Everything Wrong With Uncut Gems In Very Anxious Minutes
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Uncut Gems was pretty well reviewed, got a lot of good buzz, and famously did NOT get Adam Sandler an Oscar nomination. But forget all that... how many sins does it have?
Next week: Animated sins and sh*tty action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Skitz Abod
    Skitz Abod

    Shouty shouty shout. The exact reason I couldn't watch this entire dumpster fire.

  • Jeremiah Anderson
    Jeremiah Anderson

    I thought he was gonna get out of debt and wind up with cancer or something jacked up that made it worthless. Maybe those other dudes killed his girl or kids..but he just strait up got shot for not just waiting til the next day to pay those guys and a bit extra for keeping them tied up

  • Jason Blonar
    Jason Blonar

    I work at Mohegan Sun and had to stand guard for a time outside of Racebook while they were filming the scenes there.

  • 10-4 Dinosaur
    10-4 Dinosaur

    I feel like this is a bad movie for a CinemaSins breakdown. The movie was exactly what it was meant to be, and it ended up being a masterpiece.

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot

    I feel like Coach Chip Kelly wrote this lol

  • J S
    J S

    I love these videos but I have to correct you. Sandler acts exactly like a gambler acts while he's watching the Celts game. Exactly.

  • LithiumBlossom

    The amount of incuriosity and illiteracy in the video....

  • Stankgirl 233
    Stankgirl 233

    This movie feels like an extremely intense acid trip

  • J Johnson
    J Johnson

    Lmfao i know he usually talks shit bout movies but damn he hating on this 1 fr 😅🤣

  • monchitoe x
    monchitoe x

    I HAD to quit watching the movie because it made me have anxiety! I thought I was the only one! I only wanted to watch the movie because of Abel but I said f that and never bothered to finish it.

  • Brian Brian
    Brian Brian

    Man why the fuck does Adam have to be yelling 90% if the one in all his movies !!

  • IndiConRecs

    i hated this movie so i'm so glad to see it dunked on

  • Evan Lemieux
    Evan Lemieux

    HOWARD WAS INVITED TO THE WEEKNDS SHOW ITS MENTIONED MORE THAN ONCE LIKE DANG GUY i know most of the videos are meant mostly as a joke but at least get it right lol

  • Joel Toledo
    Joel Toledo

    Adam's Demany was insanely good, it's rare you see someone play The Anti-Villain.

  • Not Confirmed
    Not Confirmed

    2:25 lmao

  • Chaz Faucher
    Chaz Faucher

    The REAL question is, how did the goons get out of the jewelry shop in the end!? Without someone to buzz them out, they’re stuck in there until the police show up. We see throughout the movie that there’s no override that allows both doors to be opened at the same time, someone has to be pressing the button from inside, to open the inner and outer doors separately. Even with all its problems, the doors still won’t magically stay open while they escape with the gold. It bugs me they didn’t explain this!

    • Stone Roller
      Stone Roller

      I bet Sandler has the key on him, cuz how else would the last person leave? Idk just my guess.

  • Dalton evans
    Dalton evans

    Since when is the weeknd anti drug?

  • Cheaffs Death
    Cheaffs Death

    This is one of the best performances of Adam sandler ! It’s so realistic and sad, I was sooo anxious the entire movie but extremely well done

  • Guy Dudebro The 4th
    Guy Dudebro The 4th

    Do half the people watching these videos not understand it’s for laughs AND critical review?

  • Eric Parras
    Eric Parras

    I freaking hated this movie when I first saw it, but after giving it a second watch, I understand it a little bit more


    This movie has alot of "mafia" type vibes. I think him receiving the gems inside a fish is foreshadow that the gems will cause his death. Hence the mafia term "swimming with the fishes"

  • Phore Skin
    Phore Skin

    Stopped watching after the first "sin"

  • Kamdan

    John Turturro was great in this movie.

  • Mark Castaneda
    Mark Castaneda

    The noise Howard made when he was about to get thrown out of a window was hilarious lmaoooo

  • JoRgE Chavez
    JoRgE Chavez

    I'm so glad that mention of the Allen Iverson "practice" speech was included in this video.

  • Taylor Salim
    Taylor Salim

    Movie is overhyped and overrated? Yikes Jeremy

  • jakobion

    9:40, he went to the concert to meet demany for the gem, he had a reason to be there.

  • Noah Evald
    Noah Evald

    I don’t get this. The things you are saying are just stupid. Uncut gems is a great movie

    • Garbage Productions
      Garbage Productions

      He’s not serious. He does this with almost every movie that comes out. It’s just for content.

    • JJ

      Totally agree, he doesn't get this movie at all. Should stick to Marvel movies, that's more his speed I guess.

  • Svinja

    Watching this movie feels like when you first wake up after sleeping through midterm exams

  • Teknical Mage
    Teknical Mage

    Juila Fox is unreasonably thick

    • Teknical Mage
      Teknical Mage

      And thats all I can recall from the plot tbh

  • gimmieurBRAIN

    It's not "vig", it's "fig", short for figure, obviously that means what the interest will be on the amount loaned on the pawn. Also, his wife said he was naked in a trunk, not drunk. He held them in the small room to stall the rest of them from looking for the girl. There are other discrepancies in your video, it feels like you're over looking things just to get the "sin" score up higher. It's feeling like that was a lot of your other recent entries.

  • Ryan Starkweather
    Ryan Starkweather

    You can't claim to be a champion of logic and use slang like mansplaining unless you've already been indoctrinated by pc CULTure, in which case there's no hope for you and this comment is pointless. Nah, I'm kidding, you can't do it anyway and expect people who truly ARE driven by logic to respect much of anything else you say because you effectively delete any credibility you may have once had when you do. You wanna be logical or you wanna be a white knight? Can't do both man. The internet has all but proven that and the only reason i won't say it's been proven is because the general population of the internet wouldn't touch real science or psychology if the alternative was death of the internet, which for them would be about the same as actual death because because of their depressive (and depressing) addiction to the dam thing.

  • indigo juliet
    indigo juliet

    This is easily the best Adam Sandler movie in years. There hasn't been a Sandler movie this good since 50 First Dates.

  • Israel Bloodgood
    Israel Bloodgood

    I've honestly never seen a cinema sins where I disagreed with every single sin! Haha!

  • Blake Rackley
    Blake Rackley

    woah woah woah, let me get this straight...you went through this whole film and then at the very end decide NOT to include Arno's dumbass trying to escape? It was too disturbing to you all as well : /

  • ArsenalDave04

    2:13 The movie isn't set 2020. Shame on you Cinema Sins

  • George Murrell
    George Murrell

    Coming back to cinemasins after so many years to see it's still shit. The world is in harmony

  • Gary Bailey Jr.
    Gary Bailey Jr.

    Cinema Cins should get sinned 100k subscribers for reviewing this 🗑 movie


    Movie was ok. Definitely hyped!

  • Itsausiana Purdy
    Itsausiana Purdy

    the weeknd is actually pro drug

  • AguyNamed Nick
    AguyNamed Nick

    This movie is so overrated. The only thing that would have saved it for me if everyone got shot in the head at the end. I mean who am I supposed to sympathize with, everybody's a piece of shit

  • Miss Meg Winter
    Miss Meg Winter

    Mogwai??? Really??? Cinemasins never heard of a Furby? The most demonic toy on the planet?

  • Rich Roberts
    Rich Roberts

    saying 'so extra' was already out of fashion by 2019 when this movie came out, they make a point to have Julia saying it in that scene to demonstrate how young and fad chasing she is, plus to really hammer home that this is taking place in 2012

  • Ky Kyle
    Ky Kyle

    It's a movie

  • aresef

    A gambling addict is addicted to losing

  • Ian Crane
    Ian Crane

    I respect the craftmanship of putting the movie together, but honestly this is one of the most pointless movies I've ever seen

  • Storm shadow Ninja
    Storm shadow Ninja

    Don't watch this movie to literally nothing it is so boring that the character never went in death nothing is good about this movie is so boring you don't understand it you will not actually understand this movie cuz it doesn't make sense

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill

    A vig... 😆😆😆

  • Ivo Bo
    Ivo Bo

    I honestly could not watch this movie to the end. Its whole gimmick is to create false bullshit scenarios to keep the chaos and stress levels up for the viewers as an attempt to show what it is really like or some shit, but it only irritates you more and more until you either stop watching or have patience enough to watch it till the end. Its bullshit to the highest degree and I would definitely not watch it twice, wanting to actually not watched once either.

  • Salamander676

    Everyone was focused on his schemes thinking that was the goal when the actual goal of the movie was understanding Howard and why he exists the way he does and what truly makes him happy and why he will never have that. It gave us a peak into this man's life and allowed us to study him and his surroundings and understand why things are the way they are. He influences his environment as much as it influences him. We all do.

  • Kadasberry11

    Actually, it’s a Furby. Sin for you lol

  • WildwoodClaire1

    Experiencing "Uncut Gems" was just about as pleasurable as a MRI.

  • Angie Angee
    Angie Angee

    20:45 LMAO!!!!

  • S Mac
    S Mac

    i just love this movie

  • Stache Boi
    Stache Boi

    This movie made feel so uneasy it was that good imo

  • Jordan Tillar
    Jordan Tillar

    I think the Mubi tag at the end was better than the potential of the movie or even the cinema sin review...


    This review sucks most of the sins weren’t even sins

  • Nicholas Warren
    Nicholas Warren

    19 minutes or less. 21:24 got me like 👁 👄 👁

  • Thetoothbrushfromnisemonogatari

    Dude this movie is a fucking masterpiece.

  • S7VENSiiNS

    The high rate of this movie is just astonishing to me, I was expecting something meaningful to happen the entire movie, was boring as f


    wtf even was that fucken movie

  • Mar.K

    I've watched this entire movie for an ending that doesn't even make sense. I'm so mad.

  • Zex

    If anyone really thinks this movie is Good, I feel bad for you

  • Mar.K

    8:00 you missed another crucial mistake they made. His first text was at 7:41 pm when he was in Philly and his second was at 7:42 pm at a completely other place (probably in NY) with his wife. How could they missed that!

  • Česnauskas Marius
    Česnauskas Marius


  • TeleVeeVEVO

    I love how he sins this movie for having an unlikable protag like this is the first movie with a protag that is not nice lmao

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    @6:30.... TECHNICALLY thats not true... Hypothetically, he could have placed whats called a, "Progressive Parlay" bet. Which means, those allow you to lose, 1, 2 or even 3 of your wagers in that single parlay bet. (It all depends on how many total picks you have for that 'Progressive Parlay' bet) (Theyre pretty fun actually) Especially when betting on NBA or the NFL, when youre picking like 8+ teams in your parlay bet. I mean... it's basically just like having insurance on your wager. "Hello everyone! My name is Damien X & I'm addicted to gambling!" "Hi Damien X!" 😄HaHa😄

  • Walter White
    Walter White

    😄THANK YOU FOR SINNING Mike Francesca!!! 😄

  • Seielstad Jr.
    Seielstad Jr.

    1:15 my pops got his without anesthesia and I'm pretty sure a lot of couples go through that more often than you think so I'm sure he's fine

  • Straight Pepper
    Straight Pepper

    This sucks

  • R3ggie

    The only problem with Uncut Gems is that you made this video. 2 million sins to you Jeremy.

  • a o
    a o

    Is it me or the courier that brings the stone is wearing the same disguise as the bank robbers in Good Time?

  • O'Brien, Devon
    O'Brien, Devon

    did he say The Weeknd anti drug?? is that sarcasm??

  • Brocc Talks
    Brocc Talks

    Hey man I am making a commentary video on UNCUT Gems and I am getting Copy right claimed for like 13 second clips.... did you have this problem

  • evilevilmans

    This video in a nutshell: lol uncut gems loud hahahaha I felt anxious while watching this moovie so it’s bhad

  • Smoking Strong
    Smoking Strong

    idk wtf a mogyai is but thats a fucking furby

  • Its Edy
    Its Edy

    8:16, That scene was shot at my old high school

  • Dirk Digglah
    Dirk Digglah

    A vig is slang for take or cut


    Lmaooooo the ending cuts are Legendary

  • ravi mukerji
    ravi mukerji

    Since when was the Weeknd anti drug???

  • Goddess Kisses
    Goddess Kisses

    Did anyone else with the iPhone notice that the iPhone notification sound kept going off in the movie? I feel like it added a layer of anxiety for me watching it

  • IAm Atlas
    IAm Atlas

    So clearly this guy doesn’t watch basketball bc the Celtics did win in 08..

    • JΛMΛ

      Sarcasm lol

  • MGrabowski70

    I used to like cinema sins when he was actually pointing out flaws in movies but at some point it just turned into reaching for things to bitch about and complaining about things that he just doesn’t like

  • Colin Bradley
    Colin Bradley

    Can anyone explain to me how Arno was able to "stop a bet"? How is the bookie allowing that? And what happens to the money that was placed on the bet? Does the bookie just keep the money? Does Arno get the money? If Arno gets the money from stopping the bet then why is he putting more pressure to collect money?

  • SgtMajorPanda

    Not to be rude, but talking on speaker phone in public doesn't deserve a sin. That deserves 50 sins, at the very least.

  • Neilav Sn
    Neilav Sn

    Cinemasins, you were just digging at random things to sin this movie. But then again, you're not to be taken seriously. Clearly y'all loved this movie.

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos

    Bruh does this man really believe in mansplaining

  • Luka Škare
    Luka Škare

    Why would you get anesthesia for a colonoscopy and why would you walk funny after it? The only thing you do have to have after it is the enormous fart. Talking next level bass feat. Toilet Bowl

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar

    Sin should’ve been removed for getting Francesca to curse

  • Ki77a_WyTe724

    1:11 as somebody who has had a colonoscopy before, by the time he wakes up, gets dressed, checks out, n is on the street he'd be basically fine at that point. Only within the first 5 - 10 mins of waking up would be still be feeling the affects of the anesthesia. Least that's how it was for me.

  • Jrakken

    I wanna meet yall, watch a few films. pick ur brain a bit. u should do fan meet and greets/netflixs and chills - the sex

  • Ruxis

    I'm seeing a lot of people that didn't like it but most of them just complain it was stressful to watch. Which is kind of the point. It's literally an anxiety attack throughout but kinda in a good way. Was constantly engaged throughout the entire thing. The gritty realism of it was also a big perk.

  • Went Cornatzer
    Went Cornatzer

    I don't think Julia is in love with Howard. I think he's a good sugar daddy. That's why she's afraid to lose him. At the end I think she runs off with the money before she finds out Howard is dead.

  • I'm Norman!
    I'm Norman!

    Can we make "Adam Sandler has a girlfriend/wife that is way too attractive for him cliche" a thing?

  • GodsSon987

    Cinemasins removing a sin for an Adam Sandler performance. A strange phenomenon strikes 2020 once again

    • Jeremiah Hester
      Jeremiah Hester

      LOL, That man can act.

  • Kim

    The ending ... Seriously. Come. On. It didn't have to be a fairy tale. But it genuinely feels like it stole the 2 hours from me in 3 seconds.

  • John Conager
    John Conager

    Is it just me or does Adam Sandler with a beard look like Gordon Freeman from half life


    This movie made me anxious the entire time

  • Doktor

    Of course he overreacts to that game. He bet on it. So what? And grown ups 2 was fucking great. I don't know what the fucks wrong with y'all Muricans to hate Adam Sandler so much. Someone started this and y'all are following it without questioning anything. Y'all are jokes. Jack and Jill was great too. I stand behind that, without owing anybody anything. I laughed, I enjoyed the movie, so it was good for me. Easy math. Ok, this guy just unironically used the phrase "mansplaining" to fit modern feminazis idiology. Yes that i was on purpose. I have no further questions. That explains it all. This channel is a true mess.

  • Amina Israel
    Amina Israel

    The"TRUE JEWS ARE BLACK " it's funny how they throw the truth right in our face. All praises to The Most High God of Israel!!!