Everything Wrong With Halloween (2018) In 18 Minutes Or Less
It's Spring, and everyone's thoughts are turning to scary things, costumes, candy, murder, and all things Halloween. Right?
Anyway, here are the sins of Halloween, the 2018 remake. It's actually pretty lame, outside of a couple really cool moments. And it's got sins. And hell, we weren't going to sit on this until the real October came around.
Next week: zombie sins and caper sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers

    The reporter isn’t confirmed dead nor hawkins do your research👀

  • James Coffey
    James Coffey

    I loved Halloween 3 season of the witch

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson

    This is easily your worst video.

  • Tom Turek
    Tom Turek

    Shot him 6 times!!!

  • Alivia Nelson
    Alivia Nelson

    Am I the only one that feels like Halloween II was just what was leftover from the original Halloween and could have just been an extended cut

  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams

    I sae this in theaters and was so bored haha

  • Mark Fletcher
    Mark Fletcher

    Super Dick Is A Understatement

  • Sean Doherty
    Sean Doherty

    Why do you hate this movie so much it’s a great but flawed movie that brings Michael back to the big scream in a great way just look at reviews of the movie (great vid though)

  • Jake Wagner
    Jake Wagner

    Hello people watching this, did you know there is gonna be another movie? 😲 yeah who cares..

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T

    #96 is a common sense sin on CinemaSins!

  • Shannon T
    Shannon T

    9:47 We know Michael is out hunting in the area (and the doctor and nurse duo are likely his parents) so how is the messed up closet door not the bomb going off during the conversation?

  • Ben D
    Ben D

    How is "i can't do it i cant do it!! Gotcha" cool? If anything that should have added about 5 more sins. Plus another sin needs to be added that no one acknowledges Ray's death.

  • Zandyneer

    anyone notice how the original Halloween got 98 sins, and this movie 101?, exactly 3 sins difference, also the sentence was a Halloween 3 reference...

  • Bill Felsner
    Bill Felsner

    This video makes no sinse

  • jose chamberlain
    jose chamberlain


  • Edward Feeney
    Edward Feeney

    It basically sucked in Connecticut and movie theaters in a lot of states in Connecticut people walked out of the theaters

  • Edward Feeney
    Edward Feeney

    Ya u killed the original storyline of the Halloween movie franchise. Thinking it would be better it’s not 2 Laurie taking the female version of Rambo in Michael myers guns bombs Laurie already knows in Halloween the night he came home seen all the times he was shot times he was stabbed whatever she did or Loomas did to him didn’t fase him at all Halloween 1981 more the night he came home besides the fact in first myers finds out he has another sister so he escapes Laurie being target for Michael she sees that what ever Michael is being put through weather being shot stabbed 1981 they made Halloween more the night he came home and picks up we’re they left off so it wasn’t to be a Sequeal but a continuance and it was supposed to be like the first no much blood no gore relying on theme music and effects like the original 1978 my point she has nightmares about him in hospital and she sees him being shot stabbed burned at the end putting him at a 10 yr coma now knowing this that he has been put through fire being shot so many times and whst ever people do to Him he still Will come back but weather u change story line in Thorn even before that he knew Jamie being his niece he went after her pt 4 was most unique and different seems like he going after everyone in Lauries Family even though been stabbed surgerivrd fires put through mine shaft with dynamite after being shot by a dozen cops still Lived now knowing this 2018 kills the storyline of brother and sister and yet still he targets Laurie and her family what’s going on here he wasting time on one individual and her family for nothing has a target he wants for what he puts most his time tracking for if not family anymore a waste Laurie sets a trap now she gong to take the Rambo take to Michael and burn him like that worked before I bet another 10 yr coma before he comes back and for what u r bringing back weather u believe or not thorn elements.

  • TreyParkersBitch

    This entire movie was wrong...horrible waste of money and time

    • Kyle J
      Kyle J

      Your username is fitting. You are a bitch



  • Max well
    Max well

    ł $ҤØŦ ҤłM 6 ŦłME$

    • Max well
      Max well

      łŦ ŦUƦ₦$ ØUŦ ŦҤλŦ ҤE ł$₦Ŧ ҤUMλ₦

  • Hamish

    No no he sees is remember 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bill Morgan
    Bill Morgan

    I don't like how each movie retcons previous movies. Not having them be brother and sister really disappointed me.

  • Inu Ghost
    Inu Ghost

    Maybe just me, but if I was Laurie and heard Michael escaped. I would start driving to get as far away from town as possible.

  • Preston A
    Preston A

    Eh...I loved the movie, top 3 in the Halloween Franchise. Reading these comments and watching the video people expect a perfect horror movie where you take great pieces of movies you love and add them all into one. Hasn't been a perfect movie horror movie since the 80's. Be happy we actually got Carpenter, Jaime Lee Curtis, Debra Hill and Nick Castle back together.

  • Earl Leary
    Earl Leary

    How about you just NOT watch the Halloween movies if you're just gonna rip everything apart?!?!?

  • Noah Hunt
    Noah Hunt

    I am really starting to dislike Halloween 2018

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown

    They will never make another Halloween film to rival the original, and I do wish they'd stop trying. I haven't seen this one, not sure I really wanted to, but I am now certain. What a load of shite. Plus, Jamie Lee, why?

  • MrAdammassacre

    Everything is wrong with this pile a shite movie.

  • Buck Smith
    Buck Smith

    0:36 you literally answered your own question and then sin it because...reasons?Also how does this being a direct sequel not work?

  • Syok

    Watched it yesterday, it was one of the worst movies ever.

  • Kristian Ingman
    Kristian Ingman

    CinemaSins: Fu*k cliches Also CinemaSins: Why tf is this cliche not in the movie...SIN!

  • d0nKsTaH

    For a lot of us... the first two Halloweens are where Michael Myers' story begins and ends. Part 3 should have been the beginning of a new series of Halloween-related horrors... Then somehow they brought back Michael a bit too many times. This is one of the worst films of the entire bunch because of many of the sins you covered in it. The film really didn't make much sense logically and just seems to be a cash grab for lack of better ideas. Should have gotten 100 more sins just for existing.

  • Rabbi Spidermann
    Rabbi Spidermann

    Why wouldn't Laurie automatically be assigned police protection when Michael Myers is known to have escaped?

  • Mostro Vacci
    Mostro Vacci

    My God! This made me laugh. So awesome!

  • Millyon Eyedeaz
    Millyon Eyedeaz

    Aaron doesnt believe the mask is special and it isnt. He believes that Michael may believe its special (Sartain did)

    • Millyon Eyedeaz
      Millyon Eyedeaz

      @Christopher Antoine i like how Aaron was handled. You can see what he actually believes of the situation and what he feels Laurie and Michael believe. Same with Sartain. It was brilliant how they within that 5 minute opening already showed you the twist coming and overall revealed Sartain's apparent habit of sharing his patient's ticks,etc. "underestimate no one" and the fact that Loomis was always blamed through the films for "letting him out" when he didnt, of course its easy to misdirect the audience and never have them suspect the "New Loomis" this time around. Trick was Laurie's actually the Loomis role this time. We're in great hands for Kills and ends, im not worried lol

    • Millyon Eyedeaz
      Millyon Eyedeaz

      @Christopher Antoine Total agreement here Chris. What i love most is Carpenter takes credit/blame for never establishing a clear direction despite signing on to continue the story. I got alot of nastalgia for all th eother films just like the majority, but yeah, we get it, a sequel or franchise wasnt the goal,but if you're gonna do it, do it right.

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      @Millyon Eyedeaz I agree, I feel like this is the first time in a while that there is a concrete direction with the series and I'm glad that there will actually be an ending to the saga.

    • Millyon Eyedeaz
      Millyon Eyedeaz

      @Christopher Antoine Looking forward to Kills and Ends. Its been a ong time since anybody came along and did justice to Halloween. Alot of what i stated, isnt my take though. Its been stated by Blumhouse, concerning how Michael was handled,etc.

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      @Millyon Eyedeaz this is an interesting take. I assume you are looking forward to the next movie?

  • allspark studio
    allspark studio

    I dont agree with this but I respect your decision

  • Cyrus Farid
    Cyrus Farid

    Easiest way to escape Michael Myers, move to an island. He can’t exactly fly commercial.

  • Melodi

    0:46 that scene was shot at my old high school...... After I transferred 😒

  • Zach Armendo
    Zach Armendo

    You’ve got to do Halloween 6 the curse of Michael Myers, it’s a great movie imo but the plot line is laughable 😂

  • Vonn Miller
    Vonn Miller

    Don't see how a scarf making someone look like an asshole is a movie sin, let alone a fact, most of these 'movie sins' are you guys just nitpicking at anything you can make an example of in any movie.

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      Realistically, they are in the state of Illinois and it's late October. I'm from NY and even though I'm not upstate, it's still cold. And they are in a state that is close to Lake Michigan. Basically, he is wearing the scarf and heavy jacket because he does not want to be cold.

  • Dude McGuybro
    Dude McGuybro

    >murdilated *DING* OH COME ON

  • recalcitrantamiga

    JC, I thought Resurrection was a better movie than this and I watched them back to back. There were so many unnecessary kills and plotholes in this film. Why did Michael need to kill both Aaron and Dana in order to get his mask back? Like one should've sufficed to get the keys to open the trunk. Taking the old lady's hammer to murder her in order to take her butcher knife was unnecessary. Like he couldn't have just walked in when she had her back turned and took it? (ie: like part two) How did Michael get Ray's body upstairs in the closet AND hide from Laurie at the same time? WTF was going on in this movie? (I realize it's for shock value and similar things happened in the original but it makes no damn sense!) How did Michael get to Laurie's house before Allyson when she took off first? How did he arrive at Laurie's house first and still have time to carve those policemen's faces up? This movie was a mess. And now we're suppose to believe Michael somehow gets out of the trap cage basement that Laurie and Karen set up at the end of the movie because of the upcoming sequel? Nah..nah bro I ain't buying it. I don't care what anyone says even part 5 was a better movie than this. At least, it was entertaining compared to this.

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott

    How was a truck driving down the road at the end of the movie able to get on laurie’s property with the huge security gate?..

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott

    Lmaoo “Why is this scene?”

  • ashli prescott
    ashli prescott

    “Murdilated” I cracked up how you said it. I also can’t understand how the reporter said there was no reaction when he pulled out the mask. So much chaos happened AND michael moved his head to the side in acknowledgement of it! 😂

  • Andrea Fantucchio
    Andrea Fantucchio

    U Just ruined every Halloween movie bruh

  • Eddie Prellwitz
    Eddie Prellwitz


  • fournierman

    As far as I am concerned, this movie takes place after Halloween 2.

    • Trump4Prison2021

      So what your saying is for whatever reason you choose to completely ignore that it wipes out everything that was done in Halloween II and that they are no longer related in anyway shape or form.

  • Caroline Because
    Caroline Because

    Thanks for explaining it was a direct sequel I went to see this movie (at the time) and didn’t know, hence me being mad for various inaccuracies such as suddenly having a daughter instead of a son etc etc etc

  • Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku
    Supr3m3 Zen-Oh-Ku

    I really don't understand how people can rate this film so high.

  • Ellen Sycamore
    Ellen Sycamore

    This film waa soooooooop boring

  • ponchoman49

    Everything wrong with Halloween 2018- well most of the movie actually!

  • what we do in the shadows
    what we do in the shadows

    this movie was good, and the reversal shot was great. easily the best michael myers movie outside of the first one.

  • what we do in the shadows
    what we do in the shadows

    how many podcasters HAVE a studio?

  • KingToyBonnie

    2018 Halloween is good.

    • Trump4Prison2021

      Just like your opinion that its good...LMFAO its not that good and pretty highly overrated by the Halloween fantard community....It could have been OK but they decided not to go that route...

  • Tomas Beaumont
    Tomas Beaumont

    Going back all the way to Tourist Trap for the mannequin laughter in the audio outtakes. Well played, Cinemasins!

  • Rob OnlyRoss
    Rob OnlyRoss

    I actually enjoyed this film the kills were pretty dark and I do think they could of been more creative but it’s better than all the other sequels 👌🏻 Halloween kills best be worth it

  • l Xethyl l
    l Xethyl l

    One part that had me fucking yelling at the screen was her clearing rooms with such along barrelled repeater rifle...like that’s the best thing?! She’s apparently prepared for this shit, clear with a 45 or a sawn off shotgun 🤣 Also make sure you have a fucking blade on you!

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes

    one of my favourite movies.

  • Unknown Gamer
    Unknown Gamer

    Definitely padding the sins and sinning everything just cuz he didn't like the movie

  • The Real Spark
    The Real Spark

    Sinning cinemasins, if they didn't do that one shot scene with Michael killing people in the house and did the usual "coming out the shadows/from nowhere" it'd be called a cliche or sin it for being yet another Halloween movie pulling old halloween shit lmao.

  • warrcc c
    warrcc c

    Agree, this film was very over rated. 1981 Halloween II is the only sequel that counts.

  • Andrew Hawks
    Andrew Hawks

    You should do everything wrong with Halloween III: Season of the Witch

  • Kyouko Toshino
    Kyouko Toshino

    I could use a sandwich, thank you for the advice.

  • Moviestuff

    Well I definetly regret watching this movie,there is nothing to be excited for and the whole movie is a dumpsterfire of bad cliches and unoriginal scenes,sucks because there we're some really good actors there,I guess whoever made this movie just wanted to capitalize on Myers popularity.

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      Were you a fan of the original? From what I saw the film provided a lot of fan service and went in a much better direction than the previous sequels and left on a good cliffhanger for the upcoming film.

  • BroadSword 66
    BroadSword 66

    Also, stupid “dancing is my life” kid goes looking for his father at a road accident scene while carrying a loaded rifle, and so shoots the doctor at close range. Doctor’s arm is hurt ... and that’s it. Basement ceiling is made of wooden planks with light shining through the gaps and Laurie can see Michael’s shadow moving around above her, but the kitchen floor is made of ceramic tiles, which allow no light to pass. Laurie shoots to through the ceiling but we never see the corresponding hole in the floor. It’s as though the two rooms exist in different universes and are completely unconnected.

  • Bxxb Bshdg
    Bxxb Bshdg

    Love you

  • iyokii cha taksin
    iyokii cha taksin

    Every single sin was justified. I was so fucking mad watching these characters make stupid choices. A kid in home alone made better traps then the fucking tht woman and she literally had all the time in the world. I came here just to see other people point it out. Time well spent .

  • Stacey Dash
    Stacey Dash

    Halloween H40 🤣🤣

  • The Spartan Biohazard
    The Spartan Biohazard


  • james powell
    james powell

    Adnan. Crazy murder case

  • David Lehner
    David Lehner

    Loved this movie, but the biggest sin was nobody caring that Ray died...Don’t think they even mentioned it!

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      There was a scene that showed someone finding his dead body

  • Backseat Commentary
    Backseat Commentary

    Remember when CinemaSins actually sinned decent things?

    • Backseat Commentary
      Backseat Commentary

      @Trump4Prison2021 There's a difference in "comedy" and comedy homie.

    • Trump4Prison2021

      I remember when people weren't imbeciles and didn't take it personally when something was "satirical" as if its somehow hurting their soul....Oh wait imbeciles have never seemed to grasp that these videos are COMEDY

  • Overton Green
    Overton Green

    I can't believe you missed the most insane part of the third act. Michael is supposed to have put together all those mannequins missing two fingers. When Laurie was cutting all the lights off we saw that the mannequins were in boxes not put together. There is blood on them to let the audience know he put them together but how? How did he have the time, and he did this after grabbing the husbands body and stuffing him in the closet. This movie is so stupid and so horribly edited.

  • Adam Gotss
    Adam Gotss

    All of these sins are knit picks

  • Intactbjörn

    A better trap would've been luring him into a slaughter machine that turns him to ground beef and then dumps the Michael-slushy into a pit that then fills up with concrete. I guarantee the only way he comes back after that is as a giant, flesh-marbled, murderous concrete block.

  • Intactbjörn

    I love how, based on the canon of this sequel, Michael is no more threatening than someone like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer but is still treated like some supernatural evil boogeyman to the point Laurie has been obsessing and manufacturing a death trap for his inevitable return. Like, no one should assume he's anymore "evil" than the average serial killer. If anything, someone like the Zodiac should be more feared and notorious since he was never caught or identified.

  • kaylove

    When I first heard that this was coming out I was so excited but after seeing it really was really kinda shity..... Michael Myers killed random people that had no connection to the store and we didn't even know who they were and he was killing them it was just weird

  • jdog Johnson
    jdog Johnson

    Nobody's going to remember this film 10 years from now!

  • Lizzie Patton
    Lizzie Patton

    This Halloween was so goddamn horrible it doesn't even deserve to be on cinemasins. It's complete trash Jamie Lee Curtis should be ashamed of herself

  • Jacob Stewart-Brown
    Jacob Stewart-Brown

    He should’ve taken at least 1 sin off for that title theme...

  • my display picture doesnt share food!!!
    my display picture doesnt share food!!!

    Only cinemasins can make me feel like an asshole only for eating an apple

  • Carl Zayas
    Carl Zayas

    Finally! I have found others who are honest with themselves and not fooled into thinking this was a good or even plausible movie!

  • Eric Cano
    Eric Cano

    He also missed going to a mental institution to deliberately toy with a psycho-killer and disturbing other patients while doing so. Also the lead doctor ALLOWING this.

  • Dorian Green
    Dorian Green

    Laurie was annoying in this movie. Occasionally people group Laurie with Sarah Connor as a badass woman but Sarah is miles above her.

  • jonesing forever
    jonesing forever

    The plan was not necessarily to trap him in the basement, it was to trap him in the house. THAT'S why all the doors are closed with gates. If she clears that room and he isn't there she's kept him from using that room to sneak around. If he is, she's got him in one room and she can then set it on fire. I thought that was uh....really obvious.

  • Cody Martin
    Cody Martin

    All I have to say is don't be talking shit about my friend at 8:40. The outside of her house was decorated for the town and neighbors that should be good enough. I like pumpkins as well but I don't decorate the inside of my house either.. and on another note, trick or treaters don't see a lot of the inside of a persons house anyways.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly

    Tbh 65% of these sins could’ve been answered by saying “yes but he’s Michael Myers so we let it slides”

    • Christopher Antoine
      Christopher Antoine

      @Trump4Prison2021 The mask has aged, it is not in the same condition it was in. Also, he mentioned in the beginning how he had to use a connection to get the mask so I would imagine it was kept in evidence. And to your main point: what do you mean there is nothing "special"? This was someone who LIFTED UP A TOMBSTONE WITH HIS BARE STRENGTH, brought it to a house, killed three people, had time to rearrange all their bodies before Laurie came, and could slip through the shadows in the blink of an eye. Not even to mention that he was able to escape a mental facility twice.

    • Trump4Prison2021

      What would be the point of that? There wasn't anything "special" about Michael Myers......Its been 40 years he's getting close to 70 years old and they've always gone out of their way in the first movie to explain there is nothing supernatural about him.......That mask also wouldn't even exist after 40 years, IF the police hadn't destroyed it, the thing wouldn't have been preserved and a cheap mask made in the 70s wasn't made to last forever...Latex masks rot unless sealed up in a case....

  • Gibson 36
    Gibson 36

    09:20 so you're not going to mention the fact that this is disgustingly displaying feminazi emasculation and beta cuckery? Of course not because you have far leftist bias.

  • Its Thrasher
    Its Thrasher

    The revolver on is you just nitpicking bro

  • Daniel Kinney
    Daniel Kinney

    Are you this negative all the time?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Everything: Nothing. This movie was a perfect follow-up, f^ck u.

    • Trump4Prison2021

      LMFAO no...Just No.....This shitty sequel was far from perfect or good or, even OK....They didn't even mention that a cheap latex mask from 1978 wouldn't have survived 40 years, that latex would have rotted into dust...Masks in the 70s weren't made to last, weren't preserved and disintegrate quite quickly....

  • Jake Hart
    Jake Hart


  • Still Broke
    Still Broke

    did i see wrong or didnt michael pick up the hammer in the shed with his LEFT hand and kill that lady with his LEFT hand? and then go back to right hand for the rest of the movie?

  • Ben Spagnuolo
    Ben Spagnuolo

    5 minutes in I'm convinced this movie is 100% trash

  • gregory garner
    gregory garner

    How about just the mere fact that it EXISTS?

  • Marshawn Hughes
    Marshawn Hughes

    I didn’t even know this movie existed until I seen this video

  • HectorGhost

    Like the 2018 movie, but i prefer the 2007

  • Jefferson SteelFlex
    Jefferson SteelFlex

    I love this franchise; the good, the bad, and the ugly but my god was making this a direct sequel to the 1st a really stupid idea.

  • Jaden 213
    Jaden 213

    Damn I loved this movie

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