Everything Wrong With Rush Hour In 15 Minutes Or Less
Rush Hour is a movie we haven't sinned yet. Let's sin that! In honor of... um... summer action movies or something... we went looking for sins in the Jackie Chan Chris Tucker hit, Rush Hour. And boy, does it have sins.

Next week: Comic book sins and giant sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • dimi g
    dimi g

    It's funny racism you know when people had a sense of humour instead of today's PC era

  • Mastur Ch33f
    Mastur Ch33f

    The thumbnail you used is the cover art of Rush Hour 2

  • Wendell Kirton
    Wendell Kirton

    This nothing wrong with rush hour I grew as teenage watching rush hour i love it

  • Blind

    Daily market? It was definitely DALY

  • Break Freak
    Break Freak

    Lol at heads calling this film a 'masterpiece' in actual seriousness. Hey, it's a good action comedy for when your brain is in neutral and you just want a light hearted watch....but a fucking 'masterpiece'........lol!

  • ama

    this video feels anti black

  • Stanislav Lisovskiy
    Stanislav Lisovskiy

    Usually love your videos, but you missed on this one bro

  • Lilli Haßwell
    Lilli Haßwell

    12:27 That appears to be a MAC-10, not an Uzi.

  • Phylis 1776
    Phylis 1776

    Movie sin counter is 0 for me... this movie is a classic and deserves to be preserved until our grandchilds grandchildren grow up and watch it

  • cromusic ibra
    cromusic ibra

    "Why does blondie think shaking an *Uzi* in his face is necessary?" I'm no expert on guns, but isn't that a MAC-10?

  • Kay Halbauer
    Kay Halbauer

    "asking forgiveness instead of permission" is what python tutorials teach you about exceptions handling

  • Peter Musante
    Peter Musante

    Chris Tucker is a genius. He made more than Jackie Chan on a 3 part movie franchise that kept him living in style for almost 14 years before he had to do another movie.

  • William Summerson
    William Summerson

    This is way better than sitting through the whole movie, it's one of those movies that I will watch if there is nothing else on, and I will not enjoy it ever.

  • RestingObject

    Am I the only person who realized that they now have 5 Second of logos not including the everything wrong with part. Because that makes it 13 seconds. I don’t know if that’s a sin but I’m counting it as such.

  • Ramiz

    America: we have the best army in the world China: we have Jackie chan

  • batguy 6
    batguy 6

    I appreciate the hair

  • Zach King
    Zach King

    12:30 thats not how C4 works, it needs a flame and spark to ignite. no sin.

  • Poncho Villa
    Poncho Villa

    Stop mane ain't nothing wrong with this movie

  • J T
    J T

    C4 only blows up with a blast cap installed, soooo Backing into a car, shooting it, and fire won’t blow it

  • Chria Chria
    Chria Chria

    Idk why this movie makes me wanna eat takis

  • Ty Goldie
    Ty Goldie

    Where the hell is number two or three at?!?! These movies has a lot of sins but they were great. Enough comedy and racial jokes and situations to not cuck out to people who get angry at everything. Plus classic tucker and Chan being classic tucker and Chan

  • Jan Tschierschky
    Jan Tschierschky

    One sin calling a mac10 a Uzi

  • TheLengendZach

    Everyone has to know that no movie is without sin... and also this is post to be a joke

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    Do Shanghai Noon

  • Matt F.
    Matt F.

    How you gonna put Rush Hour 3 in the background of the Movie Sin Tally. Cmon now.

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams

    why do you sin racist humor? its still funny

  • Masked Rakoon
    Masked Rakoon

    Favourite... Movie... Ever!!!

  • jonathan hilton
    jonathan hilton

    Cinemasins plz do from Paris with love

  • ZH

    12:24 that's a MAC-10 or MAC-11, not an Uzi.

  • RTravels BC
    RTravels BC

    I look at movies differently cause of you lol

  • The Cool Kids
    The Cool Kids

    Sin #75: yes he did need to kick as just to get to his boss. It's Jackie Chan. Sin #99: it's possible because Jackie Chan. He does lots of crazy, impossible stuff in his movies. Sin #122: did you forget sin #75?

  • Traproop

    Race can be joked about lol, it's a comedy, context matters.

  • Setekh

    "It's hilarious to think that any of the states would do that THESE days." And racist. I'm sorry for the seriousness, but no cop would arrest me in any state for anything while that dude would likely get arrested or shot. His only way out would be if someone ex machina'ed them out of the situation with some good old fashioned white privilege and take the weed and say it's theirs and the dude is their friend. There is only bizarro world.

  • Swordterranean40

    Well, no movie's without sin, right? Right?

  • RMT

    Additional sin at 4:30: Chris tucker casually swerving

  • Harnold Owiti
    Harnold Owiti

    Still love rush hour

  • Charis MW
    Charis MW

    I had a HUGE crush on Jackie growing up and this film was my awakening to attraction lol

  • Your British Narrator
    Your British Narrator

    This movie is the most perfect thing ever even more perfect that getting 42069 on your Milage

  • Jason Muir
    Jason Muir

    it's perfectly safe to smoke around C4, it requires a detonator or shockwave to explode

  • Gregory Hill
    Gregory Hill

    Show off like Michael Jordan did... 😆😆😆😆

  • John Pabon
    John Pabon

    Oh hell no

  • Andrew Cole
    Andrew Cole

    You can not make c4 explode with a cigarette

  • RetroGrade659

    I’m wondering how far the signal on the detonator can reach. Why not drive the van out of range? Besides plot.

  • Samyukta

    I love the movie and I love this video 😂😂 Please do Rush Hour 2 & 3

  • roman goykhman
    roman goykhman

    the woke bits ruin everything!

  • Jessica Evans
    Jessica Evans

    1:31 the worst kind of affirmative action

  • jessicca frank
    jessicca frank

    If you racist just say that cause this is gold

  • Tshepiso Ramokaeyane Toodi
    Tshepiso Ramokaeyane Toodi

    Lamp lamp lamp lamp lamp 😂😂😂😂

  • Jason Matson
    Jason Matson

    C4 needs an electrical charge to detonate, not fire or sudden movement. ~*DING*~

  • Theresa Westcott
    Theresa Westcott

    CinemaSins; Lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp, lamp. Moth; One of my favorite movies. Lol

  • Michael Stein
    Michael Stein

    safer behind a desk isnt racist its not sexist.. and unless youre in terminator its statistically safest

  • Michael Stein
    Michael Stein

    my people.... that should be racist

  • christian Monterio
    christian Monterio

    Completely skips over FBI agents racist remark but points out Chris Tuckers..stupid rice a roni..remark

  • Illumi Nation
    Illumi Nation

    When I was a kid I thought Chris Tucker was Eddie Murphy.

  • Fashy Farmer
    Fashy Farmer

    C4 is not the easy to detonate. That's why it's a favorite of the army

  • Hudson says meow
    Hudson says meow

    You just used the best quote from The Shining for the outtakes of a sin video for Rush Hour. ONE SIN

  • Mica B
    Mica B

    C4 is probably different but cigarettes can not ignite gasoline or gas fumes.

  • Tianyi Zhou
    Tianyi Zhou

    This man really added 10 sins in the first 2 seconds of the movie for a couple words being shown 😂

  • tristan flynn
    tristan flynn

    You do know fire can't set c4 off, right? You need a blasting cap or an electric spark to do it. The military uses it because it's that effing stable.

  • Scooter Rivers
    Scooter Rivers

    After the 12th woke comment by the narrator five minutes in I had to stop and unsubscribe. Keep your self-loathing to yourself dude.

  • Nile Horuseus
    Nile Horuseus

    There’s literally nothing wrong in this Movie everything’s perfect

  • Isaiah Thompson
    Isaiah Thompson

    If you do rush hour 3 , the dude that got shot in rush hour one while driving sue young was also in rush hour 3 when genivei took the guns

  • Samuel De la Cruz
    Samuel De la Cruz

    I love this movie.

  • princetlance

    You missed a sin, 9:09 the fact that the main camera is already pointed at Chris so the audience doesn’t have to sit and watch them scroll through to find the correct camera...lol

  • Epic Ethan
    Epic Ethan


  • Pixelated Matt
    Pixelated Matt

    I disagree

  • Brianna Alexander-Alston
    Brianna Alexander-Alston

    Where is rush hour 2 and 3?!

  • 8-happiness

    My local drug store has one of those steal-me-toilet-paper-racks. Not sure what they do with it at night...

  • buttons157

    I found a movie without sin, its My Cousin Vinny. I triple dog dare you to try and find something wrong with that classic.

  • Trey Best
    Trey Best

    Lol Jeremy calling out the “easy joke” while also finding a way to squeeze in an awful Trump joke basically every video. “Irony” *ding*

  • Matt Morales
    Matt Morales

    "Push the goddamn button!" That deserved a sin off lol


    y'all really don't get that these videos are for comedy and not for serious criticism of the movie, huh?

  • Stephanie Blasenak
    Stephanie Blasenak

    1:45 - same mansion was the Genovian consulate in The Princess Diaries, and at least one other film.

  • Failedpuberty6x

    lol I thought this was gonna be a whole 15:47 of that one kid saying that's racist. no one did equal opportunity race jokes like the 90s/early 2000s

  • Nuraby _
    Nuraby _

    Yes, finally.

  • Rohan Gupta
    Rohan Gupta

    Has anyone noticed that ever since covid broke out, cinemasins has been throwing a lot of subtle shade at Trump.


    You just give stupid ass sins for no reason sometimes. Like wtf

  • Cory Derrickson
    Cory Derrickson

    Cinema sins you've become too PC. too much of a kiss ass. You shouldn't gauge a film and it's "racist ness" on today's standards unless it's made today.

  • MacKeyser

    How do you miss the "that's racist" moment when the FBI agent calls the Chinese agent a "Chung King cop"? And that agent turns out to be Jackie Chan!!!, so it's racist towards a lead character, which should mean that such a sin should not be missed. This may be the UZload comment section, but I'm sinning that shit. *DING*

  • Peisen Xu
    Peisen Xu

    Unironically this video made me cringe. I love this movie, I'm Chinese myself. At about 5:04 I gave up. All he goes on about in the first 5 minutes is "racism", and it comes across as sincere instead of jokingly ragging on the movie. Find something else more lighthearted to sin a classic with maybe?

  • Dorito Boys
    Dorito Boys


  • Hunter MK2
    Hunter MK2

    Haha brave taming this one on bro - no film is safe. 🙈

  • Hunter MK2
    Hunter MK2

    Haha brave taming this one on bro - no film is safe. 🙈

  • Tim Heller
    Tim Heller

    C4 only detonates with an electrical charge. You can pound it with a hammer, set it on fire, shoot it, won't matter.


    12:26 that's MAC10

  • Paramarta Iganp
    Paramarta Iganp

    CinemaSins has become PC police. Unsubbed.

  • jwylde7

    Bwahahahahahahahaha instantly sins movie for Brett Ratner

  • whatermen

    It’s a joke

  • Mglisty

    This video is a blasphemy.

  • Cameron Jacobs
    Cameron Jacobs

    I have a sin for Cinemasins: Why did he use Rush Hour 2 in the first thumbnail and Rush Hour 3 in the Penalty when he was sinning the first Rush Hour movie?!?!

  • Caseytify

    Jeremy's SJW bias was on full display. I do so enjoy expressions of moral superiority. Pro tip: cigarettes won't ignite gasoline. That's an old Hollywood myth. C4 _especially_ won't ignite from a lit cigarette. Troops in Vietnam would light small balls of C4 for a fire. It was a common prank to toss a whole brick into a fire in front of the newbie to watch him freak.

  • Gabriel Castañeda Antonio
    Gabriel Castañeda Antonio

    gummy bear song

  • Casey Carter
    Casey Carter

    When I was a kid my family the exact same cordless phone as the bomb squad woman. When she "answered" the phone in the movie, it made a distinct beep. That beep only happens when you press the hang up button on the phone, not the answer button. So she did not in fact answer the phone in the first place.

  • Sherry Luce
    Sherry Luce

    I thought jackie did his own stunts.

    • ALUCARD7729

      he does

  • Blue Blue
    Blue Blue

    Oooo I think you should do an episode on The Mask

  • John Spence
    John Spence

    1:40 C4 is incredibly stable...you can light it on fire, you can explode something beside it or even on it, you can ram it with your car. It won't go off. It is why it was invented: something you didn't have to worry about

  • BoxxyFan

    Cinemasins confirmed for politically correct SJW soy boy. I wonder if his wife's boyfriend lets him play his Switch everynight.

  • Eric Rhodes
    Eric Rhodes

    When I was little I used to think the blonde guy was Jun Tao

  • Aaron Nguyen
    Aaron Nguyen

    ive waited years for this video to come out