Everything Wrong With Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark in a SCAAARY Amount of Minutes
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is the most Guillermo del Toro movie that Guillermo del Toro didn't direct. And like every horror movie these days, it's also got bullies and monsters and sins!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • TommyGaming

    They where limited to some of the things you talked about because the movie was based off three books.

  • Talis Dorman.
    Talis Dorman.

    Visibly a bad movie.

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber

    11:40 the DEA was not established until 1973.

  • Luz Garcia-YT
    Luz Garcia-YT


  • Luz Garcia-YT
    Luz Garcia-YT

    Omg this part gave me Some 😱

  • Luz Garcia-YT
    Luz Garcia-YT

    YOOOO I WANT 2019 BACK 2020 SUCKS.... 😠

  • _CalllMeeVall_ Plz
    _CalllMeeVall_ Plz

    @cinemasins Wait so you DIDNT LIKEEE the children of the corn movieeess????? Howww???:((

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero

    the movie was completely different from the stories in the books and who the hell is stella. this movie in my opinion sucked. they should not be making a 2nd movie.

  • Laurie Rahrle
    Laurie Rahrle

    colin cowherd

  • MzNaeture π
    MzNaeture π

    Weepy stories to tell while you park! 😂 hellnawww

  • MzNaeture π
    MzNaeture π

    It also sucks ALL the BALLS 😆

  • John Barquin
    John Barquin

    Goosebumps was actually better than this because it was a comedy movie based off of scary stories that were actually kind of spooky, whereas this movie is a horror movie where based off of stories that were supposed to be scary but were actually just ridiculous and sometimes accidentally funny. The only truly scary things were the illustrations. Also, the skinny dead guy was supposed to be in a funny story where he dances and speaks.

  • Todd Clapper
    Todd Clapper

    white noise

  • Nikki B.
    Nikki B.

    Everything wrong with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: _everything._ "The basement is downstairs." Mmm, yes- and the snozberries taste like _snozberries._

  • Julia Bresnan
    Julia Bresnan

    Watching this after I had just seen the move and I'm happy to say that I made almost all the same comments. I'm becoming one with cinemasins

  • Idris Fashan
    Idris Fashan

    I grew up ina small town and we carried bags of shit AS FAR AS NECESSARY to nail the victim... remove one sin, please... 🤣

  • Mark Brigandi
    Mark Brigandi

    If you’re gonna mention Viet Nam in horror movies, you can’t leave out Jacob’s Ladder! Cuz it’ll kill me!!!

    • Trump4Prison2021

      It was a CHILDREN'S movie made for CHILDREN based on a book for CHILDREN.....CHILDREN'S movies don't really care what adults want....The books were written for elementary school 3rd or 4th grade level readers....

  • oboi

    spooky ahhhhhhhhh

  • Eric Whitney
    Eric Whitney

    I remember having to check a couple of these out at our public library because they were banned from our schools. Stupid that they got banned more because some of the pictures being “too grotesque” instead of how descriptive the stories themselves were. Could they not release a text only edition for schools? I remember them being a lot scarier than this movie. They should’ve just made it a Netflix miniseries like Tales from the Crypt!

  • DisguisedGhost101

    Dude why do you count logos as a sin in all of your videos? Like dude they need to include those because they helped make the product

  • PalmurcioWorld

    I've just discovered by this video that this film was set in the 60' AFTER watching the actual movie.

  • Rebecca Kilburn
    Rebecca Kilburn

    Dude Tommy is a fucking psycho. He was seriously going to just leave them lock in that abandoned house/basement. You know he wouldn't have told anyone were they where or went back and let them out. Soooooo... they would have died of starvation, dehydration, or something else.

  • User 294
    User 294

    Lol whenever you sin a movie and say bad stuff about it everyone seems to agree with you sometimes

  • Freek van Geene
    Freek van Geene

    Cinemasins Sins +1 for saying hung instead of hanged

  • Thom Harig
    Thom Harig

    I have a word to justify most of the sins you have placed. Plot.


    i’ve read all the books and i swear there were way better stories that they could have put , i understand they may do sequels but still a letdown to my childhood


    i’ve read all the books and i swear there were way better stories that they could have put , i understand they may do sequels but still a letdown to my childhood


      @Trump4Prison2021 perhaps but I still believe there were better stories but also I understand it is hard making a movie based off of a book with 2-3 page stories. i’m not bashing the creators at all i enjoyed the movie i’m just saying..... there were better stories and the ones they did use they twisted them... but i understand it’s hard to make a movie off of a book with short stories ( i know i’ve already stated this) thx tho stay safe

    • Trump4Prison2021

      Well they weren't...They were books written for children....Elementary school children at that, there was never anything deep or well written about them....The most "adult" thing about them was the illustrations everything else about them was for a 3rd or 4th grade level reader

  • Adog 00
    Adog 00

    One of my favorite movies. Especially when you make a cinema sins on it

  • Zero Layne
    Zero Layne

    What the heck are y'all talking about, this movie ROCKED-


    That freight train isn't period correct

  • Nightmarez

    10 mil face reveal??

  • toxic girl43
    toxic girl43

    Ow, god I think I tripped over this movies stupidity

  • Creepy Midnight Productions
    Creepy Midnight Productions

    They had to steal the spiders in the face from urban legends Bloody Mary

  • Carlie Cole
    Carlie Cole

    *Tommy kicks at some chickens on the street* "Tommy is a DICK to CHICKS!" bahahhaahha

  • Helena Berthiaume
    Helena Berthiaume

    Yeah that first bully boy was kind of a supervillian come to think of it. 😅 And yeah super wierd and unrealistic film. Plus the get the hispanic kid for....skipping draft? Is he like way older than the other kids? How distant is the dad not to notice the at least 17 year old guy in his daughters bedroom for like 3 days and then kids driving out of town etc. not picked up once by the cops, and the hospital, and yeah you guys are right. 😅

  • mazeyzz

    This movie reminds me so much of IT I got some of the scenes from both movies mixed up

  • Retro Mmosrup
    Retro Mmosrup

    I eat the scare crows stomach ache

  • bean man
    bean man

    “Well that’s the nastiest case of hay fever I think I’ve ever seen.” Budoom-Ching

  • Christian Escobedo
    Christian Escobedo

    So basically, this movie would've been better if it focused more on the book's strengths.

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson

    Cinema Sins missed the plot hole of the Jangly Man's not breaking apart to get Ramon in the cell.

  • Thatkidthatplayswithlego

    Ahhhhhhhh 17 minutes THE SPOOKY MINUTE

  • TerminalSeb

    I still love the books more than I will ever enjoy this movie.

  • The RillemC
    The RillemC

    "Stella's dad works all day , presumably in the DEA" ... You telling me no one caught the breaking bad joke 🤣

  • Dexter Wilson
    Dexter Wilson

    He said corn maze. really missed out on using Maize Maze

  • Ik Ben Er Pik.
    Ik Ben Er Pik.

    3:34 Is anyone willing to tell me the word he said here?

  • StrawberryCow

    This movie is awful

  • leonard felange
    leonard felange

    6:06 Could have said that he was a dick to cocks. Just keeping this here

  • Lilliumeese lies
    Lilliumeese lies

    I wanna make a movie without narration just for cinemasins

  • the non pro
    the non pro

    Why don't they just burn the book

  • Zach Rudy
    Zach Rudy

    The Sophia Lillis comment isn’t wrong😭

  • Minty Cha0s
    Minty Cha0s

    The house in the first part looks like the house from host pips or something

  • Pickle Guppy
    Pickle Guppy

    The reason we assume he didn’t go back to get the book to f*ck with her is because he didn’t know she had tried to get rid of the book until it had shown back up

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright

    7:58 it says a mother was digging in her garden when she say a big toe, then it says the boy brought the toe in to show his mother. So was it the boy who found the toe or was it his mother?

  • Dr. Bright
    Dr. Bright

    7:08 the real question is, why does the scarecrow have a massive hole in his chest?

  • Tora Kuro
    Tora Kuro

    Me and my freaking problem to read things too fast and in the end, reading something completely different. I read on the picture ''Scary toilettes in the dark''.... ((And toilettes is bathroom in english, but I am a french, so I mix up the two language))

  • Complete Filler
    Complete Filler

    That is the most "scary" horror movie title

  • Spooon Leo
    Spooon Leo

    I just realized he sounds like tim hanson

  • jacky chan
    jacky chan

    “how much do you hate logos and narration?” jeremy: *y e s*

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay

    It still kinda blows me that these stories can be made into a movie..yet I’m still waiting for the Modern Warfare trilogy to be made into a movie.

  • Lil Gremlin
    Lil Gremlin

    The images in the books used to scare the hell out of me as a kid

  • Sam Rice
    Sam Rice

    I watched this with a window behind me most the time I was just looking at myself

  • Felipe Navarrete
    Felipe Navarrete

    When i watch your video's makes me feel better watching the movie

  • Earl Sweatshirt
    Earl Sweatshirt

    Just watching these instead of the actual movies >>

  • Clumzyonyt

    16:40 it’s Jason from Jason v Freddy

  • Sith Lord
    Sith Lord

    You get a sin for thinking Rosemary's Baby is a decent horror movie worth watching. *ding*


    The terror was a great movie one of the best early 60s horror movies ever

  • Travis William Alexander LANDGREBE
    Travis William Alexander LANDGREBE

    Why the chickens please Tommy what did they ever do to you?

  • Jon Galt
    Jon Galt

    I loved the books as a kid but this movie was so boring and forgettable. I literally forgot like 75% of it until I watched this video. I wanted it to be good but it was disappointing

  • Cinnamontoastyboy

    I watched this and got to the second monster and lets my house

  • starving artist
    starving artist

    this movie left me confused and irritated.

  • iluminacho

    Why everyone scared of the Pale Lady? She looks like the moon emoji got her hair done

  • Liv M
    Liv M

    I read the book as a kid and surprisingly didn’t hate this movie. When I found out this was being made I wondered how they were going to incorporate multiple stories. But I thought they did it ok.

  • 俞怡彤

    Here to see this movie sinned to the fucking pulp cuz my ex and I watched this movie for our first date. Guess I could say I was really in the dark for dating that dude.

  • typical_pisces

    I liked the storyline but Stella was kinda dramatic

  • Zap Zappy
    Zap Zappy

    is this a horror thing?

  • AC380

    I still remember the book it cursed me lmao. But this movie did not deliver with the same feeling and the spider scene and most others are not accurate to the book.

  • the weirdness happens here
    the weirdness happens here

    Question what is the optimal time to display the movie credits to not get a sin?

  • Maxeon 09
    Maxeon 09

    She writes in a book and someone dies. Sounds a lot like deathnote.

  • Viat cony
    Viat cony

    wait what did the bully actually say

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest

    As much as I like the movie, this would've been better as an anthology.

  • •good Vibes•
    •good Vibes•

    In 17 minutes left Video: am I a joke to you

  • Shawn Eldridge
    Shawn Eldridge

    there is nothing wrong with this movie, scary stories to tell in the dark is like totally awesome and the coolest as well. hopefully there's a second movie coming soon. i don't think they will leave it go like they did. want to see if the find their friends.

  • Rohan Sharma
    Rohan Sharma

    I enjoyed it

  • DarthLesbian

    I know I would want to murder them. That could have caused serious burns.

  • Richard Chaney
    Richard Chaney

    I really hated this movie. Like really badly. It felt like every other movie where something happens and then they have to fix the something because someone was an idiot because..money. and to top it off, they tried to leave it with an OPEN ENDING! like what?! 😂 those kids definitely died bro! If you get dragged under your bed and pulled into the wall or literally absorbed by a freaking heffer, you die. I'm sorry. That's stupid! Mission failed! We'll get em next time!

  • Cobe Bass
    Cobe Bass

    If this movie was based on the actual stories’ plots, this would have been a watchable movie.

  • Can Polat
    Can Polat

    Give this guy an Emmy

  • Tracks T
    Tracks T

    Oh no racism but blasphemy as much as pleased. Seems to follow what’s pop culture.

  • Tabitha Maine
    Tabitha Maine

    Well f*co, 1:33 after what this little sh*t did I'd wanna kick his ass too. That's just ridiculous.😒

    • DarthLesbian

      You mean if you were the scarecrow?

  • Ray mond
    Ray mond

    Ha, I know right.

  • Gabrielle Smithers
    Gabrielle Smithers

    In the book, Harold skins him alive.

  • Neverquit35

    Rodriguez started off putting milk cartons on his head at an assembly , Consequences!

  • kryceksangel

    Too bar draft Dodger Bill Clinton hadn't been arrested. Unlike Trump Clinton had to be pardoned for dodging the draft. Trump actually had a legal reason

  • Teeken Talk
    Teeken Talk

    I used to read the books when i was pretty young. Being my little weirdo self, i loved them. i was very disappointed with the movie. The least they could do is make the stories the same. heck, a non context screenplay of each of these stories would be more original. hey, at least it would be faithful.

  • True Delirious
    True Delirious

    If you ask me to mention or explain this movie to someone I honestly couldn't it was one of the most boring movies I have ever watched

  • Dela Dela
    Dela Dela

    I get that the books were meant for kids. But those of us that grew up with this. Are ready for a series. A rated M or R series. Like AHS. It could've been done in the style of Tales from the Crypt but not cheesy and modern. This movie was more for kids and well kids these days don't know about this book series. Since the first book was published in 81 and the 3rd in 91. In a age where nostalgia rules they totally missed the mark.

  • Axelander Sakmar
    Axelander Sakmar

    “Corn mazes? Corn maizes!”

  • Mickey

    "This is not an answer" 😂😂

  • The Hermis :\
    The Hermis :\

    I can be the 999 dislike, but i will like the video

  • Asanda Ngobese
    Asanda Ngobese

    "Corn mazes, corn maizes?" 😂😂