Everything Wrong With The Boy in Scary Doll Minutes
The Boy is a recent-ish horror film that I guess did well enough, because there's a sequel coming out soon, which is why we decided to sin this movie. It's so sinful I've already forgotten most of it.
Thursday: Recent cartoon sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • narny

    is it me or the crippling mental issues that cause me to be attracted to psychopaths and people in masks but is real Brahms kinda cute?

  • Maddie A.
    Maddie A.

    "Who looks at an attic and says 'i nEeD tO go ExPlore thAt s*it' "? Me: ** remembers first time ever moving to a new place ** "uuhhh"

  • Sofia Barrera
    Sofia Barrera

    “Looks like Jared kushner”😂😂😂

  • JDawg

    Lol what about the sequel

  • FAR Bensan Visuals
    FAR Bensan Visuals

    The doll looks more human than Jared.

  • Tex Bex
    Tex Bex

    omg this is hilarious!!! the movie creeped me out (loved it), but this is comedy gold :)))

  • F I N L A N D
    F I N L A N D

    Comcast: Hi, I'm Comc- Cinema Sins: Sir I'm gonna have to stop you right there

  • Florence

    I'm guessing he's a serial killer and likes to have fun scaring his victims with a doll for a little while before revealing himself. He then rapes and kills them. But if that's the case, how fucked up is it of his parents to enable that behaviour by finding victims for him? 😐

  • Skippy

    Why the hell would it take an hour to wake and dress Brahms? Lol.

  • Elani Arkady
    Elani Arkady

    As a doll maker I had such high hopes for this movie the ending was such a let down.

  • Von Elle
    Von Elle

    that was not a doorknob, it was a goat eye.

  • Louis Gallant
    Louis Gallant

    Why does the boy look like Thomas The Tank Engine?

  • Gwans SkeleGamer
    Gwans SkeleGamer

    Oh..k I uhh never saw the end of that movie, cause I um...I had to go to bed. I thought it was just some Chucky shit but nope, I was wrong, it’s way better than Chucky or Annabel or whatever.

  • PhoneGuy

    this vid is fun to watch. however, I feel urged to dismiss some of the "sins": 0:48 while it might look like bad behaving - if I was tought to wait in a foyer and the OLD, WHEEZY senior couple doesn't await me there and even doesn't show up (and the movie does not give off how long gretchen actually waited), I would simply grow worried. and go searching for them for sure. 0:54 it's the eye of a decapitated and prepared deer. not a door knob. 1:52 thanks for the spoiler. bitch. 1:57 because brahms is shy and loves gretchen. would you really purposefully scare your dream girl away even before getting a first chane of flirting with her? 4:02 gretchen IS despaired, you asshole! her ex-boi stalks her, her credit cards are close to being locked and she is fucking 800km away from home! 5:25 again: brahms is shy and loves her, thus doesn't wanna scare her away. 9:39 - 9:50 jeremy answering his very own, super-dumb question, ladies and gents... yes, bitchboy, it's EXACTLY how brahmsie did it. extra hint for dum-dums: greta CAN'T just leave - she signed a contract and gets paid for it! have you never heard about a fine for breaching a contract?

  • Evelyn Okay
    Evelyn Okay

    If you want a real nightmare involving dolls, Google "Reborn Baby" and scream away

  • Neia Baraja
    Neia Baraja

    The Sin Tally is 123? That in itself might be a sin.

  • Matt Rivera
    Matt Rivera

    6:00 WHAT THE FUUU I jumped so hard

  • Matt Rivera
    Matt Rivera

    How to watch a horror movie without getting scared:

  • omar alajmi
    omar alajmi

    "No one will be seated during the Protagonist Greta is taking a shower , while cleaning her thighs in a PG-13 Horror Movie" 7:27..... Also also , BrahmsMachina 14:01 ? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cellosiiax

    6:01 why must you give me a damn heart attack like that

  • Edgar Figueroa Rodríguez
    Edgar Figueroa Rodríguez

    You should've added 1,000 sins for the 1 minutes and 38 seconds of logos only.

  • skater bug
    skater bug

    some of these sins are not even sins, you’re just shitting on the movie 💀

  • Miss Nightcore
    Miss Nightcore

    Yo I was in awe like my jaw dropped when he smashed the doll, I kinda cared for it as well lol.

  • CatMuto

    I would give any horror movie praises, if it did the 'person coming into the house and starts snooping around' scene and had them get greeted Morfin-style: with the homeowner brandishing a knife and screaming at them WTF they are doing in their house.

  • James Hopkins
    James Hopkins

    I'm a freaky person so it's not a surprise to say that I found Braun to be really sexy as long as he kept the face mask on.

  • Benjamin Wafer
    Benjamin Wafer

    That wasn't a door knob it was a taxidermy animal eye but other than that.love what you do !

  • Sam

    I saw a video about 25 things people missed in this movie, and apparently in that scene where the parents are talking to Brahms privately, you can apparently hear the real Brahms talking if you crank up the sound enough.

  • Socially Undead
    Socially Undead

    Change this to an R rating, have Brahms get more obsessive over Greta, have Brahms kill Malcolm in a yandere fashion, make her all stockholm syndrome... done, bam, twisted romance horror. Would've liked that.

  • Jon Groskin
    Jon Groskin

    OMG Lauren is so beautiful.

  • Adog 00
    Adog 00

    This movie was so weird

  • nobody special
    nobody special

    I always root for the psychotic killer most of these whores in these f****** movies deserve exactly what they get anyway

  • ṳтԻḙḉᾰṧ†ґмδ ૪ḯø ṽḉя
    ṳтԻḙḉᾰṧ†ґмδ ૪ḯø ṽḉя

    I always pronouncedhis name as Braihams(Bray-Hams), instead of Brahms. Which o still is pronouncing his name as this

  • Yazmurat A.
    Yazmurat A.

    If you think about it there are no such thing as ghosts/evil spirits in this movie.

  • Anakiya Creates
    Anakiya Creates

    this movie was absolutely NOTHING like I thought. Usually I can tell how a movie will end but I was very wrong and not in a good way. lol Instead, I was disappointment with it.

  • Liam Holmes
    Liam Holmes

    the boy is one of my favourite horror films. best since Annabelle and Child's Play. scary with plenty of good scenes.

  • Annabelle Thequeen
    Annabelle Thequeen

    Thats my best friend😤

  • mothman the mothman
    mothman the mothman

    Idc what anyone thinks, I saw the virgin man who lived in the walls and automatically assumed he was hot.

  • Garett Miller
    Garett Miller

    What are scary doll minutes? I don't get the title

  • 《Gubbins Gacha》
    《Gubbins Gacha》

    What I never understood was that when Cole smashed Brahams's head, why human Brahams got all angry at Greta. Like, it wasn't HER fault the dolls head was smashed, so why is he chasing her AND Cole when she should JUST be chasing COLE.

  • 《Gubbins Gacha》
    《Gubbins Gacha》

    I remember watching this and it being one of the very few horror movies I actually liked.

  • Graeystone

    Perfectly good phone and SHE NEVER CALLS THE COPS? 100 Sins! Also wouldn't it have been better to have Brahms be a misunderstood character that the cast thinks is the killer when in truth it was the crazy stalker ex-boyfriend? Making Brahm's a victim of a fire would've been enough. Making him a murderer when he was a child is just ripping off Halloween.


    Can u do the terning cinima sins

  • PatronSaintOfTroll

    Ha! Persona non Greta!

  • Parker Miller
    Parker Miller

    "Everything wrong with the boy" Ah, finally, a youtube video about me.

  • Loren

    I literally walked out of the theatre half way through

  • Carlos Melo
    Carlos Melo

    Great to see what Bishop Brennan's up to nowadays.

  • Carlos Melo
    Carlos Melo

    I very much think this is not a doorknob but the eye of a stuffed animal.

  • The Laughing FoxX
    The Laughing FoxX

    I love the idea this doll is Jared Kushner. They could even use his real voice! 🤣

  • DerpyPotato 917
    DerpyPotato 917

    I’m not gonna lie- the moment I saw real Brahms I knew he would’ve had some feeling towards Greta even if it’s using a doll- why does my brain think it’s kinda sweet- can this be used in like a better way

  • Robert Forster
    Robert Forster

    I couldn’t identify with Greta. She was going to take advantage of a supposedly bereft elderly couple. If they were paying me, I would have taking really good care of the doll because that was the job I agreed to. If she wasn’t comfortable with it then she shouldn’t have taken the job. Pfff. Jerk.

  • Stanley Marcel
    Stanley Marcel

    It’s not a door nob it’s the eye on a taxidermy animal lol

  • IanM

    You should have sinned the fact that Brahms looks like a discount Rob Zombie Michael Myers when he reveals himself.

  • Wangxian gives me lyphe
    Wangxian gives me lyphe

    *mentions fire* "It was all the candles wasn't it?" *mentions birthday* "It was all the *_birthday_* candles wasn't it?" Jeremy isn't letting this go 😂😂😂😂

  • Johann Wolfgang
    Johann Wolfgang

    +1 sin for playing that record on an Edison Diamond Disc machine.

  • Zayd Mahdi
    Zayd Mahdi

    You forgot to mention the scene where the parents tie a brick to themselves and jump into a lake

  • Katherine Arguez
    Katherine Arguez

    It’s some sort of ungulates eye, not a door knob

  • tim bread
    tim bread

    You're telling me the real boys wasn't the doll but a grown ass in incell in the walls.

  • The_Stinger_0113

    this movie was honestly terrifying since there was no supernatural stuff, just normal super creepy stuff


    Only thing scary about Brahms is when they mess up your order

  • Dutch Ponce
    Dutch Ponce

    Tbh I’m just waiting for him to rate Brahms: The Boy II. He’s going to LOVE THAT. For those of you that don’t know, the second movie is unbearably bad

    • merryhee

      it’s honestly like they took all the semi good parts of the first one and threw it out the window to have another “spooky possessed doll” story, which was the exact opposite idea of the original!

  • Titanzzz 251
    Titanzzz 251

    Could you please do one on "Every wrong with Annabelle comes home" ?

  • King Of ducks
    King Of ducks

    Feminists hate this movie

  • Caleb Martinez
    Caleb Martinez

    I keep forgetting about the jump scare with the picture. And I’ve seen this on theaters. It always gets me

  • The Wizards Tower
    The Wizards Tower

    I'm fucking terrified of dolls I just can't handle it just having one in my house causes me to feel like I'm having a mental breakdown(probably exaggerating)

  • Haydan Neerings
    Haydan Neerings

    That's not a doorknob

  • Ronald Botswana
    Ronald Botswana

    Kill the boy and I do mean kill the boy

  • ClumsyCartoonist

    I read reviews for this and saw one of them being "It's not like the other horror movies, it has suspense, an interesting plot, and perfectly timed jumpscares." lol

  • Kaykore

    I’m the Grocery Boy! I’m the one who Shops!

  • Kristen W.
    Kristen W.

    Had to Google who Jared Kushner is. Was not disappointed.

  • Chanté McCallum
    Chanté McCallum

    "Quit telling me when I should be scared" Lol

  • Solstice Shrugged
    Solstice Shrugged

    I tell you hwhat that boah ain't right

  • CheeseburgerBackpack

    I absolutely loved this movie but the exposition was too damn long. I wanted more brahms and less doll

    • Hannah Quintua
      Hannah Quintua


  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr

    She's such a Good Actress!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Lady Lilac
    Lady Lilac

    I used cinema sins to watch scary movies without getting scared

  • tom beats
    tom beats

    Here's the thing: I have what is called a trifecta 'fetish' with Horror movie plots. Groundhog day style (Death Day franchise), Supernatural (Specifically Nightmare on Elm Street and Chucky) and semi-realistic (Halloween). If I had to put The Boy in there somewhere, i'm not sure where it would go.

  • Daniel Ding
    Daniel Ding

    title: Everything Wrong With The Boy in Scary Doll Minutes me: So how long is a scary doll minute?

    • Ansel Ravenhart
      Ansel Ravenhart

      About the time it takes for Chucky to get across a hallway.

  • Allison LoneElk
    Allison LoneElk

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... but if they payed me to stay in a nice house and chill with an American Boy Doll... I probably wouldn’t say no dude. I get payed to stay in a house take care of a doll and talk to some fine fine Mr. British Dude.

  • The Full D
    The Full D

    15:35 yeah that’s not Brahms though.

  • GooberMcNoober

    0:56 why does the kid look like Alfred E. Neuman

  • TheZipperDragon

    This movie wishes it was 'People under the stairs...'.

  • Marvelous Mack
    Marvelous Mack

    Okay, but in all seriousness, when real Brahms came out of the mirror/wall, it was easily the most disturbing horror movie scene I'd EVER seen, at least so far. I had to walk away, it was a lot to process even though I KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. Sure, some of the stuff didn't make sense in the movie, but the tension for that scene and the chase scene afterwards was spot on.

    • FiddlebirdBlue

      If you want more disturbing-ass horror movie twists/scares, watch "The Perfection" on Netflix. If you are more the "force myself to watch" type than the "allow myself to cringe type", I highly recommend you a hug a pillow the whole time so you have something to scream into and rage bite.

  • Hazel W
    Hazel W

    The girls towel should have fell off when she slept and her towel changed shape a couple of times

  • Silja Claire
    Silja Claire

    It's the 3rd time I'm watching this and it's still hilarious 😂

  • Baleigh Brisbon
    Baleigh Brisbon

    If I was able to make a sinless movie that had logic, made sense, logos at the END of the movie would that make Cinema Sins happy? :D (not being sarcastic, but I really do want my work to let Cinema Sins enjoy it if he wants.

  • Gamer1288

    14:45 It would have been more interesting had Brahms' Parents made a deal with a Demon to bind their son's chosen mate to him. That way Greta would have been never been able to fight back. The Whole Normal killer thing gets old. The Supernatural stuff seems more believable than a Normal Human being able to pull off the crap they do in Movies.

  • Simranjeet singh matharoo
    Simranjeet singh matharoo

    0:54 that's not a doorknob lol... Its a deer's eye

  • Sarah

    When it shows his tombstone, why isn’t there a surname? I know it’s like a private family graveyard, but come on - it’s Britain. They’d put every single name you’ve got on headstones.

  • Cherry Piekitten
    Cherry Piekitten

    this movie's story makes no damn sense

  • Kai P.
    Kai P.

    they really named this man "brahms heelshire" huh.... no wonder he started living in the walls and shit

  • Thomas Studstrup
    Thomas Studstrup

    Where is the sin for the nanny being played then by a 34 year old actress?

  • Nicholas Cox
    Nicholas Cox

    This movie was dope

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King

    You did not go through the ordeal of child birth just to see your baby and name it f!cking Brahms... fk off😂

  • karlee pyle
    karlee pyle

    the second movie is worse believe it or not

  • Rom C
    Rom C

    Why is Brahms so big and buff? He’s been living in the small gaps of the walls since he was 8 years old, he should be skinny, pale, and pathetic, not taking down a man twice his size. Does he have a secret workout station in the meter wide wall space?

  • Sherlock MkRuno
    Sherlock MkRuno

    even tho i saw this movie that dream scare scared me

  • Eva

    You're hilarious... Love your voice and commentary.

  • Robert Moore
    Robert Moore

    This boy is not correct... He is flawed.

  • BEsTJAmS JaM
    BEsTJAmS JaM

    The movie got ruined for me when I found out the doll wasn’t actually possessed