Everything Wrong With Spider-Man: Far From Home In Tingle Minutes
Spider-Man: Far From Home, the follow-up to Homecoming, made plenty of money and is a pretty good time. It's not as good as Homecoming, and there are a LOT of things drones can do that you didn't realize drones could do. Oh, and sins like crazy.
Thursday: Lovey-dovey sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Branden Bogacz
    Branden Bogacz

    They ruined MJ in these new movies. Shes both just terrible and cringeworthy.

  • Channel of Mojos
    Channel of Mojos

    Not reappearing in the exact same place as someone else isn't bs. What IS bs is that all the life that was brought back everywhere didn't end up in space from the whole galaxy being approximately 94,608,000,000 km from where it was 5 years prior.

  • Chris Horton
    Chris Horton

    ....sin 31 is wrong. mysterio is literally in the scene watching peter. "HOW WOULD HE KNOW HE'S THERE?!?!" maybe because he's in the scene watching him the entire time.....

  • Elvis Casely
    Elvis Casely

    Really?! You really just pick anything to be a “sin”. I don’t think you’ve ever actually enjoyed a movie. Also, HOW HOW HOW did you give Birds Of Prey damn near the same score as this awesome movie?! You’re opinion is a sin

  • Michael Black
    Michael Black

    comic sans We. Are. Gonna. Have. A. Bad. Time.

  • Genesis Knight
    Genesis Knight

    I was actually waiting for CinemaSins to do this, then I'm 10 months late. Also, 13:43: Exactly what I thought when this happened.

  • sebastian mcmillan
    sebastian mcmillan

    I can’t lie. I think Tom Holland’s a great Spider-Man and homecoming was promising. But far from home was really disappointing

  • venombomb

    A lot of these sins were based off of personal preference and not actual mistakes they made. Also a lot of them were from your own stupidity.

  • DarkSorcerer18

    3:00 exactly

  • Jordan Granillo
    Jordan Granillo

    The reason Mysterio knew Peter would be there because in an earlier scene he is seen stalking him

  • XGR4VE

    am i the only one who realized sam jackson referenced a movie series he was in???

  • Clifton Sargent
    Clifton Sargent

    The thing on the plate is what native Americans use to “ smudge” supposta rid bad spirits

  • blueskullyboi

    Hey man he wore it for. 3 movies lol

  • Joel Bennett
    Joel Bennett

    I'm sorry but by the time I agreed with these "sins" i think the counter was at like 18.... there are like 7 or 8 I actually agree with....most are just points that were in the movie for obvious reasons that the creator of this video actually liked....how is him liking a part of the movie a "Sin"??? Things like Ned talking about the Europeans loving Americans...thats a joke...it's supposed to be wrong....that was the point...

  • 46chambersoflife

    @ 16:57 That white thing in the plate is called SAGE. Some people wrap it up like that and let it dry then light it up on when end for the smoke, for either aroma purposes or some ppl use it to get out negative energy in the house.

  • thee Clonegamer
    thee Clonegamer

    I love the Three Amigos reference he put at the end lol

  • Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi

    2:30 Holy shit, thank you!

  • odstjaaayden123

    Password is password... He’s a sarge alright

  • Regs Dj Service Dj Reggie Reg
    Regs Dj Service Dj Reggie Reg

    That “The King of the North!”, had me 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt

    I will be very angry if Tony was a skull.

  • Roumit Rakshit
    Roumit Rakshit

    Far from home is the most overrated and illogical movie in the entire MCU.

  • Roumit Rakshit
    Roumit Rakshit

    Marvel was all right but after Disney took over it , every thing seems more bull$hitty as if made for 14 yr old kids

  • Ancient Darkness
    Ancient Darkness

    5:35 actually the word "boh" has a really specific meaning in Italian. It literally means "I don't know"/" No idea", so her saying what she said is completely stupid

  • Geecs Family
    Geecs Family

    You forgot when Fury says, "If another person knocks on that door then you and I re going to another funeral" Wouldn't it be weird if the leader of a superhero organization goes to random high schoolers funeral?

  • Waxmon9898

    i like trains! 14:09

  • Shivang Chawla
    Shivang Chawla

    God I miss the days when movies were just movies and not everyone was concerned behind the logic about every fkn thing

  • William Budden
    William Budden

    12:42 and no other movie does?

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    Mj is a cutey but what’s pretty much scary is she knew peter parker is Spider-Man in the homecoming movie

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    This movie needed the hulk because he would have smashed edith drones and beck

  • Chris Allie
    Chris Allie

    In Australia 🇦🇺 it’s legal to drink and smoke and gamble and own your own home at the age of 18 and it’s also summer time at Xmas time that’s why Australia is called the lucky country

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    After The Give Away At The End Of The Film The Next Title Ought To Be "Spider-Man: We Will Not Survive This" The Same Line From Phantom Menace When The Viceroy Was Trying To Hide From The Jedi. 🙊🤭😋🤗🙃

  • Ali


  • flash jaiden
    flash jaiden

    when he said it is 1 year later that made no sense its been like a week since endgame

    • raimi all powerful
      raimi all powerful

      a week? it's been 8 months not a week

  • Jesus Aguirre
    Jesus Aguirre

    Jokes aside, I didn't like the movie that much, for several reasons wich most of them are in this video. Also: WHY THE HELL PETER WAS WITH HIS SUIT IN A PUBLIC BAR WITHOUT A MASK!?!

  • Gabriel Murray
    Gabriel Murray

    The idea that anyone but JK should have Jameson should be like 100 sins for Jeremy.

  • Fire Hub - Fortnite Shorts
    Fire Hub - Fortnite Shorts

    There is no skrull Tony. When a skrull dies (if it is disguised) the disguise will be taken off once dead like in Captian Marvel. In Endgame when Tony was dead we didn't see the disguise taken off. Also how would the dead skrull's heart be exactly like Tony's. There is no skrull Tony.

  • FaZe Max
    FaZe Max


  • Gabriel

    wow marvel editors..... check 0:40 the video top right has a watermark

  • Spider-Verse Doom
    Spider-Verse Doom

    For this, I dont like you Cinemasins, spider-man is my life, and I'm not gonna let you ruin it for me. And the iron suit IS COOL.

  • King Donny J
    King Donny J

    Jeremy doesn’t know how physics works...this man is a dumbass

  • Robert Howard
    Robert Howard

    No sir..... broad day light .... at least 500000000 sin points for no one seeing him......


    Does cinema sins have a favorite movie or he have every movie

  • RazorX50 Gamer
    RazorX50 Gamer

    Sony should take Spider-Man out of the MCU, this spiderman(aka iron boy) is basically a parody of spider man

  • Spiral Galaxy
    Spiral Galaxy

    6:35 7:53 I.. I dont know what to say, he laughed? he actually enjoyed something?


    yes i have dated a person with a little crazy like this mj and still friends

  • Cihan Fatihi
    Cihan Fatihi

    1:55 No one loves Americans. America is the most hated country in the world.

  • MqX

    3:45 they don't I am 17 and 2 years ago on a flight to Europe they gave me chocolate cookies and didn't care to tell me that the cookies were hollow and filled up with alcoholic drinks.

  • Adam Stolar
    Adam Stolar

    59 and 60 just seem like cheep additions to the sin counter so you can make this movie seem worse than it is. You literally gave the movie a sin for your own word choice.

    • Adam Stolar
      Adam Stolar

      And 77

  • graffitiwomen

    The Kanye thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nilotpal Talukdar
    Nilotpal Talukdar

    Just imagine. Fury calls captain marvel. She came and fought. With just one blast every drone is destroyed. And Mysterio is like 😑

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    I'll say this now: *my entire family agreed this movie was shit*

  • Buttery Tomatoes
    Buttery Tomatoes

    The one rich kid is just macro

  • Parvis

    Sony should take Spider-Man back.

  • FVxR

    15:48 the movie is correct London Bridge is somewhere in America

  • Nikolas Mareš
    Nikolas Mareš

    Im European I hate Americans

  • Jonathan Sawyer
    Jonathan Sawyer

    (During the memoriam) Me: So, I get that Captain America is retired and, effectively, lost to this era due to regaining his own time at the end of Endgame, but last I checked, he was still alive. Are they saying that history somehow managed to keep track of Cap and considered him to be a legend even after returning to the past without actually changing the timeline and that, sometime between Endgame and this movie, he actually passed away? Either way, this memoriam is inaccurate because Cap didn’t die fighting Thanos. So, I’m sinning this.

    • Pitty Studios
      Pitty Studios

      It's likely that Cap either died off screen or everyone was told he was dead so he could live the rest of his life in peace.

  • Bännylicious

    You clearly don't know how momentum works, because it's NOT as you said, it is precisely what the movie shows... Oh the stupidity...

  • raimi all powerful
    raimi all powerful

    i also hate the ironman part of the movies.

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This is Spider-Man: Far From Home 2019 DVD PG-13

  • Enoc De Leon
    Enoc De Leon

    The Black sheep reference 🔥🔥🔥

  • Latin Spidey
    Latin Spidey

    11 is debunked because when hulk Snapped he made sure people blip back in safe places so no one falls out of the sky no one gets hit by cars its all good

  • Jerzy Zareba
    Jerzy Zareba

    In all honesty, I was a big fan of Cinema Sins. I watched them back in the day because dude was pointing out legit mistakes that I noticed too and that made it satisfying. Right now it turned more of a opinion sharing platform, where not mistakes but rather his own thoughts are presented. Like for instance Iron Spider, which I happen to love and it's not a mistake of the movie - but sin given. Mysterio saying to Spider-Man that maybe Tony would be still alive if he was better - Peter was devastated by his mentor's death and Mysterio was just trying to get into his head, so again - an opinion, not a mistake. Moments like these make my go "dude, have you actually thought at least a minute before some of those?"

  • Xendag

    Missed sin in the "in memoriam" part at least visions picture is a literal screenshot from civil war lmoa

  • Christopher Scotts
    Christopher Scotts

    After that "No Avengers coming" scene I'm also wondering what the hell was Mysterio gonna do when he eventually teams up with other hero. If he wanted to be the next Iron Man he needed to lead the Avengers into some mission, good luck fooling any of them, like Doctor Strange knows real magic and even Ant-Man could shrink and see that the things are not real I also agree with the Peter Tingle sin. Maybe in the full on fantasy sequence they should've had Peter actually getting some punches in but end up being overwhelmed and after each succesful punch, have the projection fail and show the real word and that way you could also show a little more how it really was just projections instead of magic.

  • An V
    An V

    the Kanye west is so true😂

  • Anna Hearne
    Anna Hearne

    MJ: download a VPN Peter: *doesn't listen* Fury: *tracks peter* Peter: i should have listened to MJ

  • Keyion Young
    Keyion Young


  • Dem Lem's
    Dem Lem's

    AT 17:00 when u said “what is that on the plate?” It’s a Sage stick, you light it to cleanse a location.......or Chong left his mid day joint on the set

  • Conner Wallace
    Conner Wallace

    Your an idiot


    6:34 just press it

  • Sophia Gutierrez
    Sophia Gutierrez

    If you did hten you would know the real sins for this movie would be 108. Cuz he did plus 10 sins, and took away 3 sins. Do the math and i swear to you you'll get 108.

  • ThePerimeter

    iron boy jr movies suck.

  • Lugia Flying
    Lugia Flying

    Why did Peter use him web onto the fire elemental?

  • Joey Gauna
    Joey Gauna

    Ok is nobody going to say anything about how peter called Edith Izzy right after he thinks mysterio is dead in the bridge I think 1:48:35

  • Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom
    Val 'Fuzzy' Plushroom

    And here I thought Jarring Juxtaposition was my favorite spicy Albanian cola drink.

  • Kyraptor

    The movie doesn't even understand spidey sense. He can't just loose or have trouble with it like normal powers. It's a sense hardwired into his brain. Involuntary reactions.

  • Lilly Stark
    Lilly Stark

    This movie was such a disaster in so many ways kdlalhdlajs I'm glad I noped completely out of the mcu after this

  • Daniël Fidom
    Daniël Fidom

    1 thing i never understoot how did spiderman get from berlin to the netherlands (broek op langedijk) with a train there isnt even a train let's stand a bus station the closed train station is schiphol amsterdam.

  • veronica b
    veronica b

    So who's gonna make a video where they SIN this video, because it clearly lack, a lot.

  • Tomy

    at 6:30 if that's just an illusion, how could they be wet for real or what was peter parker how no one notice those building didn't really fall?

  • Lv.100 Latios
    Lv.100 Latios

    Also, Spider-man does use his spider-sense in Civil War! the first movie he was in! Watch the scene where he fight Bucky and the Falcon and see if you notice. -1 sin

  • Zola Renard
    Zola Renard

    Is it a sin forgetting that they're NOT in Earth-616?

  • Its only jax
    Its only jax

    Yea I really like the ted bundys murders

  • Ghazi Hatk
    Ghazi Hatk

    Why is the Cinema sins suddenly polite? I Remember watching POTC sins and it TOTALLY wasn't like this

  • Z3thr0

    I think he just said Homecoming was better than Far From Home. He's on acid or something if he thinks that.

  • Kyle Campion
    Kyle Campion

    I 1000% agree about the stupid iron suit it was cool for a bit but they overused it

  • Steven kole
    Steven kole

    Any one know why Maria Hill switched actresses with in the movie?

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero

    The reason why they were not blipped black and fell in the ocean or people in a airplane it's because hulk is smart enough to snap when they are snapped back they are in a safe place so if you were in a car you just appear on the sidewalk.

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight

    You gave the movie a sin after you made a joke that you set yourself up for that had absolutely nothing to do with the movie. What?

  • TheLegendOfNene

    13:07 best part of the vid

  • Luzceleste Arellano
    Luzceleste Arellano

    stupid guy i don't care who you are saying that abut tony stark huh

  • imposter

    i would say ur wrong but u gotta pay rent

  • Catherine Arnold
    Catherine Arnold

    Bro they were gone for 5 years not "barely one year" they explain that multiple times with full on visuals showing how everyone else kept aging and now everyone else is 5 years behind. But you still consistently get it wrong. 5 sins.

  • Blood DemonYT
    Blood DemonYT

    Tony Toni Tone

  • J W
    J W

    Yep, this was not a marvel movie, it was a Disney movie take on marvel. The cgi from endgame to this. 🤣😤🤑

  • Douglas Rau
    Douglas Rau

    Flash’s ID would most likely just list his date of birth, not whether he blipped or not. So judging by his ID, the stewardess would think he was 21 and the actor was 23 when this was filmed so.....believable.


    In one sin Jeremy says that Tony would’ve seen through Mysterio’s lies right away as if he didn’t know that Tony already knew Beck,than in the next sin he sinned the fact that Tony already knew Beck.

  • masketeers

    edward snowden = conspiracy theory

  • Marcus Van Dam
    Marcus Van Dam

    5:42. I forgot what I was watching for a couple seconds and thought he was talking about Peter Griffin

  • Weston Perry
    Weston Perry