Everything Wrong With The Princess Bride In Inconceivable Minutes Or Less
The Princess Bride is one of the greatest movies ever made, full stop.
We still sinned it, because that's sort of what we do, and we've been doing it for, like, 8 years now. Not sure why you're surprised.
Thursday: 2019 award-season sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Sai Ren
    Sai Ren

    I just realized that that sounds like the guy who played columbo so I wonder is that grandpa columbo

  • Wifeu 69
    Wifeu 69

    You really didn’t remove enough sins tbh.... there’s AMAZING lines you just skipped over

  • Wifeu 69
    Wifeu 69

    You’re literally making fun of a movie for being inaccurate when the movie is literally about making fun of every classic romantic, adventure movie/story. How do you make fun of a parody???

  • braydenisboi

    The only movie better than this is Shrek.

  • Tiffany Butler
    Tiffany Butler

    The forest scene is just Wesley and Buttercup rolling 20's

  • At least I try
    At least I try

    Hears a sin for Literature sins not being a real thing I’d watch the shit out of it

  • Miss Rhi
    Miss Rhi

    True story: Robin did catch on fire one of the takes... You REALLY gotta listen to Cary Elwes "behind the scenes" audio book from his journal during filming. It is so endearing. His tribute to Andre made me weepy. If you love this movie, that audiobook is a must-have complement. Cheers!

  • Miss Rhi
    Miss Rhi

    I love how much love you give this movie "basically perfect" is so accurate (and, not that it matters, much better than the book!)

  • Miss Rhi
    Miss Rhi

    OMG!!!! The Tom Cruise comment made me FALL OUT! ahahahahaha!

  • CLuv

    I've noticed that open bag of cheetos ever since childhood, I'm glad is was finally sinned

  • Emily Alberts
    Emily Alberts

    I've always hated this movie, don't know why. I guess it's just too cheesy and seems forced. Sorry not sorry.

  • molly price
    molly price

    If you didn't remove a sin for Inigo's line i would have unsubbed quicker than Buttercup and Westley falling in love, damn that's fast

  • baylinkdashyt

    I love this all the more because I know they only needed Peter Falk for a single day... which is probably how they got him.

  • Starlight No Hydrogen
    Starlight No Hydrogen

    The one part of the movie that made no fucking sense is smelling an UNSCENTABLE POISON SIFBSKDKAWNOCKAK

  • Rylan Root
    Rylan Root

    As I saw him silently take a sin off for "My name is Inigo Montoya" I just started clappin

  • Oliver H
    Oliver H

    Something wrong? With The Princess Bride? INCONCEIVABLE!

  • Craig Snedden
    Craig Snedden

    You forgot how we used to have to walk 5 miles to school everyday uphill, both ways!,

  • Focus_Meikuari

    Fun fact for any who may care: I was named after Westley, except my mom thought the “t” sounded kinda dumb so she left it out lol

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    You should have sinned “man and wife” since that’s sexist. What, a guy only turns into a man once he takes himself a wide?

  • Alli M.
    Alli M.

    CinemaSins: I googled it, Commodore 64 cord is 6ft.

  • Whatisreal? Knowtheformula
    Whatisreal? Knowtheformula

    A spoof cinesins for a spoof! Brilliant!

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    Now, do we get sins for "Once Upon a Deadpool"?

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    I don't know if someone already said this, including past me, but Humperdinck did what he promised Buttercup. HE didn't harm Westley, the Count did!!

  • Jupterinabottle . . .
    Jupterinabottle . . .

    I'm not mad actually. You roasted Ohio State and I'm a Michigan fan living in Ohio so I appreciate that.

  • Jupterinabottle . . .
    Jupterinabottle . . .

    rn i'm at 00:43 but I came here after I started watching it and want to make sure y'all got the book being opened twice so this is me putting that out there and hoping you mention that.

    • Jupterinabottle . . .
      Jupterinabottle . . .

      NOOOOOOO 1:25

  • bahamutskingdom

    Just an amazing film from my childhood, that holds still now. A pop culture phenomenon that is still a pop culture phenomenon. Please don't go off on it Cinema Sins.

  • --

    Everything wrong with the Princess Bride? How about, nothing? When you make a better film, I'll watch it.

  • paul vanmeveren
    paul vanmeveren

    the first wireless controller was 1982 for atari since the commodore 64 used Atari joysticks see retrovolve.com/the-first-wireless-controller-was-for-the-atari-2600/#:~:text=But%20apparently%2C%20wireless%20controllers%20have,have%20been%20powered%20by%20lightning.

  • A_A_Ron n
    A_A_Ron n

    Absolutely nothing. The end

  • Deniz Demir
    Deniz Demir

    Sometimes I don’t even watch these videos. I just give a dislike and go. i’m not proud of it.

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson

    Am I glad that th3birdman exists. Also, he sinned the priest

  • Chris Beaty
    Chris Beaty

    Does the phrase "4 corners of the World" ring a bell?

  • Jake The T
    Jake The T


  • Mari Schroedinger
    Mari Schroedinger

    Really appreciate the captions. Thank you!

  • Jaguar Rose
    Jaguar Rose

    You bastards!

  • Devon Pederson
    Devon Pederson

    The PB&Js were probably brought know by his mom. That would also explain the closet being open and negate the parents checking on him sins at the same time. Remove 4 sins! Haha

  • c0nzit3ra1

    “Listen I will always come for you” Immediately cute to ad. Perfect timing UZload

  • Not Quite Funny
    Not Quite Funny

    Of course there are torches everywhere creepers would spawn if there werent

  • Jim Puckett
    Jim Puckett

    They don't check on Grandpa because he's GRANDPA. He's not some weirdo from out of town. Grandparents often keep kids for days, even weeks, on end. Buttercup acts like that because she is a young girl in love. Don't you remember high school? "Inconceivable" doesn't mean "incredible" - it means "cannot be thought of". inigo is correct - it doesn't mean what the Sicilian thinks it means. I can't believe you sinned "No - lemme sum up." :) The biggest sin that I see - and that you missed - is this: the Dread Pirate Roberts isn't just a fictional character; he's one who *always kills all of the captives* - in fact, the previous DPR killed all of his, except for Wesley. So this is a continuing part of the DPR story. Therefore, Wesley spent at least five years putting his victims to death. Somehow, Buttercup overlooks this completely.

  • The Emerald Dragon
    The Emerald Dragon

    Okay I love this movie, but how did you not sin buttercup in the forest not helping Wesley with the R.o.u.s

  • Dave Skywalker
    Dave Skywalker

    Cinema Sins: This video Me: Prepare to die

  • R H
    R H

    Does no one else hate this movie? 😅

  • Strange Armour
    Strange Armour

    I vote Christmas movie

  • Jynxie Wavemaiden
    Jynxie Wavemaiden

    Always thought it was a Christmas movie. He gives the kid a present and everything!

  • tubebobwil

    Should have given it 100 sins for the domestic violence threat.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    No one ever does, but I’m surprised he didn’t add a sin for Westley being the Dread Pirate Roberts. I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this. The Dread Pirate Roberts has earned a reputation as a ruthless, bloodthirsty pirate who “never takes prisoners”, and Westley filled that role for years. He even complains in one scene that he can’t afford NOT to kill his victims because then word gets around and people begin to disobey you, so it’s not like he made Roberts go soft. The hero of the freaking movie is a psychopathic, mass-murdering sea-mugger.

  • Pokemonweeaboopikachuninja boi
    Pokemonweeaboopikachuninja boi

    Hello. My my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die Inigo. I am your father. And then he - wait? thats not the right movie. nvm

  • Ada Fitch
    Ada Fitch

    "Wow, Savage" Well, to be fair, that IS his name.

  • deeaplw

    You are very good at this! I disagree on the "inconceivable" thing. Inigo was pointing out that he uses that word and is always wrong.

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis

    A little harsh for a near-perfect film.

  • Carmine Brothers
    Carmine Brothers

    Sperm is the essence of life so that saying "I'm sucking life" could be taken another way.

  • Caleb Burns
    Caleb Burns

    *giggles* Penal colony.

  • Levi Paroz
    Levi Paroz

    Okay remove two sins: both how did they have time to make sandwiches and the parents not checking in. The parents gave them the sandwiches, both checking in and explaining how they got the sandwiches.

  • tcs007

    The only thing wrong with The Princess Bride are people who haven't seen it.


    What’s wrong with being an Ohio State fan???

  • Eric Rosen
    Eric Rosen

    08:47 among other places... is it just good luck for the story participants or is it that things worked out in this story well for the people we are supposed to care about and that made it a story to be retold? In the alternate universe where Buttercup/Wesley die rolling down that hill or get killed by lightning sand or R.O.U.S.'s or where Inigo doesn't accidentally open the secret passage, etc, there just is no happy ending and it is a sad story we never hear about.

  • Killvoid

    How dare you!!! This movie is sinless

  • zd 2005
    zd 2005

    I’m sinning you for not mentioning when they jumped on to the horses

  • Henri Miller
    Henri Miller

    Greenland isn't a country just thought I'd point that our

  • Grace Cogan
    Grace Cogan

    Oh PLEASE do the newest Little Women!!!

  • Dislexual

    I've never seen this movie. This and Mad Max: Fury Road are both movies I wanted to see after watching it be sinned.

  • Aurelia Destiny
    Aurelia Destiny

    This is one the best movies, ever! I saw it when it came out and watch it every year or so. 🥰 You shouldn’t have skipped part of the plot though, showing how Buttercup went from living on the farm with Wesley, to being a Princess and he a Pirate. Also, her kidnapping and being engaged to Humperdinck People watching this video and not familiar with the movie are most likely really confused.

  • R33D

    Why does everyone keep saying, “A Princess Bride?” But fine, “as you wish.”

  • Roman Brown
    Roman Brown

    if In 14 minutes cinema sins can only find 92 sins that means this is one of the best movies ever

  • tron 1112
    tron 1112

    you know... i cant help but draw parallels between this and zero punctuation. its just ones more fast talky insult deluge while the other is snarkieness incarnate.

  • Matthew Murtha
    Matthew Murtha

    Nothing can be wrong with this movie.😤

  • Samantha Lawrence
    Samantha Lawrence

    And there is no “a” or “the” in the title. It’s just princess bride

  • Servant of the King
    Servant of the King

    The parents could have brought the PB&J's and opened the closet to put away Wonder Years' jacket. *gggnid*

  • Slayer Runefrost
    Slayer Runefrost

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with The Princess Bride. It is the world's most perfect movie. And I will entertain absolutely no notion to the contrary. You sir, speak blasphemy.

  • Little Derna
    Little Derna

    I have been hearing for years what a great movie this. I finally purchased it on UZload and was totally disappointed. It was completely predictable and dull.

  • God

    The reason she didn’t recognize him is cause the only thing he ever said to her was “as you wish”

  • Jason Mares
    Jason Mares

    The real sin here is that this one has already been done.

  • Joel

    This is easily one of my fav CinemaSins videos!

  • The Grey Jedi
    The Grey Jedi

    I can't wait for "Everything wrong with CinemaSins" gets ahold of this one and chews your ass up. 😂😂😂 Thumbs down on you dude👎👎 Thumbs down...

  • Hakudoushi Numbernine
    Hakudoushi Numbernine

    So, when are we getting literature sins?

  • Zachary Baker
    Zachary Baker

    not watching. perfect movie.

  • Nathan Pettigrew
    Nathan Pettigrew

    He called the princess bride, near-perfect twice in the first minute of the movie... it is honestly a really good movie, I am surprised that it is a fifteen-minute video... perhaps that is why it is 15 minutes

  • Fista'Gon Jinn
    Fista'Gon Jinn

    I think I just figured your channel out. It's like if Mystery Science Theater 3000 watched good movies. Even though this is one of my favorite movies, you had me rolling.

  • Kevorka

    His shitty jokes count as sins?

  • Star-storm Animations
    Star-storm Animations

    petition for humperdink to be referred to as Chumperdink.

  • Daniel Skrivan
    Daniel Skrivan

    On the subject of Cary Elwes, you should do Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Heck, do all of Mel Brooks' movies. Young Frankenstein, Space Balls, Blazing Saddles...

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster

    Buttercup had a Gump baby

  • Crayvd

    100 sins for Jeremey being horny while making this video. The amount of sex jokes is inconceivable.

  • Jason Jungreis
    Jason Jungreis

    The numbers of sins is inconceivable

  • Beth Stanley
    Beth Stanley

    Does this mean you have to do Robin Hood Men in Tights now?

  • kevin veile
    kevin veile

    Just one more thing

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan

    Jeremy didn’t make a Saw joke. Ding!

    • Al M
      Al M

      You saw Saw? I didn't see Saw.

  • WWE Awesome
    WWE Awesome

    R.i.p Andre the giant

  • OniRyu2000

    LOL 'Star Wars fans' He says, as he spends his adult life sinning movies.

  • Forgotten Password
    Forgotten Password

    Is no one going to talk about the iocane powder sin? No? Okay

  • Gabrielle S
    Gabrielle S

    ...... You. Bastard. Ohio State Rocks!!!!! You don't deserve any chocolate buckeyes you may have ever tasted -_- ..... Still love your videos though 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jake Brake Music
    Jake Brake Music

    " considering chumperdinck is still a prince, he should be your highness not your majesty or at the very least Miss Jackson.... if you're nasty." Is the single best line from this whole video

  • Brad Gould
    Brad Gould

    We where told that in the shot of them going down the hill Wesley acutely broke his leg and still carried her after what a beats

  • Jacob Blaylock
    Jacob Blaylock

    I’m sure this is going to be a beautiful video that will make me laugh. Nonetheless my speech, due to my unyielding love for this movie, will only be filled with vulgarity after I hit play. So I’m commenting this beforehand.

  • Maxine Ohara
    Maxine Ohara

    Finally, ive been waiting for this for years

  • Exposed Shadows Truth
    Exposed Shadows Truth


  • Træden Johnston
    Træden Johnston

    Why did you not include, "I want my father back you son of a bitch"

  • George Pope
    George Pope

    no sin to the kid for pointing out sins, when that's YOUR thing? Or it's okay if no trademark "ding!"?

  • Laura Klotz
    Laura Klotz

    Totally on board with TPB being hailed as a Christmas movie.

  • no comment
    no comment

    How dare you