Everything Wrong With Alien 3 In 16 Minutes Or Less
Alien 3 is... not a good movie. It's what happens when you hire a young genius director and then constantly mess with production. Anyway, there are aliens, Ripley, and of course... there are sins.
Next week: Recent action sins and not very recent animated sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Max Svensson
    Max Svensson

    5:25 I like yor cut Ripley!

  • Sean Meadows
    Sean Meadows

    You missed the biggest sin of all! The fact that there was no way an egg could have been left on the Sulaco. Why anyone came up with that idea is beyond comprehension.

  • 111danish111

    8:32 Leftennent .

  • Adizabeth Torres
    Adizabeth Torres

    Pizza party

  • Timmah ST
    Timmah ST

    15:54 gender revels of the future are metal AF

  • Robo-Horus

    4:35 in the special edition it was an ox

  • Ruda Macho
    Ruda Macho

    director's cut makes up for a couple of things... like a cow instead of a dog lmao

  • terry landess
    terry landess

    Alien - Horror, Aliens - Action, Alien3 - Theater, Alien Resurrection - Parody. >3 can best be viewed as character/performance studies with the excellent cast. The overall story is pedestrian at best.

  • Ralph Rombauts
    Ralph Rombauts

    Everything wrong with Aliens 3: -It exists -No Newt and Hicks because... -Off screen deaths

  • mudokin

    The eating with the other people you are trapped with is a common trope in these movies, it's their last supper.

  • Graotron

    Trash??? This is one of the best horror movies ever.

  • Nova2512

    *Before I watch this I gotta say, if you don’t remove a sin for Sigourney Weaver for actually making that behind the back shot I will riot*

  • William Matthews
    William Matthews

    Say what you will but Charles Dance delivering that speech about why he ended up in prison was great and should not have been skipped!

  • Nicolas P
    Nicolas P

    3:14 Actually *the whole world* says aluminium. Besides, you Americans do say Uranium, Plutonium, Strontium, Palladium, Americanium (does exist), etc. Why did you take the "i" away from aluminium? I will never forget you ^^

  • raphmaster23

    Somehow I forgot this one existed

  • Nekii

    Sin for the cat not coming back in the movie

  • Manihot Esculenta
    Manihot Esculenta

    12:15 i lost it also 15:03 i died

  • RRR 555
    RRR 555

    why no the director cut?

  • apong darko
    apong darko

    The xeno would still chase dillon if he climbed out of the lead bay and ripely stayed. It didn’t want Ripley cuz the alien baby

  • apong darko
    apong darko

    I thought the xeno vision shots were dope

  • Pier Paolo Polla
    Pier Paolo Polla

    The alien couldn’t fit Into the dog but it fitted perfectly Into a cow that was used in the original shoot.

  • the paul stu show
    the paul stu show

    Dont bad mouth us brits thats rude

  • julio vindell
    julio vindell

    I'm about to watch this movie myself now and I'll make my own assessment thank you very much. I'm sure it's not as horrible as you make it out to be !

  • Oscar Vela
    Oscar Vela

    Let me sum it up in a small paragraph . You killed off the survivors who fought fiercely (great characters) you introduce new characters we absolutely don’t care about (rapists)and You killed of the Heroin in the last scene! Who the F’ wrote the script for this movie 🎥 🍿 ??? And where did this @sshole alien come from ?? Did it teleport onto the ship 🚀 ???

  • iwatchkittenvids45

    No sin for the incredible amount of steam in this movie? Looks like the entire movie took place in a bathhouse

  • William Koppos
    William Koppos

    I ALWAYS knew Lance Hendrickson was a robot, since Terminator. One of the worst movies ever made, can never see what's going on.

  • Litshttam

    Let me guess: •'How did the egg get there?' •'Killing off Hicks & Newt was a big mistake' •'The CGI's terrible!' (it's superimposed rod puppetry, bar the alien's head cracking) •'It isn't scary' (neither's Aliens) •'You can't tell 'em apart!' •'You don't care for any of 'em' Yep, that about covers it.

  • Lee Michael
    Lee Michael

    Just gonna come out and say this but I loved this movie, the detached planet and the fact weaver came back to do it , and yeah the CGI was crap but I enjoyed the ride! It's perfect 12.45 in the morning fall asleep glad I'm not on planet fury and safe in my bed as these guy's face down the most cinematic protagonist in movie history!!! Hate me all you want!!!!!

    • Litshttam

      The only CGI in Alien³ is the shot of the creature's head cracking - the rest is superimposed rod puppetry / Tom Woodruff Jr in a suit.

  • Morten Bøe Pedersen
    Morten Bøe Pedersen

    What's with Bishop's ear at the final scene when Ripley jumps?

    • Litshttam

      Did you miss the part where Aaron hits him with a wrench: "Fucking android!"?

  • dean Grant
    dean Grant

    The thing is there was meant to be 3 sides of this leadworks,why didn't they bother to go to the othersides and wait for help comes the Alien would of been trapped either way

  • Slevin Kolebra
    Slevin Kolebra

    This movie was the best representation of Giger's true vision of the world and environment of Alien, everyone gives this movie flak, but I love this movie and I think Finch did a great job on it. I also love that the Alien was originally born from an ox, so it runs on all fours, this fits the Alien creature much better, I loved Covenant because of the pale aliens, those were amazing, extremely quick and extremely violent. I thought it was funny how when Prometheus came out, EVERYONE complained that it wasn't an 'Alien' movie, that they didn't want an Engineer movie, they wanted another Alien movie, so Ridley completely changed his ideas for Covenant to make another Alien movie for the fans, but when it came out everyone complained that they wanted to see more about the Engineers, LOL. The fans completely screwed Ridley over on both movies. So if you complain about either of those movies, you only have yourselves to blame.

  • JuICyBLiiiiiiinGeR

    But it’s still Aluminium. It’s not a brutish thing.. it’s this kinda sorta in a way, if you really want to know, SCIENCE thing. Yeah drop the U’s from words but you can’t change science. Why is not Titanum or magnesum? Because SCIENCE.

  • Sean Millette
    Sean Millette

    Should be one sin each for newt and hicks

  • eXecatiOn

    Have you NEVER watched the Assembly cut?! PLEASE do a re-review of this movie with that cut. EDIT: The theatrical version is LITERALLY a butchered cut of the director's original vision. You would KNOW why Gollic was left alive after seeing the Xenomorph, why the creature is so big from birth (born from a bison), why Ripley is fully aware of what's happening to her. Typical yank - Story boooooo - Gore yay! This movie is a masterpiece of religious allegory tied in with the old English cathedral architecture. You're just a quick fix waste of braincells - the reason movies these days are without depth. Still love most of your videos though.

  • Aaron Hersey
    Aaron Hersey

    Everything wrong with Alien 3: Alien 3.

  • mylife 23
    mylife 23

    If a face hugger gets a Jedi or sith. Would the xenomorphe have the ability to use the force ? Like...... If they had a crossover.

  • wanderingbutnotlost

    You had Charles Dance, dragons were mentioned and you didn't make a single GOT reference? You get 100 sins.

  • hungry Pigeon needs bread
    hungry Pigeon needs bread

    MAAWAGE...MAAWAGE IS WHOT BWINGS US TOGEVA, TOODAY. 1:37 princess bride anyone?

  • Jackson H
    Jackson H

    I just watched this on blu-ray, and I noticed I don't have the dog scene?

    • Jackson H
      Jackson H

      The chestburster at the end too

  • Heather Leigh
    Heather Leigh

    Mozel tov😂

    • 111danish111

      Next year in Jerusalem .

  • Gaz

    You're going to try and tell me that "Aluminum" is correct? Haha good joke.

  • Tripp393

    "social distancing" is an oxymoron and people sound stupid every time they say it.

  • CLuv

    Honestly my favorite parts of this flick were the music, visuals, Ripley of course and all the Charlessss

  • Tempius

    May I ask, why it's a sin calling 20th century out for its company name in 2020 when the movie was produced in the 20th century? Adding the ...wait doesn't justify the sin either in that scenario. Or is it just a case of we have to add a sin for the sake of it even though it makes no sense?

  • mechasentai

    I'm sure if I Google it someone has already made an image of the alien with ballet slippers 9:31

  • Jeffrey St.George
    Jeffrey St.George

    The first Alien movie was the best. The second was very good as well. The third was just bad,bad.

  • just some guy
    just some guy

    In the comics they basically have a hand in everything so I'm pretty sure monopoly does NOT exist in the universe 🤣🤣

  • T Bia
    T Bia


  • The Catfather
    The Catfather

    Sooooo, when’s Everything Wrong With Alien: Resurrection coming out!

    • William Koppos
      William Koppos

      LOVE the basketball scene.

  • Dave McKay
    Dave McKay

    Alien in ballet slippers

  • Failedpuberty6x

    Charles Dance, Gordon Ramsey, Robert Irvine - what is it with Brits touching disgusting things with their bare hands??

  • Shavoid Patrick
    Shavoid Patrick

    A disturbance in the force but sometimes you can feel when something is wrong

  • Roy Szweda
    Roy Szweda

    Miami Vice is in this film, yay!

  • Chad Landry
    Chad Landry

    when i see an aliens head, I'm reminded of a bratwurst

  • Backseat Commentary
    Backseat Commentary

    Yeah, the difference in creatures of what the facehugger is born in makes the xenomorph in turn different, that's why it's fucking massive and more quadrupedal than in the first.

  • Luigi124

    The new xenomorph is named the runner

  • SuckTitles

    Ripley: last survivor of the Nostromo Me: last surviving fan of this movie

  • aliveandconnected

    I love all the Alien movies on principle but yeah Newt should have been alive!!!

  • JK

    Tywin Lannister couldn’t even survive Alien 3

  • Lauren Jones
    Lauren Jones

    PLEASE do Alien Resurrection!

  • Danielle Vaughn
    Danielle Vaughn

    I liked this movie. Especially the last scenes when they're trying to trap the alien. I love Charles S. Dutton as well.

  • Nathan Iliescu
    Nathan Iliescu

    14.54 - it's Bill Tench from Mindhunter.

  • Nick Grahame
    Nick Grahame

    I consider Prometheus, Alien, Alien: Isolation, and Aliens to be canon. The rest are pretty bad and I'd rather pretend they don't exist in the Alien universe.

    • Nick Grahame
      Nick Grahame

      Bucket Muffin Maybe I'll add both Prometheus and Covenant in there.

    • Bucket Muffin
      Bucket Muffin

      Prometheus over Covenant? I mean, I get Prometheus possesses essential knowledge, but still...

  • Daniel Dimonte
    Daniel Dimonte

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  • Marcus Taylor
    Marcus Taylor

    They should make aliens: accounts of the Earth War, on Amazon or Netflix.

  • therush420

    Assembly Cut makes it a better watch.

  • HS2comedy

    I am binging all the movies right now and this is great. I agree that alien > aliens > alien3 > resurrection, but enjoy them all! - Andrew

  • internetnavigator a
    internetnavigator a

    You forgot the "double y chromosome" thing, men would be "xy" and women "xx".

    • internetnavigator a
      internetnavigator a

      @The October Country maybe, I'm no genetics expert, but that wouldn't be normal and the movie is still wrong.

    • The October Country
      The October Country

      Having two Y chromosomes is possible.

  • The Wizard of Croagz
    The Wizard of Croagz

    Im on the ad's..oh boi here we go.....

  • Trent Miller
    Trent Miller

    Their not wearing face masks +200 sins

  • Suzanne B
    Suzanne B

    Michael Biehn was fine AF


    Alien 3. In space no-one can hear you yawn.

  • anik monette
    anik monette

    I like every film of the series save for the last one(Covenant) but this film has a lot of silliness. I remember facepalming when one of the prisoners gives shit to Ripley when she tries to warn him about the xenomorph but gets instantly grabbed and dragged though the ceiling...

  • XPS-AGB Gaming
    XPS-AGB Gaming

    Damn how many ads in this video?

  • Pomerlain89

    For me, this movie is always going to be tainted by the fact that they couldn't create a plausible reason for how an egg got on the ship in the first place at the end of Aliens, to be able to hatch and bring down the Sulaco. And there have been discussions about this to death, and nobody can make proper sense of it.

  • Levi Lombardi
    Levi Lombardi

    Honestly Alien Resurrection shouldn't have existed either but I sure as hell liked that one better than this movie. Tbh, I like Covenant better than this lmao. Which is sad.

  • Conor Coad
    Conor Coad

    There is absolutely no denying that the ending is a thing of beauty. The closing scene is the BEST CLOSING SCENE IN ANY MOVIE.

  • Gideon

    My favorite Alien sequel.

  • Comrade Snake
    Comrade Snake

    You bleeped the best part of the movie. *DING*

  • Paul Amarante
    Paul Amarante

    Why the hell did they being in the guy that looks like Gorman from Aliens.

  • The_eye_which_sees_within

    "...no temptation". This movie is so ridiculously dishonest. No gay or bi men on the ship, and no situational homosexuality at all. Such BS.

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray

    why the fact it's 20th century fox a sin? The movie was made (released) by 20th Century Fox.....anyway these days if you wanted to update its name wouldn't it be "21st CENTURY DISNEY-FOX" ? :)

  • Andrew Michael
    Andrew Michael

    Why do you Yanks hate the letter "u" so much?! Colour, honour, favourite, aluminium... I'll give you the pronunciation of the letter "Z" though. There's no way that "zed" fits in with the alphabet.

    • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes
      José Hunter's EW&F Remixes

      Hey, there's currently more of us than you, so it's _our_ language now. Thus, you need to explain why you Brits love the letter "u" so much Colour, honour, favourite, aluminium... Also, when you say "Yank", the average American thinks you mean "Northeasterner/New Englander" or "New Yorker"


    I love the first two Alien films and really looking forward to a great Sci. Fi. movie series with a great female lead. Then came Aliens 3. The first two films were hardly light hearted comedies but were in comparison to 3. Hamlet and king Lear was not as dark, depressing downer of a storys. It ruined what could have been a great film series. Yes I know there were other "Alien" movies of various success but none of them were anywhere as good as the first two.

  • John Goerger
    John Goerger

    No way was she injected with an alien egg. Movie Commandant: NEVER KILL OF CHILDREN

  • John Goerger
    John Goerger

    Biological claims 100% wrong. Knowledge one learns is not transmitted to one's genes..total marxist bullshit. Ignores Darwinian Evolution (Natural Evolution)

  • dimi g
    dimi g

    A waste of a sequel just like wrong turn 3

  • Halil Halil
    Halil Halil

    If I was Ripley in this movie everyone would be calling me Calvin Klein because it’s stencilled on the back of my shorts...

  • Sammy Tweedy
    Sammy Tweedy


  • Nathan Farwell
    Nathan Farwell

    The xenomorphs are extremely adaptive and intelligent they get off on making their prey feel fear

  • Beldan4

    Ok, there is a major sin at 1:04 sec in. BAD SCIENCE. "Double Y Chromosome-Work Correctional Facility". back in the 90's when this movie was made there was this idea floating around that males with two Y chromosomes were naturally more aggressive, violent and going to wind up in prison. I remember this because I was a teen back then and my parents had me tested and discovered I had two Y chromosomes. They were too scared to tell me this for fear that it would upset me. So for them to post this in the movie is both funny because it's the continuation of a garbage concept that floated around at the time, but it is also upsetting to me personally to see. Only thing I know for sure that I got from my extra Y was 6'4" tall by the time i was 15, but also a possible contributor to my AD(H)D, OCD, Depression, Autism.

  • Contre Courant
    Contre Courant

    Am i the only on who likes Alien3. I love the dark atmosphere of the movie. I would have loved to see Charles Dutton in more of Finsher s movies.

  • Paul Schlote
    Paul Schlote

    13:00 - Two women were triggered.

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes

    yea the directors cut is the way to watch this movie. It's not a fan fav but I really love this film.

  • Heywood Floyd
    Heywood Floyd

    Yes casting mainly a British cast was a mistake-especially Yorkshireman Brian (That`s Enuff) Glover-was woeful...…...and for you Americans-we say a word like it`s spelled....AL-U-MIN-I-UM (AL-YOU-MIN-E-UM) NOT AL-OOO-MIN-UM...…..in the same way you pronounce the I (EYE) in places like Iraq (Eye-Rack)...Iran (Eye-Ran)…...so why not say Italy-EYE-TALLY ?.....or any/all of the states in the U.S. that begin with I (EYE) ???

  • Ben Blackwood
    Ben Blackwood

    7:30 THIS WORKS 🤣🤣🤣

  • john tracy
    john tracy

    The biggest sin of Alien 3 is that Newt was killed off at the biginning of the movie. Everyone loved Newt.

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft

    I think that in every movie where a character refuses to believe the threat they should be wearing the iconic anchor suit jacket the mayor in Jaws was wearing

  • L.L. Craft
    L.L. Craft

    Compared to the new ones....this was awesome

    • Jack Hayhurst
      Jack Hayhurst

      The assembly cut is awesome straight up.

  • Richard Huff
    Richard Huff

    4:01, 15:08 LOL!😜