Everything Wrong With Robots In 13 Minutes Or Less
Robots is a 2005 animated film from the team behind the Ice Age movies. The Ice Age movies are way better than this one, which is just a bunch of lazy puns. Oh well, here are the sins of Robots.
Next week: sins of an all time classic, and sins of a 2019 movie that had a bit of awards buzz.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • N O S E
    N O S E

    Remember when people bought dvds? That's what I used to watch this movie, Still one of my favs

  • Dr. Arradia
    Dr. Arradia

    There is nothing wrong with this movie

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder

    directed by *CHRIS* *WEGDER*

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder


  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder


  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder


  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder

    executive producer *CHOTERHGGGFH* *MELDSADRI*

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder

    edited by *SAROGFHGHGGNGNGN*

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder

    production design *WILLIAM* *JOYCE*

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder

    music by *JOHN* *POWELL*

  • Thomas' Musings
    Thomas' Musings

    This really is the most cliched movie I've ever seen.

  • Chloe Rehder
    Chloe Rehder


  • Milou uoliM
    Milou uoliM

    5:41 I choked on my food because I was laughing so hard.

  • Shattered Neko
    Shattered Neko

    was that a Hamilton referance?

  • Daybelline Muñoz
    Daybelline Muñoz

    I love the loss of control when he says “EAT MY ASS”

  • Chill Lord
    Chill Lord

    3:26 theres Sid the sloth in the back

  • Tailsdoll Goth
    Tailsdoll Goth

    Madame Gasket: Alright! Break... *Gets ad*

  • Gacha Girl Life
    Gacha Girl Life

    Alright break time! Then I got an ad-

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    And a sin to you for thinking that a car buffer can't massage you, because....it has for me 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Collin Cassidy
    Collin Cassidy

    I’m surprised he didnt sin robo sid

  • Colin Burkett
    Colin Burkett

    Let is fuckinggg rippp on robots

  • Kenya Pryor
    Kenya Pryor

    Maybe I should stop cracking my neck

  • That_one _girl
    That_one _girl

    You know when you want to watch a old kids movie but you also don't

  • Yolo 1020
    Yolo 1020

    Nice vid, I completely forgot this movie existed lol.

  • Polaris Ravioli
    Polaris Ravioli

    "chicken robots" Me: *Autobots*

    • ฬєє๒๏๏ the idiotic bunny
      ฬєє๒๏๏ the idiotic bunny

      *decepticon UwU*

  • olibre

    you god damn delinquent robot is the pinnacle of quintessential movies

  • SacredSapphireYT


  • VEX


  • MarioSonic4life

    theyre reviewing nostalgic animated 2000's movies! quick, someone recommend the polar express!

  • TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89
    TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89

    Ah, Hamilton references give me life (At 5:27)

  • Cameron Jacobs
    Cameron Jacobs

    Hey, At least this universe makes a lot more sense than the Cars universe

  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    I have three good reasons why this movie is so great! 1. It has a comedian acting as one of the characters, 2. It has a decent plot, 3. And lastly, Hilarious all the time.


    god the robot with the big one makes me wanna do things

  • Moritz Fanaccount
    Moritz Fanaccount

    The thumbnail feels creepier than my Halloween profile picture

  • ً

    It's a mix of jazz and funk it's called junk

  • Splat Kirby
    Splat Kirby

    I already found something wrong with the video. The film is perfect

  • Radio Star
    Radio Star

    Movie was still lit

  • paul penguin and his freind
    paul penguin and his freind


  • Colby Cook
    Colby Cook

    Piper... Viper... Robot... Synth... OH MY GOD, GET THE BROTHERHOOD!

  • E A
    E A

    It took me until I lost see this movie (about 2 years ago) to get the "we wanted a boy, right?" Joke

  • The bean squad Ring leader
    The bean squad Ring leader

    5:38 if it’s hammered in then how- ok

  • Duncan Askildson
    Duncan Askildson


  • Amatsu Mikaboshi
    Amatsu Mikaboshi

    Hey guys, if you read this, some channel named "Everything Wrong With" stole your videos and is getting a lot of attention from your hard work, I would report them for copyright but *I* can't since it's not my table, just letting you know.

  • valentine._.

    thank you for the Hamilton pun

  • Joaquin Zelaya
    Joaquin Zelaya

    Did anyone notice a robot Sid from ice age

  • Zach Nino
    Zach Nino

    Why does this channel nick pick every thing about this movie. Like this movie was a dope ass kids movie

  • EZRA

    The fucking sweeper thing gave me nightmares

  • Pain Incorporated
    Pain Incorporated

    Big weld

  • Ryan Santiago
    Ryan Santiago

    My favorite part Would u like to take it out and ask it

  • Sigfús Viðar Magnússon
    Sigfús Viðar Magnússon

    I love this guy And I love this channel



  • microwave burritos
    microwave burritos

    this movie needs upgrades people, upgrades

  • Draven Oliver
    Draven Oliver

    Yeah what in the Everlasting f

  • Rennoc

    1. Not funny 2. Cliche jokes 3. You had to pay for it

  • Rebeccah Connor
    Rebeccah Connor

    Who knew an a**hole could be absolutely hilarious?

  • LSI associate
    LSI associate

    Ad timing is perfect, 4:18 Alright everyone, break time! ‘Political advertisement’ Break times over!

  • Grug The pirate caveman
    Grug The pirate caveman

    This is a legendary movie

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Like this movie Robots 2005 DVD

  • Pennywise the CIown
    Pennywise the CIown

    This movie is A M A Z I N G!

  • Tropical storm Ryan
    Tropical storm Ryan

    I love the video, good work, but who the hell doesn't know that TV sins is owned by cinemasins?

  • Lydia Lonidier
    Lydia Lonidier

    1. would you like to take it out and ask it 2. I believe Aaron Burr said that.

  • Total Failure
    Total Failure

    I don’t know why, but Mr. Bigweld was one of my favorite movie characters for some reason.

  • Matthew Shepherd
    Matthew Shepherd

    Your comments make me laugh way more than most of these "comedy" movies that you review.

  • Fawn_Draws


  • Wolf 3100
    Wolf 3100

    Add a sin for the Sean Connery “Shaken, Not Stirred.” Reference.

  • _ TyDiAl _
    _ TyDiAl _

    ♾ sins for sinning this movie.

  • Jr. Baker
    Jr. Baker

    5:24 love the Hamilton reference

  • Eden Lehner
    Eden Lehner

    I'm giving this episode 10 sins for the obvious attempt to make a cringy parody and making my ears bleed for nearly 5 seconds. 6:13

  • Oleh Malyarchuk
    Oleh Malyarchuk

    This guy is really bashing my childhood

  • Obi Wan
    Obi Wan

    12:59 I approve of this reference

  • Psychothib

    Watches video : pardon me, is this Hamilton sir ?

  • Hyenabro


  • Charlie Roberts
    Charlie Roberts

    The only thing I can remember about this film is the domino scene. It's a lot weirder than I remember

  • Mr. Fade
    Mr. Fade

    Ahh yes, everything spoilers!! Wrong duh.. with Robots

  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith

    Cinema ur wrong, this is a masterpiece with nothing wrong to it

  • CarlEdwardsFan99

    "this won't hurt a bit son" *top 10 last words before disaster*

  • Thisisarobbery

    “Where’s that extra piece?” “We did want a boy right?” “What the actual f**k”

  • Houndoom of SSF2
    Houndoom of SSF2

    Wow. You almost made me dislike this movie

  • unconquerable_slime

    "Upgrades people Upgrades!"

  • kalmpanik

    This movie made 8 year old me almost snap my own neck every time it felt stiff

  • Daisy Gaudette
    Daisy Gaudette

    If I was in this universe it would be so much easier to be trans

  • CLuv

    2005!?!? Not bad

  • Viola Blu
    Viola Blu

    greatest singing ever ur gonna get into disney i think

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil

    As soon as I saw this, I wanted to give this some positive points as I clearly liked this film but I mostly came for Robin Williams' character Fender for the most part.

  • R Gilbert
    R Gilbert

    All of the modes of robot transport are supposed to be what they look like, jokes, canned comedy, SLAPSTICK!

  • Bruh Man
    Bruh Man

    Changing oil every 3 months? How much are you driving?

  • Akari_ protegen
    Akari_ protegen

    1:13 d-do I even need to explain why I pointed this out

  • Saiki?

    When she says break time an ad pops up

  • סיון קאופמן
    סיון קאופמן

    Dad: This won't hurt a bit, son Also dad: *proceed to hit his kid in the privet area with hammer to put the male part back*

  • Everything Is ok
    Everything Is ok

    5:37 Is she a journalist I gurentee at least half of you didnt get the refrence

  • Ollie Bee
    Ollie Bee


  • Uwe Wendefeuer
    Uwe Wendefeuer


  • Alexis Tangman
    Alexis Tangman

    5:35 The moment Jeremy gave up.

  • Yeetboi Fraser
    Yeetboi Fraser

    Everyone is mad at cinema sins for covering this movie and hating it. Same

    • Ze Spy Crab
      Ze Spy Crab

      Yeetboi Fraser yeah it’s mostly for that. I’d suggest going to a channel called Chariii5 if you haven’t already. It basically does some of the same thing but for games.

    • Yeetboi Fraser
      Yeetboi Fraser

      Ze Spy Crab oh I didn’t know that

    • Ze Spy Crab
      Ze Spy Crab

      He doesn’t hate it. This is for comedy and entertainment purposes ONLY

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez

    9:33 Anyone else hear him say “Domilos”?😂

    • Ze Spy Crab
      Ze Spy Crab


    • Ollie Bee
      Ollie Bee


  • sam john
    sam john

    the creators of the film should put 1's and 0's instead of gibberish on the words that are filler

  • THAT Guy
    THAT Guy

    I think I still have the scratched up disk for this sitting in my tv’s tray.

  • ciaradswim

    lost my shit at domilows

  • o

    I just watched it since I found the dvd in my house like legit dvd case of the movie (probably bought in 2010 since i wasn't old enough to watch it yet in 2005) and the quality still looks pretty great, and its overall a very fun movie that i still love

  • squiltz ztliuqs
    squiltz ztliuqs

    kill da clanckers

968 ming