Everything Wrong With Ice Age: The Meltdown In 17 Minutes Or Less
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Ice Age: The Meltdown is actually the SECOND movie in the series, which is weird because it feels like the fourth or fifth. Regardless, this has f*cking Scrat and tons of sins.
Thursday: More animated sins from the same rough time period.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Marcus Saintil
    Marcus Saintil

    This and Planes were by far one of the funniest everything wrong movies by far


    You are kidding me rt. Come on its scrat, he's a sabor toothed squirrel, the rest are just supporting cast,

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • godspeed 11073
    godspeed 11073

    I swear! The fact that u counted out the piranha scene makes my day!😂😂

  • LeffeUP

    X.07 isnt + 7% it makes it so only 7% of the sins count *cinemasins sins counter goes up by 1*

  • Tammy Noble
    Tammy Noble

    Do more ice age videos please

  • Andrew Wojcik
    Andrew Wojcik

    Is it just me or did it take 12 years to realize the squirrels name is Scrat?

  • Obrian S-Brown
    Obrian S-Brown

    I'm so glad you realized the Broken Piranha Continuity

  • Dipstick

    Ah yes my favorite TMNT characters Seabop and Crocksteady

  • Microwaved Popedcorn
    Microwaved Popedcorn

    If both mammoths fight then wouldn’t it be a world war of mammoths My genius sometimes it’s frightening

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    This movie is Ice Age 2 The Meltdown 2006 DVD

  • Wulf-Jäger91

    can we sin CinemaSins every time they make a terrible pun in this video?

  • NekoPrankster218

    All these years and I never once noticed the Noah's Ark reference.

  • purplesk8ergirl

    This one was meh, but I enjoyed the dinosaur one.

  • Kara Kitty
    Kara Kitty

    Usually, I’m a stickler against language in kids movies, but I was dying @ 1:49-2:00.

  • Ahmad Nasser
    Ahmad Nasser

    12:23 Alternate sin should be "Geysers magically turn birds that were clearly about to go extinct into chicken. That may have been the very last dodo around here, but that's over the top, like the rest of the sequels after this film."

  • RobloxRobot


  • Sanche

    How the hell he didn't remove any sins for the vultures song????

  • bread

    Im giving a sin for some videos being longer than the title says (duh..)

  • 褐色ディロン

    I did not expect cinemasins to make this of the 2nd Ice Age movie I wonder why he took so long to make it after he done everything wrong with the first Ice Age will he also do Everything wrong with Ice Age 3 4 and 5 because I think they might be sins in the rest of them

  • clay obrien
    clay obrien

    Pls do goodboys

  • Ryan Espinoza
    Ryan Espinoza

    Please do Ice Age: Continental Drift! As much as I love that movie, doing one of these for that one would be funny as hell.

  • Atharva Deshpande
    Atharva Deshpande

    Do Cinemasins for Ice Age 3, 4 and 5 too

  • Waker of Winds
    Waker of Winds

    I wonder how long it'll be before there's an ice age sequel where one of them is frozen in ice, and brought back to life in the present, resulting in some horrifying Norm of the North esque movie.

  • Choco Way
    Choco Way

    Lets be real I already commented this

  • Liam's Animation world
    Liam's Animation world

    Do everything wrong with ICE AGE 3 DAWN of the Dinosaurs

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike

    It was water not air going in him😂😂 I’m starting to have questions😂

    • Big Mike
      Big Mike

      And I just realized that the other sloths singled sud out because he’s a male and they’re female

  • Jonah Harris
    Jonah Harris

    Omg its just a movie

  • Cat On a Stick
    Cat On a Stick

    Im gonna be honest I don't mind the Ice Age Sequels. They're pretty decent, but my favorite is either the second one or the first one. Visually, the fifth one was cool.

  • Rimu Taka
    Rimu Taka

    Scrat digging his teeth into that ice in the first scene always made me wince a little

  • Sound Wave
    Sound Wave

    18 minutes or less of cinemasins is 18 minutes or less of cinemasins

  • Tarantula On Your Screen
    Tarantula On Your Screen

    Here's the sequence Deliver a missing baby to it's tribe. Escape a massive flood from a gigantic ice meltdown. Rescue your friend from a T-rex and survive the dawn of the dinosaurs Survive a continental drift while fighting escaping pirates with ice ships. Locate a meteorite full of elderly animals and their crystal religion to change the collision course of an incoming meteor sent by a squirrel in an alien space ship. Makes sense to me.

  • Max Mantell
    Max Mantell

    Why is Diego the only saber tooth tiger in this film? And where are the humans?

  • Max Mantell
    Max Mantell

    Crash the possum=discount crash bandicoot

  • URANUS Animation's
    URANUS Animation's

    I like it when you say he survives this

  • Niko Vincent
    Niko Vincent

    It’s x1.07

  • Erika Garcia
    Erika Garcia

    Pls do the third pls

  • Satan

    Book sins when?

  • Nxbx Bshdhd
    Nxbx Bshdhd


  • Jamarie McCrimmon
    Jamarie McCrimmon

    Hey @CinemaSins can you guys start on the Austin powers franchise??

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

    1:35 *_K I T S_*

  • Jean Starnes
    Jean Starnes

    8:20 See I used to think that moment was extremely wholesome and then you go ahead and scar my childhood. Fair play

  • HECKproductions

    the tax should be shown as x1.07 not x.07 * DING *

  • Ben Korpella
    Ben Korpella

    I watched this in Cardboard, and that sponsor segment really startled me

  • Tommy Smiles
    Tommy Smiles

    7:59 I don't get what's problematic about this song

  • R Hegerty
    R Hegerty

    13:10 think about the shape

  • D4CE 42
    D4CE 42

    Now do the one with a mammoth birth in the middle of an underground dinosaur land

  • Yoshi King
    Yoshi King

    The fact that turtles are the shell does not stop predators from ripping said shell off. *ding*

  • Joel Vannatta
    Joel Vannatta

    "You can have your ass joke and eat it, too."

  • Kibot02

    I was really looking forward to seeing TF2 scout say "and brutha, I hurt people" at 17:20 :(

  • Sheldwardo34

    I like the Ice Age series ut 5 just ruined it for me just feels unnecessary

  • PenguinInvasion37

    12:22 British soldier steps on landmine in no man's land. -1916

  • Amaracea

    2 missed sins: 1: Piranhas have incredibly sharp teeth that is capable of cutting through metal wire. What kind of invulnerable freak is Scrat? 2: I’m no expert, but shouldn’t Sid getting that close to something that is 2,200 degrees, have at least burnt him? Sure he was only there for a short moment, and knowing how movies work that short moment was actually _much_ shorter than was shown... But even being that close to lava, not only not wearing a reflective suit but also covered in fur.... At the _luckiest_ his face should’ve been singed.

  • Chantel Carter
    Chantel Carter

    I thought Stu was supposed to be a glyptodont. He looks like one, but his shell should be closer to an armadillo's, not a turtle.

  • TheCumberCoIlective

    Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the sin counter says x.07 instead of x1.07? Math is important kids

  • FoxieLourd YT
    FoxieLourd YT

    Im just done watching the movie

  • Makoto Kino
    Makoto Kino

    Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

  • shane coulson
    shane coulson

    when are you going to make eww ice age 3

  • Steven Carpinteyro
    Steven Carpinteyro

    avatar the last airbender in 3d

  • BM Khalid Hasan
    BM Khalid Hasan

    Cinemasins of Cinemasins: Every video is bigger than captioned "or less" time!

  • Thecrippled Pancake
    Thecrippled Pancake

    0:48 I thought prehistoric squirrels never existed.

  • Thecrippled Pancake
    Thecrippled Pancake

    Me, who doesn’t have 18 minutes to watch . 👀

  • Redstoniack 18
    Redstoniack 18

    I’ve watched this movie 30 times

  • CatMuto

    "We all love Scrat" speak for yourself, Jeremy.

  • Excuse You?
    Excuse You?

    Lol I love the reference to the shitty lion king remake

  • M.RESTLING - Wrestling po polsku
    M.RESTLING - Wrestling po polsku

    "i believe i can fly"

  • Eternal Reign
    Eternal Reign

    So wait, climate change without humans? B-b-but ....

  • One Of Rainbows
    One Of Rainbows

    I always found this movie dark for having a turtle brutally teared to shreds

  • Aeron Styron
    Aeron Styron

    Anyone else noticed how this was almost 19 min long😂 (not hating)

  • diamond Playz
    diamond Playz

    That go's to the last dodo

  • Megan Manning
    Megan Manning


  • Dylan R
    Dylan R

    Join the scrat earthers society

  • Tsuumee

    When you actually called Manny "Manfred," I felt that (my cat's name is Manfred)

  • Darthplagueis13

    I'm gonna de-sin the "1 minute under water" part of the fight because, assuming Mammoths are simular to modern day Elephants in the matter, that's not much of an issue. Elephants can hold their breath for quite long (and also use their trunk as a snorkel). That means the "multi-ton mammoth" aspect makes the whole thing more realistic than in a human. And yes, mammoths would probably be able to swim and not even that badly, considering Elephants have been seen fending off crocodiles and on one occasion even sharks, though those prehistoric creepy-crocs are probably bigger, stronger and heavier in relation.

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    8:12 thank God someone said it

  • Konniptionz

    " Imagine Denis Leary apologizing for being an asshole. " Me: " I'M AN ASSHOLEE-OLIO-OLIO. "

  • The Untitled Random Junk
    The Untitled Random Junk

    You have made a big mistake of saying that’s it’s better than “Robots”.

  • The8Music8Guy

    The fire king scene was my absolute favorite when i was a kid!

  • Scott Archer
    Scott Archer

    Fact: Alligators can actually be frozen for a while and are one of the 6 animals that can

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    Why does it say everything spoilers wrong duh with at 0:13 you should sin that

  • miniluv73

    7:25 I’ve played Mario World but I still don’t get the joke

  • Cody James
    Cody James

    I'm curious about how long it took to come up with all the Scrat puns

  • Kyle Campion
    Kyle Campion

    Only the first ice age is good one of my childhood favorites the rest are meh or terrible

  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel

    its not bad

  • Joehan Samuel
    Joehan Samuel

    Why cinemasins you're so wrong about ice age bruh

  • Honey X Lavender
    Honey X Lavender

    Ice age was a good series

  • DJ Flapjack
    DJ Flapjack

    Up next: "Everything Wrong With Cuties"

  • Luke Uru
    Luke Uru

    Huge sin missed. In the scene where Ellie meets Manny she never actually tells him her name but he yells it to get her attention after they first meet when she's walking away.

  • feefo adams
    feefo adams

    mom: we leave in 5 minutes, what are u doing me: watching cinema cins mom: we leave in 10 minutes

  • Nate Clone
    Nate Clone

    Sooooo.... Why didn't any of them just... Go to the rim in the valley near the water park? A freaking mammoth could get up there, so Why not traverse the valley from up there.

  • Ghazi Hatk
    Ghazi Hatk

    Now buddy, you've carried it too far.

  • Nikolas Poulios
    Nikolas Poulios

    Dude,you ruinned my childhood. I had seen this movie dozens of times..

  • WHC Bigboy
    WHC Bigboy

    God damn CinemaDongs is really scraping the bottom of the barrel sub to the Birdman

  • Alec Pitts
    Alec Pitts

    Actually squirrels can survive terminal velocity so it is 100% factual that scrat survives all of those falls

  • Muhammad Bazeil Ali
    Muhammad Bazeil Ali

    I respect scrat for being the ultimate non-simp he chose a nut over a girl

  • A.M.

    For some reason, it bothers me that Manny gets the "last of his kind" story when there were still wooly mammoths alive when the fucking PYRAMIDS were being built.

  • Joe Marta
    Joe Marta


  • Rebekah DeCavit
    Rebekah DeCavit

    elephants can swim, so mammoths swimming is most likely possible

  • userdetails1

    The way the female mammoth speaks is irritating, it's so ghetto

  • Xeroisawesome

    Everything relating to that .07 multiplier is wrong, and it annoys me immeasurably. 115 times .07 is 8.05. Because the final total is listed as 123.08 I can only imagine you intended to multiply 115 by 1.07 for a value of 123.05 but remembered an 8 somewhere and put that as the hundredth's place instead. This is some sinful ass number garbage however it happened.