Everything Wrong with The Silence of the Lambs With A Side of Fava Beans
The Silence of the Lambs is an all-time classic! Anthony Hopkins gives one of the best performances in film history! But yeah, it's got some sins, like all movies. So we counted them.
Next week: Disney sins and British sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Alexys Gonzalez
    Alexys Gonzalez

    Chianti and Liver dont go together and the book says Ameroni -ding

  • Virulent Harley
    Virulent Harley

    I was mad because like I came thinking Hannibal would be the main character, and the movie would play out his story ... he barely had any screen time at all, and I feel he should’ve been the focal point of the movie... I was disappointed in the end.

  • Presley Jack
    Presley Jack

    i watched this today and red dragon

  • Maekwon Ato
    Maekwon Ato

    It took me a really long time to realise she was Mrs incredible

  • tyler hanninen
    tyler hanninen

    Here’s the thing at sin48 it’s not about punishing her it’s about keeping her skin moist and supple.

  • Dailyn Howard
    Dailyn Howard


  • Dailyn Howard
    Dailyn Howard


  • Dailyn Howard
    Dailyn Howard


  • Sandesh Khade
    Sandesh Khade

    "how cumvenient??" lmao

  • Donny

    Your joke about boomhauer cracked me up 😂😂

  • Shawn Z Savage
    Shawn Z Savage

    Idk why but I find her voice sooo annoying!

  • Break Freak
    Break Freak

    This will be heresy to most people, but I always thought Anthony Hopkins' performance was ridiculously hammy, and almost comical, in what is an otherwise very dark and played straight movie. Yeah, he had memorable lines (from the book and / or screenplay), but I've never rated what is his most iconic performance.

  • Noah Nicart
    Noah Nicart

    1:05 what’s with the coy and flirtatious way Jeremy says this?

  • david ludwig
    david ludwig

    You don't have to put your liberal politics into every damn video

    • Break Freak
      Break Freak

      @david ludwig ......aaaaand so will Cinema Sins on their own channel, how about that, lol.

    • david ludwig
      david ludwig

      @Cloud Titties I'll do whatever TF I want. How about that

    • Cloud Titties
      Cloud Titties

      Why TF are you bringing politics into this? Also, if you don't like cinema sins don't click on the videos.

  • Eric Schaeffer
    Eric Schaeffer

    Just rewatched this a few weeks ago. I think it might be my favorite movie.

  • Fenol

    "The most dangerous crminal" no need for lookouts or a watcher nope dont need it bet he spent hours making a masterpiece out of those dead cop bodies

  • backnthedaydawg

    The PSA moment helps to understand Buffalo Bill psychosis when he later says, "IT puts the lotion in the basket!" Con-Air is 6yrs older than this movie.

  • backnthedaydawg

    Good point about the sexism though. It was normal up till this point, but this movie was the first one to address it in a subtle way that didn't seem like whining. Part of Lecter's charm was he was intelligent and evil, but respected Clarice while using psycho-analysis of her past to reveal her talent for solving the case. And yeah, I think her boss had the hots for her. He was being professional, but he showed an unusual interest in her by letting a cadet have such access to a major case. However, funny thing is (Jodi Foster is lesbian) I think the character Clarise was more interested in her cadet friend. The face to face closeup was ridiculous.

  • backnthedaydawg

    The opening sequence shows her mental and physical toughness. You haven't experienced life until you've tried Quantico's obstacle courses while battling the swamp's horseflies.

  • jbrisby

    aw jeez man, you don't buy into that phony feminist bullshit, do you? Standards are lowered for women in every conceivable way so that they can keep up with men, and we're supposed to feel sorry for them because men hit on them or call them 'bossy'? Miss me with that bullshit.

  • Autumn Gaikowski-Lindsay
    Autumn Gaikowski-Lindsay

    "greatest movies ever made" f*ckin where??? I hated this movie 😅

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    #Feminism, lol. Also, I think the writer just made the narrator admit he hates Jodie foster.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez

    This has been the lowest sin count I have seen thus far. I'm in awe.🤯

  • listo393

    Lecter got the pen because Chilton left it there. In a later scene he comments "Where's my pen?"

  • Grt1n

    17:40 There was a fly on Hannibal head like Pence in that debate 😂😂😂

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts

    This movie is a parade of sins. No F-ing way would the FBI pull a rookie recruit from training and send them into an active case. She wouldn’t do a freaking autopsy either. That’s the responsibility of the Medical Examiner and duly elected Coroner. The FBI has no jurisdiction in this. They also don’t have jurisdiction over the arrest of serial killers who aren’t killing children. They assist with the profiles and forensic evidence examining but that is the extent of what their responsibility is. A rookie FBI Trainee is lower than Whale shit in the Marianna Trench. It’s laughable how Hollywood justifies things.

  • Tesha Griffey
    Tesha Griffey

    You should do Hannibal

  • Declan mukombiwa
    Declan mukombiwa

    Judge Detox took me out 😂

  • Jason Reeves
    Jason Reeves

    Con-Air wasn't until 1997 and copied Silence ..... not the other way around

  • Jarren Rollins
    Jarren Rollins

    5:08 am i the only one that noticed the last word of the subtitles here...

  • buyerofsorts

    No wonder I was so confused with this movie! Especially the part where he says "Claice"!! After they're in the wrong house. I wondered how the hell did he know where she was! Great movie still...

  • Niko Niko
    Niko Niko

    Most sins removed in a cinema sins video which is justified completely an amazing movie and amazing actors so sad that clarics actor wasn’t in Hannibal

  • edgar black
    edgar black

    4:21 he’s just making fun of her accent

  • Lexxie Bodine
    Lexxie Bodine

    Hopkins won that Oscar and yet was only in film for 18minutes. EIGHTEEN.

  • Cali Mango
    Cali Mango

    Cinamasins, you get exactly 5 sins removed for that hilarious Boomhauer comment. Edit: As a woman who recently left a male dominant workplace that was often condescending and uncomfortable, 20 sins removed for pointing out Clarice's experience as a woman in her field

  • blackraven 666
    blackraven 666

    -10 sins for sinning one of the best god damn movies in history

  • Cameron Schacter
    Cameron Schacter

    This film was sort of gross.....it was fun

  • Sue Flay
    Sue Flay

    I can add a sin bull she lived on a farm for a while and never had to butcher an animal or watch someone do it, even at a young age you learn how ranches and farms work.

  • Barello Smith
    Barello Smith

    Italian here: His pronunciation of the word "Chianti" was actually quite good or at least not worse than Jeremy's pronunciation. The "a" is a little bit off in both versions. ;)

  • 2900damien

    movie is sinless stfu

  • Джорди

    Please do everything wrong with red dragon

  • DarthLesbian420

    Isn't this a re-upload? Is he not labeling those anymore? Or am I just confused?

  • mike melina
    mike melina

    Super Awesome call-back to William Peterson's 'Will Graham' in Michael Mann's MANHUNTER at the end there...it literally gave me chills. I thought MANHUNTER was actually better than SOTLs.

  • Appolo Geticks
    Appolo Geticks

    There is nothing wrong with this movie! It is perfect!! lol

  • Nova2512

    *11:05** a hose would be a great weapon if your in a well that’s already in the basement. You know how cold you would be soaking wet down there? Also how do you know he doesn’t put 5 feet of water down there so she has to stand in it until it drains. Or fill it half way so she has to tred water for hours until it drains. For a sick fuck you have a limited imagination when it comes to torture.*

  • Nova2512

    *6:18** Where do u see quotes around your?*

  • Nova2512

    *Hahahahaha how “cumvenient” that’s great*

  • Max246764

    I watched Hanable first then this movie and I was pissed when he wasn’t black lmao

  • Shayne_tha_Mayne

    When are we gonna get vids for Hannibal, and red dragon?

  • Passive Agressive
    Passive Agressive

    Anyone watching in the UK, UZload? what the F**** with double adverts that are played out in full? 🤬 especially the shitty Samsung fold phones that no one wants to friggin buy. Smh

  • GrimlyFiendish

    Your videos are awful. This is retarded. The movie is a masterpiece.

  • Frank Balistreri
    Frank Balistreri

    Brian Cox was a more believable Lector. Hopkins was just too creepy.

  • MerlinParish

    11:21 is that a self deprecating joke? Con Air came out after Silence. Also I just read the book by Thomas Harris and anyone who actually cares about these things should check it out. Most of the actual "flaws" here are explained in the book. They just don't have time in a 2 hr movie to over explain everythying.

  • Rick Cicchini
    Rick Cicchini

    Buffalo Bill's house was up for sale a few years ago, a reasonable price for such a beautiful house, and in relatively good commuting distance to work for my wife and I. Couldn't talk her into it. :( Would have had the best Halloweens there.

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith

    3:01 that basement area is real in springrove hosp. Catonsville, Md.

  • Chris Winkler
    Chris Winkler

    ANY movie with [Sir] Anthony Hopkins in it has NOTHING wrong with it. I know this is all in the name of fun, but still, he's a phenomenal actor, to say the least :P

  • daeh sevin
    daeh sevin

    11:20 I actually believed this sin but when I proof checked the movies dates and went back to say something, I saw TOTALLY was in all caps and said in a sarcastic tone

  • Steel

    1:45 Silence of the lambs predicts 2010-2020 journalism ethics.

  • Moana Mowry
    Moana Mowry

    I think the pronunciation of Chianti was making fun of her accent.

  • Stef Diaz Diaz
    Stef Diaz Diaz

    how lucky he has such a noisy to load gun and did not load it in anticipation of her arrival...

  • Pickle Juavez
    Pickle Juavez

    I still cannot figure out why people act like women in a setting of mostly guys is hardship but the reverse is not. Do people really think women are so weak they cannot feel normal around guys? Maybe they think women cannot see guys as equal to them? I really don't understand it. If any person thinks they are strong for being around a majority of another gender then they need to check their misandry or misogamy.

  • kaylove

    wait, starlings current accent is what happened when she tried to shed it? Holyshit she must have sounded like boomhauer before all that work.....😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TakeMyShoesOff

    You forgot the fact that there are no cameras in Lecktors cell. Why wasn't someone seeing what he was doing to those cops and call more cops? And why weren't more cops already there on the outside? Supervising his feeding?

  • Mista Methylbrot
    Mista Methylbrot

    It deserves a sin for making me think of the "I would F me scene" everytime i see Stottlemeier in "Monk".

  • peachgf


  • OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ
    OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ

    0 SINS IN THIS EPIC FILM, 7,989,000.00 ON ME!!! ;)

  • Endtimes Support Group
    Endtimes Support Group

    Missed something uzload.info/fun/qnedamawpHFtzmA/video

  • TheNoctress

    con air was 5=6 years later so they did not copy any1

  • Vendetta Knight
    Vendetta Knight

    6:21 Dude, it's 10 PM. I think I woke up my parents laughing too hard.

  • PancakeWaffle

    This movie is crazy in how Hannibal isn’t the villain

  • Cee Taylor
    Cee Taylor

    This was released in 91 and Con Air was released in 97 so it’s the other way around. I know that was just one of your nitpicks to add a sin. 😂

  • Josh Keating
    Josh Keating

    I just watched the movie, and when I saw the shooting scene, my main thought was how to the lights (or power) come on as soon as she killed him?

    • Dr. Aisaitl
      Dr. Aisaitl

      She shoots through a window which illuminates the room

  • TerryTibbs

    Clarice leaves the polaroids of the victim on top of the box, presumably for her poor father to find.

  • Dopamine Driven
    Dopamine Driven

    I'll bring the Chianti

  • Rosalina Mushroom
    Rosalina Mushroom

    "The judge was called Judge Detox. I'm sure the prosecutor was Alexander Rehab." lmao

  • TymP321

    Why is Lector the only one with a Plexiglas cell front? In that special row of psychos - I should think they'd all have similar barriers specifically to reduce the whole fluids thing Edit: you DO know it's actually Sir Anthony Hopkins because he's an actual knight, right?

  • Alvin Holtgrave
    Alvin Holtgrave

    Red Dragon? Please?♥️

  • Wulfnite

    @11:21 Con Air which came out years later in 1997, totally copied Hannibal Lecter, not the other way around.

  • Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson
    Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson

    Picturing jodie foster talking like boomhauer throughout this flick is hilarious!. P.S. a census taker literally came to my house last week asked my name and how many people lived with me and i thanked him when he left! Maybe hannibal was just having a bad day!

  • Mike L
    Mike L

    Really, the only thing that stuck out to me as complete bs was the facility and level of guard when Hannibal escapes. I could've escaped from that crap......

  • Uncertain Subscriber
    Uncertain Subscriber

    You almost did this on the anniversary of the movies release, Valentine's Day. Weird day for a movie like this to come out on. 6:17 - 6:26 , funny! 15:16

  • Aquilles Sandoval
    Aquilles Sandoval

    If you look at the subtitles it literally says cumvenient 5:05

  • Ashley Martin
    Ashley Martin

    con air was 6 years later

  • ShadoeFax1986

    *"Would you fuck Bill, he'd fuck Bill, he'd fuckin Bill hard"*

  • Jacob Lomax
    Jacob Lomax

    Not very funny - why not make fun of an actual bad movie ?

  • Paul Vinco
    Paul Vinco

    “F**k you dude, I sinned Pete’s Dragon once.” Sprayed my drink all over the place. Well done amigo. Love the content. Peace brother. ❤️

  • E Kramer2
    E Kramer2

    Reaching way too hard honestly for the sins ...first eleven actually aren't.

  • Michael Perrier
    Michael Perrier

    Isn't it the newspapers who usually coin the serial killers named, very rare when the serial killers call themselves what everyone else calls them

  • Al Capwn
    Al Capwn

    The reason Clarice is shown running the obstacle course is because it is how the book opens (i.e. staying faithful to the source material) and is supposed to be showing how a woman can compete in a male dominated environment basically.

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns

    Benjamin Raspail, the head in the jar, was the name of the flawed flautist that angered Dr Lecter during the classical concert at the start of the movie 'The Red Dragon'.

  • Seriously Phrasing
    Seriously Phrasing

    You sinned Tom Petty!? Booo, booo, you cant sin Tom Petty. Booooo.

  • S K
    S K

    I still never understood the line he skins his humps.

  • Marek Trankid
    Marek Trankid

    You guys should do shitty ass movie called sicario

  • xHappyMaskSalesmenx

    @CinemaSins do storm of the century

  • Ik Ben Er Pik.
    Ik Ben Er Pik.

    Just afer three times seeing this, I found the 'cumvenient' joke

  • Shrike the Impaler
    Shrike the Impaler

    Make a cinemawins

  • Zach Moore
    Zach Moore

    "Fuck you, dude. I sinned Pete's Dragon once" - Hilarious

  • Nieru

    4:13 Interesting fact about this scene: the line was changed from the book. The original line was "I ate his liver with fava beans and a big Amarone." The difference, here is that Amarone is a much better pairing with liver than Chianti, which shows his sophistication and upper-class attitude. But there's also a hidden joke, there: a patient/inmate like Lecter would have likely been treated with monoamine oxidise inhibitors (MAOIs) for his psychosis (this was before better antidepressants and antipsychotics were developed) and MAOIs have serious dietary contraindications; part of that is that you can't have fava beans, liver, or red wines like Amarone and Chianti without risking serious adverse side effects. Basically, Hannibal was telling her, "I'm off my meds, bitch!". 5:42 Yes and no. It's impossible to swallow your own tongue during a seizure _if it's still attached,_ but you can also _bite a large part of your tongue clean off_ during a seizure, in which case it could end up in your throat (with a shitton of blood) and potentially cause you to choke to death. But, yeah, the whole "put something in their mouth or they'll swallow their tongue" thing is bullshit and will probably do more harm than good because the odds of what I described happening are extremely low you're just introducing another thing they could potentially choke on.

  • Justin Likewise
    Justin Likewise

    I love this movie but I also love hearing you tear it apart. Thx

  • Roca Bibaby
    Roca Bibaby

    15:07 Buffalo Bill looks like blaze of glory Jon Bon Jovi