...

  • mackthefatcat

    stupidest review to date.

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J

    LMAO. Red Dead Redemption

  • R.E.D27

    This movie is perfection

  • Freewhiler

    Fuck that, i love this movie.

  • JC1985

    21:01 is not less than 20 mins... FAIL

  • Voilet Lombax
    Voilet Lombax

    Did i see a different shawshank redemption?

  • ipikpoket

    The critic does not seem to understsnd irony and metaphors, and poetic license, especially to exaggerate to make a point. These are the key features of literary works and cinema like the shawshank redemption. This entire video is somewhat redundant.

  • Christopher Carey
    Christopher Carey

    Dammit I just realized that a Disney show referenced this movie

  • Nunya Buisness
    Nunya Buisness

    I usually grade a movie on how crap it is based on how long cinemasins is on the flick the longer the more sins hence the crappier the film. This one being 21 min, I’m questioning my life choices.

  • GIL

    I always thought Red got his parole because the panel of judges changed, not because he changed his response about feeling reformed.

  • GIL

    When my husband and I heard the phrase " pinch a loaf" we laughed so hard! We never heard it before. Years later I still laugh just remembering that moment we shared watching the movie together. We've been divorced for years but we have a few fond memories we keep.