Everything Wrong With Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
This movie is surprisingly bland, at times horrifying, and never really the comic adventure they seem to have been going for. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events ends up being just that... a series of unfortunate events... that are not fun to watch and are actually quite sinful. Thankfully for you... we counted all the sins so you can watch JUST that stuff here and now in one single video!
Thursday: Recent horror sins. No, not THAT recent. No... not THAT long ago! 2018, you simpletons!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Crystal Cut
    Crystal Cut

    not even gonna Talk about Olaf's punishment?

  • Padawan Mack
    Padawan Mack

    I can not describe how much I love Klaus saves sunny instead of Violet.

  • Padraig McMahon
    Padraig McMahon

    What martt doints Firands Facebook Doitis Hackers firands dontins liers Firands hiend back 😳 you Cower all Zicdes♂️♀️♌♓♋♊♒♑♉♈♐♏♎♍

  • Alyson Lautar
    Alyson Lautar

    7:13 "Everything happens for a reason" is like, the exact opposite of the point of the books.

  • Ivy Tyson
    Ivy Tyson

    Why isn’t Klaus wearing GLASSES? The book very specifically stated many times he wears glasses :/

  • Maya Milkie
    Maya Milkie

    I only saw the series and not the movie or anything else *:(*

  • Lexa The Snake
    Lexa The Snake

    6:57 It's a Lemony Snicket story. Do you have any idea what kind of uproar these adaptations would get with no narration?

  • Brenden

    it really took u 16 years to review this movie and give it negasonic negatives for having too many lamps. jfc. 9 million retards subbed to this shit.

  • Chris

    Sorry but neil patrick harris did it better than jim carrey

  • Emily Ruegge
    Emily Ruegge

    Honestly the books were okay, but the movie just screwed everything up.

  • Daedric Ender
    Daedric Ender

    this video stinks..... this movie is amazing


    For the reason Sunny couldn’t bite her way out what would she do? Just fall to her death? At least in the show they tied her up


    One part of the Netflix series I prefer is when Olaf slaps Klaus. In the show it was more dramatic with even Olaf’s trope being surprised. Here they treat it as the most causal thing ever. I get that Olaf is naturally a bad person and so he wouldn’t think twice about slapping a young boy but the three children just met him and this should surprise them.

  • Foxx Child
    Foxx Child

    Sinning CinemaSins: those are clearly Beavers 1

  • JesseRoxII

    14:12 I used to think the filmmakers used the same mansion, but it actually looks different when you compare them. The mansion in this movie was actually only half of a set. They used CGI to flip the image and create the other side. Here's behind-the-scenes footage: redd.it/ek6jk5

  • JesseRoxII

    12:22 I guess wooden things and hollow tin cans are the limit to Sunny's teeth. Thick metal bars are too much.

  • really annoying guy
    really annoying guy

    8:34: No.

  • Josh Goldman
    Josh Goldman

    8:17 is basically the plot in 90% of the books. The kids go to a new place every time and Olaf shows up and no adults believe the children. And like the voiceover person here, it makes me angry too!

  • KatarinaDreams

    This film seems very confused about what time period it takes place in

  • Wikey Milin
    Wikey Milin

    “Sorry I don’t speak monkey” says Ace Ventura

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King

    I have a distressing amount of curiosity concerning the word "negasonically."

  • Marbleized Films
    Marbleized Films

    You know, there are 10 OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES.And they just gloss over all that.AND HE DOES NOT GET CAUGHT.He leaves,and gets away.Its UNfortunate not FOrtunate.

  • fiopwk

    Wondering if you can do a sins video on Casper. Make it happen and I'll buy some swag... $$

  • Henry SpiderboyYT
    Henry SpiderboyYT

    oh no i love this show:/

  • Maisie Fisher
    Maisie Fisher

    *The Netflix series is much better*

  • ThatOcelot

    I'm surprised that Jeremy didn't sin the fact that the narrator said "This is an excellent time to walk out of the airplane where this film is being shown."

  • Gregthehedgehog09

    This movie is a guilty pleasure to me. I love it. And Jim Carrey did a decent job as Count Olaf. FYI, if you wanna have fun, watch this movie with the audio commentary featuring the director and Lemony Snicket himself. It's a freaking riot XD

  • silvertonguer

    Loved this movie. Loved the tv series even more. The actual book series is so good as well. It’s so smart and I can’t believe it’s written for children.

  • Kristian Wade
    Kristian Wade

    Everything wrong with the movie in three words: Larry your w a i t e r

  • Tammy Kaler
    Tammy Kaler

    I die on the hill that this movie is better.

  • Ber Dooli
    Ber Dooli

    My brother and I were eight and nine when we’d all watch this film as a family. We loved but it took us a long time to realize how creepy and fucked up the last third of the film truly is

  • Bambi

    'Why did no one see the beam of light?'. Maybe because you can't see light until it hits something?

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    1:22 There's a difference between photographic and eidetic memory. Photographic memory means someone remembers in images. Eidetic means someone remembers the details themselves.

  • Anthony Perrotta
    Anthony Perrotta

    Okay, look. I know "the books don't matter" but the narrator being a character and interacting with the audience is part of the charm of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Yes it's unnecessary to the story but it is a key part of the appeal, so sining the narrator interruptions is like sining the training montage in Rocky. You're correct, but only by the letter. I understand I'm being That Guy, but I had to say something.

  • Henry stickmin
    Henry stickmin

    n o

  • he’s at the store
    he’s at the store

    “This goes on for some time.” Basically the whole series.

  • hayeslundry

    Ugh if they ever remake this again again they need to stop putting a comedic actor as Olaf. He isn’t supposed to be funny. Also shoving three books into one move is a dick move in it’s own right.

  • Jx_ jusandre
    Jx_ jusandre

    Gosh i watched this film as a kid and i never forgot, now i know why...

  • Graciela Montano
    Graciela Montano

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the narrator telling people to walk out of a moving airplane lmao

  • there is an imaginary raccoon in my house help
    there is an imaginary raccoon in my house help

    mr poe from the series and movie are like- 😭😭 WHAT?

  • Just Nothing
    Just Nothing

    Wait Why R The Characters Looks Different

  • izo gaming
    izo gaming

    7:18 it's red

  • Andrew Farley
    Andrew Farley

    How did you not sin the, walking out of an airplane!

  • memesDOTorg

    The only thing wrong is count olaf marries violet

  • Stache Boi
    Stache Boi

    Man I grew up with this movie it's one of my favorites

  • Ahstia Summers
    Ahstia Summers

    Is that Doc from Back To The Future?

  • Rohan’s_ Slut
    Rohan’s_ Slut

    it was a shit show like my family

  • Kinda Normal Humans 2
    Kinda Normal Humans 2

    I liked the series better 😒 and this convinced me not to watch the movie

  • Mike S.
    Mike S.

    “I think ya might have ta turn it up....” One of the best parts of the movie. XD

  • Madeline249

    The show was so much better then the movie. The shows cast was so much better then the movies cast can’t tell me differently

  • Eeveelover133 •
    Eeveelover133 •


  • DavidMartin

    I love how like 20% of the comments is people asking if they're the only one that got the 'Hurricane' reference, as though Hamilton isn't in the mainstream

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson

    also kid steven king. kids are always right, adults are the assholes and take credit for kids being right, and the only adult that's nice is killed

  • Alex Nelson
    Alex Nelson

    yup. show was better

  • Alexandre Beaudoin-laporte
    Alexandre Beaudoin-laporte

    What movie does the phrase I love warm hugs from?

  • Alexandre Beaudoin-laporte
    Alexandre Beaudoin-laporte

    The movie covers the first three books of the series.

  • Hyten

    Narrator: No one knows how the bouldalaire fire happened. An hour later: Klous finds a piece of glass that was angled to burn the bouldalaire mansion.

  • Mav Erick
    Mav Erick

    Ok this was one of their most stupid videos

  • Hoot Wolf
    Hoot Wolf

    Now they should do the show.

  • Abigail Lizama-Mendez
    Abigail Lizama-Mendez

    I have watched the movie, the show, and read all of the books! *I'm not obsessed you are.*

  • Chloë-Rose Hearnes
    Chloë-Rose Hearnes

    Hamilton reference!

  • DazyDest

    Why hasn't he picked up on the fact that olaf was ACTING like a blood relative and isnt actually related at all?!

  • London_ Dungeon
    London_ Dungeon

    You forgot the sin of not including all 13 parts.

  • Jaaziel Nicor
    Jaaziel Nicor

    The serie is better tho

  • alltimepro 3
    alltimepro 3

    EVERy thing wrong with freaks

  • Hope

    I mean... I hate this movie and how fast and loose it uses the books, but cinema sins is really sinning count olaf being an irredeemable bad guy... Like yeah no duh. Sin something less obvious

  • Ember Dayz
    Ember Dayz


  • Beasty 90
    Beasty 90

    its not too late to leave the cinema, living room or airplane......does the narrator not realise, you actually CANT leave one of those three things least without a parachute that is 😂😈 xxx

  • Siphonophore

    This video made me 100% agree that Cinemasins is just an asshole who truly can't enjoy movies. He sinned the narrator 4th wall breaks when it was actually in the book.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I died when he said,"No shit, just ask my penis!"

  • Ocfan207

    It's so annoying how he counts narration as a sin.

  • BadPiggies 9
    BadPiggies 9

    1:40 Oh, so now I know why I thought I recognized that actor from somewhere in the Harry Potter movie series.

  • Ivy Valentine
    Ivy Valentine

    I totally forgot this movie until I slowly started to remember watching it as a kid. 😭😭😭 I thought this movie was so fucking weird but I liked it???? Because 💫Happy Ending💫

  • Aminah A boss
    Aminah A boss

    I like the netflix one better because Count olaf's theater troupe has its own story. Like Fernald. In the movie he only had one sceen. My favorite one in the troupe is the henchperson of intermediate gender. And it was upsetting how he didn't even talk

  • A lonely fry
    A lonely fry

    Tried watching this after watching the Netflix series AND reading the books and... wh- what??

  • Kalani S
    Kalani S

    0:41 wtf?! 7:37

  • Caitlyn Stein
    Caitlyn Stein

    I get really creeped out because Klaus looks exactly like one of the kids in my class. Like a few years ago.

  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    wait, your doing the actual movie version? not the tv show? i mean i get you have a channel for tv sins, but you should have at least given me a link, (and this is just my opinion) the far superior retelling of this series. (plus one sin) also cinema sins is lampsist, so im just going to add one sin for every time they were dissing the lamps.

  • Shadow Swirl
    Shadow Swirl

    Me watching this video: Wait Jim Carrey was count Olaf? What the fuck happened to the lovable idiot I used to know, this isn’t Jim Carrey at all it’s treason I say treason!”

  • Potahtwah

    0:21 MUSHROOM! MUSHROOM! Wait, Olaf was Jim Carrey? That is, oddly fitting actually.

  • BustANut Cheerios
    BustANut Cheerios

    I hope he sins the shit out of this

  • lenon Acosta
    lenon Acosta

    fun fact: VFD is real. but it's some kind of a cord that can be found somewhere in your school.

  • Regina FerGon
    Regina FerGon

    BRUH i used to watch that as a kid

  • Elle Bryant
    Elle Bryant

    WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT ??? 👁️ IT'S A PEDOPHILE MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!👧

  • DJ Heird
    DJ Heird

    In my opinion, the Netflix adaptation was much better. 1.Count Olaf was much more intimidating, and closer to what he was like in the books. 2.It had 3 seasons, and the episodes had more time to flesh out the characters. 3.It had better acting in some cases.

  • João Santos
    João Santos

    Emily Browning is to young to have my babies in this movie *ding*

  • The Greek Pianist
    The Greek Pianist

    I’ll always love the movie no matter what!

  • Liv M
    Liv M

    I thought violet was played by the same person in the movie and the series because they looked so similar

  • Maddy & Kipper
    Maddy & Kipper

    Youre my favorite sinner.

  • Jaceblue04

    "God, this movie is basically Miss Perigrine's Tim Burton Presents Harry Potter & The BFG Spiderwick Compass." I had to pause at that because I was laughing for 5 straight minutes XD

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous

    2:43 wh-what?

  • Kaitlin Anderson
    Kaitlin Anderson

    The Netflix 3 season long version of this movie was way better

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    people just like dogs, don't look up! that's why they didn't see the beam of light.

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    bad people!? like my University Fiancee!?

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    well I don't have an album under my ass and I'm pretty crazy... soooo no one!?

  • liam nehren
    liam nehren

    damn i remember my university fiancee biting me for no reason until i bit her! then she stopped! XD

  • Blake Barrett
    Blake Barrett

    Hol up, they tried to fit MULTIPLE of the books into one movie!

  • Mimsy

    I didn't know how old this movie was considering the trailers for the show and the actress for the Violet looks near identical to the girl playing her in the movie.

  • Jana Kráčmarová
    Jana Kráčmarová

    Books are good, but this movie is a trash with famous actors :D :D

  • Abigail Katerberg Colibaba
    Abigail Katerberg Colibaba

    12:00 they're not related. He just said that to steal them. Plus one sin for cinema sins