Everything Wrong With It: Chapter Two In Red Balloon Minutes
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It: Chapter 2 didn't really stick the landing on the promise of the first one, but it's not terrible. It does have a lot of sins though.
Next week: One recent horror sins and one recent terrifying sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Hudson Rials
    Hudson Rials

    It shoulda been 99 minutes

  • Anthony Novak
    Anthony Novak

    While the psych hospital scene is cliche that shit really happens.

  • Matthew Cardona
    Matthew Cardona

    Dude said Derration😂💀

  • Zane Taylor
    Zane Taylor

    Me after the first movie: "Damn that was pretty good, I bet the second one will be great." Me after the second movie: "What a pile of dog shit."

  • Luz Garcia-YT
    Luz Garcia-YT


  • Luz Garcia-YT
    Luz Garcia-YT

    Now this is what i love

  • Epic Gamer420
    Epic Gamer420


  • Bring me Peter pan
    Bring me Peter pan

    They filmed these movies in my home town! Its so weird seeing the places I go to all the time in the movie.

  • Julie Robert
    Julie Robert

    This movie was so bad, especially when you compare it to the original novel. The Ritual of Chüd was given way more explanation and was totally different from how it's portrayed in the movie. Instead of a fetch quest, it was more of a mental battle between Bill and It where his childlike belief and imagination hurt It. The reason why it's not effective when they're adults is because they lost their childhood innocence. Richie ends up having to help with his Irish Cop Voice and other Voices (yes it's ridiculous) and even then he only saves Bill from the Deadlights. It takes Eddie spraying It with his aspirator ("It's battery acid") to save them but then he gets his arm bitten off and dies of blood loss in Beverly's arms. What actually kills It in the novel is way cooler and wayyy less stupid and ridiculous than yelling at a clown. After Eddie hurts It, she runs off (btw It is revealed to be female and pregnant in the book) and Bill, Richie, and Ben go to finish It off. It lays eggs on the way so Ben stays behind to crush them all to prevent multiple Its from running around. Bill and Richie end up basically beating It to death and Bill kills It by tearing the heart out and crushing it. Also, the Native American ritual is a separate event in the book from the Ritual of Chüd. The Losers turn their clubhouse (which is MUCH smaller in the book and way more believable for the kids to have made) into a smokehole in order to have hallucinations to help them. Mike and Richie are the only ones who don't leave the smokehole and hallucinate/actually experience It's coming to Earth a billion years ago. It's not incredibly important but it is what reveals It to be an alien creature (btw I think even with It being explicitly an alien doesn't detract from It's more symbolic representation).

  • Alexia Simões
    Alexia Simões

    The actress that plays Beverley as an adult looks like Bella Thorne

  • Rodante Agustines
    Rodante Agustines

    At 18:24 did you see the lower half sliding?

  • Rodante Agustines
    Rodante Agustines

    At 18:24 did you see the lower half sliding?

  • Heathcliff

    In the first chapter the children slowly learn that by conquering their fear IT loses all power over them and in the end they stand up to him and defeat him by stabbing him in the heart after he loses his power. In chapter 2 they spend the bulk of the movie gathering tokens and their missions are occasionally interrupted by pointless side characters either dying or trying to kill them...before dying. The little girl with the birth mark, the kid with the skate board and the former bully all collectively take up almost an hour of run-time that amounts to nothing. The tokens turn out to amount to nothing and in the end the losers realize that by not being afraid, IT loses all power over them and they attack it...verbally?.. before destroying it's heart after he loses all power. Just sat through a 2 1/2 hour parade of pointless before watching essentially the same climax as the first movie but with adults now. All the way down to one of them being caught in the dead lights. Anyone else think this was a waste of time?

  • Kendall Griffiths
    Kendall Griffiths

    In it chapter 2 in the part when Ben goes to the school and in his flashback when kid Ben goes into his locker to hide don't those locker behind them so how did ben get?

  • Brandon Dmitri
    Brandon Dmitri

    Idk but from this pov its more commedy than horror lmao😂

  • Theron Erickson
    Theron Erickson

    Honestly, though filled with incredible actors, this film looks so fucking bad.

  • Miguel Sierra
    Miguel Sierra

    OMG whoever says Richie isn't gay and in love with Eddie in the book is a fu**** moron. Just because it's not explicitly said doesn't mean it's not there. King is way too good of a writer to have that many clues accidentally. And if you didn't notice it in the movie you are as dumb as they get.

  • XxpotatoandtomatosXxfnaf

    My favorite part is when Richard said yippee Kay yay mother fuc*er it’s funny

  • Agency21

    13:17 died laughing because its true, Mitch McConnell (R) oh by the way The Col. From KFC wants his eyeglasses back.

  • matej steinhauser
    matej steinhauser

    9:09 Ayahuasca and other DMT drugs are ancient version of Program MK Ultra, they are the predecessor of actual MK ultra. It is not because you see cosmic monsters like Azathoth and others, actually, you can even dream about them without drugs and nothing will really happen to you, but it is because of Extraterrestrials that Mother Nature programmed them in this drug similar way of us programming games, and You will suffer for entire life.

  • Tactical Terminator
    Tactical Terminator


  • Alex Montes
    Alex Montes

    Why is their 2 bens

  • Alex Montes
    Alex Montes

    Why is 2 bens

  • IAmRolfie

    He definitely missed the point of a few things, that whos legs ran at Bill Hader in that scene at 18:28

  • E Hensler
    E Hensler

    Everything RIGHT with It: Chapter Two - Bill Hader

  • Nathan G.C
    Nathan G.C

    I don’t thing that scene was making fun his stutter, it actually depicts an actual experience of people who stutter.

  • Xesca

    " IT one ". We treasure the precious scenes with the perfect Clown. Watching " Chapter Two " was like watching whatever. The clown is ugly and the grown-up kids too! I'm so sad!

  • memelord21 3
    memelord21 3

    This movie keeps making callbacks to the first one as if it's some franchise that's been running for years like Star Wars

  • Nate holter
    Nate holter

    the one thing that the movie forgot is the makeout ritual and the time turtle

  • Rowan Martin
    Rowan Martin

    There's a lot of stuff that he's sinning in this video, and so much of it is explained in the book. Like Bev's relationship with her husband, the "COME HOME" written on the bridge, how Pennywise knew about Stan's death, why they can't remember anything. There's so much in the book that isn't explained in the movies.

  • Cosmic Comic
    Cosmic Comic

    Cinema sins loves Bill Haders bits

  • General Heeves 1080p
    General Heeves 1080p

    22:19 reading +1 sin

  • Connor Dingess
    Connor Dingess

    You realize IT has basically complete control over Derry, right? In the movie, it might of just been the house, but in the book, when IT dies, practically the whole town goes down.

  • THABREEZ 456
    THABREEZ 456

    WHAT? You're saying that the dinner scene was the new cast trying to mimic the old ones chemistry and they dont succeed? WHAT THE HELL JEREMY THEY DAMN WELL DO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

  • THABREEZ 456
    THABREEZ 456

    I seriously dont understand why people complain about that opening scene and pennywise killing adults. They are always like isn't pennywise all about luring kids and eating them. Yes he is but that does not mean he doesnt eat adults he just prefers children cause their fear is easier to manipulate. Kids also have more simple fears whereas adults have more complex ones.

  • Tyler Bergen
    Tyler Bergen

    4:32 what's sad is that it's tragically true. Girl's that have abusive father's end up marrying assholes just like them and just feel like they deserve to be treated badly. It's so shitty, I know 3 girls like that I used to be close friends with but now that they're married to these total psycho's...not allowed to be friends with them, despite knowing them way before her and for one like 20 decades. Sucks : / On a side note, IT/Pennywise came from another universe if I remember correctly. His nemesis is the Turtle that holds up the world. So I'd say in a way they're aliens, man it's confusing as fuck if I recall lol. I haven't read the book since 2000 when I was 16 and those 1,000 pages were super rough (did a paper on it in Language Arts 3 in High School.)

  • R J
    R J

    Man I forgot how hot grown-up Stanley is

  • Timo Cruz
    Timo Cruz

    4:04 niceee 😂

  • TitaniumTitanYT

    Ok so for the part of "pennywise only kills children why is he going after adults" clearly pennywise remembers the losers so he still has a grudge against them for beating him so long ago. So I don't think it really him going against the logic of pennywise I think it's just him wanting revenge on the kids that killed him. As for the guy who fell into the river I have no fucking idea pennywise just wanted some more aged wine that night idk.

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams

    pennywise is a bis

  • Kyouko Toshino
    Kyouko Toshino

    I was really excited seeing the bridge scene, thinking it would include the turtle and shit.

  • Lebron Games
    Lebron Games

    Imagine penny wise in a cod chat

  • justin boyd
    justin boyd

    I think Nancy Pelosi would make a better pennywise

  • Fred Robertson
    Fred Robertson

    Whats something an indruder or burglar wouldnt want see when invading a home Bev: NAKED GRANDMA!!

  • Stuti Bhatnagar
    Stuti Bhatnagar

    They killed him by cancelling him? Welcome to UZload Pennywise.

  • Cocktails & Consoles
    Cocktails & Consoles

    "Point me to how all these people are rock stars in their chosen fields" Rumor has it that Pennywise made them unbelievably successful so they wouldn't come back to Derry because they were the only ones who could destroy It. This is my biggest issue with this movie is that it re-architected (pun not intended) Pennywise to want the Losers Club to come back. In the book, Pennywise wanted them to stay away so it could continue to feast on the weak people of Derry so It made them wildly successful and forget what happened so it wouldn't rock It's perfect situation.

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    17:00 Did I hear/read the subs right? He said Dr Frankenstein CREATED Dracula? Which version is he referring to? Because the original Frankenstein story had nothing to do with Dracula, while in others he works with or for Dracula, so he didn’t create Dracula. The biggest problem with this adaptation is it’s scary, but explains so little - such as why he can’t just consume them instantly. He feeds on fear, so has to put them through all those nightmares to scare them to death before killing them.

  • Jeremy Watson
    Jeremy Watson

    The ritual was not bunk but the game token was not Richie's token Eddie was as Richie was secretly gay when Pennywise killed Eddie the rest of the losers were able to win

  • rowon

    Alright so I know that this was uploaded ages ago and it's very likely no one will see this but the whole 'they hated Bill's ending' thing was actually a reference to the fact that Stephen King is known for not being the best at writing endings. (I got this information from Dead Meat in his video about IT Chapter 2 kills, and I know James do a lot of research when he makes his videos so I'm sure this fact is accurate.)

  • Linn marie
    Linn marie

    Pennywise wasnt so wise he ate kids, he could of had a larger meal. like a big Soldier

  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker

    If you think about the boggart story it makes the story much more bearable it's just a story of muggles getting rid of a boggart without magic

  • Yung The Heat
    Yung The Heat

    "yipee kai yae mother DUUUN"

  • SillyTube

    18:50 Greta bullied Beverly in toilet in the first movie.

  • Misty Stone
    Misty Stone

    Actually Pennywise is a “she” because she laid eggs remember?

  • Andrina Yago
    Andrina Yago

    Oh no another monster What will he do.

  • Bas

    It’s 2017 you’d think the losers would have kept in touch using facebook and had their little losers club group chat on social media or something... but no

  • Derek Plymesser
    Derek Plymesser

    The ending when they get all separated in the chamber is still the Ritual of Chud, it's a battle of wills, from whats explained in the novel it's damn near impossible to bring it to the screen so i think what they managed worked really well.

  • Derek Plymesser
    Derek Plymesser

    Pennywise isn't necessarily an alien. In the novel he's more of a cosmic horror lovecraftian being that exists in a different dimension and just puppeteers his physical form here. But the asteroid landing thing is also in the book. His presence under the town for so long is supposed to be exactly what you mentioned as a representation of evil.

  • Horror Fan 4-Life
    Horror Fan 4-Life

    I cant wait to see the origin story of IT

  • murphii_

    Ok I'm honestly just truly disappointed with stan. They just took him off like that

  • André / Pyroghoul
    André / Pyroghoul

    My biggest problem with part 2 is that they never provide closure for the gay bash prologue. Like, Mike was allowed to walk right up to the location of the disappearance, but no one else knows it's a clown, and there's no police investigation for what happens on the bridge itself.

  • Brandi Bastian
    Brandi Bastian

    I'm pretty sure the demon is always real you know the form he's best known for is the clown pennywise but certain things he can put into your head that aren't real because if he animated a statue to attack somebody other people would definitely see that the statue is moving so that can't be real that's just got to be something it put into his head

  • matthew Higgs
    matthew Higgs

    Great mitch mcconnell burn!!!!

  • Carson Davis
    Carson Davis

    Do everything wrong with the banana splits movie

  • PatchesRips

    2:49 Richmond Street West; Toronto, Ontario [DING]

  • The transformers channel With barricade
    The transformers channel With barricade

    10:14 lol

  • Abbie Toe
    Abbie Toe

    please keep saying bullies

  • LightFangX

    I fucking lost it at the Mitch McConnell stab! Excellent work my dude! 😂👌

  • Brockton Corbett
    Brockton Corbett

    They’re all successful in their fields because they chased away a demon clown, and I’d think nothing could scare you after that.

  • yellow 3
    yellow 3

    In red balloon minutes lol

  • Gαtt

    If I ever watch this movie it's gonna be for Jessica Chastain, and her only.

  • Jangler333

    who cares about Hollywood and their agenda.

  • Dave

    That wasn’t 99 minutes......

  • Raihan Okai-Korda
    Raihan Okai-Korda

    bendy: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Char Henry
    Char Henry

    "Stranger things have happened" I S E E W H A T Y O U D I D T H E R E

  • Aliye Marquez
    Aliye Marquez

    So three things I have to address 1. "That's Clownist" 2. YIPEE KI YEH MOTHAFUCKA 3. Every time CinemaSins compliments something he adds a sin, unless he specifically says "I'll remove ONE sin"

  • Pollux DeGregorio
    Pollux DeGregorio

    SUGGESTION!!! you should do this movie called ” monster in Paris”

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    I'm just glad I didn't waste my money seeing it in theatres. The Tim Curry/John Ritter 90's version reigns supreme.

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes

    this film is very different from the first one.

  • Fin Roach
    Fin Roach

    This film wasn’t scary at all and was cheesy and not that good let’s all be honest

  • Control Alt Elite
    Control Alt Elite

    Stranger things: ha you’re being killed of by a clown It: so you’re being killed by an Alien with a flower for a face

  • Ken Baumgardt
    Ken Baumgardt

    when bev was in the old clubhouse, there's one shot she had a wedding ring on, although she left it after she left her husband

  • Manny Pants
    Manny Pants

    between dead meat and cinemasins I don't know who's commentary is better

  • Colleen Glanville
    Colleen Glanville

    Pennywise doesn't always kill children they mention this in the first movie. IT's just that IT prefers children because they have more of a imagination! 🤷‍♀️

  • Cinnamontoastyboy

    Who else watches this channel just to see most of the movie for free

  • Roca Bibaby
    Roca Bibaby

    Pennywise dies from being butthurt, only in America folks!

  • Kfloyd101 ___
    Kfloyd101 ___

    that moment where Pennywise has a straight face is priceless! it gets me everytime

  • Kfloyd101 ___
    Kfloyd101 ___

    Richie: I think I just sh^t my pants CinemaSins: Stranger things have happened Me, who gets the reference: YESSSSSS

  • Sol T
    Sol T

    They should remake the first IT movie. Set it in the same time as the 2017 version, but set it in Derry, Northern Ireland. Pennywise wouldn’t last a day.

  • SRT Shaun
    SRT Shaun

    Haven’t seen it yet🗿

  • Laney Bond
    Laney Bond

    Eddie is my child.

  • D Hertsens
    D Hertsens

    Totally agree with the 25 sins for the movie not being scary at all and just relying on cheap jumpscares. It was already the case in the first one, but this... pfffffft.

  • Moon Fox
    Moon Fox

    There is nothing wrong with It Chapter Two it is perfect

  • Durgaa Patil
    Durgaa Patil

    15:18 Eddie survives this...

  • -Star da Stupid- UvU
    -Star da Stupid- UvU

    Me: *sees spider stan Me again: *sPiDeR sTaN, sPiDeR sTaN, dOeS wHaTeVeR a sTaN cAn-*

  • Fabian Holdgrafer ferto
    Fabian Holdgrafer ferto

    That shower cap that Stanley was never seen without

  • Haha You're Funny
    Haha You're Funny

    can we just appreciate the fact, that he swears in some sentences

  • Axel Nilsson
    Axel Nilsson

    Pennywise doesn’t want kids solely it’s just that they’re easier to manipulate because they have a way more imagination than what adults have

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I'm a Youtooz!!
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