Everything Wrong With Cabin Fever In 17 Minutes Or Less
Cabin Fever put Eli Roth on the map. It feels like a slasher, but ultimately it's a virus thingie. Kind of a zombie hybrid. But I digress...
The film has plenty of sins, as most movies do, so we counted them.
Next week: Classic '90s sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran
    Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran

    Ah you missed the movie soon at about 16:40. Probably a couple of movie sins. that's not the type of water you want to be making your fresh lemonade out of and when you do collect water from a running stream you make sure that whatever you're collecting it in the opening is facing away from current. The opening should be facing downstream that way you don't pick up a bunch of debris or as much. Edit: okay I spoke too soon you did mention the dirty ass water but you didn't mention how they were collecting the water so I caught a sin!!

  • Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran
    Rebecca 'Spooky' Duran

    Still don't like drinking bottled water all these years later.

  • Feline Mocha
    Feline Mocha

    YOU WOULD NOT SHAVE UR LEGS WITH OPEN SORES !! That would be so unnecessarily painful !! So dumb

  • Shadowofchaos 89
    Shadowofchaos 89

    Worst movie ever.

  • Mwesh [ roblox news, ]
    Mwesh [ roblox news, ]

    ???? The movie is good.

  • I AM ZIM!!
    I AM ZIM!!

    Boy meets -world- deadly flesh eating virus

  • Red88Rex

    As someone who graduated high school in 2003, this movie really reminds of the style back then and it's cringe

  • XL

    Is it me or did Dennis's father the store owner looked liked Zeke The Plumber from that show Salute your Shorts that used to be on Nickelodeon years ago? 😅

  • januzi2

    I have got a cabin fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

  • Robert Iveson
    Robert Iveson

    hoop cheese yes!

  • Dwayne Adams II
    Dwayne Adams II

    Yooooooooo throat harmonica!!! I completely forgot that part omfg. Straight up tom n Jerry shit 😂😂😂

  • Dwayne Adams II
    Dwayne Adams II


  • Michael D.
    Michael D.

    Camp Raven Knob was fun

  • LuigiBones

    i am also pleased Paul is in .... disease water as it were

  • Ryan Ortega
    Ryan Ortega

    Boy, that girl isn’t at al obnoxious...

  • Logik Dogik
    Logik Dogik

    Man this movie was shit I remember watching it

    • Logik Dogik
      Logik Dogik

      Shit I thaught this was the remake no this one is way better

  • Ashen Rose
    Ashen Rose

    are you gonna be doing the remake? idk i watched the remake recently

  • The Batcave
    The Batcave

    The kid bites Shawn

  • vehafvays

    Cinema Sins goes PC Police. 1000 sins. Sentence - Exile to CHAZ.

  • Misanthropic Chud
    Misanthropic Chud

    This format only works on movies that are not ironic and self-aware.

  • Steve Goodson
    Steve Goodson

    Hate to nitpick, but that's not how herd immunity works (ding!)

  • NoviceElite

    Pancakes...no pancakes...Pancakes!...theres no pancakes....PANCAKES!!!...surprise karate attack from a kid shouting pancakes ensues. That's all i had remembered from this movie until now lol.

  • Derek

    I have a slight feeling the director of this movie was homophobic

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore


  • Lauren Volden
    Lauren Volden

    Fun fact- the DVD version of this movie has a "feature" that displays hands on the screen as if you're covering your eyes when something scary is going to happen

  • Murilo Amadeu
    Murilo Amadeu

    Best sin "Ah"

  • nkwhite

    Okay - So was the Pancakes Kid SUPPOSED to look like the girl from The Brood or not?? Google has failed me

  • Amymay2075

    Wait, so, did I watch like, a remake? I cannot remember what I watched, is the one on Netflix new...?

  • ohh_gee10

    @7:27 M1A1 Carbine?

  • Giuseppe Ianniello
    Giuseppe Ianniello

    0:43 Just realized that this lady was the Lost Galaxy Yellow Ranger

  • Selena Rivas
    Selena Rivas

    Always hated the leg shaving scene, definitely put me off shaving my legs for a few extra years even tho I never had a flesh eating disease

  • Toyman Blood
    Toyman Blood

    I remember when it was first aired on TV years ago, I was expecting it to be a fun gore film. What really put me off was its moronic screenplay, and I had no sympathy for any of the characters at all. But thanks for the upload, it really made me laugh out loud. Respect! 🙂

  • Matt Way
    Matt Way


  • Mr. Ghost
    Mr. Ghost

    Love Cinema Sins #CinemaSinsForever

  • James Tisdale
    James Tisdale

    This movie was ass

  • Annissa


  • Robert Dambeck
    Robert Dambeck

    I thought this was about "Cabin Fever" (2016) but it's the "Cabin Fever" (2002) film

  • blackdogbrown

    I remember when this movie came out I hated it, and years later watching it through Cinemasins... i still hate it. (And through this video it's the second time I watched it). I seriously forgot about this craptastic film. Thanks, Cinemasins!!

  • _idgaf _memes
    _idgaf _memes

    bert and the slow cop are from the movie Detroit rock city

  • Slytherin Ginger Witch
    Slytherin Ginger Witch

    Cinema Sins: Do you know how to quarantine bro? Me and the rest of the world: Yes!

  • Chibi Girl
    Chibi Girl

    points for the guy that clearly WANTED to litter in the last scene before the sentencing, but decided to put it in his pocket instead. i found a hero in the movie!!

  • Jeffrey Abdullah
    Jeffrey Abdullah

    This movie is a fucking treasure. That racist joke was funny as fuck back in the day (im black). This movie was not supposed to be taken seriously at all.

  • stripe801

    u had a few jokes but hey that ass joke just ruined everything. so Lame.

  • 8-happiness

    I didn't realize how many movies I had missed until I started watching this channel.

  • Kyle Davis
    Kyle Davis

    17:24 yea but gaming sins stole you Right?

  • Amazin11000

    When boy meets the real world.... Sean.

  • Scoutz

    Unlikable cast of characters..

  • The B!TCH That HIKES
    The B!TCH That HIKES

    Dawg i can't even finish these sins. These movies are TRASH!

  • Cg Aqui
    Cg Aqui

    God I can't believe they made a Netflix remake.

  • Jalen Myles
    Jalen Myles

    Do as above so below

  • Namea

    I watched this movie when I was a little girl, it made me severly paranoid about water 😂

  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera

    uzload.info/fun/mmmgY4XU0ah-2Jc/video uzload.info/fun/eZqkdnynmYWjmKc/video

  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Avery Atnip
    Avery Atnip

    I just now realized that I watched the worse remake from like 2017 and I hated that one, but now I realize that it's the story, not just the movie

  • TheFlamerWolf

    You missed a sin. The kids are on spring break but the leaves are falling so its during the fall

  • TheFlamerWolf

    Why does most horror movies take place in a cabin in the woods why

  • Summer Baby
    Summer Baby

    Please do the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the (1999 version of) Sleepy Hollow.

  • CiFi 2point0
    CiFi 2point0

    You’ve got to do the sequel. Oh my gosh, that one’s just a whole other kind of bad

  • Taylor Glover
    Taylor Glover

    Omg I've been waiting for THIS!!!!!

  • IG: Dorian_Airhart
    IG: Dorian_Airhart

    How can you not love this movie it's so bad it's good it's on the same level as "the room" for being ironically entertaining

  • The Kawaii Slartibartfast !
    The Kawaii Slartibartfast !

    I thought that they were supposed to be awful? Like Paul is the embodiment of the Nice Guy™ trope, Jeff's antics would have had him as the first to go in any real world situation, Karen was manipulative and Marcy was um assertive and horny? 🤷 And people are like why is Bert there and it's because the people are the worst! The lesion FX are really realistic, though. So yay?

  • kulera

    Haha people actually thought TVsins was someone else’s channel? Lol 😂

  • don't care
    don't care

    Oof faced! Great writing..

  • Adam Noble Bass
    Adam Noble Bass

    One of my favorite ones lately! And so poignant

  • Samuel Martin
    Samuel Martin

    I love the Super Troopers reference at the very end

  • K W
    K W

    A interesting fact is that the bowling alley part is that Brighton bowl murders was a true story. 4 people weren’t murdered and beaten with a bowling pin.


    I cant literally understand what this guy says without caption

  • Nickkie Hughes
    Nickkie Hughes

    I went to school with Jimmy Debello (Bert) lol. He wasn't acting, that's how he is lol.

  • Travis Starr
    Travis Starr

    Everything wrong with Cabin Fever? EVERYTHING! I hated this movie! HATED IT! I feel better already :)

  • andrew strongman
    andrew strongman

    2:44 - BB guns don't fire rifle rounds...

  • Kyle Kondit
    Kyle Kondit

    Example of whats wrong with this channel. He Claims to have actual gripes with movies and even does at times but will contradict that by sinning for example the no more exams girl... thats a funny and surprising set up when we cut from the scream to that yet its treated as detrimental to the movie? This would be fine if you didn't have such honest and genuine opinions about other parts of the movie.

  • AnomalyINC

    I got cabin fever, it's burning in my brain I got cabin fever, it's driving me insane! We've got cabin fever, we're flipping our bandanas Been stuck at sea so long that we've simply gone bananas!

  • Blanche's Lesbian Lover
    Blanche's Lesbian Lover

    one of my very favorite horror movies

  • Kingy C
    Kingy C

    Been waiting 14 years for this cult classic to get sinned

  • A T
    A T

    Cabin Fever is one of my favorite terrible movies.

  • Shaan Kelly
    Shaan Kelly

    I actually always seem myself from a 3rd person prespective in my dreams. I'm weird I guess

  • Nadia N
    Nadia N

    As awful as this movie is, it’s one of my fave “horror” movies

  • Rosemary Kaye
    Rosemary Kaye

    That film is confusing. It's all over the place. I don't remember it well. But the bit were she shaves her legs and finds she's infected. It always seemed off. She'd have had to put shaving foam on signs of the infection. Or it came on really fast! But it'd have to be the quickest sign of symptoms ever. Since it wasn't there before when she has sex. Also. Since when did you need to shave leg hair higher than the knees to mid thigh. Leg hair isn't that visable above the knees. I get it is to show the infection. And skin coming off. But it doesn't make sense.

  • Warren G
    Warren G

    Its a disease movie, not a virus movie. They get it through drinking the water, off some dead guy

  • Cody

    Great movie. Don't hate on Eli Roth's specific aesthetic of trashy horrorness

  • Tex

    SinemaSin gets 10 points for the Leonard Cohen reference!!

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Do Vavarium

  • Ray Hairston
    Ray Hairston

    3:17 it's hard to not point out stupid things ppl say. I guess that's why I don't get it as much as I want, yeah that's the reason😓

  • david fitzpatrick
    david fitzpatrick

    Also why is an adult college aged sitting next to a kid? nowadays if you do that people call the cops!

  • Treemaster

    10:28 agreed that shit was lame asf

  • Luna Moth Media
    Luna Moth Media

    I saw bits of this when I was 8 because my babysitter was.... not great and decided to watch it. Anyway, had no idea what it was called but now I know! Yikes, this is awful. The sins make me feel better about that old trauma.

  • WildKamots

    Remake is better...

  • Jeremy Konz
    Jeremy Konz

    OK, i know this movie sucks but I always wondered why they told that guy to get the box when they went out to kill the tourists and they never opened the box. WHAT WAS IN THE BOX?!

  • dinkyvision

    Solid Before These Crowded Streets reference.

  • Edgar

    Nobody: CinemaSins: *calls a Chevy Blazer a Jeep*

  • WDiaz288

    ​uzload.info/fun/g5mirWHW036G2Hk/video Here’s a video on What actually is Sin. The wisdom that can be learned is capable of The Power of God unto Salvation for all who believe

  • Dela Dela
    Dela Dela

    CaBoose Fever? Like where? Girl is flat as a board.

  • trista wheeler
    trista wheeler

    Everything wrong with The Mask! OR Everything wrong with Grandma's Boy!!!

  • Noah Wight
    Noah Wight

    Are you guys also a part of cinema wins?

  • Spid3rBit8

    Fkn porn acting lol

  • Mindyobusiness 1
    Mindyobusiness 1

    When people started wearing masks my mom forced us to watch this movie...IM 13