Everything Wrong With Scoob! In 19 Minutes Or Less
I think this movie came out in 2020, but it still feels like it came out years ago. That's how long 2020 has been! But Scoob is an animated Scooby Doo adventure that has a few laughs, and even more sins!
Thursday: Recent action sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Human Entertainment
    Human Entertainment

    8:34 hey, I can read binary! and from what I can see, it says: )Uuf(del command)&g Any idea what that means?

  • Simon Wyzik
    Simon Wyzik

    Shaggy is obviously the dealer duh

  • M.H.O Plays
    M.H.O Plays

    How TV would they add dastardly into a Scooby too movie and then forget that muttley ever existed and not add him to the movie

    • M.H.O Plays
      M.H.O Plays

      My bad just saw mutley

  • Nermiachaos

    Hey CinemaSins you missed a HUGE sin & so....”They dragged poor Frank Welker into this”

  • Captain Polar
    Captain Polar

    +sin: dastardley looks like bowler hat guy from meet the robinson's

  • Kelechukwu Ogbonna
    Kelechukwu Ogbonna

    I thought Fred was the leader and the trap maker of the mystery inc not just the muscle.

  • Taijifufu

    Everyone talking about the guy who played Shaggy in two bad live action adaptations but no one is talking about how Frank Welker is still doing this gig after 50 years?! That's a heck of a streak people. Recognize.

  • Right hand Man
    Right hand Man

    I’m giving this video a sin because it’s 20 mins long not 19 or less

  • Bloober Animations
    Bloober Animations

    Ok at 11:15 are we not gonna talk about this this is a major animation company and they make this kind of slip up just how?

  • LunaEssentials

    Shaggy only escaped because he used 2% of his power.

  • Valentino Alfonso
    Valentino Alfonso

    ... everyone apparently hates the movie except me- huh-

  • N00B Playz
    N00B Playz

    soooo... was that one scooby doo movie not canon? Because i specifically shaggy meeting scooby as he is in the cartoons, then immediately meeting the mystery gang Also: Shaggys voice... ewwwww. doesn't sound remotely like him

  • Bittybaff

    The consistency issues, I'm speechless. How are these fuck faces allowed to make moves? This is ANIMATED you can do whatever the fuck you want, that makes it a conscious choice to log roll a gyro but still make it edible. It was a conscious choice to not even bother checking if the inside and outside of the house are the same

  • Sarah Koskei
    Sarah Koskei

    That's what I said when I watched this movie

  • Persassius Jackson
    Persassius Jackson

    they couldve used bright red balls for Cerberus, it worked in Percy Jackson

  • Mutiat Allibalogun
    Mutiat Allibalogun

    It’s interesting that you speculate that California love is about those immoral things simply because Tupac is a rapper , ever wonder why do kids movies always feature rap music despite the rich people making them don’t think to highly of rap but know how popular the genre is. BLACK rappers are given shit about their music that is made for adults , but the same people who dislike use it to sell their subpar movies that rarely or never have anyone black in them. So maybe try calling out the industry for being hypocrites

  • kokichii

    This movie was absolutely just terrible.. I was excited for it at first, but when I actually watched it, I got bored like 20 minutes into the movie.. Also, The old Scooby Doo movies were so much better! And the series too! Why does this movie even exist.. Thank you for reading my small rant. :)

  • Michael Ainsley
    Michael Ainsley

    You didn't know Ruth Bader Ginsburg wore the doily thing?

  • Victoria Jackson
    Victoria Jackson

    i did not know simon cowell was in this movie..wow

  • Emmanuel Plays26
    Emmanuel Plays26

    For me the movie gets 300 sins

  • Emmanuel Plays26
    Emmanuel Plays26

    Scoob 2020= worst scooby doo movie for replacing the old voices and bringing in Netflix and ikea because both never existed in the scooby doo universe

  • Steven Nogaro
    Steven Nogaro

    The Scoober Mystery Bros. Movie (See, it’s funny because the Super Mario Bros. Movie is also terrible. At least you can tell what the source material of this one is.)

  • Spangled Avenger
    Spangled Avenger

    Anyone else think that pterodactyl poop looks like lamb over rice with white sauce?

  • Lord Flufflebuns
    Lord Flufflebuns

    At 5:56, you get to witness as Shaggy completely twists his body without his legs until they have most certainly slipped out of the socket. I mean, there is being double jointed, and then there is having no joints whatsoever.

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers

    Hot dog recipes? Sound like shipping fodder for Velma and Marcy (Hotdog-Water) from Mystery Inc.

  • Ciel Ledoux
    Ciel Ledoux

    So is it weird that I like to match up songs with my current situations in life

  • SirTravis1021

    So about Ruth Bader Ginburg.... welp

  • Cowan Shields
    Cowan Shields

    just saying they stole that arena part from star wars ep 2 aotc

  • Tioga Boyz 4
    Tioga Boyz 4

    This movie really fucked Scooby Doo for me

  • Juan Carlos Padua Valentin
    Juan Carlos Padua Valentin

    Here’s movie is Scoob! 2020 DVD 4K Ultra Hd

  • Donald Tump
    Donald Tump


  • Ryan Tiller
    Ryan Tiller

    Me: reads title Me: at least someone agrees with me. This movie sucks. Like we knew who the fudging villain was the hole time. Worst👏movie👏ever👏

  • Desiree Mayfield
    Desiree Mayfield

    My problem was the excessive use of ths word DICK in whats supposed to be a movie for children seemed like it waa for adult humor. a remake of sausge party for for chidren this time. It even throws in transphobic humor

  • Cacia Cox
    Cacia Cox

    Sonia sotomayor doesn't wear the dissent collar. it

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    Velma can read binary because she's Velma. I bet she can speak it too, not just read it.

  • Void_Crasher43

    This is the best summary of every amovie

  • SpicyCringe

    Because of Simon cowl, it’s a no from me.

  • Chef James
    Chef James

    Just to say the best calamari I have ever had was from a bowling alley lol I'm not joking at all

  • Alexander Clubb
    Alexander Clubb

    Why just why would u do this whyyy why why why I will never make a freaking movie u have killed every movie I watched what the he’ll bruh no offence I love ur channel but don’t destroy the scoob it’s a animation it’s a kids program ofc it’s gonna have sins just don’t kill scoob :(

  • Luca Novellino
    Luca Novellino

    Im rewatching this after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. 3:09

  • Daniel K.
    Daniel K.

    At least this channel hasn’t been terminated

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    They got horrible plans I got better ones

  • XGame Craft plays
    XGame Craft plays

    everyone wants to be marvel this days.

  • PiquÉ Porformance
    PiquÉ Porformance

    you missed a sin +100,000,000,000,000, sins for 'Dick' (also there was a weird animation thing happing when dasterdly took off his hot chick mask)

  • S-Fan2006

    9:08-9:16 I loved that alias joke, but I still can’t forgive you for NOT knowing ANYTHING about the history of llamas in the Incan Empire in your Emperor’s New Groove video.

  • manthos sakkas
    manthos sakkas

    Let me add an additional sin at 0:40 gyros is a greek food and one does not simply carry a whole gyros log with him around

  • lil Tentacion
    lil Tentacion

    Look it is HITLER the naz1

  • Maddox Johnson
    Maddox Johnson

    I thought the sentence at the end would be " ruh roh raggy "

  • Greyley EXE
    Greyley EXE

    the skulls are crapy undertale references

  • Kolt Irons
    Kolt Irons

    19:17 green screen spill like this is unacceptable for a channel about all the details. 5 sins

  • 8 Sins
    8 Sins

    8:40 Also there isn't enough digits on that binary for it to form a sentence. 1 letter in binary is 8 digits and then a space is another 8 digits.

  • Joseph Mitchell
    Joseph Mitchell

    Am i the only person that watched this movie with their kid and found the whole D*ck argument scene distasteful, cringeworthy and uncomfortable to sit through with a child?

  • SHADOW 最高
    SHADOW 最高

    Why is a movie featuring young versions of the Gang not at least start in a more 70's like setting... Side note: Good god is Velma extra sexy in this. Young and old. Fight me.

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar

    11:36 Wait. That’s just that one scene from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 11:50 And that’s just Sans’s gaster blasters

  • xXjetpackmakXx

    Holy shit he said Dick.

  • tall sheep
    tall sheep

    The whole crew lookin like barbies

  • The Simple Baker
    The Simple Baker

    This movie just feels like low hanging fruit

  • Champ Lagasse II
    Champ Lagasse II

    You should sin-count the first Pokemon movie.

  • Joshy Boi
    Joshy Boi

    12:45 what you say??

  • Pvt. E. Evans
    Pvt. E. Evans

    Finally, somebody notices wheres the freakin military during all this

  • Natalia Washington
    Natalia Washington

    Please give it 50 sins for Shaggy not having his normal stoner voice, they ruined his VOICE!

  • Tony C
    Tony C

    Isn’t Cerberus a nuke fail safe

  • NurOskar

    The Whole Movie is Wrong

  • yeet pactio
    yeet pactio

    Ya know shaggy could make a whole lot more money as a competitive eater


    yup.. kids love ruth bader ginsberg....

  • Phantom phoenix
    Phantom phoenix

    That broke several laws and you said nothing I would be great at Cinema sins

  • Tiffany Clark
    Tiffany Clark

    I love Greek mythology but this movie just ruins it.

  • Tiffany Clark
    Tiffany Clark

    I have all the Scooby Doo movies and all the episodes but when I watch this movie it makes me wanna throw it off the cliff.

  • Jean Starnes
    Jean Starnes

    “He committed 32 war crimes!!!!” “But...he has a middle name...” “Understandable have a good day”

  • Joshua Sawali
    Joshua Sawali

    How could you

  • Djaner Djahid
    Djaner Djahid

    1:11 i dont think you got the joke there...

  • KING NOOB6679
    KING NOOB6679

    This is more entertaining more than the actual movie

  • Enrique Navarro
    Enrique Navarro

    Disagree with the sandwich one at the beginning, shaggy would DEFINITELY do that

  • t v
    t v

    15:52 - Oh we have a one-syllable word for that. It's "vore."

  • t v
    t v

    "Why does Daphne look 25?" Because some people do realize loli isn't pedo.

  • I post comments on good videos
    I post comments on good videos

    Even with him explaining movie i lost track of what’s going on..

  • Mimsy

    I adore the The Hobbit sound byte at the end.

  • Mimsy

    Fetch Quest: The Movie

  • Mimsy

    There's so much wrong with this movie (especially the fact that friggin Shaggy isn't voiced by Matthew Lillard; truth be told none of the voices of the gang as kids are good), one thing is Velma's design. Her hair went from being a natural looking reddish brown to a dark crimson burgundy that looks like it was dyed as well as making her skin much dark, almost implying she is hispanic (based on her appearance) as if they are just shoe horning in some diversity just to seem woke. Also, Simon Cowell..... Why does he look like an actual human being Simon Cowell that was cartoonified but everyone else still looks like a generic cartoon. Also, as of writing this, I just realized Shaggy's voice sounds like Carl from Jimmy Neutron...

  • Weird Stuff Animation
    Weird Stuff Animation

    Who else felt like this wasnt even a scooby Doo movie?

  • Lukas Patrickson
    Lukas Patrickson

    Does this movie happen in the future? I mean, Shaggy had a smartphone and the main characters have lots of awesome technology.

  • Christopher Simpson
    Christopher Simpson


  • Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster
    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    Can everyone not hate the film so much?? Its not as awful as the live action Smurfs movies or Jem & The Holograms movie!

  • Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster
    Dexter The Nostalgia Toonster

    I think everyone hating it to much! Its really not that bad at all!

  • os sans the skeleton
    os sans the skeleton

    im in romania

  • Krustylesponge

    The real sin is that shaggy didn’t obliterate Cerberus with 0.000000000000001% of his power

  • Simen Larsen
    Simen Larsen

    My friend read binary code.. so that is not a sin.

  • that one person
    that one person

    Only just realised that the antagonist of this story is that cheeky fucker that keeps on trying to sabotage everyone from Wacky Races.

  • Simon Petrikov
    Simon Petrikov

    Here's another sin. Clickbaiting me into watching the movie because of the song Without You in the official trailer I thought it will be played in the movie

  • Kael2450

    Tracy Morgan VAing Captain Caveman is just why

  • Sin Of Irrelevance
    Sin Of Irrelevance

    Bro the whole thing that makes Shaggy Shaggy is that he’s a hippie from like the 90s who’s got the munchies bruh how you gonna give 12 year old Shaggy a damn smart phone??? Bruh

  • Daraix

    So you need 2 to close the door one on each side to lock it the only thing missing is the key blades and you get the same ending as kh

  • Muzaffer

    You missed donner and yogurt is Turkish but it's okay

  • Zuper Zero
    Zuper Zero

    Shaggy and scoob are priceless NOT worthless

  • Tyrese Finney
    Tyrese Finney

    Just gonna skip the f bomb joke?

  • tetrofita178

    Does anyone think the bug versions of the murder bots are cuter than the baby versions?

  • StandardBlanket

    dude, the point behind scooby, is it's a talking dog. idiot.

  • Evan Muniz
    Evan Muniz

    2:33 i'm dead😅

  • The Nobroshi
    The Nobroshi

    What’s up with captain falcon being in this movie?

  • The Wandering Gamer
    The Wandering Gamer

    'this released in 2020!' Not something to brag about.