Everything Wrong With Serenity In 16 Gorram Minutes Or Less
Serenity is the film version of the TV show Firefly, which had a cult following enough in the early aughts to get a movie made, but today might have been able to use Twitter to get the show picked up by another outlet.
Regardless, it's a fine movie. Entertaining for the most part, largely derivative of the show. Shrug.
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  • TheHedgehogGiraffe

    “Love keeps her in the air, let’s ya know she’s hurtin ‘for she keens; makes her home.”

  • Mr Snek
    Mr Snek

    Why does this movie remind me of Dune?

  • Randy G
    Randy G

    Hey dumbass, they didn't skin their friends, entering the atmosphere burnt the flesh off! Duh This is a Great movie, unlike Star wars cartoons, and beloved!

  • Querelle NoNo
    Querelle NoNo

    I liked Firefly and Serenity, the only thing I wasn't buying was the Kaylee and Simon relationship

  • housekilla457

    How do reavers clean their spears? They put them through the Wash! Jokes aside, I really liked Wash’s death. There was no five minute farewell, or the “Go on, I’ll slow them down.” stuff. Just a boom and that moment of “Oh shit, did they just?” before everyone had to run.

  • cmarkn

    12:00 That’s why the reavers are in this movie.

  • Don Rollins
    Don Rollins

    First and Last video of yours I watch.

  • Tab Creedence
    Tab Creedence

    I would have made this video 5 seconds long with a single word would say "Nothing"

  • Terra Rain
    Terra Rain

    The whole purpose of this movie was to explain how the reavers came to be. Did you actually watch it?

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    "It does commit the cardinal sin of trying to cram every damn thing from the show into the movie" Speaking pure facts

  • Nbc Ygf
    Nbc Ygf

    if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray

  • cur sed
    cur sed

    that's why I like cinema sin

  • Jeff Wilkins
    Jeff Wilkins

    “Come a day there won’t be room for naughty men like us to slip about at all. This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Don't push me, and I won't push you... dǒng le ma?”

  • Ernesto Garcia
    Ernesto Garcia

    I could never get past the unlikely idea that Human interstellar civilization would take its inspiration from the old west. So... in the 2500's, all of humanity will be heavily culturally influenced by a period of American history that ended in 1920 and has almost no influence right now... Seems plausible. I mean, everything we do these days has a heavy 1400's feel, right? Especially our fashion and weapon designs, right? Dollhouse was 300% better.

  • Reynardo Fox
    Reynardo Fox

    "As noble as a grape" is not gibberish, maybe just a bit elitist. There are six grapes that winemakers consider "noble": Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Ollyoxenfree

    I saw the movie in theatres and then saw the tv show like 5 years later. Context definitely made a difference

  • Joe Master
    Joe Master

    All hail the Papyrus font! This font will totally be a thing in the year...whatever this film is supposed to take place in.

  • DouchedByDemocrats

    Fox owns Firefly is why they had to call it serenity as I'm sure someone else has already pointed out

  • Jerome Dumont
    Jerome Dumont

    Mal: "Faster would be better!" Dr Ian Malcolm: "Must go faster".

  • obscurelines

    I was waiting for the sin of how the reavers fly ships. Like, do they have reaver engineers and reaver chefs and reaver copilots and shit?

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith


  • Casey Hull
    Casey Hull

    River was saying that the crew was headed into danger and so she followed them to the bar!

  • Draconisrex1


  • Lebor Hal
    Lebor Hal

    "Maybe in the sequel" - low blow man ... low blow

  • Mathias H.
    Mathias H.

    I just read the titla and instantly feelt like burning you on a stick, you heathen! :P

  • Robo-Lion 2000
    Robo-Lion 2000

    Fox suc

  • Karlie T
    Karlie T

    he missed soo many sins a big one was in the beginning when river was being freed and you could see the silhouette of the ship

  • Communist_ bunny
    Communist_ bunny

    how do Reavers clean there weapons... they put them trough wash (im sorry my dad told me that joke right after that scene first time i watched the movie)

  • Bill B
    Bill B

    He missed one: River tells her brother she hit him in the throat because she didn't know whether he'd 'say "eto kuram na smyekh." Um, she's a mind reader...

  • rian macdonald
    rian macdonald

    lol ''so the glass is bullet proof, but not gun banging proof'' that's about right for holywood

  • Eploar Divisive
    Eploar Divisive

    For the record, you can grab the blade of the sword with your bare hands. It has been often done in order for sword to be used as a mace.

  • South Carter
    South Carter

    Man when u mentioned Cordelia I shed a tear, I still haven't forgiven Whedon for the way he did her

  • mike riley
    mike riley

    I thought this would be fun constructive fan-based stuff, but you bashing Firefly without apparently, having any real knowledge about it, is enough to make me not want to watch any more of your videos.

    • mike riley
      mike riley

      btw I had to jump through a bunch of hoops, make an account, just to post this review, so that's how much I think your video sucks.

  • Voltain Gaming
    Voltain Gaming

    im not sure if this is just a problem with youtube now or a problem with cinema sins, but seriously? i had an ad before the video started, four mid video ad breaks, and then an ad at the end. that is TOO MUCH

  • ShadyJDRed

    too many ads...

  • Randolph Phillips
    Randolph Phillips

    Pax means peace. Also, the reason they are chasing River changed from "she is a weapon we were developing" to "MAYBE she knows a specific secret". And with that secret out, why would it be over? What other secrets does she know?

  • RocKITEman _ 2001
    RocKITEman _ 2001

    _"Can I give you a hand job?!"_ 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • cadet 50118
    cadet 50118

    Still want a sequel

  • R D
    R D

    @1:04 The movie couldn't be called Firefly, because Fox still controlled that name. It HAD to be named something else, and Serenity is an excellent alternate choice.

  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett

    I’m still pissed they killed off Shepard, even if it was because the show ended

  • Joshua Pratt
    Joshua Pratt

    Not that I'm not a fan of your content bro, but most of the sins are under a FALSE assumption (That the movie was even FOR "mainstream" audiences) Serenity was for the FANS Jeremy.

  • veizour

    11:46 A fkn LOT LMAO

  • Shane Edmundson
    Shane Edmundson

  • M Greg
    M Greg

    with all of the "don't recommend channel" I have been doing lately I won't have anything left to watch!

  • aidanc669

    They had to cram everything in. Sin FOX for canceling this show

  • joe O Flaherty
    joe O Flaherty

    Cinemasins: Ah, Fruity Oaty Bars!!!

  • Adam Shepherd
    Adam Shepherd

    Since this movie came out first didn't James Cameron use the same font for Avatar that Serenity used?

  • Gregory Damario
    Gregory Damario

    Hey there smarmy douche bag. How many wonderful movies worthy of accolades have you directed and or produced? There is that famous saying, "Those who can't do, teach." It is now followed by, those who can't create, criticize. Why don't you go do something constructive or otherwise shut the fuck up?

  • Robin Aldersey-Taylor
    Robin Aldersey-Taylor

    More wrong with your video than with Serenity, I reckon...

  • Jens Oliver Murer
    Jens Oliver Murer

    That's some cojones, picking on Firefly.

  • Ryno R
    Ryno R

    Then I thought, “over 100 sins? HOW DARE YOU Sir.”

  • Ryno R
    Ryno R

    When I saw “everything wrong with Serenity” my first thought was “OH NO HE DITINT!”

  • Scarletrever Gaming
    Scarletrever Gaming

    Once you crapped on Simon and Kaylee I was done.

  • Timothy Hines
    Timothy Hines

    Why is it that you only see "reviewers" trying to act intelligent trying to downcheck science FICTION movies??? Sorry your life sucks dude. Is that why you have to try to rain on a fun movie???

  • Qwiso

    many reasons that noble as a grape makes sense: because grapes have often been a depiction of status. having the land and workforce to operate a winery, having grapes from the vine fed to you etc. plus the color of concord grapes ...

  • DestyNova

    Never got the cult following for Firefly. Tried to watch it, wasn't for me, was a snooze fest in my opinion.

  • J C B
    J C B

    Origin of the Reavers is the driving point of the film, so... yeah. Kind of feel like 2:40 is unearned.

  • Corey Wright
    Corey Wright

    16min vid 700 ads

  • Szilveszter Sáfár
    Szilveszter Sáfár

    Why did they bring the Reavers into this movie? Heck, the whole movie was about them and River's discovery about them.

  • The Growsausage
    The Growsausage

    The only thing wrong with serenity is nothing.

  • Wanganator

    Seeing the dionsaurs at 15:15 - Curse you sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  • rip bang
    rip bang

    I don't think he understood the movie

  • TheSleepyWeasel

    I can't believe you cut the "atmo" clip before Mal told him to make peace with his dear and fluffy lord. uzload.info/fun/omehiHy6tn6qvpM/video

  • Axelsanx

    Seems like you had to milk it to make the video that long.

  • Justin DynamicD
    Justin DynamicD

    Film made explicitly to wrap up the dangling plot lines of a cancelled series gets criticized for trying to explain everything. This was way too try hard.

  • R P
    R P

    I didn't even watch the video. Just stopped by to say there's nothing wrong with Serenity! God speed, folks.

  • George Rady
    George Rady

    As true as this may be... I have watched this movie over and over again... it just works for me... the lead should have been a bigger Star

  • aj gensel
    aj gensel

    I realize I am a couple months late to the comments but no sins for the blatant rip off of an episode of Sea Quest DSV? I know I was one of just a handful of people that watched that show but come on, Joss Whedon even stole "Miranda".

  • Iforgotmypen

    the characters are fictional, my anger is real.

  • Eric London
    Eric London

    Although I loved the series, My biggest complaint is the use of "old west" guns in a futuristic outer space movie. ( Dark Tower did the same )

    • Eleda Towle
      Eleda Towle

      Joss created the show to be a hybrid Western/Sci Fi show. Check out most of the architecture on the planets they visit (very Western) and in the first episode, they're riding in a covered wagon wearing period clothes... Leading to one of the best lines ever uttered in Hollywood history: "I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."

  • Codedawg1212

    Both Firefly and Serenity sucked. It took a few drooling idiots to make them a cult series.

  • paper burn
    paper burn

    you missed by a mile on this one

  • Nicholas Damberg
    Nicholas Damberg

    You are bad at your job and should feel bad.

  • Headless Chicken
    Headless Chicken

    I thought you would have sinned them for repeating the "oh the ship is falling apart again" in the end.

  • Jessika Piche
    Jessika Piche

    I enjoyed the movie, but yes, i thought it was a very weird movie filled with contradiction and awkward moments. But hey, i also remember there was not many sci-fi movie around to watch at the time. Damn, they aren't that much sci-fi movie to watch anytime! So when one come out, we just flock to it. At least i do! ;)

  • raptorms773

    You know I never knew Firefly and this movie where based on the same thing, just thought it was a coincidence they all had the same names as well as the ship. Damn I can seriously overlook things

  • Raymond Tan
    Raymond Tan

    The mandarin-speaking Browncoats don't know what they are saying either because it sure ain't mandarin, or any chinese dialect.

    • Eleda Towle
      Eleda Towle

      It actually was supposed to be Mandarin - They had a Chinese consultant on the show who wrote the phrases and tried to teach the cast pronunciation. However, as she said in the "Extra Features" on the series DVD set, they failed terribly at pronouncing them. Most of the Mandarin was supposed to be creative cursing, like "three-balled, monkey headed vomit face." She said she often had to call friends to see which words made the most sense together, since those were phrases probably no one in China has ever actually spoken, LOL

  • BishopWraith

    Ultimate Troll Video

    • BishopWraith

      Pretty sure you didn't watch Firefly.

  • BillyB Gamer
    BillyB Gamer

    It wasn't called Firefly because Fox own the rights to that name and wouldn't release it.

  • 1GuyWith6Guns

    I came here only to dislike this video. There is nothing wrong with Serenity. Firefly/Serenity is perfect in every single way.

  • Sheppard

    Extra sins for all of the UZload commercial interruptions.

  • Jim Ocampo
    Jim Ocampo

    The only thing wrong with this video is the person that wrote it and narrated it. What a moron.

  • BuDDa100

    STFU, there is nothing wrong with Serenity :)

  • Danny McCune
    Danny McCune

    Bullet-proof glass you can break with the butt of a pistol - reminds me of the old George Reeves Superman show. He would stand still while the bad guy emptied his gun, bullets just bouncing off his chest, but after the bullets were all used up, the bad guy would throw his gun at Superman and Superman would duck. Maybe somebody told him guns were made out of Kryptonite.

  • Craig Fraser
    Craig Fraser

    Nothing.... it's a bloody movie!!!

  • Dan McAllister
    Dan McAllister

    Miss the whole point of the movie, much? The Government creates the Reavers and tries to cover the fact up, leading them to hunt down the psychic girl (River) because she MAY have "heard" something in the mind of some governmental visitor. Reavers are not added just for the heck of it. It's the entire point of the movie, and where the series was to have been headed had it not been canceled.

  • wirelesmike73

    You must be a miserable sob if you think that there is anything wrong with this movie. Just how empty is your life? Get some help, man.

  • Wikrin

    I assumed "noble as a grape" had something to do with the color purple being associated with royalty.

  • cgrant26

    Celing River is watching you fap.

  • jaime rosado
    jaime rosado

    Totally disagree with your review obviously you had no taste or sense.

  • TymP321

    Firefly was the TV series. Of course, it was woke, so it went broke. Movie way better than the series.

  • Duane Thomas
    Duane Thomas

    Fox had the rights to the title Firefly. Hence the name change to Serenity.

  • Duane Thomas
    Duane Thomas

    The only thing wrong with this movie is your review.

  • Gotchure Beacons - Gaming
    Gotchure Beacons - Gaming

    Lol...you may have “poked a hibernating bear” with this one. The vanishing act played by this cult-inducing masterpiece has left many die-hards in a daze...under the ether...waiting for the return...and ready to Champion anyone who dares to utter anything that would soil the image that was left perfect in their mind.

  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns

    Seriously?! The entire plot is revealing the conspiracy that created the Reavers, and you gave them a sin for including it quickly. That's just lazy. You even admitted that it worked into the story later.

  • Patrick Borunda
    Patrick Borunda

    Honestly I know you are an asshole, and you admit you are an asshole. But when you do things like complain that Mr. Universe should have know about the video he was sent and then complain that his setup is inefficient you loose all credibility. He doesn't know it happened because his shit is chaotic. Also River got the gun from the safes because Mal was messing with them. Do you actually watch the movies in their entirety or just pick a random frame and assume that nothing was done before that. I get you choose to dispend your disbelief for your job, but you have started to just complain about things without evidence to often now. Go back to being good at your job please, it is funnier when you do.

  • williams3108

    All of your sins are petty. Serinity was perfect.

  • Lubomír Mojžíš
    Lubomír Mojžíš

    There is nothing wrong with Serenity. :-D

  • Wood y
    Wood y

    Did this guy say finger sandwiches and hand jobs? what a host.

  • PavewayJDAM

    pax = covid vaccine