Everything Wrong With 28 Days Later In 13 Minutes Or Less
28 Days Later is a pretty solid zombie flick that a lot of people missed because they confused it with that Sandra Bullock alcoholism movie. Anyway, it has sins, so we counted them.
Thursday: recent action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Mr11ESSE111

    zombie only reacts on sound in movies ,and on sound which produce peoples or near peoples but somehow they dont react on own gargling &noise or when rain,wind,whatever from nature produce sound too

  • Jared Freeland
    Jared Freeland

    10:45: We are quite literally shown what their plan is for "if only men showed up", just keep watching!

  • Jared Freeland
    Jared Freeland

    6:45: You can't siphon fuel from tank to tank, the process is gravity-fed so the end of the hose where the fuel comes out must be lower than where it goes in.

  • Matthew Tomlinson
    Matthew Tomlinson

    Some of them buckets haf holes in the side useless lol 😂 #cinemasin

  • LeAnn Kennett
    LeAnn Kennett

    One thing, 28 days later was released long before walking dead existed so walking dead ripped off this film not the other way around.

  • William Trotter
    William Trotter

    This was out before the walking dead so you can remove that sin

  • Ahmet Habbo Türkiye
    Ahmet Habbo Türkiye

    Hannah : Sees her father get killed by guns after he turned a zombie And guess who again Hannah : Asks like Dad? Are u okay

  • Certainly Spooky
    Certainly Spooky

    If you were able to make the video longer and alternate title : 28 days later in 28 minutes or less

  • Christopher Reyes
    Christopher Reyes

    So where they go ? Were the people they met up with nice this time ? What mire did they do

  • Keith D'Amato
    Keith D'Amato

    Totally ripped off the walking dead? This movie came out in 2002 whilst The Walking Dead aired in 2010 and the first comic book was published in 2003. Didn't even bothered to view the rest of the video.

  • Harry Husted
    Harry Husted

    I watched the movie and was very disappointed. It was a complete waste of my time. I've seen better zombie movies than this one.

  • George

    It's on the tube tonight and I noticed one just before the church scene. He hit the news-stand and picks up a copy of the paper with the headline about an "Evacuation" .... but rather than take 5 to read up on what's going on .... he drops it. Dude was a total dumbass

  • JMSGridIron56

    One sin for you for stepping into Wowsuchgaming's forte. He also did it better imo there are a few things you just dont even see or sin that would definetly earn a sin.

  • Levi Ulysses
    Levi Ulysses

    I could kill Arnold in his prime with a stool to the dome.

  • Donald Clement
    Donald Clement

    Its a movie.movie

  • Neird

    This movie looks produced with 1970's equipment

    • TheGamingSillyPie

      That's the point

  • John Marston
    John Marston

    2:45 given that it take 10 to twenty second to turn and it would be obvious theres no need to ask

  • CRC

    1:13 This movie came out in 2003. The Walking Dead came out in 2010. Who ripped off who again? Another sin for you.

  • Ken Houston Sr.
    Ken Houston Sr.

    So, lf they'd have just driven del into the country side away from the cities in the first place. It would have saved them a lot of headaches later.

  • Michael Creech
    Michael Creech

    you sin so many movies for so many things id wonder what youd write to be a sinless film

  • Cory Holt
    Cory Holt

    Walking dead came out affter this,

  • Miguel Linares
    Miguel Linares

    You didn't sin the fact that they had baskets on the roof. Can't catch water in something that has holes.

    • Ace Wolvez
      Ace Wolvez

      That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw this

  • Flowmie #719808
    Flowmie #719808

    Im suprised you missed this sin here my dude, but the scene with all the buckets for the rain water on the roof, there was definately laundry baskets full of holes

  • Freddie Krueger
    Freddie Krueger

    It always made me laugh whennSelena screamed "quiet". XD

  • Mauro Kalil
    Mauro Kalil

    Alguém do Brasil?

  • Old Seadog
    Old Seadog

    Everything Wrong With _"Everything Wrong With 28 Days Later In 13 Minutes Or Less"_ in 14 Minutes & Ten Seconds Or Less........

  • Alex K.
    Alex K.

    He's completely humorless. *CinemaSins comment sections.* Bruh

  • Lukey447

    Does this guy even watch the movie. You turn in 10-20 seconds. Why the fuck would they ask him if he’s bit? He’d be raging like frank did

  • Elizabeth Esposito
    Elizabeth Esposito

    I see Cillian Murphy, I click

  • CLuv

    I type in the letter G in search and the first thing that pops up is Grandaddy AM 180......UZload knows lol

  • TK Stoddart
    TK Stoddart

    This channel is awful

  • William Don
    William Don

    Nah dude. More than a woman

  • Michael Jagger
    Michael Jagger

    8:29 I'm pretty sure the infected can starve to death so I'm assuming this dead body is the result of that

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson

    If bodily fluids getting in your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth could infect you then why do none of them wear face coverings?

  • R J
    R J

    This film was perfect your just running out of shit to complain about

  • scott jones
    scott jones

    they drank a little mint schnapps

  • scott jones
    scott jones

    that stole that scene and put it in the walking dead

  • wade

    u sound like kermit the frog lmao

  • Mat 11
    Mat 11

    This review is awful wtf how does it have this many likes lol

  • Just Human
    Just Human

    How did a 2002 movie (28 days later) rip off the walking dead (2009?) with the waking up in a hospital?

  • Gulya Swift
    Gulya Swift


  • Junknasti

    I can't believe you didn't give a sin for the laundry baskets with holes that are there to collect water.

  • thepractitionerzs

    This is still a classic

  • Isak Valtersen
    Isak Valtersen

    we gonna get you guys to do peaky blinders pilot now?

  • Jonathan Elvey
    Jonathan Elvey

    0:14 the reason why they open the movie like this is to show how rage can affect the world and how we as human beings can be so different when we flip the switch to our brains...this is something you do every day Jeremy and also you just mad that this film doesn't start with the 28 second of logos cliche

  • Filippo Z.
    Filippo Z.

    In the Italian version, the scientist says "rabbia". In Italian that is the name of a specific illness. I think in English is "rabies". This makes a huge difference.

  • NestorCaster

    Not zombies, at least in the George A Romero sense... but to some of the Origins of the term “Zombie” it does fit a little... however, here if they are to be called zombies, they are different cuz they were never dead, then reanimated. In fact, a major plot point of the film(and its sequel), is that the military basically waited till the infected starved and or died of exposure or natural causes(and or used massive amounts of conventional military warfare to kill the infected like firebombing and gassing-i.e. in 28 weeks later).... the rage virus basically makes them “rage” pass the point of insanity. And so, cuz the infection makes them so crazy, they don’t have time to treat their basic human needs, like eating... BUTTTTTTT.... this film deserves the sins, cuz it doesn’t do enough(in a very simple way) to tell the audience, “THIS ISNT A ZOMBIE FILM, it’s A GLOBAL PANDEMIC DRAMA...” so go ahead and add 12 more sins for that 😂

  • thebl4ckd0g

    28 Days Later came out BEFORE The Walking Dead show. Unless you are talking about the comic, then it even beat that by a few months as well... so technically, Walking Dead ripped off 28 days later. :p

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    8:48 100 sins off because that is Doctor Who...

  • Kiwavaki

    Been a while since I watched a Cinemasins video. I know many of the sins are really not sins and are made for fun or because (I say this cause there are some that are just not funny like this movie copying TWD but whatever, no harm). My problem is the sin for the "zombie rules" like, did you even watch the movie? Come on! they are not undead, they are living infected people. I´m sorry but it pissed me off.

  • Pato

    1:14 Do people really need to point this movie came before The Walking Dead when it was obviously a joke? He even say before that "Much like George Romero did, this movie TOTALLY ripped off TWD" do you think he honestly would believe this? and if you think "well perhaps he´s really dumb" he even add "Can´t wait to read all the UZload commenters backing me up on that one" at the end of the sin

  • 10_Gauge

    The movie ends as it began... with HELLO

  • Mitchell Chang
    Mitchell Chang

    ‘Drug’ is not the past tense of ‘drag’ - DING

  • Bran

    Why the fuck do you sound like a chicken bokbok

  • Tommy Smith
    Tommy Smith

    Damn, I didn't know CinemaSins knew about Luis Bunuel.

  • SweetMiniturtle

    Do 28 weeks later?

  • Nathan Lock
    Nathan Lock

    So what would have happened if they didn’t finish there sign on time and it just said “HELL” they probably would’ve thought let’s not stop there

  • Nathan Lock
    Nathan Lock

    I don’t know if this is truly a sin, but when Jim gets a cheeseburger you see a sign that says lazy cheeseburgers in miles, but don’t they use km

    • Diddle n Fiddle
      Diddle n Fiddle

      We use miles in England so it's correct. Km is mainland Europe. As far as I've seen anyway.

  • omar alajmi
    omar alajmi

    Jim screaming " *HELLO* " 7:25 has the worst & most cringey sound to the Ears 🤣.... ( This is the only sad part about this Movie )

  • Mohammed Murtaza Ali Sarwari
    Mohammed Murtaza Ali Sarwari

    This place doesn't have wreckage of cars + wouldn't help be a better word cause hello on land also is for tourists

  • SN0WMaN

    28 days came out 2002 and the walking dead 2010 so walking dead copied this😎

  • Majin Xicor
    Majin Xicor

    The main character of this movie looks like the type of guy that smokes bud out of shitty pipes and blows it right as his 3 yr old step son while he rants about Eminem being the greatest rapper of all time

  • Michael Mujadin
    Michael Mujadin

    the dr. grabbing the chair to be his first item he grabs to kill an infected monkey should make you question the ethics of that laboratory if testing on primates already didn't make you question them. this animal needs to be put down with the least amount of pain because i'm a man of science, but i'm not a monster; (grabs jagged heavy rock).

  • Quinton G
    Quinton G

    You didn't shout out Faure.

  • matt_ stfc
    matt_ stfc

    Can you do 28 weeks later please

  • TheFlyLuciano

    I'll just leave this here: 28 days later - 2002 The walking dead issue 1 - 2003

    • Ellis Vives
      Ellis Vives

      Yeah I was looking for a comment like this.

    • TheFlyLuciano

      @TJ That's probably the reason why I didn't know it was a joke. I thought that it maybe would be one, but it wasn't funny

    • TJ

      It was supposed to be a joke it just wasn't very funny.

  • Mark Marchenko
    Mark Marchenko

    Walking dead literally ripped off this movie wtf cinemasins lol

  • Dark Cynn
    Dark Cynn

    You compared this masterpiece to rise of shitwalker..... Sorry I have to unsub after that.

  • AK420

    4:18 28 SINS LATER

  • AK420

    1:56 yep!

  • AK420

    1:40 for fucking real!

  • Mike Krier
    Mike Krier

    This entire youtube channel is absolute shit. It's like they're trying to be bad. 9m subscribers??? Are you kidding me???

  • Andre Atkins
    Andre Atkins

    I hate when your right you bastard

  • Aaliyah Leach
    Aaliyah Leach

    How cool would it be if there was a movie to complete a trilogy called 28 months time where it’s the recount of a survivor and what the last over two years was like, uncovering a whole ass journey to someone. It could jump in time with month 1-28, showing how the world has changed and adapted, the eventual outcome for humanity, and maybe even the real horror of how even through best efforts humanity was not going to survive. In the end humanity killed itself.

  • Kalani S
    Kalani S

    5:23 6:23

  • TymP321

    His clothing didn't bother me until I watched this. NOBODY wants to hang out in hospital attire. His first acts out of the place would be food and clothes - not church spelunking. I mean, it's not like he's all preachy for the rest of the movie, so why did he go there?

  • Anton Clark
    Anton Clark

    'Ripping off Walking Dead'.... Wrong, this film came out years earlier...

  • D Hertsens
    D Hertsens

    8:21 I think it's pretty clear in this universe that these are just living humans, infected with a pathogen that renders them aggressive and primal. I don't think the movie wants us to think they're dead people coming back. We just call them zombies, but they're not actually zombies. My two cents

  • saute1000

    So the scene with the rain buckets on the roof. HOW are you going to collect rain in a clothes basket.


    Joy Division came out of Manchester, the most depressing band in the world.

  • Prizrak

    Honestly I can’t believe that you managed to make such a stupid video. I thought you did research for all movies you post “sins” on, but it appears for this one you just decided to say random stupid shit

  • Prizrak

    Bruh, first time I see you made a really bad video, you didn’t even get into the movie lore or anything and are just blaming it for stupid shit from the general zombie genre Edit: I’m 3 min into the video now, and it turns out you absolutely don’t know anything about the movie and just decided to blame everything you see which doesn’t suit you

  • FL1PN0S1S

    i guaran-damn-tee 28 Months Later and 28 Years Later will come out in my life time and both will be a smashing success.

  • Leon Davies
    Leon Davies

    RIP off the walking dead when it came out before it lol

  • Bammy Plays
    Bammy Plays

    The Walking Dead rips off 28 days later

  • Darren Kirchhoff
    Darren Kirchhoff

    The first Walking Dead comic came out a year after this movie. The Walking Dead ripped off 28 Days Later.

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis

    How dare you?

  • Charlie A
    Charlie A

    This film was made in 2003 walking dead show was made in 2010 - the walking dead ripped this show off not the other way around.

  • Sam Valentine
    Sam Valentine

    sorry, I'm not convinced. no work of art can withstand this level of whining. I stopped at 3:01, the point when you questioned why his parents would not travel miles through a zombie apocalypse to deliver a note to his bedside...chuckle

  • Bee Eater88
    Bee Eater88

    maybe 10 actual sins. otherwise arbitrary observations, piled underneath bad jokes.

  • Yay

    2:55 How would his parents get to the Hospital amidst the rioting and chaos?

  • The Republic Of Ireland
    The Republic Of Ireland

    Cillian Murphy = I am interested Cillian Murphy AND Brendan Gleeson = OK this film is an instant favourite

  • persephone lilith
    persephone lilith

    Drug is NOT the past tense for drag.

  • Halfjon Umber
    Halfjon Umber

    Those aren't jet streams, they're contrails.

  • Salad Top
    Salad Top

    ThEy’Re nOt ZoMbiEs TheY’Re InfEcted

  • SynthD

    Rob Kirkman claims to never had watched 28 days later before writing the first issue. Weather that's true or not 🤷‍♂️

  • SynthD

    I'm pretty sure this movie invented the grainy footage intro cliche.

  • sAGA iGNU
    sAGA iGNU

    So the "Everything Wrong" part has been replaced with "everything I didn't like" ?

  • Agung Wiguna
    Agung Wiguna

    28 Days Later (2002) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ----------------------- watch this videos >> overloadmovies47.blogspot.com Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??......

  • Philip Byrne
    Philip Byrne

    You had a Doctor Who in this movie and you didnt make any Doctor Who jokes... For shame, Cinema Sins...