Everything Wrong With Zombieland: Double Tap In Twinkie Minutes
Here we go again. Same cast, same setting, and a lot of the same jokes. It's not atrocious, but it didn't need to be made. And boy does it have sins!
Next week: Recent scary sins and some hellish sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • P Mason
    P Mason

    The timing for this movie series would have been better if they came out in 2016 and 2020.

  • PuffDragon 225
    PuffDragon 225

    Bruh how are you going to not take off sins for the end credits????

  • Yams Is da best
    Yams Is da best

    I never knew this movie existed tbh

  • ImKindaSerious

    Even the intro has a sin, because it's named Zombieland: Double Tap and he only shoots one time.

  • Rei Shuan Lee
    Rei Shuan Lee

    I feel like this is Now You See Me but in a different universe.

  • Stacee Houston
    Stacee Houston

    omg pumpkin head! its huge!

  • Darksay83

    Wait didn’t Madison get infected ??? I’m confused 😐 🤷‍♂️

  • Vincent Pietrek
    Vincent Pietrek

    One sin for cinema sins not sinning the "we melt your weapons here" scene and that community surviving that long.

  • Vinny H.
    Vinny H.

    Zoey Deutch was an EGG IMPLANTED in LEA THOMPSON'S UTERUS.She's horrible actor.Really!Didn't caught it from her mom.

  • Jose Gonzalez_Paleo
    Jose Gonzalez_Paleo

    the reason tallahassee hates hippies and musicians because the kill zombies an berkley well you get the Idea

  • p3rsona

    The movie was ok, no where near as good as the first one. 6/10. Also the post credited scene with Bill Fucking Murray was EPIC!!!

  • Friendly Aunt Jemmima
    Friendly Aunt Jemmima

    They didn’t ignore the reason for the first out break. A dude ate a contaminated burger in a gas station Edit: I know other people said this but I didn’t realize until after I did and I’m allowed to have my own thoughts which is a unpopular opinion in every comment section

  • auwei thefirst
    auwei thefirst

    Sin nr.22 isnt right its exactly the size of the bed in the lincoln bedroom!

  • Seth Garza
    Seth Garza

    0:30 Thought he'd touch on how you need reproduction to evolve, so Zombies can now reproduce? Add another sin maybe? Oh god is this gonna be a Rule 34 moment? I don't wanna watch that. PH's new video is now ZombieLand 3, the love tap.

  • Aumjaya Kishatriya
    Aumjaya Kishatriya

    1:29 They were also going to Hollywood and shit in the first one for reasons already given. Now they wanted to go east? 1:58 ANYTHING would be a better attack than that? I don't see how that's worse than trying to make it give you a blowy. 3:31 Another question. If less than 100% of all marriages are eventually divorced, then where did she get her statistic that every marriage every has only been met with divorce? Another question. If all marriages eventually lead to divorce, how do we have a concept of widowing? 17:26 I don't know what that's from, but if she can't stop saying "Hi." repeatedly unless gagged, she's obviously going to to be bad sub.

  • Jornelly Sojo
    Jornelly Sojo

    untrust meme

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    Tallahassee was literally wielding two chainsaws and a welding mask in the beginning of the apocalypse. He also put his life on the line multiple times in the first one for a Twinkie. What about this character makes you think he wouldn’t go to an abandoned rv.

  • John Wick
    John Wick

    This movie is great.

  • Almighty

    Lol i saw that little rock shooting a gun with both index fingers out ,i asked my self "wtf"

  • Chris Chaboyer
    Chris Chaboyer

    12:22 okay but that fight sequence deserves a sin off

  • liav hanegbi
    liav hanegbi

    God this channel becomes less likable every video.

  • Zeyad Toukhy
    Zeyad Toukhy

    He didnt sin off any sin

  • Nathan Domke
    Nathan Domke

    Is it just me or is Witchitaw chubby af?

  • Nawas

    u cant give a sin on the special columbia logo... that should be a loss of a sin actually

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts

    What an awful movie. It sucked from the opening credits to the ending credits. And it’s sad to see Abigail Breslin look so bad. What happened to her? It’s not the little bit of weight it’s something else like she’s been not sleeping or Ill. I hope she’s ok.

  • George Szweden
    George Szweden

    The most sinful thing in this movie is believing a hippi commune would last longer than chaz

  • neven guy
    neven guy

    I forgot to mention this, but more than half of your sins. do this: Don't make sense, no body cares, the movie did that right, that bit was fun, cute etc. some movies I don't care for, but I would either do two things, one not watch the sin episode or watch it and cancel those sins just make a point (If I could).

  • neven guy
    neven guy

    Out of the 105 sins. I could allow you 10 or so.

  • Daddy G.
    Daddy G.

    I'd love to bone a chick as cute and dumb as Madison....... I'd have so much fun.

  • Cabaret Macabre
    Cabaret Macabre

    I don’t think Jeremy should be commenting on making presidential jokes that stopped being funny a long time ago.

  • The Grape King
    The Grape King

    Pacifist Group: builds a large utopia while making the most noise possible for the last few years *Zombie #1: Do y’all hear sumn?...* *Zombie #2: No...* *Zombie #3: Nope...* *Zombie #4: Hell no..* *Zombie #5: I’m Helen Keller in this bitch...* *Zombie #6: Ion her shit...* *Zombie #7: Not a damn thing...* *Zombie #8: Ear machine broke...* *Zombie #9: Somebody said sumn?...* *Zombie #10: Something was said?...* *Zombie #11: Somebody speaking right now?...* *Zombie #12: Y’all hear that?...*

  • startingQB

    I still like this movie.

  • Em J
    Em J

    Fun escapist first movie, meet your pompous, unintelligent sequel. I can't believe the two of you are related. Sins second movie for tired dumb-girl-for-comic-relief trope. Ding!

  • Toasty

    Yea sure the logic is really bad sometimes and the jokes get a little repetitive but it's a good movie for people not picky when it comes to movies.

  • ItIs YaBoy
    ItIs YaBoy

    the vid says "in 17 minutes or less" but it's 1750+ mins

  • SirDistic

    WHAT? How fucking dare you say that Dragon's Lair was a bad game. Fight me!

  • James B
    James B

    "what in the butt"

  • Miguel Linares
    Miguel Linares

    This movie might have some problems but it is still a great movie and for anyone who says otherwise. Go put your head in a cow ass

  • Benjamin Löfstedt
    Benjamin Löfstedt

    5:12 I'm offended. );

  • Vance Neumann
    Vance Neumann

    I saw this movie before the first one so the narration was actually helpful😄

  • Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum
    Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    I love Madison lol

  • Anastasia Chase
    Anastasia Chase

    nobody talking about how they established ninja zombies then never used them

    • chrxme

      Orr, we just never noticed

  • Nic Doe
    Nic Doe

    The first movie gave a reason for the outbreak. Some one ate a contaminated burger


    One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.

    • Susan Heffley
      Susan Heffley

      I disliked

  • Paige Lambert
    Paige Lambert

    Man you were super harsh on this movie 😂

  • Patel Krishi
    Patel Krishi

    8:33 How in the f*ck did Wichita stay in her seat while Madison broke her head??🤣😂

  • Craig Vacher
    Craig Vacher

    Your explanation of the jokes is funnier than the joke

  • Saint Xavier
    Saint Xavier

    This Movie is terrible

  • toxic girl43
    toxic girl43

    +8 sins for no twinkie reference

  • Tyler Hively
    Tyler Hively

    Anyone else ANNOYED by Rosario Dawson's Character????

  • tea _
    tea _

    This movie was pretty shite

  • donald bell
    donald bell

    Was kinda bummed wish it had a better story

  • F. Watkins
    F. Watkins

    Idk....isn't there something about abe Lincoln sleepin with his friend in a twin size???🤔

  • Mr.Farrow's Class
    Mr.Farrow's Class

    *the zombies evolve* CS: "but they aren't going to tell us why they evolved" Every movie from now on: CS: "So they aren't even going to explain why there are humans running around instead of prehistoric primates?

  • Whitelistkid


  • Kiowa Carter
    Kiowa Carter

    Minus 5 sins for the twinkie pun

  • Big Belly Ent.
    Big Belly Ent.

    I ❤️ this too much you’re your commentary is hilarious. Nut allergy !!!!

  • Jonathon Mackay
    Jonathon Mackay

    How the fuck are there walls around the white house and not to mention where are all the vehicles we saw from the first movie yeah I know it was about 10 years but still there was a car on another car


    +20 sins for never actually ising the stalker zombie in the movie

  • WelshSinsin2

    I don't care what he says this movie was fucking amazing lmao

  • Jeremiah Trejo
    Jeremiah Trejo

    "You hit me in the nuts with a jacket sack" should *NOT* have been a sin. I laughed for 15 minutes at that line

  • Inaros Ramses
    Inaros Ramses

    I bet this dude watched the movie, laughed his ass off the entire time.. Watched it again with a serious face, and started searching up big dictionaries words, lol.

  • a random squidward
    a random squidward

    Anyone else notice that the movie sin timer is ten seconds early

    • a random squidward
      a random squidward

      @Mr.Farrow's Class hehe :)

    • Mr.Farrow's Class
      Mr.Farrow's Class

      I hate you for the amount of time I spent fixated on the sin counter going "wait, that one was right, that one was right, that one was good".

  • Sam McLarry
    Sam McLarry

    1 million sins because they say Nevada wrong


    Welcome to another episode of "Cinema Sins doesnt understand how comedies work"

  • Mason Riemer
    Mason Riemer

    Who else watched 8:25 over and over again

  • AJAX B.
    AJAX B.

    13:23 nice play on words

  • Michael Daniel
    Michael Daniel

    Also also... 12:28 how are Woody and Wilson not both machine gun meat from Rosario?

  • Faith Newton
    Faith Newton

    It’s a comedy.. it’s not supposed to be like world war z ect...

  • adam1332456

    Felt a bit forced with repeating the not-so-funny elements of Elvis, hippies, minivans, and I would have preferred some more close-quarters zombie action ( like 1st movie's restroom-scene at the start), not just two shootouts and "terminator zombies". It could have been a lot better, but still an okay popcorn-movie to watch once.

  • Richard Galland
    Richard Galland

    The zombiefied Colombia logo was one of the best things about the movie

  • McLaren Wolf P1
    McLaren Wolf P1

    Om FG what is wrong with you why do you make sins about Zombieland

  • Adnan Shaikh
    Adnan Shaikh

    I don't understand how they get electricity and fuel after 10 years of the outbreak

    • no one
      no one

      @Adnan Shaikh the movie is dumb. So lets not argue over random bs! Haha.😂

    • Adnan Shaikh
      Adnan Shaikh

      @no one but who is maintaining the supply and clearing all technical errors

    • no one
      no one

      Rain in the dams = electricity. They actually talk ab it in the mall

  • Drew Breeze
    Drew Breeze

    One of the worst movies ever!!!

  • Graeystone

    Still less sins than each the last three Star Wars movies.

  • Iain Kerr
    Iain Kerr

    Lol you said "Too stupid to be in a bad snl sketch" could have just said "Too stupid to be on snl" 🤷‍♂️ same sentence. Less words.

  • ChrisPeaBacon

    Everything wrong with zombie land double tap: the entire movie

  • Johndevildog

    We get to hear about the ninja but we never get to see it with the main characters

  • Charlie Daniel
    Charlie Daniel

    Great pun in the title

  • Debbie Bros
    Debbie Bros

    I found a sin Columbus held a bullet shell!!!!

  • Debbie Bros
    Debbie Bros

    I found a sin Columbus held a bullet shell!!!!

  • Pumpkin Brunch
    Pumpkin Brunch

    This is the only way I can watch horror movies

  • Anisa Covarrubias
    Anisa Covarrubias

    Fun fact: Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia are ex's so that kissing scene must have been awkward.

  • Clint Allen
    Clint Allen

    Just feels wrong picking on this movie.

  • Braiden Hawkins
    Braiden Hawkins

    17 min or less

  • Wesley van den Ham
    Wesley van den Ham

    Since when do I snipe???

  • Friendly Sadness
    Friendly Sadness

    I'm going to say it now and never again. DO NOT buy your spouse the hope diamond. It's bad luck to own it and all of the owners have literally died starting with Louis XVI and his wife. Yeah, yeah, "Curses aren't real!" And your living in a place where zombies exist. Don't take your chances of rings and the fucking hope diamond. *Ding*

  • Evan Sengstock
    Evan Sengstock

    the opening movie scene was actually a cod bo3 map

  • John Pritchett
    John Pritchett

    What about sea captain. For marriage

  • Michelle Zumbrum
    Michelle Zumbrum

    How does Wichita not get pregnant in ten years? Endless supply of condoms? But don't condoms expire?

  • I like faze Jev
    I like faze Jev

    How the fuck did they know zombie kill of the year how? They have no fucking internet

  • Kam Thompson
    Kam Thompson

    You honestly gave this movie mercy.

  • itzthe_metz 2.0
    itzthe_metz 2.0

    The first movie was 100000000x better

  • Darkapple

    This was a good movie. Better than the first except for the ending fight.

  • vampov

    Combines don't bail straw.

  • Just Josh
    Just Josh

    Ngl I quite enjoyed this movie

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson

    Am I the only person that noticed that the voice actor that was blue was in this movie I would add 1 more sin of that

  • Chaika Gaz
    Chaika Gaz

    god this movie was horrible. I think talahasses quest for twinkies was better

  • St. Ebbs
    St. Ebbs

    can't captains marry? and isn't all you have to do to be a captain is steal a ship?

  • itsmyleggz

    This just wasn't a good movie. Its was pretty bad, lame and slow.