Everything Wrong With Annihilation in Mind Melting Minutes or Less
Annihilation is Alex Garland's follow-up to the fantastic Ex Machina. Is it as good? Kinda. Is it more confusing? Kinda. Is it rad but weird? Completely. Does it have sins? Absolutely.

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Thursday: Sins of a recent comic movie.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • CinemaSins

    Sarlaac-throated croc-a-shark.

    • kusai001

      02:13 if you think this sleeping position is weird then how I use to sleep when I got drunk would blow your mind. I would place pillow on the ground, maybe two. Then I would put a blanket over my shoulders, kneel down in front of the pillow, plop my face into the pillows.

    • rudy nosa
      rudy nosa

      Is that your real voice?

    • montel Dublin hope
      montel Dublin hope

      I sleep

    • montel Dublin hope
      montel Dublin hope

      Hi cinemasins can you do a latest update revertevil movie cinemasins video on it.

    • montel Dublin hope
      montel Dublin hope

      Go on new star war movie

  • One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime
    One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime

    2:34 you really have a valid point it’s like if someone was talking to Lebron james and said to him you play basketball. Like no shit he does and there is a different way to explain her job which they already did earlier in the movie when she was teaching her class so why is she bringing it up again

  • Ylena Green
    Ylena Green

    I feel so personally attacked by what you just said Yours, Weirdo that sleeps like that

  • Code_ Creaper'
    Code_ Creaper'

    Cinemasins:Who Sleeps like THAT?! Me: I DO

  • TrueGodTachanka

    One thing I hated about this movie was the clear lack of thought by the writers. One, how was the Shimmer COMPLETELY unknown by the general population? It's taking up a major portion of Louisiana or whatever. There is absolutely no way that not one citizen walked by and thought, "what the fuck is that huge glowy bubble dome?" That shit should've been on EVERY media outlet on the planet. Two, why did they never send reconnaissance teams? They said that they've sent multiple teams with animals and vehicles before, but they didn't have the slightest clue what is in the inside of the Shimmer. They didn't tell even one team to go in, do some research for 20 minutes, then come immediately back? They sent EVERY team STRAIGHT into the Shimmer for full missions. That's some dumb shit.

  • mkjuhuiolkopiuhgvcfd xseaszsdcxdsrft
    mkjuhuiolkopiuhgvcfd xseaszsdcxdsrft

    This movie makes women even look more useless

  • jema021

    “Shimmer Limmer Ding Dong” I’m dead 🤣🤣

  • A A
    A A

    this movies is not from Hollywood

  • Captain Deathsquirrel
    Captain Deathsquirrel

    The book was just as stupid. I was hoping the movie would help. It did not.

  • Corrie Henry
    Corrie Henry

    I just have to say I’m listening to this on my late night 2 AM drive so I don’t fall asleep. I’ve already seen this video 2 other times... but this man is hilarious and I very much appreciate the way he critiques and shows prays when due 😂🤟🏾

  • Corn slice
    Corn slice

    The movie sin counter should be changed to "how many shitty jokes can i spew out counter". Thank god you arent a writer for any of these films

  • Tea Circle Sis
    Tea Circle Sis

    the book was amazing but i gotta say i like the movies ending better.

    • Tea Circle Sis
      Tea Circle Sis

      like there is so much more cool imagery they could have shown.

  • TheOtherSteel

    00:08 -- "Forty-five seconds of logos." Me -- Clicks thumbs down over worthless billionth complaint about logos that means and does nothing.

  • oliver

    shephard's throat was mangled but her face was fine, it didn't mesh DNA, I think it's implied it took her voice box

  • lolo18181616

    Sin: There is no way Poe Dameron and Princess Amidala ... oh my bad.

  • Jussie Smollet
    Jussie Smollet

    What an aggravating UZload channel.

  • W R
    W R

    Delete your channel.

  • Corksy

    Sentence: Heelllp meeee!

  • Neyonius

    I never thought I'd be sinning the sinners, but they did try intermediate coms and drone tests, it was exposited as part of the bland 30 minute setup. I'll give you the sin for the lack of quick return expeditions.

  • Djordje Simic
    Djordje Simic

    Wasn't it easier to get to the lighthouse via the water like get some boats and get to the lighthouse

  • manifestgtr

    It’s funny to think that this video has only slightly fewer views than dollars this movie made at the box office. Goes to show the depressing intellectual state our country’s in. “Womyn in filmz!” *heres ghostbusters and charlies angels for your consumption*

  • Aura WolfMoon
    Aura WolfMoon

    I lost it at "shamma-lamma ding dong"

  • anyahere

    "she wakes up in this position and my question is: who the feck sleep in this position??" me: Ima see myself out.


    Personally the soundtrack was better than the movie, I spent o good portion of time with my eyes closed listening to the music

  • Collom McGroth
    Collom McGroth

    I'm perplexed. Is there a method to giving out sins, because sometimes he'll make a remark that seems positive but then give a sin?

  • Yukari's Gear Reviews
    Yukari's Gear Reviews

    "this all female team of scientists doesn't feel forced and is totally badass" are you sure about that

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft

    This movie was pretty good, but....I still have no idea what the ending meant

  • Superintendent Chalmers
    Superintendent Chalmers

    This movie always gave me some odd "Parasite Eve" vibes.

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino

    I'm suprised he didn't take sins away for the humanoid mimic creature. That thing terrified me much more than knock off SCP-939

  • Polish Filipino
    Polish Filipino

    7:24 The person that said it was a trick of the light was a paramedic. And she literally says she was one for 10 years in that very scene. So that scientist joke dosen't really work for her. But still, because she is a paramedic why is she so doubtful about what she's seen? She literally said that she scrapes bodies off the side of the road. But that disturbs her so easily? I mean, I know a normal person would but like she should have experience with crazy stuff like that

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head

    The hell is all about ?

  • Cory Holt
    Cory Holt

    So no one tried to light this on fire, ever? Until end of movie? You've lost it people of wood and holly.

  • Cory Holt
    Cory Holt

    Crocodile scene was fine, they don't kill every thing in sight and they don't go to war for chicken wings. Sin the rest lol had ther bin more than one, yeah least two people would definitely not make it.

  • iwatchkittenvids45

    I thought the whole metaphor behind this movie was that it's about self-annhilation &relationships. She cheated on her husband, was forced to fight herself or a reflection of herself. They both went on a journey into the shimmer. They lost days, were confused, became parts of each other but lost part of themselves, only to come back to each other not quite the same. At least I felt it something like that

  • Monty Su
    Monty Su

    she wasn't a scientist she was a paramedic, that's why she reacted how she did and the others didn't

  • Asia Jordan
    Asia Jordan

    ghost buster walking into another dimension 4:58?

  • Funt Claps
    Funt Claps

    Fool me once shame on you. But teach a man to fool me and I'll be a fool for the rest of my life.

  • N E W T I N G Z!
    N E W T I N G Z!

    "i think this movie started as science fiction and has taken a journy to science fucktion!!" got me dead yall!!

  • N E W T I N G Z!
    N E W T I N G Z!

    "hes got bars yall" amirite??!!

  • Devika B.
    Devika B.

    "The movie is so different than the book" and for once I'm glad. The book was scary af. The movie was a visual masterpiece but only okay as sci-fi horror. I guess, that's just because I've read the book.

  • MzNaeture π
    MzNaeture π

    Science what the fuktion 😆

  • Yulberries

    This movie gets 100 sins off because of shirtless Oscar Issac. That’s it

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes

    If this was supposed to be in Sochi it is stupid. Sounds like most of it was compliments. The movie was pretty good to me and I agree with the compliments. I thought the movie had a good story I thought the movie was scary were needed to be and was phenomenal and beautiful where it needed to be. The bear scene was creepy and the alligator part was kind of cool. And I did like the part with the deers and the animals and seeing the trees the shapes of human which was kind of scary but beautiful all at the same time. The very end was trippy.

  • Projekt Azureus
    Projekt Azureus


  • Fred Landry
    Fred Landry

    It’s a very different kind of Sci Fi Film.

  • Sam Khalil
    Sam Khalil

    I watched this at 4am when I was 14-15. I can’t describe what I was feeling after watching that. I’m mad u didn’t show the gator or the bear talking

  • Emily Joplin
    Emily Joplin

    My friend made a disturbing point after we watched this movie. If an alien race wanted to survive, if one or even two existed on earth they could slowly combine their genetics to the human race over generations, ensuring their survival and it's kinda like an invasion... so thanks to my friend I had trouble sleeping for a week.

  • mr snoop
    mr snoop

    stalker basically

  • kusai001

    11:29 there are 9 torsos in this scene four in the background and five in the foreground. They did use all of their supplies from the looks of it. Kind of hard to count but it seems there is the near if not proper amount of limbs as well.

  • kusai001

    09:46 I think they're implying that this thing affects people, animals, and plants on a quantum level.

  • Brodacious Bro
    Brodacious Bro

    “This makes as much sense as the Shimmer refracting my ball-sack” 😂😂

  • Lakshmi Priya
    Lakshmi Priya

    2:11 Girls on periods? C R A M P S

  • Anton Larsson
    Anton Larsson

    Not gonna sin the fact that they referred to a paramedic as a scientist?

  • Football Club David
    Football Club David

    It sucked. Some of the sets for the environment were really well done though.

  • pharmguy730

    Um..."Natalie Portman is not my GF here..."?

  • pharmguy730

    One of the BEST! And I'm only half way thru!... And I think I just wet myself

  • D Log
    D Log

    9:40 hold on there mate; the actual scientific reasoning is that it stimulated environmental bacteria to randomnly plunge DNA sequences from a host into another, or so.

  • Mr Pendent
    Mr Pendent

    the bear rocked. Otherwise, this movie (and book) sucked. Like, a lot.

  • Dolphin

    Not evil suckin them in but good suckin them off

  • Rory Forbes
    Rory Forbes

    I've never seen a film with less to say about anything using the worse acting imaginable to say it. I'm guessing the cast were right out of acting school, except what's her name from Star Wars.

  • Clint Benson
    Clint Benson

    I always hated that bs explanation for the bear's screaming being "their mind's melded before she died" too. Literally makes it 100 times scarier to think that the bear was consciously mimicking human screams to hunt down more humans as well as being 100 times more believable.

  • Gooey Goo
    Gooey Goo

    This movie looks like survarium

  • Nicolas

    I like CinemaSins but I don’t like when he puts a sin on things that aren’t sins like his own pun

  • Lark88

    10 sins should be added for how much this movie is not like the book.

  • Ludvig Hansson
    Ludvig Hansson

    I want whatever drugs Jeremy is smoking, if there's a strange glowy thing and whoever enters doesn't come out, in what fucking universe is "teleportation" a more likely explanation than "it kills you"?

  • Scott Halloween
    Scott Halloween

    #1 didn’t credit HP lovecraft for the idea.

  • Janko M.
    Janko M.

    Main point of the movie: just because you think something is fighting you, it doesn't mean, that it is actually fighting you. Only Natalie Portman's character figured out, that shimmer is not actively trying to kill them. At the end, she learned its behavior. It is the same knowledge, as shown by Hiccup by his first encounter with Toothless in HTTYD, and by Elsa during fight with fire lizard in Frozen 2.

  • Nosmo King
    Nosmo King

    Much has been made about the all female combat team. On the one hand the director put them in the only way that would work, by not pointing it out. The combat teams were interchangeable except that one member had been in a relationship with the prior team, and they could have been men, women, or robots. On the other, a multi-racial all female team of soldiers who are also highly skilled scientists seems only to punch brownie points with the PC crowd. It was distracting, and the rest of the movie didn't help as It was trying to be profound but really failed. A place that morphs with your fears has been done better in movies like the 1972 Solaris or the 1979 Stalker. Maybe the Russians have an angle on it.

  • joão ed
    joão ed

    Okay, i have to say this movie started fine, with the military stopping the ambulance and taking them to the "area X", well, she had a orange uniform when woke up so.. if we guess correctly, if she had refused the job or got released and talked about it, was one step away from "indefinite detetion", one ticket to Guantanamo Bay detention camp, being considered a terrorist or threat to national security. So, okay, for some miracle she managed to get the trust of the leader there, and got a job, so, what do they do ? they sent her right away into the 'weird dome thing' with more civilians with her, okay, sure, they need data, so far i get it. But lets start with their gear, no CBRNe (hazmat suit variant made for hostile enviroments) no ballistic helmet + vest, no night-vision devices, not even headtorches, flashlights, or underbarrel flashlights for their M16's, same for their rifles too, no scopes, underbarrel grenade launchers, supressors, only raw M16 and some ammo, sure, okay, they might not need such fancy stuff probably but, for such kind of operation, would be expected some high budget from the ARMY, NAVY or whoever is in charge of it. Okay but, lets say they don't have a lot of budget to do it, and only volunteers was allowed to get inside that thing, and not a single military employee was idiot enough to risk their lives doing it, or they didn't had credentials to get someone to do the job and only those civilians, and one single person with proper combat knowledge was allowed to be sent. At least i think their budget would cover gas masks, nitrile gloves, military uniforms, geiger counters, headtorches,flares, flare pistols, glowsticks,basic ballistic protection,sidearms, and actually using their M16's sling instead of dropping their rifle on the floor. Really, the movie was interesting but some scenes which happened woudn't have been such a problem if they actually had someone with military training there(plot holes), like, scouting the area first to see if its all clear so they could set a camp, or the house near the lake when one of them got dragged by the alligator, if they had checked the area instead of staying like had no threat near them, woudn't have happened, also, what is wrong with everyone dropping their rifles on the floor ? Rifles have slings for a reason, and lets say about the area they stayed the night at, had no one taking turns to make sure no one (or anything) breach the perimeter, also, if they had flares, at any sign of threat, they could've used a flare pistol to shoot a flare in the air to get some light source, (or use a M16 with a M203 grenade launcher + flare shell) to get some light source. Another thing i don't get it.. some of their equipment work, and some don't, but the cameras they found work, so.. having go pro's there woudn't be a problem, and then comes the question, why they didn't had a go pro or some sort of portable video cameras with them ? (or like with the army nowadays, with cams integrated in their helmets), at least with the recording, they would know what happened with the 4 days that they don't remember and have some sort of amnesia. Another problem, lack of chain of command.. they wasn't acting like professionals, sure, most of them was civilian, but not even Lena(the protagonist) was acting like they should, giving orders, making them to obey and explain the threats to go out there alone in a hostile enviroment, making sure to get everyone safe, teach them how to properly use a rifle (trigger discipline, how to properly aim, how to reload, how to use the trigger safety, to always treat the rifle like its loaded all the time and to not point at one each other,etc) Okay, enough of military gear and combat stuff, lets talk about the plants now, sure, have great plants there, and animals mutations, amazing, but they still have to remember the risks of: parasites,viruses,bacteria,fungi,prions,viroids,algae,radiation and other kinds of enviromental hazards, so, seeing them touch plants and animals without proper gear like gas mask, CBRNe or hazmat gear (they do not even have nitrile or latex gloves + a cheap made in china respirator) And of course, if you was a scientist taking samples with proper protection gear, you woudn't be idiot enough to do it with your bare hands, you would use a botany forceps to collect the sample, put in a plastic bag, and get the hell out of there as soon as you can to examine your samples. This movie kind pissed me off with the plot holes, and how cheap they could be to not even have flashlights or proper protection gear against the enviroment, lack of combat training (reasonable for almost everyone, except the protagonist) lack of chain of command,lack of sampling kits, lack of traning to hostile envrioments (like Lena putting her face right next to the mushrooms which killed one of the guys which died before) Thats it, sorry for my bad english (english isn't my main language) useful links about what i talked here below. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pathogen#Types_of_pathogens en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sling_(firearms) research.fit.edu/media/site-specific/researchfitedu/applied-biogeography/documents/protocols/Herbarium-Sample-Collection-Protocol.pdf en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night-vision_device www.argonelectronics.com/blog/what-is-the-difference-between-hazmat-and-cbrne en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indefinite_detention en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guantanamo_Bay_detention_camp en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M203_grenade_launcher

    • Josh Winthrop
      Josh Winthrop

      Woah mate... This is a lot of nitpicking. I feel like you're missing the point. The movie is a metaphor for self-destructive behavior and change of indentity. But props for taking the time to give us a lesson on proper protection in the shimmer.

  • SuperRemotecontroler

    you shold read the books, the first one is much better than the movie

  • Kelly Parker
    Kelly Parker

    Kind of surprised you didn't sin: *get attacked by Shark-Croc* *immediately climb into small canoes and paddle out into the water*

  • Terry Prothero
    Terry Prothero

    For scientists, these people aren't very cautious. If nothing ever comes out, the first thing I would do is walk in and walk right back out again to see if that works. If it does, set up a camera there and do some other tests right by the edge of this thing. Don't go on some extended journey into something that will almost certainly kill you. That's just stupid. And why risk an entire team of people before you do a basic test like this? If one person goes in and doesn't come out, you know not to send other people in.

  • Blood Eagle
    Blood Eagle

    This movie fuckin sucked why....women

  • Roberto Montes de Oca
    Roberto Montes de Oca

    Im surprised that you skipped the: "What is that?" "I don't know" moment. Its clearly a giant fungus that sprawled from the abdominal area of that guy. And the girl that freaks out not because she saw he fucking fungus sprawling out of a human being, but because she found the knife. All of these, without even wearing some protection. Even a piece of cloth might even do.

  • Melante Palantur
    Melante Palantur

    evrything about this guy's videos is annoying

  • Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions
    Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions

    Holy shit, a movie with less than 100 sins within only 12 minutes? It cannot fucking be.

  • Rick Hibdon
    Rick Hibdon

    I had high hopes for this movie..... i was wrong...

    • thedivineparagon

      Me too. I was so disappointed.

  • Satrez

    Blow it up would work.?

  • Hannahtheseal

    I am only going to say this because I was a lifeguard, but the pool at 7:58 probably has a deep end with no diving blocks because it is made specifically for practicing water rescues. You don’t dive in to rescue someone because you need to maintain visual contact as much as you can, so no diving board. And yes there is also a shallow end because when rescuing someone you brings them to the shallows.

  • Dagmahra

    There's something else that seems stupid to me : they decided to sleep on the top of the tower but kept watch on the ground below. How does that make sense? Wouldn't it be better to keep watch from higher point where the monster couldn't sneak up on them so easily?

  • James Mullins
    James Mullins

    The screaming demon bear is absolutely the most eerie and terrifying thing I have seen in a movie.

  • Dee Savage
    Dee Savage

    That "Help Me!" Bear fucked me up for a week

  • Dee Savage
    Dee Savage

    My ex made me watch this movie. Thought it would be a boring chick flick but it kinda changed my life *Ding*

  • jcoronet2000

    perfectly symmetrical violence never solved anything!

  • jcoronet2000

    this movie, interstellar, and arrival all start with brilliant premises then go 1970's drug trip at the end.

  • Big Booty Judy
    Big Booty Judy

    This movie is a true test to how awful and bad a movie can be while trying to fool people into thinking that it is actually a good movie.

  • ThatSlaik

    I thought it had something to do with the 4th dimension since it showed a tesseract at the as that cloud formation thing.

  • amanda claireon
    amanda claireon

    everything is energy , the shimmer does make sense. it's just you failed to understand that physical things are just made up of atoms which are just waves functions of energy and can change form under the right conditions or with certain forms of alterations of vibrations , tesla said the secrets of the universe can be explained in one simple word VIBRATIONS

  • Matt Nimbus
    Matt Nimbus

    ;earn quantum physics bruh, everything is a wave

  • Matt Nimbus
    Matt Nimbus

    A good feminine film, with relatable deep characters, they arent 1-dimensional mary sues, they have flaws and thoughts of their own. the feminist movies that hollywood pushes at us and we say they arent good have unrelatable "perfect" characters which makes a bad movie. This and Fury Road are the best feminist films in recent memory and they're ignored by hollywood for a crappy ghostbusters remake

  • Mica B
    Mica B

    So cells double like phone memory?

  • Riddle Me this
    Riddle Me this

    Scp foundation is what that is

  • Dyonivan

    4:58 "This all female crew is a matter of fact part of the story and never feels forced." Except... it was forced. Included with all of the other nonsense theories by the least sciency scientists to ever science (including Natalie Portman who is an actual scientist in real life!) was that the reason all the other teams failed was because there were men in them. She didn't even say that the teams were ALL men, just that men existed in the teams. Men were supposedly the problem and only women with their tough as nails vulvas could save the world. You sure that wasn't forced?

  • Ruufus De Leon
    Ruufus De Leon

    This movie scared me and irritated me and enthralled me and confused me. Thumbs up.

  • Nuala Watson
    Nuala Watson

    The bear was terrifying but otherwise it was so bad. I wished they had more animal encounters like the croc and bear

  • Elisha Gaskins
    Elisha Gaskins

    Oscar Isaac taking his shirt off lol also fuck yea girl power!!

  • Sapphir

    2:10 movies rape victims?

  • Evolved Gunt
    Evolved Gunt

    This area exists in a world with SAC SLBMs and ICBMs

  • Judson Gaiden
    Judson Gaiden

    Seems like they drew inspirado from S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro, Half-Life, and Halo.

  • Christopher Parker
    Christopher Parker

    That f@cking bear tho. Couldn’t finish my ice cream after