Everything Wrong With Maleficent: Mistress of Evil In Horny Minutes
Hey, straight up, this movie is terrible. Plenty of sins, sure, and we'll count them. But we wanted to give fair warning to anyone thinking about watching this.
Alright, now onto the sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Lebogang Mogale
    Lebogang Mogale

    Well i thought Bibidy, Bobidy and Buu were Villains in DBZ Buu Saga But lets just sin that and get this over and done with *Diing*

  • Lebogang Mogale
    Lebogang Mogale

    Now thar Jeremy mentioned it The trio is always siblings and In a colour code of: Red: Blue: Green:

  • bexstar14

    Everything is going to become cliché in the future. Also you can't see the great wall of china from the moon, but you can see what you did there.

  • Ninaray DM
    Ninaray DM

    How DARE you hate on my movies! BUT... there were some freaking hilarious points! Eleventy-THOUSAND CANDLES!

  • Reported Booch 69
    Reported Booch 69

    The whole movie is was too distracted by Maleficent's wart to pay attention. Once you notice it, you can't stop looking at it.


    6:23 had me convulsing with suppressed laughter because it's three am

  • KTB runner
    KTB runner

    The candle moment had me rollinggg

  • Eepop_stuffs

    H o r n y m i n u t e s

  • Taylor Uhlman
    Taylor Uhlman

    how to train your maleficent three: the hidden world is the most accurate description everrr

  • Eric Buschmann
    Eric Buschmann

    Is it wrong my theater brain keeps getting mad when people don’t mention the Heathers when there is a group of red, blue, and yellow people. No it’s not wrong because YOU SHOULD MENTION HEATHERS!!! They are the best and should not be forgotten!😤 Ok sorry😁😂😅

  • Alexander Rique
    Alexander Rique

    Crowing about ......hahahahahaha

  • Andrew Ashmet
    Andrew Ashmet

    "Ed, Edd & Edith" Yep, I lost it.

  • Savannah Powell
    Savannah Powell

    Am I the only one that’s going to comment that a spinning wheel is not used for sewing?

  • Eat_ Donuts
    Eat_ Donuts

    1:43 holy f*** one of those pixies is fricking umbridge

  • TheWeirdOnes

    Jeremy confusing pomegranates for red onions hurts my soul

  • Rowan M
    Rowan M

    Moor is an English term for untamed grasslands. So is a place that you are on, not in.

  • ThatBoiRey

    This is one of the few movies I actually watched in theaters

  • help give me 6000 Subs with no vids
    help give me 6000 Subs with no vids


  • Sudheesh

    "Who are you" "I'm batman" 😂😂

  • Ramiro Tapia
    Ramiro Tapia

    I loved this movie and you ruiened it even more

  • Angel Mcfadden
    Angel Mcfadden

    Ticking all the racial groups during the fight scenes.This isn’t set on Earth so why Whits,Asians,Browns,Blacks etc

  • Katie Bee
    Katie Bee

    You saying "bedding ceremony" made me laugh harder then it should of

  • Sophie

    Remember when CinemaSins used to be good?

  • Sophie

    Uhh... maleficent didn't attack the men at the beginning of the film, that was Borra which is briefly explained part way through the movie. So those sins don't count...

  • Daya Putnam
    Daya Putnam

    The first movie was great- this one sucks. This one is terrible, with some weird cross between live action and animation. It’s cringe as hell

  • What are you doing IN MY SWAMP
    What are you doing IN MY SWAMP

    Half of the is aren’t sins there just what is in the movie

  • What are you doing IN MY SWAMP
    What are you doing IN MY SWAMP

    9:56 that isn’t a sin

  • Haru Nanase
    Haru Nanase

    I wish we'd have more scenes with Maleficent having her hair down ;-;

  • Nyah Gotcha life
    Nyah Gotcha life


  • Sloopy

    7:14 “I’d be nice the geography was laid out more, maybe they showed it in the first movie and I forgot. That seems like something I would do.” DING

  • Hector Guzman
    Hector Guzman

    Those were not red onions! They were pomegranates!!!

  • Gülleøn Aví
    Gülleøn Aví

    Fucking Ed, Edd and Edith had me going the most!

  • Kenjn Qwerty
    Kenjn Qwerty

    At 12:03 in that part of the movie, when maleficient was coming back, two soldiers at the back are running away, but in the next frame, they went back again.

  • Sans Your Man
    Sans Your Man

    I like this movie

  • futa hentai
    futa hentai

    11:22 you forgot to mention that there FREAKING glass windows can't they just break them and get them hell out ughhhhh

  • futa hentai
    futa hentai

    I just watch the movie for the first time I was so confused half of the time I just had to come here and see if you notice it just like I did

  • Zachary Wedemire
    Zachary Wedemire

    This is maleficent 2, I was really confused because I thought there was just one

  • SCC VanValkenburg
    SCC VanValkenburg

    "Now onto the bedding ceremony!!" How much Game of Thrones have you been watching? Not enough. We both know that the bedding ceremony only happens when the guests are being slaughtered brutally.

  • milo kulp
    milo kulp


  • Camilla Fenton-Brown
    Camilla Fenton-Brown

    He calls Pixies that are dicks, dick pixs but then theres meh thinking he could of called them Dixies.


    Actually, you scientifically can’t see the Great Wall of china from the moon. ADD A SIN!

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Trash movie. End of story.

  • D Log
    D Log

    1:08 wow, the greatest rich-poor gap ever displayed on movie industry.

  • Mercury

    I went to watch this movie in cinemas and I immediately hated it

  • jay disqus
    jay disqus

    Maleficent 7... You guys crack me up

  • jefthereaper

    Like: let me just go to the ball dressed like an evil witch instead of taking off the weird headpiece so my hair is properly visible and my horns don't look evil. while putting on a decent looking dress with bright colors instead of the robes of a necromancer.

    • jefthereaper

      @Dreamy Anon I see, I can respect you wish to leave it at this and acept the difference in our opinions. Thank you.

    • Dreamy Anon
      Dreamy Anon

      jefthereaper we *seriously* disagree but ok

    • jefthereaper

      @Dreamy Anon whatever, judging a book by the cover is not ok. But that does not mean that years of tradition and common sense dont apply. Its a simple matter of courtesy and respect. If she cant respect human tradition or rules, why should they respect hers? First step to living together is by respecting eachother, not by stubornly acting like your way is the only valid one. And hey, not saying the humans in this version were being any better, but if she's not going to make the first step, then she's just as bad as they are/were.

    • Dreamy Anon
      Dreamy Anon

      jefthereaper you missed one of the whole themes of the movie

    • Dreamy Anon
      Dreamy Anon

      jefthereaper She was wearing black lmao not the blood of all her enemies. It wasn't that deep and didn't matter what she wore. Lmao they know she's a witch. I think that's what the veil symbolized, she didn't really have to tame herself down to fit there standards lol, she's not a human. She can't just go to gap or jcpenny to get a new gown anyway. Plus she still looked dressed up enough to fit etiquette she wasn't in sweatpants lol she didn't have to make herself look less menacing or wear what made them more comfortable. ( they surely weren't worried about making her more comfy anyway). She came as Maleficent to support Aurora and that was enough.

  • jennieff81

    Yes! Yes! Mr. Anderson LOL

  • Matthew Bigelow
    Matthew Bigelow

    Maleficent is a play on the words magnificent and malevolent.

  • Nina Summerová
    Nina Summerová

    I never really paid attention to the fairies faces so I just now realised that the pink one is the same one who played Dolores Umbridge...... I'm a fucking dumbass

  • Senpai mew
    Senpai mew

    Did no one peep it says horny mins not 30 mins 😂😂😂

  • Ju Galaxy
    Ju Galaxy

    Me: **reads title** Also me: that's going to be a long video right? Don't get me wrong, that movie was ok The first one is AMAZING, I fucking love it, but the second one... eh

  • super syfy dude 1980
    super syfy dude 1980

    If I had to guess the Mistress of evil was more towards the queen rather than Maleficent

  • Layal Saleh
    Layal Saleh

    im sorry, *in how many minutes?*

  • Curious Spud
    Curious Spud

    My mother once said to the evil stepmother in snow white "malificent" at Disneyland She replied " I'm not green, nor do I have horns" We still joke about today

  • shachar movies
    shachar movies


  • li wanyao
    li wanyao

    I’ve loved you since the fir- YOU HAVEN’T MET HER THREE TIMES!!!! Also even if Dieval was allowed in, the dust wouldn’t have effected him because he was just a plain raven until Maleficent decided to turn him into a human: but even that was temporary...

  • johnny x
    johnny x

    Maybe, an alternate ending : Maleficent, all Fey, all fairies, all magical creatures are DIED. Moors kingdom destroyed. Aurora alone alive and got Maleficent's power and become the next Maleficent (the true angry evil real Maleficent). #revenge

    • Vany

      Aurora is a worthless stupid bitch She couldnt pull this off

  • Geo The Cat
    Geo The Cat

    6:20 This made me start crying. I was waching this movie and the how to train your dragon and never realuzed it looked the same

  • nnioop nnioop
    nnioop nnioop

    The first one was fine pointless but I would even call it good. This is just... GET SOME HELP DISNEY I GIVE YOU MY MONEY FOR A REASON WHEN YOU GET A GOOD IDEA IT IS GOOOOOD SO GET ONE.

  • Diamond Baker
    Diamond Baker

    3:55 Hogwarts who? 😏

  • Alan C
    Alan C

    15:11 just saying

  • Carlotta Elisa Schena
    Carlotta Elisa Schena

    They transform into ashes, being them descendants of the Phoenix

  • Corona Kuro
    Corona Kuro

    Mattress of evil? That's a ride thing to call your own mom

  • Mįnty_Crystąl ÙwÚ
    Mįnty_Crystąl ÙwÚ

    I swear to god, everytime there's flirting or wedding, whatsoever related to those two, there'd always be "Bed! Sex!" in this guy's mind.

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins

    The great wall cannot be seen from space

  • Hyperion

    The queens Hitler

  • Lullaby Luna
    Lullaby Luna

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that ppl who like this movie are supporting trash, not everyone looks at the movie this deeply they just like the magic feeling it gives them

  • S P
    S P

    You were WAY to nice to this move.

  • Lzk Daki
    Lzk Daki

    I wanna know what loooooove iiiiisssss😂😂😂😂

  • Zeke Ludlow
    Zeke Ludlow

    13:53 Sin Number 112 Best. Sin. Ever.

  • sam sam
    sam sam

    4:25 sorry hunny those are not "red onions" those are pomegranates

  • Thesourpatchkidd

    The real issue with this and the other film is that it's a disney film for kids which means a movie about a character named Maleficent who was the villain in Sleeping Beauty, who's name means "causing harm or destruction, especially by supernatural means" cannot actually be what it is promised to be. She can't be evil because she's the main character and Disney would never make a main character even a little evil- occasionally misguided with a splash of anti-hero but that's as far as it goes. which makes these movies, while occasionally pretty to look at, pointless because they can't be what they are meant to be.

    • Unicorn Bunny
      Unicorn Bunny

      Thesourpatchkidd That’s strange because in Australia, the first Maleficent movie is M-rated.

  • Tllly Jamieson
    Tllly Jamieson

    The dragon part is my favourite

  • Pepper

    noce vof

  • Riyanca Majumdar
    Riyanca Majumdar

    2:19 - In the first movie since Maleficent saved Diaval's life he said he'd be her loyal servant till the day she dies. It's his job to tell her what's going on. 3:46 - And it's even more interesting for her to be wearing that in the first place considering her only friend is technically a bird 7:35 - And besides, Maleficent never said anything when she was being accused. Any person would automatically assume she did it. So why is she so supris?

  • The Hutch
    The Hutch

    WTH?! Since when is Maleficent Aurora’s mom?!


    * There are too many humans * ( gods arguing about how to end the world and when ) Meh: How Covid 19 started....welp.. Frick we gonna die. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • c J
    c J

    Lol somehow that bit with him complaining about the candles just killed me lmao

  • PastelGuts

    9:52 had to pause it to laugh

  • Eltaurus

    It is funny how the first recommendation youtube chooses for the video about the movie starring Dakota Fanning's sister is John Oliver's video about North Dakota.

  • MilaEttema Ettema
    MilaEttema Ettema

    How to train your maleficent 3 the hidden world 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂I'M DYING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Anyelis Luciano
    Anyelis Luciano

    He is right there are too many humans

  • Tridha Mishra
    Tridha Mishra

    "How to train your Maleficent 3: The Hidden World"... I'm ded 😂😂

  • Starcycle

    That How to Train Your Dragon reference was amazing. It made me feel happy inside.

  • Giuseppe Ianniello
    Giuseppe Ianniello

    The movie is bad, but i have to admit that Michelle Pfeiffer as the villain is the only good thing about it

  • Erin Toney
    Erin Toney

    It’s called “mistress of evil” because that’s what her reputation is. That isn’t what Maleficent calls herself.

  • Giggles

    Fun fact the dark Fay that was killing the men at the beginning of the movie wasn’t Maleficent it was another dark Fay called Borra.

  • Nathan Tran
    Nathan Tran

    eleventy thousand candles

  • Marie Carole
    Marie Carole

    Evil dragon witch does not equal phoenix. This movie series was sh@t

  • ImSorry

    I still don't know why but in the first movie maleficent has brownish wings and I have no idea why it turn black, I guess they did it for the plot

  • Blue Saigai
    Blue Saigai

    The tomb bloom bomb doom manufacturer is forgiven for imprisoning, killing, and experimenting on faes. He knew he was killing fae! But he’s forgiven because we learn that he is fae? Glad to know learning new things about yourself will give you a free pass to genocide! Not only that but he changed sides so fast my head snapped to the side like the mannequin from the dressing room.

  • Jacen Dupree
    Jacen Dupree

    I can tell it was painful to watch this movie 😂

  • Carmen Xie
    Carmen Xie

    0:05 In 14 minutes or less This video is over 15 minutes!!

  • yuuuts

    4:43 The Moors a forest kingdom

  • Andrew Wojcik
    Andrew Wojcik

    I can't wait for Everything wrong with me in Shitty Life minutes

  • exalaskevas

    i want a soundbite of him saying SKIP while its echoing

  • Maya Grove
    Maya Grove

    “Dick pixs?”😂

  • Julia Whittington
    Julia Whittington

    It feeling like they just wanted to redefine terms. Evil isn't evil it is just misunderstood. So in 10 years Philip's mother get her own movie where she is saving her Kingdom from the evil witch who cast a spell on the king and reck the wedding of her beloved son, right.

  • Julia Whittington
    Julia Whittington

    Glad I did not waist my time on this film.

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace

    Is no one going to talk about how when Maleficent transforms into the Phoenix that one clip shows a loop of the guards?

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