Everything Wrong With Jonah Hex In 13 Minutes Or Less
Jonah Hex is a... (checks notes)... DC Comics property?!?!
Well, anyway, the movie is pretty terrible. We counted the sins because it's a pandemic and we're f*cking bored, dude.
Thursday: 2011 sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald

    people want to destroy america because it blows

  • Diana Lopez
    Diana Lopez

    4:53 I see what you did there CinemaSins!!!

  • Sebastian Martinez
    Sebastian Martinez

    2:33 is that Brent from Mastodon?

  • EpicRob

    This movie apparently came out the same year my current car was built; but it wouldn't be till October of 2020, after some Internet assholes decided to rip it to shreds, that I would hear about it.

  • Star battle 2099
    Star battle 2099

    Why did He get his own movie before NightWing or Red Hood or Flash or Many more

  • zillailluhr

    What IS this movie ?!

  • Bill Morris
    Bill Morris

    I worked on the train scene from the very beginning through the filming of it. During the filming we were fed very well. The whole train crew, usually 10 to 15 people, ate in the VIP tents. All the heavy black smoke was because the director wanted it that way. Even after I informed him that the heavy black smoke was the opposite of what was normal. I forgot what the budget was but it did not gross anywhere near what it cost to make. I heard it won some kind of award for the least return on capital investment for 2010. But I had one hell of a good time working with some very talented people. While they were building the 6 cars for the train in our yard, finding the location for the train scene, to running the steam engine for about half of the time it operated, which was 13 days.

  • Tanner Holmes
    Tanner Holmes

    Does anyone think CinemaSins can ever enjoy movie, or sit through one without being triggered?

  • Dog dog
    Dog dog

    Man I love cinemasins

  • The Great Gatsby
    The Great Gatsby


  • Miguel Padilla
    Miguel Padilla

    Rdr 2 online footage

  • Gusty Maat
    Gusty Maat

    "Nah we got John Oliver " lol

  • David Stewart
    David Stewart

    Well done. I actually watched this goat for about 30 mins, and could not believe it was ever released as a legit movie. I mean the least they could have done is show Megan's tits. What a mess and a terrible waste of the talents of so many actors.

  • Jeremy Blackmouth
    Jeremy Blackmouth

    The part where all those men burst into the room and he asks Megan Fox how many men she sees in a day, you left that alone?! Can't say it was too easy to make a joke about and its a sin not even making the effort.

  • Tim Meredith
    Tim Meredith

    Is that one guitar riff playing behind every single scene of this movie?

  • mph419

    I loved the Superman II audio outtake. That film (and its superior predecessor) don't get enough love.

  • Michael Vieider
    Michael Vieider

    Dragonball Hex

  • Jeremiah Hall
    Jeremiah Hall

    I don't blame them, but I do sin them

  • Caleb Lucas
    Caleb Lucas

    when a throwaway episode of batman TAS is a better story about hex than the dedicated film... actually, that's accurate for a lot of dc live action films. Better Harley episodes, better Catwoman episodes... can we just focus just on decent animated projects? 'Cuz I haven't found anything other than dumb entertainment out of any live action DC since Dark Knight, and that one was already pushing it's luck. We just didn't realize because we loved the effort and acting, but the plot of that one was the dangerous setup that led to the overindulging grittiness we got for a while. Then shazam came out, so at least they're trying to figure it out. but I'd just rather have the animated stuff, which figured out what it wants: self contained hero stories.

  • Nolan Void
    Nolan Void

    Everything Wrong With Jonah Hex.....it was made, end video.

  • Fabian Brown
    Fabian Brown

    How did the narrators kippah not fall off his head with all that simping, over the top voices?

  • Fabian Brown
    Fabian Brown

    This video gets 6,000,000 sins because of the severe simping for Megan Fox.

  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera

    uzload.info/fun/eZqkdnynmYWjmKc/video uzload.info/fun/mmmgY4XU0ah-2Jc/video

    • Vjekoslav Oškera
      Vjekoslav Oškera


  • Vjekoslav Oškera
    Vjekoslav Oškera


  • David Mcmahon
    David Mcmahon

    I love the guy in the Liberty Mutual ad in the middle of this

  • Jing Luck
    Jing Luck

    I know that they made this 10 years ago, but they still could pretend that this was part of the DCEU and bring it to current cinematic universe right?

  • Mr. Dippy
    Mr. Dippy

    I thought it was a badass movie

  • imara

    Jennifer's Body IS a masterpiece! ALWAYS HAS BEEN

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker

    You guys know how annoying it is to throw one song (THAT'S NOT IN THE FILM) into multiple sins containing film dialogue? We get it, you're avoiding copyright, no need to rub it in

  • Beutimus

    John Oliver is the sheriff of America. Confirmed. lol

  • Hayden Helin
    Hayden Helin

    3 seconds of Cinemasins logo

  • alekpo2000

    i really liked this movie i dont know why people hate it so much

  • William Higgs
    William Higgs

    Do Mr Right

  • Terrence Bryant
    Terrence Bryant

    I hate dark movies. I liked it better when movies were shot in the daylight with a filter at least I could see it.

  • Dean Johnson
    Dean Johnson

    I've got this on autoplay and based on audio I was fully convinced it was Ghost Rider 2

  • B U N T O N
    B U N T O N

    Play this back with .25 speed... 2:16

  • duellegend71

    Fun fact “ French my hole” is one of many porn hub searches I’ve gone incognito for

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom

    This film had one of the best cast in a comic book movie and completely messed it up. Hope to see Hex in another live action movie.

  • Wyndell Starks
    Wyndell Starks

    thats some jojo bizzare adventures tiep bullshit its 1800s he looks for parts johnny looks for the holy corpse parts

  • Heed My Warning
    Heed My Warning

    10:10 you missed a great opportunity here. A similar line was used on Thanos in Endgame. uzload.info/fun/g4h6nIOyj6yXmGQ/video Now, if only they had used it in Men In Black 3 or Deadpool 2. That would have been a trifecta.

  • Chasetopher13

    Haha "We got John Oliver." Damn right!


    You know those golden balls remind me of Dragon Ball Evolution. *D I N G*

  • The Legion of Comic Correction
    The Legion of Comic Correction

    This movie is painful to watch. Thank you for shortening it to all the painful parts put in a row! Excellent work, as always.

  • Richard T. James
    Richard T. James

    I have no idea why but I got this movie and Solomon Kane totally confused.

  • Mohsin Atta
    Mohsin Atta

    Universal soldier sins. Movie what people would like to see of

  • Steven Pennington
    Steven Pennington

    It’s a Saltire Cross. Same type Saint Andrew was crucified on.

  • Eliska ._.
    Eliska ._.

    9:04 i think its ravens, since that one on that cofin or what and that one in the beginig was raven and not crow... but i can be wrong i dont know

  • nickolie flippo
    nickolie flippo


  • Jordan Alejandro
    Jordan Alejandro

    The Hamilton reference @4:54 proves to me, yet again, that JEREMY FROM CINEMASINS IS MY FAVORITE PERSON on this planet

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    7:32 THANK YOU

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson

    This movie was OK MEH...BUT CINEMA SINS IS A1

  • Stranger Jones
    Stranger Jones

    How was this written by the guys who made Crank?

  • Tearria Murphy
    Tearria Murphy

    God if you were to play drinking game and had to take a shot every time somebody said Jonah Hex in this movie, everyone would have died of alcohol poisoning a halfway through this video LOL.😆🤣😂

  • Tony Antonellis
    Tony Antonellis

    Weed Road? that studio is also behind the live action Titans show for DC universe

  • Shoshitake Takeyani
    Shoshitake Takeyani

    Did you know you can still scroll while in full screen mode on PC?

  • Jack

    "I was a captain under General Montgomery. Until he caught a bullet in the neck in Quebec." is Cinemasins's version of "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee." 😛

  • Robert Ferguson
    Robert Ferguson

    This movie is a guilty pleasure of mine

  • Dillon Reilly
    Dillon Reilly

    jonah hex got a movie? huh

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil

    3:07 Really hated that bit. There were children on that train. CHILDREN!

  • Sam Kresil
    Sam Kresil

    It was so obvious Cable was from the DC Universe.

  • Christian Satine
    Christian Satine

    Goodness, this seems like a remarkably bad movie.

  • Angelous Mortis
    Angelous Mortis

    Fun fact: Older roman style crosses were, in fact, large 'X's.

    • Aaron S
      Aaron S

      Just ask St. Andrew

    • Heed My Warning
      Heed My Warning

      Jesus, was an X-MAN? I knew it!

  • Chris Mallory
    Chris Mallory

    A X is also known as "St Andrew''s Cross".

  • Chris Perrien
    Chris Perrien

    not Southern enough, +1000. For not noticing the film being some anti-white pc crap +10000.

  • stephen rose
    stephen rose

    I was going to become a member but then I remember your Pete's Dragon review. Still feeling the butt hurt on that one.

  • Lawrence Rinehart
    Lawrence Rinehart

    Over obscured visuals and inappropriate score is just two reasons why I need saw it.

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333

    3:54 hey that was badass 6:06 Dragonballs!😝😝

  • Captain Falconer
    Captain Falconer

    First of all, I agree that Hollywood should be slapped for the way they waste Meagan Fox on screen. For god's sake give the woman a part with some meat on it. If you were thinking of casting Meryl Streep, F&@k that, cast Meagan Fox. She can pull it off. Second of all, I liked this movie. I think it proves that WB/DC can trip over a bear trap and put out something that is not too terrible as to make you want to go and slap the ticket agent for taking your money for this crap, when they absolutely knew this was crap. Although, these days insert Netflix or Hulu in place of ticket agent.

  • Soirtemeht

    11:50 I thought I was the only one getting wild wild west vibes this whole time

  • Abby Wolffe
    Abby Wolffe

    Everytime that stupid guitar theme played it took another year off my life

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Do Vavarium

  • Israel Cardona
    Israel Cardona

    Really you had to say something about her sticking her tongue in that guy's face hole 😭

  • MCubic78

    Imagine that horse would dealing the weight of an 1 man and both of the miniguns. Jeez those minigun is heavy as heck. But still making a lift on the front leg that has weight on it. ~Ding!





  • David Schneider
    David Schneider

    The bad guy somehow reminds me of Micah Bell

  • roachizkool



    Title says 13mins or less.... play time disagrees

  • VexGK

    Are you seriously not going to mention the gross over-use of that stupid loop? The same 8 bars of music every time they thought something looked kinda cool? No? ...ukay.

  • Slend

    4:52 Perfect.

  • hoo glue
    hoo glue

    cinema guy really be sinning nauts and crosses if he calling it an X

  • Charlie Meza
    Charlie Meza

    anyone gonna tell him that an X is a cross?

  • Scott Mantooth
    Scott Mantooth

    9:52 *this is why it's vitally important to chew your food properly at or during every meal...it also helps if what you're consuming is not alive at the time either* *just sayin'*

  • reborncyr4x

    CinemaSins make vid about Dead Snow and Dead Snow 2

  • RAY NL
    RAY NL

    I'm adding sins for hearing Ellen's voice in a video.

  • Querencia.tv

    Awesome Work 👍

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best

    I’m sorry, did you take a sin off for “both sides are a bunch of hypocrites” during THE CIVIL WAR!? Lol one side was trying to end slavery, the other side was trying to keep it. If you did it today, sure, but the Civil War?! Hahaha

  • TheCriticBehind TheMask
    TheCriticBehind TheMask

    just destroy the parts and unfinished plans and movie over

  • Ryan Simmons
    Ryan Simmons

    6:05 still a better dragon ball movie than evolution. . .

  • Titanguy

    5:23 - 5:30: Actually Jeremy, if Sony hadn’t decided to reboot the property instead of making Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 4,” we would have seen Malkovich as Adrian Toomes/the Vulture (which Michael Keaton eventually played in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”).

  • Jennifer Pyrce
    Jennifer Pyrce

    Sorry, I GOTTA sin ya for believing that Megan Fox is REMOTELY close to a good actress!

    • Tim Janssen
      Tim Janssen

      I believe the line was "a better actress than her movies would indicate"... considering her choice in movies it is a low bar

  • anik monette
    anik monette

    2 last videos of yours are from movies I've watched but totally forgot about their existence!

  • G-Unit1111

    Also, am I the only one who is going to point out that the background music literally has the same guitar riff in every scene? It's like they hired that all electric guitar orchestra from Idiocracy to produce the soundtrack. At least have some variation in the chords every once in a while. **DING**

  • G-Unit1111

    Archer: All I've wanted to do is fight some guys on top of a train, is that too much to ask????

  • David Barr
    David Barr

    It was based on a comic book. I read Jonas Hex back in the 70's. All in all it was a pretty good adaptation. Considering the low budget.

  • photobackflip

    Give yourself a sin for the fake laughs.

  • MLCW

    This only sin in this movie, is it was made in the first place.

  • FramesPerSecond

    There’s a really interesting interview with Josh Brolin (I think it was DP/30) where he goes into the details of what this movie was meant to be and why it didn’t turn out the way he planned.

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores

    So the movie gets a sin because they both play bad guys on other movies. Patting your sin count bro

  • Dudeomfgstfux

    4:54 another hint that he watched the Hamilton movie, and is sin-ing it 😆