Everything Wrong With Back To The Future Part III
Ever since we sinned the first two... many of you have been demanding we sin the third and final Back to the Future movie, Back to the Future III.
And it's a pandemic, and no new movies have been released in a while, and we are looking for things to sin so we thought... hey, why not appease that group of folks clamoring for the sins of Back to the Future III?
So we did it. Sue us.
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  • Queen B Vanity
    Queen B Vanity


  • Ian Jancoski
    Ian Jancoski

    I know that this is all for fun with your sins, but I feel that so many were explained in this movie. I do want to say that I work for a railroad and 3am would not be a better time to time travel on the tracks. Most freight trains run during the night especially in areas that have heavy commuter train traffic during the day,

  • Manning Oran
    Manning Oran

    I f****ing LOVE❤ BACK TO THE FUTURE© and Michael J Fox🇨🇦

  • William Stout
    William Stout

    When Marty goes back to the old west there should be two DeLorean's

  • Michael Deaton
    Michael Deaton

    I do love this movie, but the one big thing that has bugged me about it you kind of touched on. The Gas part. In the first movie Marty actually asks if the car is nuclear Doc said no this sucker is electrical but he needed the plutonium to generate the 1.21 Gigawatts of electricity which was for flux capacitor. That was replaced with the garbage and mr fusion but the car he clearly said was an electric car so why did they need gas at all. And if for some reason they did need gas where is the gas from the car he berried for them to find he would have had to drain the fuel knowing that it would gum up after 100 years so what did he do with it?

  • Oliver Petroski
    Oliver Petroski

    For the off road driving, the film makers used a VW Beetle since a Delorean is too low. So what you see is a VW beetle bottom with Delorean top. Also It would be realistic that Biff looked like Bufford since they are related but how come Martys ancestors all looked the same. Are they inbred? Ok Marty could look like his great great great granfather, but it turns out that his mother who is from totaly different family married his father but looks exactly like his great great great grandmother from the blood line from his fathers side. Also the Delorean would leave tire tracks when moving it espetially through town even if they did it in 2 am which the people would have seen the tire tracks after sunrise and atract a lot of unwanted attention.

  • serge014

    4:09=He only says "Great Scott" in the first movie three times.

  • Michael Giovinazzi
    Michael Giovinazzi

    After doing a Wikipedia search on Clint Eastwood, 1955 Revenge of the Creature lists Eastwood as Uncredited. Therefore, 1955 Doc Brown still wouldn't know Clint Eastwood by name. A year later, and Doc might have totally remembered Eastwood's name from his role on Death Valley Days.

  • Ronin75

    Hold on... Didn't doc stash away his delorean for Marty to discover in 1955? Why didn't they just siphon gas and take the necessary parts out of that delorean and put it in the current delorean? It's not like those necessary parts aren't replacable in 1955. Doc said it himself; gas wouldn't be available until the next century, and there's a Texaco gas station in 1955. 1955 Marty and Doc would have had no problem replacing those parts to send Marty back to 1885 and securing the timeline.

  • Abz Zbz
    Abz Zbz

    How come nobody talks about the fact that when Marty travels back, now there are TWO delorians in 1855! When Marty travels back to 1985 in the end, Doc could have easily fixed his original Delorian instead of creating a flying train cart. Regardless BTTF is my all time fav movie series.

  • gymguy25

    8:02 LOLZ :D :D :D

  • Tzadik Vanderhoof
    Tzadik Vanderhoof

    They could have found out it was Clint Eastwood that feel into the ravine from the hijacked train crew describing what they looked like

  • Richard Long
    Richard Long

    Of the many plot holes in most time travel movies - this one (BTTF 3) has the biggest! Doc Brown hides the DeLorean in a cave in 1885 which Marty and the Doc recover and use to return Marty from 1955. When Marty arrives in 1885 there are now two DeLorean's - the one he is driving and the same car hidden in the cave full of gasoline and all the spare parts they would ever need. Love ya channel guys - keep up the good work.

  • Ryan Tiller
    Ryan Tiller

    Wanna know theeeeeeeee best line in this movie iM yOuNG I’M OLD

  • gyrolabs

    Life is not simple as either black or white at most situations as most of your derivations here assumes otherwise as if coming from a 6 year old.. you even explain many of them yourself but not satisfied as if it's impossible

  • Justin Ratcliffe
    Justin Ratcliffe

    Uh, CinemaSins, not to be rude or anything but what exactly do you have against the Scottish and Irish?

  • Quieda Joseph
    Quieda Joseph

    Sin for a random guy from the old west using the word "dude". Seriously? Come on writers! Just make him say "Great Scott" and get it over worth.

  • Tim DeLeon
    Tim DeLeon

    How did you not comment about Docs kids pointing at his bits at the end of the movie. One of the weirdest scenes ever and no comment!!!!

  • GLitCh101

    When he screamed I need fuel he was talking about the flux compacitor

  • GLitCh101

    No don’t you fucking dare

  • Peter griffin 69
    Peter griffin 69

    I just watched all the movies by watching this guys videos

  • Clint Waylan
    Clint Waylan

    Can you do one on Young Guns I and Young Guns II? There are several historical inaccuracies in both movies.

  • Clint Waylan
    Clint Waylan

    Marty: I'll have uh ice water Bartender: Water? If you want water you need go dunk your head in that horse-trough out there. In here we pour whiskey." Except for the water they use to clean the shot glasses with and to make Sarsaparilla.

  • kewldude 99
    kewldude 99

    how dare you

  • train guy
    train guy

    yet if all these "sins" were fixed then the movie would be a lot more boring

  • wheeeeeha

    You guys sin the whole"runs on fuel" thing,but ignore gas had more lead in it in the 50's.

  • Christopher Nunez
    Christopher Nunez

    At 10:35 You said "I'm pretty sure only Buford did that". You can clearly see his partner to the right handing over his gun belt at that very second. Why do we have to do your job Cineamasins?

  • chingamami

    I give this video a sin for making me watch the trailer for Fire Birds. That is time I will never get back.

  • henry nenjamin
    henry nenjamin

    It was actually china not japan in the vhs he said china they had to change because of Chinese censorship

  • yeetmaster_38 oz
    yeetmaster_38 oz

    also how the living fuck did dock come up with this time-traveling train bs because he also said in the movie he couldn't fix the Delorean because of the technology of his time so how the hell did he just make one from scratch I say add a sin

  • Jay B
    Jay B

    Damnit now everytime I watch a movie, I wait for narration. Didnt realize how few movies dont have it

  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    14:04 Clara had gone to Doc's shop and seen Doc's model-railroad depiction of the time machine and the windmill, so she would have known to check out the area along the tracks near the windmill.

  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    13:55 I think the idea is that *just that one gravestone* was no longer present, not that the whole cemetery was gone. The photo was a close-up shot to show the stone's wording as clearly as possible, and the stones in the cemetery were fairly widely spaced apart, so it is indeed conceivable that there would be no other graves in that particular small area that the camera had captured.

  • Fred Seaborne
    Fred Seaborne

    1:28 No, Marty said "you", not "we".

  • Steve H
    Steve H

    This is blasphemy. You have gone to far.

  • Isacho 06
    Isacho 06

    .who else is glad that the series is on netflix now?

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    Don't try to make sense out of any form of time travel, you'll just drive yourself nuts. Then you'll have to go back in time to find a mental asylum to check yourself into.

  • John Kangas
    John Kangas

    I cant help to wonder why the Doc didnt mix kerosene and grain alcohol in a 50/50 mix. Just whiskey, it might of started. But..... We gotta have a conundrum, a calamity, a twist in the underwear and a collection of the beloved"GREAT SCOTT"!!! It would of eventually burned the valves. But 88mph would of been possible... Maybe 30/70 kerosene to alcohol. Heck...... 15-25-60.... Lamp oil, kerosene, alcohol. Lol....

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Quantum realm is better than a Deloraine,quantum realm doesn’t need petrol,just pim particles

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Cinema sins hasn’t got the gumption

  • The Spocker
    The Spocker

    you missed the part where doc brown's kid points at his crouch on the train.

  • Investors' Harbour
    Investors' Harbour

    So "Made in Japan, huh" is racist but "INDIANS, AAAAh!" is not?

  • Takuo

    9:15 Before Marty goes back in time it's clear doc met Clara thus assuming doc saved her from the cliff, so what was he doing there then? Enjoying the view? Lol

  • kalaba kibwe
    kalaba kibwe

    15:49 my guess is that 2015 marty is from the timeline that existed juuuust before biff went back in p2. ideally, marty, jennifer, and doc would’ve gone back to the timeline that was changed as a result of the events of the first film and since marty didn’t go through the “chicken” arc he would have gotten in the jeep with jennifer and raced needles. i think it’s something like that. either way, it’s probably just one of the things they didn’t think through fully. everything can’t be “earth angel”.

  • Paul Pichugin
    Paul Pichugin

    OMG The Archer reference at the end... love it.

  • alexander smith
    alexander smith

    Yo the Japan jab was historically accurate why’d you sin it for racism? Stuff from Japan in the 50’s was like stuff from China today

  • That Dude
    That Dude

    4:34 he cant send him earlier because its the letter that tells Marty what happened after he got stuck by lighting and that he's in 1885. If he's sent before Doc writes the letter he wont need to write it and I think the universe explodes or something like that.

  • Navid Pey
    Navid Pey

    If he didn’t make racist remark about things made in Japan then that makes people’s characters in the 50’s wrong

  • Navid Pey
    Navid Pey

    You didn’t mention that those vacuum tubes wasn’t enough to replace that chip, you need a room full of it, and it they will blow.

  • Navid Pey
    Navid Pey

    You wouldn’t want to give away the exact hiding place in the letter in case the people in western union actually opened the letter, actually what it’s wrong with is the fact that they found it so quickly

  • Mr Mans
    Mr Mans

    It would be a really awful thing to do but they could’ve found Clara, knocked her out, and threw her over the spot by the wagon and nobody would know the difference

  • WaxSunkenEyes

    yes it only took like 5 years

  • Super22b

    8:53 Is that the EFI?

  • Noseberg Shekelstein
    Noseberg Shekelstein

    15:43 hill valley. You need to go-to confession now

  • Noseberg Shekelstein
    Noseberg Shekelstein

    Lloyd- what if he shot you in the face Harry- 😐 what if they shot me in the face?

  • Noseberg Shekelstein
    Noseberg Shekelstein

    Why don't they distill the liquor and make it stronger

  • mike marin
    mike marin

    B T T F movies were all great, but please remember they're only movies--only stories

  • Lee San
    Lee San

    Doc Brown dog has the same name as the dog from chatty chatty bang bang Another thing His car is the same car from the karate kid Wax on Wax off hahahaha

  • Sir Ian Felix Brighton Esquire
    Sir Ian Felix Brighton Esquire

    Your ability to tear a movie apart cracks me up lol

  • Insidious DrNine
    Insidious DrNine

    @8:38, why these idiots thought horses - towing a wagon no less, could get anywhere near 88 is beyond me. Every school kid will tell you fastest land animal is the cheetah and it goes almost 80Mph.

  • Philly Cheesesteak
    Philly Cheesesteak

    There is nothing wrong with back to the future 3

  • Classical Backing Tracks
    Classical Backing Tracks

    How annoying you are, you know?

  • Odysseus Rex
    Odysseus Rex

    1:31 Marty clearly says, "YOU had a hover conversion done," not we.

  • kevin fox
    kevin fox

    A sin needs to be removed for Tom Wilson actually learning to ride a horse, and use a lasso. Yes, that is actually him, and not a stuntman, on that horse, and snagging Fox, with that lasso.

  • steeler1983

    How does Marty go from 76 MPH to full stop in 2 seconds?

  • Valerio Alberti
    Valerio Alberti

    The biggest plothole in this movie is about the gasoline problem: they completely ignored that in 1885 they have 2 deloreans: the first, who arived with doc and the second with marty. The first delorean still had gasoline in the tank: to resolve the situation they just should have taken some gasoline from it, and put it in the second.

  • NeverEvil

    The biggest sin is when they are trying to fix Marty’s Delorean after dragging it out of the cave, conveniently forget the Delorean that Doc was sent back to 1885 in. Full of gas and with an operational engine. Yes, there are 2 Deloreans in 1885 the entire time Doc and Marty are there.

  • Joshua McCarroll
    Joshua McCarroll

    wibbly wobbly timey wimey

  • Joshua McCarroll
    Joshua McCarroll

    ZZ Top is NEVER dated..


    Your a dumbass. Back then Japan didn't have the best equipment so America makes everything. Also China, and Canada.

  • Burleon


  • James alt
    James alt

    My thing that I've always wondered about this movie is in that time that they had why couldn't they have uncovered the other time machine that was buried in 1885 . Taken the gas out of it. Bury it again. Patch up the gas tank and go home.

  • BluffTrack1106 • 8 years ago
    BluffTrack1106 • 8 years ago

    You forgot a sin. At 5:00 Marty travels to 1885 and and manages to make a full stop in front of the Indians while going around 70 miles per hour. I don’t think thats possible

  • Super Lawson 2020
    Super Lawson 2020

    Your judging a classic right there.

  • Grant Walton
    Grant Walton

    I like how he never mentioned that there are now 2 deloreans in 1885 and ONE of them has gasoline in it that can still be used for the other delorean

  • Fernando Ubarr
    Fernando Ubarr

    You all are a bunch of brainless/no common sense millenials or newer generations, this is a SCIENCE FICTION movie, stop wasting your time asking ridiculous questions and posting ridiculous comments, you were not born yet when the part 3 was released.

  • sijonda

    16:26. He doesn't. It hasn't happened yet.

  • Justin Hargrave
    Justin Hargrave

    Marty didn’t say we had a hover conversion. He said well you had a hoverconversion done in the early 21st century

  • Foundation for Law and Government
    Foundation for Law and Government

    I'll be back in the future with Lada

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    But what happens when doc brown and his time travel train arrives somewhere where there’s no such thing as train tracks,I know it can fly but obviously u need the tracks to give it a headstart

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Maybe because 3am diesel trains are most likely roaring down the tracks

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Why didn’t marty shoot tannen with that colt revolver,he would have won and only copped 12 days in a 1800 jail,the century where you can literally get away with murder

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    And obviously all of biffs families are all jerks,and why call yourself clint Eastwood,I would call myself crocodile Dundee

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    U mean there’s no gas,there won’t be a gas station for the atleast a century, but I gotta admit the train pushing the time machine was pretty genius

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Was the best stuff really made in Japan,like coronavirus,the lethal weapon no one can find a cure for

  • SlayerMCRX

    Wait but didn't anyone notice a completely different sheriff? Around where Mad dog get's arrested. That's a different sheriff, since he has no golden mustache or long golden hair.

  • The Rockin' Donkey
    The Rockin' Donkey

    "Yeah, well ya had a hover conversion done..." Doesn't sound like "we" to me.

  • Jameel Aboulhosn
    Jameel Aboulhosn

    Anti-Japanese sentiment in 1955? Only 10 years after WW2 VJ day? That's racist? Do you do literally any research or put any thought into these videos?

  • Jameel Aboulhosn
    Jameel Aboulhosn

    Sphere was published in 1987. Back to the Future 3 came out in 1990. Try again.

  • Mahmut

    if i see this guy im gonna punch him in the nuts

  • ObsessedCollector

    999 dislikes?? Guess Biff has 999 accounts!

  • Ori0n1975

    My favorite is when this guy says "thaaatt's racist." He does it equally, so it's cool as well as hilarious. I imitate that whenever I see something on a video that I know someone would say that about.

  • PixiThePika

    This should just be The intro and then end.

  • Disaster Girl-X96
    Disaster Girl-X96

    No one is gonna mention how the f did Doc manage to have kids at that age ? Did he just go back in time when he was younger and asked his younger self to fertilize his future wife? Yes, I know. I'd be great at cinema sins. xD

  • Darryl Butt
    Darryl Butt


  • Ryan Elliott
    Ryan Elliott

    Take one of the sins off. The one about turning over their weapons. He says only Buford did that but you can see when he slows it down that one of Buford's men tossed it to the guy on the right. That is a sin for you CinemaSins.

  • Mersad Cehajic
    Mersad Cehajic

    Sin 192: The reason middle age Marty exist in 2015 is because the 1985 Marty returned back from 2015 to 1985 and the timeline goes on normally :)

  • joe6167

    Now, anyone who understands the mechanics of locomotives, boilers, etc. will know that absolutely nothing in the train scenes made any sense at all. Boilers just don't work "that way", and any boiler that suffered the kinds of damage you saw in the film, would have INSTANTLY exploded. Also, I can't imagine back in 1985, that the freight train wouldn't even stop, attempt to stop, call police, EMS, etc.... yeah...

    • joe6167

      @Jameel Aboulhosn Hombre... did you notice that my profile picture is literally me opening up the front end OF a steam locomotive?

    • Jameel Aboulhosn
      Jameel Aboulhosn

      You've never been anywhere near a train then.

  • Burnbaby Gaming
    Burnbaby Gaming

    I actually have a theory that doc seemed to have plenty of gas in 1955 so why didn't he just invent a sealing paste in 1885 that could seal the fuel line, then syphon the gas from the lightning struck delorean into the one they take back, so all dock and Marty have to do is get gas in 1955. It's a combustion engine. 1955 or 1985 the sucker still runs on unleaded

  • Badly_Dubbed

    It must be great to sit and try and blow holes in movies for a living. You're not meant to take them as literal.