Everything Wrong With Terminator: Dark Fate In Zzzzzzzz Minutes
This movie is just good enough to make you mad about how bad it is. For a half hour, it's ass-kicking fun, and then it goes and gets sentimental about the past and it all falls of the rails. Here are the sins of Terminator: Dark Fate.
Thursday: More unnecessary sequel sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Tad Byrum
    Tad Byrum

    Favorite analysis: "This REV-9 is the stupidest robot since the happy birthday Paulie @$$hole from Rocky IV" LOL!

  • roselandpetals

    Is no one talking about why the T-800 aged? I was hoping it would be revealed that Arnold in this movie was the model for the terminators or something far more plausible.

  • SamuelX Literotica
    SamuelX Literotica

    Thank you Arnold Schwarzenegger for all the decades of Terminator. You gave your life to those movies. Real fans are grateful.

  • lee leavelle
    lee leavelle

    As someone that works in a factory, riding bikes in factories is a thing

  • 1978 32
    1978 32


  • Michael McKinney
    Michael McKinney

    "You beginner luck!"

  • RangelGaming

    Killing off john Connor for a forgettable useless and cliche character shame

  • Boe Zoe
    Boe Zoe

    This video (2:44) made a mistake with the time paradox. In the hotel room, Sarah said that several terminators had been sent to kill John. Legion's AI would likely be modeled after whichever terminators survived after John was killed. Even if Sarah managed to destroy the rest Skynet had sent, she wouldn't have been able to hide all traces of them while running from the FBI. Also Carl would eventually become a 400lb, 100-year-old man with super strength. The gubmint would probably take notice.

  • bladedspokes

    I feel cheated. I saw the title of this video and then saw it was only 18 minutes long... stupid clickbait.

  • Gaming With Wolves
    Gaming With Wolves

    Everything wrong with terminator dark fate.....it was made and released lol

  • William Benavidez
    William Benavidez

    Fuck Dani, John is the leader of the resistance

  • SWAT Ape
    SWAT Ape

    Suddenly T3 and Geneshyt don't seem that bad anymore...

  • Chrissy Munene
    Chrissy Munene

    jordan belfort

  • Przemysław Br
    Przemysław Br

    i liked the idea of Rev-9 splitting into two units, also Grace acting was pretty great, but whole plot was garbage. They made that terminator totally retarded - it could already kill it's target right at the beginning in factory, get close to her and quickly stab her. Or in prison, just shapeshift and sneak up on them

  • Amar Ganbat
    Amar Ganbat

    15:56 your cpu should be already figures this out hahahaj dark fart

  • BenSwolo

    From ghost rider to shitty terminator

  • BooshMasterOriginal

    So I'm watchin this on hulu.....and I can't stop watching John Connor die. I just keep rewinding it over and over again.

  • Stephen Fisher
    Stephen Fisher

    I love this channel you save me from watching bad movies I'm not sure about.

  • Deanta Smith
    Deanta Smith

    You do realize they actually do ride bikes in warehouses and factories. I can tell you never been in one

  • Angelique H
    Angelique H

    The biggest CinemaSin of all was at the end when the Terminator tried choking Dani to death, instead of just using one of his metal fingers to stab her in the brain. Come on, man! I need to start my own channel called Sins of CinemaSins!!!

  • DeadlyViper8791

    This movie was fucking trash.

  • Victorio Velasquez
    Victorio Velasquez

    Say what you want about Terminator Salvation it's still better than this shit. To me Terminator 1-3 was great true to the story all about the survival of John Conner. Terminator 4-6 should've all been about the future war with the last movie almost like the video 'Terminator Resistance ' and the ending showing Kyle Reese entering the time displacement field leading us back to Terminator 1 "hey buddy did you just see a real bright light" screen goes black roll ending credits.

  • Aiden Lin
    Aiden Lin

    short answer: everything Long answer: literally everything

  • Matthew Shi
    Matthew Shi

    14:43 Gun do not work under water.

  • William C
    William C

    I work at factory with tricycle for each department

  • Hemberg

    Thanks for this video, now I don't have to watch that crap movie

  • Tom Kitta
    Tom Kitta

    This was by far the worst move of the franchise. This killed the franchise.


    What about a 'that's racist' sin when Dani said 'I wish you weren't so white ' before they got on the train to meet her uncle and a 'well that's convenient' sin for Dani's uncle being someone who smuggles people across the border

  • apb38

    I ALWAYS make family pause a movie when I go to the bathroom or kitchen because I don't want to miss anything but not for this movie. It was just horrible in so many ways.

  • Gobbollino

    I’m a 62-year old man and can obviously remember the original. I never knew until 30 minutes into this film that I have tits! ‘Dani’ is getting on them with her whining. I really need to mansplain things to her! 🙄🙄🙄

  • Literally a editor
    Literally a editor

    Everything is a sin

  • Blah Anger
    Blah Anger

    The moment I saw the fly scene I knew what was comming :p

  • ParagonTheGamer

    This is a pretty entertaining movie in my opinion not a good terminator movie but an entertaining movie

  • douglas mcgill
    douglas mcgill

    Thank you for saving my time

  • Red88Rex

    They need to just stop.

  • Kirk Watson-Ye
    Kirk Watson-Ye

    Excellent point about just putting the girl's phone in a bag instead of throwing her phone out the window

  • Leah .L Nero
    Leah .L Nero

    Go back in time,save John...the end

  • Brandon O'Brien
    Brandon O'Brien


  • Rossm3838

    I recommend that movie producers watch their own movies start to finish before they put them out to the public.

  • Majin13David

    Saw this movie last night. Loved it but its the same story only different enemy

  • Dixon Echeverria
    Dixon Echeverria

    Woke movement Pc crowds ruined everything that was good in the past. Terminator was a John Conor movie still is!!! Not this pc lets put a woman in the lead role and make the male submissive. Stop its not working at all!!!

  • Nick Britten
    Nick Britten

    No sin for rendering T2 redundant by killing John at the start? And a really teeny, tiny, beautiful, fragile girl being the leader of the resistance?! As Biden would say “come on man!”

    • roselandpetals

      That's the thing. None of these women in action movies is even physically impressive which makes them implausible. They're always rail thin apparently beating up on men.

  • Demon Lord Gaming
    Demon Lord Gaming

    Movie completely copypastes T2 but it's different because great and established male characters die to be replaced with forgettable and uninteresting women because hollywood 2020

  • La Nguyên B Tòng
    La Nguyên B Tòng

    "No, she's Terminater Salvation." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • super gameboi
    super gameboi

    Hello, just watched the movie, and I admit, I thought it wasnt all that bad! When I was watching it though, I just had a hunch, a feeling, *a literal FORESIGHT,* that people disliked this movie. So when I did finish it, I immediately go on UZload..... and I was soooo right, I just *KNEW* it would've have major detractors, I just KNEW it. Guess that's Hollywood's status quo nowadays.

  • Kayjeld

    Doesn't the augmented chick mention that she's got enhanced senses? He's even got it in the video!

  • Smoovadatious

    Why does the rev-9 keep going back to that basic ass skin? Besides the practicality of him being caught on so many cameras, it’s not even an attractive skin lol Also Dani is stale af; was not convinced at all that this “strong” big sister could lead a resistance. The actress’s “I’m confident” line deliveries was cringy af 🥴 This movie sucks ass, everything was so forced, that I’m almost certain Dani and Grace were suppose to be lesbians.

  • Robert Polanco
    Robert Polanco

    Next time, CinemaSins, do a segment on "Everything Wrong with 'The Godfather, Part III'" because you had done segments on movies that were around decades ago for this type of thing.

  • Black Dog
    Black Dog

    Real talk. Arnold was the weakest part of this movie because Carl's character was a joke and so poorly handled. If this movie wasn't tied to Terminator it might have been more respectable.

  • Madkawzx10r

    Another pathetic display of women ruining a movie franchise what has Schwarzenegger lost his manhood.

  • Peter Danior
    Peter Danior

    The end of the movie shows that separating from the endoskeleton has some drawbacks for the Rev-9. The liquid metal portion is weak to physical attack. The endoskeleton lacks all of his stabbing weapons.

  • Ahmolik YoWap
    Ahmolik YoWap

    I 😢 hate 😢 this 😢 movie 😢 i loved this franchise but omg this was so anti MAN movie like yall over did it to the 25th power. Yall mad at the fact a lil boy grew up to became leader of the resistance. Really? He was some white kid ? A black guy made skynet ? the army used it ? Connor dog loving girlfriend daddy is some big high general who gives them the access to a secret military bunker ? Sarah Connor had Mexican Latin friends who help her hide n stock pile on weapons ? For Sarah Connor a strong single crazy do it on her own female protecting her self & son for the fate of man kind ? Her son who order the T2 to go n free her from the crazy house ? Help me again why was the whole narrative changed again? Was the original not good enough? How do u come back from this. As for marvel. End game was good all the way up untill they had that damn woman empowerment moment during the battle. Dr strange brings everyone to fight some how all the woman together rushing to do dishes tf out of here. And CM gotta ne so extra. I cant wait till Rogue kill her ass by the way manipulated by a woman that goes by the name Mystique. Yall want more new strong woman support DC's wonder woman or go watch Vikings n shield warriors or some shit stop messing up good movies

  • Cody Walding
    Cody Walding

    Riding bikes in factories is real

  • Law Dylan
    Law Dylan

    Okee so sarah conner destroyed skynet with kyle reese and pops. But now pops is carl and she doesnt know him🤣🤣🤣 terminator got fucked al the way

  • Psiberzerker

    It's like 3 third best Terminator movie. It's not great, but it doesn't suck.

  • Rezatera Eilolsiân
    Rezatera Eilolsiân

    This movie itself is a mistake

  • LOP Ley de calle
    LOP Ley de calle

    Feminist trash

  • Google User
    Google User

    POOOOOR Linda Hamilton. She looks like the MUMMY.

  • Mike Stanley
    Mike Stanley

    Everything wrong with Terminator:Dark Fate...The whole movie. Nuf said.

  • Mrbuttcheeks

    I didn’t think it was that bad. It wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t that bad.

  • Adolfo Perez
    Adolfo Perez

    The only good thing about this movie is Mackenzie

  • Lisa Wright
    Lisa Wright


  • Josh Arnal
    Josh Arnal

    Now almost as soon as I finish watching a movie I try to guess what you're going to sin before I watch each cinemasin video. I predicted you we're going to to sin the phone inside the chip bag scene and she throwing it out the window when she could of put it in another chip bag lol.

  • TheJASM4collection

    All the producers had to do, to see if Terminator fans wanted to see this, was post on Twitter: “Do you want us to give you a New Terminator sequel that ignores the bad films that came after T2, but is worse than all of them combined?”

  • Un Named Channel
    Un Named Channel

    Why T F use the bell sound effect every 2 seconds 6 seconds in and I had to shut this shit down not watchable

  • Deadpool

    this video is extremely rewatchable.

  • Jonny Lake
    Jonny Lake

    Can anybody write an actual layered character that’s a female anymore? Or do they just assume that they just know how to do everything? And then you wonder why nobody wants to see these garbage ass movies.

  • ImCallingJapan

    11:36 That guy should have been Miles Dyson's son from T2, it's the only way this scene would make sense. I wonder if in earlier drafts it was?

  • Julien Lamberto
    Julien Lamberto

    As far as I'm concerned, the franchise ended with Terminator 2 - Judgment Day. Everything else is just bullshit.

  • Ethan Vasquez
    Ethan Vasquez

    Good point

  • legendarymythlover

    Am I the only one who thought that this was an alternate universe movie???? All the other movies are still there and make sense BECAUSE THIS IS AS ALTERNATE TIMELINE

  • Kael Kirkby
    Kael Kirkby

    i love this franchise but i have one issue. the time travel mechanics are thrown out the window after T1 as kyle says "nothing dead can come through" meaning that inorganic matter cannot come through. then came T2 and threw that out the window when the LIQUID METAL terminator comes through while being 100% inorganic. someone please explain this

  • Edragyz

    I really want to see Skynet destroy Legion and then never have another Terminator movie because Skynet wins.


    Add one movie sin, because i never know terminators can control an AR with just one hand...

  • SepTem

    Bruh says that looks totally real will being sarcastic uh it’s a movie 99 percent of movies made are not real

  • cold dead hand
    cold dead hand

    Damn I'm glad I seen this first, otherwise I might have wasted money on this dumpster fire. This looks absolutely horrible.

  • Rubi Joyal
    Rubi Joyal

    We also just gloss over the fact that Carl CANNOT "grow a conscience" since Carl's cpu is set to READ ONLY! There is NO WAY IN HELL he could flip that switch himself! so in order to do that either someone had to flip that switch for him, which means he had to tell someome that he was a machine from the future, WHICH WOULD NEVER HAPPEN! OR Skynet would have had to send him out alone with his switch set to read and write, which T2 tells us that does NOT happen!

  • Genuine Opinion
    Genuine Opinion

    10:30 im sure she heard that through those *headphones *

  • Mr DJ
    Mr DJ

    You don't need to see this 18 mins video, this entire movie was a mistake

  • Aaron Wantuck
    Aaron Wantuck

    You know what would make a kick ass Terminator movie. Play the PC game Terminator Resistance. It ties the first and second movie together with a red ribbon around it and explains many of the questions fans of the movies have been wondering for years. Enough said.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson

    All this bullshit shoehorned into a mess of a movie. The story of John's exploits in the immediate aftermath of Judgement Day would've been much more interesting. Instead, it's get woke time with 30 different writers who clearly phoned the script in because they pissed each other off.

  • Ray Stantz
    Ray Stantz

    This new woman BULL-SHIT

  • DarkLordGoro dlg
    DarkLordGoro dlg

    Both my father and friend work in the same factory and have said that riding bikes is common for every mechanic they do this in order to get the machines in working condition quickly with minimal down time when they are on the other side of the plant and it allows you to carry tools in an attached bag.

  • Tom Picker
    Tom Picker

    Awful, awful, awful movie. Glad i didn't waste my money at the cinema

  • Giran 0
    Giran 0

    They should have made a second genisys where Sarah and the Terminator are friends (or family)

  • LSDemon

    Imagine if she got a text of where the evil Terminator would arrive at the apartment complex. She could have just waited there with a .50 BMG and this movie would've been over alot faster.

  • Tray Ritchie
    Tray Ritchie

    Haha haha riding bikes in factories is common. That’s how you get from one end to the other. You’re so fucking stupid.

  • Glwedz

    This guy has 9 million subs lol

  • Fric Alors
    Fric Alors

    They made this movie? 😂😂😂😂

  • Carlos Nafarrate
    Carlos Nafarrate

    1:08 another sin oh my god is not the real traduction of ”no mames” in fact it doesn’t have a real traduction is more of a bad word Like saying “you gotta be shitting me” And oh my god is Dios mío so now in the case of a kid watching the movie now they’ll think that no mames is not a bad word so thank you movie

  • Shuriken250

    Only complaint I have is about the bicycle sin. Companies do actual allow workers to bike in large facilities

  • Vinmango B
    Vinmango B

    I give it a 5 out of 10, some good action ... Better then the shit new joke Star wars movies?

  • Larissa Freitas
    Larissa Freitas

    the movie explains she have altered features, she can hear shit

  • McLovinSexy Cheeseburger
    McLovinSexy Cheeseburger

    "I believe that Danny is the future!!!" In the singing voice 12:36 lmao classic 🤣🤣

  • Ge0rdieA55a55in

    The begining to the end. That's what's wrong with this gender powered movie. Another gender flipped flop.

  • Mick Taylor
    Mick Taylor

    in before arnold and linda hamilton be back in terminator grannies 2030. this is so stupid, it shows no respect to themselves at all.

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson

    Just john being killed and replaced with ni how kylan is enough to ruin this movie in the first place 😑

  • SekaBomb_ RBLX
    SekaBomb_ RBLX

    Wow "Zzzzzzzz" is a big number.

  • kirito sao
    kirito sao

    How about f u all haters this was the best terminator movie ever so f u all that hate it