Everything Wrong With Joker In Totally Not Controversial Minutes
Joker. This movie made over a billion dollars. This movie is a certified box office bonanza. The critics didn't seem to dig it, but it's got pretty decent fan scores on some websites. The real question is... does it have sins? And you bet your ass it does. It really does.
Up next: Modern classic crime sins and modern classic thriller sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Solar Analysis
    Solar Analysis

    Mr Pheonix is a great actor but this movie sucks ...it really does!!!


    11:11 was an 11 sin .

  • Jacob Sus
    Jacob Sus

    Damn right Joaquin is amazing in this movie

  • Silver Steve
    Silver Steve

    He reloaded his gun. We all saw the extra bullets in the bag. It was a five shot revolver....... come on dude look closer

  • Melanie clark
    Melanie clark

    Not sure if anyone noticed the name of the comedy club is Pogos. That was John Wayne Gaceys clown name.

  • Nickolai Wils
    Nickolai Wils

    1:55 Ok, late to the party here. But ive bene in a mental hospital myself. And at a certain point I took so many medications that they started to negate each other. So... This hospital is a fcking hazard

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor

    Imagine a movie so shitty that I can’t sit through it being roasted?

  • Robert Iveson
    Robert Iveson

    I'm sure that gun held 8 bullets

  • Derrick Bell
    Derrick Bell

    This movie was trash.

  • jxa66


  • PTGunman

    So many triggered fanboys in the comments trying to defend every little thing that he sinned LMAO You guys are aware right that these videos aren't meant to be taken seriously.... right???

  • PTGunman

    Wow, we truly live in a society.

  • Pancake

    I mean, the heartbeat monitors beep when the patient's heart beats.

  • Guy Dudebro The 4th
    Guy Dudebro The 4th

    I guess we know his politics now. That’s unfortunate. Oh well. Couldn’t last forever.

  • dfcvda

    best channel except the ones where bullfighting goes wrong = humans lose, they`re quite satisfying.


    I realize this isnt really a serious series, but holy shit the nitpicking in this video is off the charts


    This movie is a master peace. Shut up

  • Nomad Joker
    Nomad Joker

    I disliked the video because you said he danced to much in this movie

  • salinium

    If Kimmel and Fallon can get a talk show, De Niro could get one!

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James

    He sinned the clock for being 11:11 at the 11th sin lol 1:48

  • Dave 2135
    Dave 2135

    Ok I will give you $101 to touch it

  • ZodxiJ

    Does he hate every single movie?

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady

    F you stupid useless channel Joker is one of the greatest movies of all time it's simply a cinematic masterpiece. get a life you loser

  • Undead Again
    Undead Again

    The cage is for the mailman when he’s filling the mailboxes, so you don’t get robbed or anything.

  • Sebastián Guarneros
    Sebastián Guarneros

    These movie loves the stairs Those are all the steps you have to do to become the Joker

  • Red88Rex

    I can see why people might view this as an important piece of art and commentary on the way society treats mental illness, but I also feel like it sends the wrong message to people who may relate to the character. You can't just be a victim your whole life and you are not given a free pass to commit crimes and murder others who had nothing to do with your abuse. It romanticizes that choice too much, and that's why I don't like the movie. And this is coming from someone who had 2 abusive parents. This is a tragedy and should not give inspiration to ANYONE>

    • Oregon Sky
      Oregon Sky

      It's a movie...a work of fiction. Should every book, movie or other creative endeavor be responsible for its "message"? And the message of a movie is subjective. I related to the character of the joker as someone who was abused and bullied. But I'm not going to use this film as an excuse to murder. You're taking this way too seriously. And if your virtue signaling by wearing a mask in your thumbnail is any clue, you take many things too seriously.

  • lynninpain

    Perhaps this Joker is just supposed to be an inspiration to the later Joker, because this one would be very old by the time Bruce Wayne is old enough to become Batman, and Fleck is too delusional and not intelligent enough to be Batman's nemesis. Someone who can't read emotions correctly could not possibly engage others to be their henchmen either.

  • JakeLeeArmy 200
    JakeLeeArmy 200

    Him sinning the clock for being 11:11 is the 11th sin in the video

  • Ethan Macharia
    Ethan Macharia

    The sin for 11:11 being everywhere is sin 11 and that should be a sin

  • Your friendly Neighbor 3xxel
    Your friendly Neighbor 3xxel

    Joker is a shit ass movie that spent 33 million dollars 💸, With an income of 1 billion, While birds of prey which was way better only made 200 million dollars and spent 80 million dollars on the movie, Joker is Trash 🗑

  • Not her Again
    Not her Again

    Did anyone else notice that the 11:11 sin was the 11th sin

  • 10th letter
    10th letter

    Killings unrelated to a certain topic spark riots and civil unrest due to the media coverage of said killings is accurate as heck, yet was sinned

  • Amarion Hally
    Amarion Hally

    From what i know about this movie, this isnt a Joker movie. This is a movie about depression but a clown fits the trying to be happy but cant do it thing. Couldve worked with someone thats a comedian that flopped

  • stephen strohm
    stephen strohm

    “This movie strips away a lot of that context and makes Arthur a straight-up victim. And his actions seem justified, even thought he DOES track down one of these dudes and kills him in cold blood. That said, he’s a sympathetic character because we seen him suffer. It’s almost like we’re saying the villains in the world all have a good reason for being this way” That is the point of this movie and you sinned it...

  • Alex Roque
    Alex Roque

    After watching this movie i was just like no.

  • daschawk

    (02:27) "Also also, I wouldn't touch either of those hand rails if you paid me a hundred dollars" *and that was before COVID* Lol.

  • Javi Legoff
    Javi Legoff

    *Me after watching this* Finally someone gets it also thanks for sparing us this scene 17:29 for the 200th time Also also that reference of 18:09

  • Tanji

    2:25 then why are you sinning the movie if it is dumbasses making f*cking awful staircases

  • Snazzu Fret
    Snazzu Fret

    I love how he sins normal things for existing. I think he has a quota to meet.

  • Face Buddi
    Face Buddi

    god the like to dislike ratio on this is bad

  • An Toxin
    An Toxin

    Heart monitors beep when you’re heart beats so if it’s not beating anymore it doesn’t make any sound, flatlining doesn’t happen in real life.

  • William Denney
    William Denney

    And the reason the two detectives knew it was him at the steps is because Garry told them.

  • William Denney
    William Denney

    The gun he uses can hold 5 to 8 shots

  • TheTroll Mastah
    TheTroll Mastah

    Everybody Plays The Fool is a great fucking song

  • Yikes Mhmm
    Yikes Mhmm

    NOTHING IS !!!!!

  • Philip Alexander Hassialis
    Philip Alexander Hassialis

    And here I was thinking that the clocks promoted the Rodrigo Y Gabriela album... smh.

  • BrEaD LoRd
    BrEaD LoRd

    All clocks being 11:11 is the 11th sin If we dont count the one removed for joaquin's performance

  • crosbys psychedelics
    crosbys psychedelics

    damn even with all these sins i still feel this movie can stand alone one its themes and character, i feel like its a hard movie to hate surprised cinema sins didnt love it

  • Tara L. Blackmore
    Tara L. Blackmore

    This movie sucks.

  • Hunnit Acre Woods
    Hunnit Acre Woods

    gates on the mailboxes because people used to break unto other's mail and step their checks

  • Dillon Neff
    Dillon Neff

    Why does he count a sin for Arthur not telling Hoyt about the job because he did he said I got jumped and then Hoyt says “ for a sight that’s bull sh*t it doesn’t even make sense so obviously he knows that the sign was allegedly taken but just doesn’t believe him this is why I think that this guy hardly watches the movie or something because he counts signs that shouldn’t be counted and would make plenty sense if you just watched the movies 🤦🏼

  • Gage

    I think the 11:11 on all the clocks means make a wish because we apparently think 11:11 is time to make a wish

  • SovereignKillz

    2:26 why not?

  • Moses Banderas
    Moses Banderas

    The sin he counted for the clocks being 11:11 was also the 11th sin.

  • Agency21

    18:25 Now that's how Joker should have ended. It's still creepy in comparison.

  • Tom Gallows
    Tom Gallows

    There are 8-round revolvers.

  • Kiri

    Jesus Christ these comments are brutal, this is comedy not an actual review or critique, so there's no need to criticise it for being too picky


    @16:21...so that's a naked lady.... like no joke.

  • nathan christman
    nathan christman

    Tbh this movie was good but not nearly as good as people make it out to be.

    • Aphex217Twin


    • Ben 10
      Ben 10


    • Aphex217Twin


  • Obi Juan
    Obi Juan

    11:11 time through the movie was the 11th sin.... coincidence??

  • dinomaly

    The 11:11 clock sin was the 11th sin👀. Shame it wasn’t at the 11:11th minute though😕

  • Skeptics_

    this video is actually a hallucination

  • Mazda 787b
    Mazda 787b

    What the hell happened to CinemaSins?

  • JoshGsy23 !
    JoshGsy23 !

    He needs a sin for putting ‘Mike’ instead of ‘mic’ in the subtitles

  • Bard of Void
    Bard of Void

    1:36 I hereby give a sin to cinemasins for the irony that this sin is the 11th sin. *Ding*

  • Serze69

    Movie was okay, i will most likely not watch it again in years or never. Acting was great and some shots were dope, but they tried too much to be "artistic" and deep with such a simple plot, so now people, sorry i meant sheeps, says this is the best film ever made and if you criticise it "YoU jUsT dIdNt GeT iT"

    • Aphex217Twin

      I can sense the sarcasm coming off of you but the Room is one of the best films of all time, a true masterpiece, written, produced, directed, and starring Tommy Wiseau in the preforming of a life time! I say one of the best films of all time because the title of absolute best currently belongs to "this joker movie"

    • Serze69

      @Aphex217Twin Next you gonna say this Joker movie is the best movie ever and ignore the fact that The Room isnt holding that title. Gtfo. Im fed up with this worrrrlllld!

    • Aphex217Twin

      simple minded sheep my ass crack! I suppose you didn't like the masterpiece "plan 9 from outer space" either, because you "just didn't get it"

    • Serze69

      @Aphex217Twin Funny and original! How does it feel to be a simple minded sheep?

    • Aphex217Twin

      you just didn't get it

  • RacBeave

    Anybody realize he saw 11:11 and that it was the 11th sin

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson

    16:21 👀

  • Joshua Curin
    Joshua Curin

    This joker is the best

  • Devil's advocate
    Devil's advocate

    Laughing my ass off at the like/dislike ratio :D (bunch of snowflakes)

  • Ace Q
    Ace Q

    3:26 Jimmy Fallen has left the chat

  • Killer

    hey get better at explaining what's wrong with it, you arnt even explaining what is actually bad or what is the problem with any of it, and all your doing is litterally hating on everything, also all of u who are this guy's fan stfu it isnt satire, this man his human garbage and needs too shut up and learn too be a real critique

    • Purple Agenda
      Purple Agenda

      But he's not a real critique.

  • Justin Turley
    Justin Turley

    Actually, Robert De Nero is portraying Johnny Carson. Hence the stage set-up.

  • Ananasbringer

    I've only ever worked with the heart monitors produced by Draeger, so no idea how they used to work back in the fictonal '80s. But on the ICU I'm working at we 1.) put them in silent mode so the patient does not hear a beep everytime his or hers heart pumps a beat, otherwise you'd go insane over the noise, because those things are running 24/7. 2.) If a person goes into cardiac arrest it usually does a huge signal flare to let the hospital staff know about it so they can start CPR, with the monitor usually being connected to computers inside the nurses and doctors offices. Don't know about your real life logic, but I DO like to know when somebody flatlines. They can also be modified to put out an alarm if the heartrate goes under a certain bpm threshold, usually under 30bpm, depending on the patient. Because if your heart is only beating at 20-30bpm you're pretty close to death already.

  • Rinxzie

    This was a decent movie... not exactly what I wanted. I think I would've preferred the red hood origin story. But it kinda sickens me that anyone would see this and legit cheer for this Joker at any point during. The entire film is fucked up and pure depressing. Which is fine from an artistic perspective. I just feel like a lot of people missed the actual point. Maybe I'm just being pessimistic though.

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    Not a bad movie at all.

  • Alexus Shelesh
    Alexus Shelesh

    i was disappointed by this movie, and for the exception of the Cream song, soundtrack was off

  • Luigi Marinus Gaming
    Luigi Marinus Gaming

    That’s what you get for trying to sell stuff

  • Geofry Starpepper
    Geofry Starpepper

    5:22 anyone spot the super rat?

  • Daniel Navarro
    Daniel Navarro

    Phoenix is a great actor and he made this movie into something great, but it was very hard to understand and follow why was going on.

  • Unknown_Individual

    This video is a definitive reason that CinemaWins is better than CinemaSins.

  • Rippler Xeon
    Rippler Xeon

    Didnt knew Joker is a movie ... looks like a shit movie to me ...

  • Zohair Khan
    Zohair Khan

    this one was weak..

  • avetik32

    1:23 - great sin, thanks for pointing that one out. Job well done youtube page! Great content! its like saying it was a sin that forest gump was a dumbass.

  • kingmingmo

    This video sucks

  • Bentley Jones
    Bentley Jones


  • galickimo

    You can NOT smother someone who's on OXYGEN! At best they will hyperventilate and pass out since it's only a nasal cannula.

  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    The movie should be called "Deus Ex Joaquina"

  • James Beagle
    James Beagle

    He sinned for the clocks saying 11:11..... that was the 11th sin lol

  • I’m Immortal
    I’m Immortal

    I will never forget my first time watching Joker in IMAX. I left the theater room in complete awe and didn’t say single word to myself for the rest of the evening. What a phenomenal film.

    • Brocker

      One of the best movies I've seen in my life

    • Aphex217Twin

      you said it buddy!

  • G.O.G I.T.O
    G.O.G I.T.O

    joaquin Phoenix's acting is next level in this movie

  • Elijah Hamra
    Elijah Hamra

    The scene where young alfred can't break free from arthur's chokehold rlly confused me in the theater. Given his age I was assuming he would have just retired from British spec ops

  • U U
    U U

    0:58 Most Folks would just go back to the boss and say they got robbed. He Did Tell his Boss. And His Boss Didn't Trust him, and ask him back "Why Someone would steal his Cardboard? For God Sack Return the Cardboard to the Client." Someone clearly didn't watch the Movie.

  • Envious Gaming
    Envious Gaming

    i saw this movie in theaters and the bullets in the gun and the clocks were the first things i noticed and knew they would be called out from cinema sins i counted 8 bullets fired but when you see the gun be loaded in the first place it only has 7 things

  • The Night
    The Night

    Joker isn't supposed to be pitiful. We're not supposed to feel sorry for him. But for some reason, Hollywood wants us to pity a monster who's killed, paralyzed, and beaten men, women and children by pulling a sob story out of their asses.

  • Skoldpadda

    Some .38s do have 8 bullets

  • Arky

    So many angry fanboys

  • Xyril Dan Manuel
    Xyril Dan Manuel

    all the clocks being 11:11 is the 11th sin,,,

  • D R
    D R

    i gotta say, i prefer'd it back when cinemasins was a little more accurate with his sins. so much fail on this one. 8 shot revolvers exist, heart monitors DO work like that, etc. you can't just go "lulz dont take us serious its only fer entertainmentz!" and just be wrong about everything.

  • Héctor Murguía
    Héctor Murguía

    “Would you have watched this movie if it hadn’t been called Joker? Probably not.” You not wrong there Anyways, I’m exited to see the Thanos movie and see him get beaten up by a bunch of teen/young adult Avengers because of a glove