Everything Wrong With The BFG In 16 Minutes Or Less
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The BFG is a Spielberg movie!!! Bet lots of you forgot that, as I did. Anyway, it's not a bad little film, kind of generic at times. Oh, and full of sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Adrian Babilonia
    Adrian Babilonia

    I littreally have a test about it’s about this but I’m a book

  • Forgotten Soul
    Forgotten Soul


  • EmeraldM

    The Big fucking uncle stole a little girl that sums up the whole movie

  • Nicolas Croissant
    Nicolas Croissant


  • Conrad Clay
    Conrad Clay

    Love the holy grail reference “there are some that call me Tim”

  • donteatmeplease iamscared
    donteatmeplease iamscared

    video starts at 0:00

  • Dippythediplocaulus

    "the slayer has entered the facility"

  • FuriousDestro

    I still have yet to watch this movie

  • The true and superior lego grievous
    The true and superior lego grievous

    BFG is a gun from the doom franchise nothing else

  • KeX102

    0:38 *b e a n*

  • Ben Bayne
    Ben Bayne

    When the giant gets cut: BFG Division

  • BubblesTheMama

    "Don't you hate it when you're trying your best and someone is keeping score of everything wrong with you?" CinemaSins in a nutshell.

  • Kaden Slife
    Kaden Slife

    Sorry thought you were talking about the BFG 9000

  • Jackson Widner
    Jackson Widner

    No bfg is good

  • Holly Harders
    Holly Harders

    when a ad of the movie thats getting ruined comes up every single video of @UCYUQQgogVeQY8cMQamhHJcg

  • Wallace Lion
    Wallace Lion

    The BFG & Ambassor Magma

  • HRIQ -
    HRIQ -

    disney vesion of attack on titan

  • ABC D Minus
    ABC D Minus

    I’ve read the book multiple times and watching these parts of the movie again I realize how bad this is.

  • Batbot2006

    1:17. He watches BFG and complains there is a giant in it

  • PNW Affliction
    PNW Affliction

    Not a single Ready Player One reference to hiding 3 keys, aah!

  • jayblondi

    The helicopters could not carry that much well its like saying wasps can carry humans

  • Ahmet Göktuğ Göver
    Ahmet Göktuğ Göver

    To people who thought the title was a Doom soundtrack. Don't worry I thought the same too. :'(

  • Buzz lunckyear
    Buzz lunckyear

    I think he was speaking like that because Ronald dall loved made up words

  • Grindhouse Radio
    Grindhouse Radio

    Big Fat Gew

  • HolyKlea • 12 years ago
    HolyKlea • 12 years ago

    theres not much wrong with bfg- 50

  • Comic Fox
    Comic Fox

    Wait... The BFG? The Big F*cking Gun?

  • garonx

    mmmm yes BFG 50 the PIPE

  • Martin Ford
    Martin Ford

    4:05 is worth at least 500 sins

  • Tommy Lewis
    Tommy Lewis

    Wait what does bfg stand for again? "Big fucking giant" right

  • Revelint Biohazard
    Revelint Biohazard

    Big fail guy

  • Sir Lamb Chops
    Sir Lamb Chops

    I don't remember this movie

  • Starbomb 27
    Starbomb 27

    Still the greatest books

  • NotMinos

    Thanks I am reading the book now I know what's wrong with the book too

  • Doom Slayer
    Doom Slayer

    Just gonna say the only BFG is my Big Fucking Gun

  • RMSJohnnyStorm1912

    how could you do this to one of my favorite movies

  • SlotheeCoffee YT
    SlotheeCoffee YT

    Wait BFG doesn't stand for Big Fucking Guy

  • Jurassicing 64
    Jurassicing 64

    I don't get it this isn't a video about Doom

  • Christopher Hartsook
    Christopher Hartsook

    If doom has taught me anyhing it's that bfg means but Fucking gun not big friendly giant

  • LiviaSmivia Productions
    LiviaSmivia Productions

    The greater half of this was literally filmed in the Faroe islands

  • Moonlord !
    Moonlord !

    “There are some who call him...” Kill Tim

  • J Jizzle69
    J Jizzle69

    6:16 Yo where’s the roll credits sin

  • Nintendolightswitch

    Big F*cking Gun

  • Future Generation
    Future Generation

    Him: They prefer Alabamians Me an Alabamian: Well uh- well no but yes

  • Giorno giovanna
    Giorno giovanna

    Kinomira. Ru is a translator :0

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner

    I consider cars that run on toothpaste a good idea.

  • a random guy on the internet
    a random guy on the internet

    Do you know what would happen to the ozone layer if cars would run on toothpaste *toothbrush commercial plays*

  • Jeff Hollandsworth
    Jeff Hollandsworth

    Hehe bfg go brrrr Wait what do you mean wrong franchise

  • Annabelle Harvey
    Annabelle Harvey


  • Scoobarekt u
    Scoobarekt u

    *Rip and tear intensifys*

  • General Heeves 1080p
    General Heeves 1080p

    Sorry.... WHOLY SH*T THATS A BIG FU**ING GIANT, sorry I mean big friendly boi

  • giv cigrit pls
    giv cigrit pls

    Sin the original cartoon version!

  • Jayden Lockton
    Jayden Lockton


  • Skeletron Omega
    Skeletron Omega

    What about the gun from Doom th BFG 9000


    Bfg = big fucking giant

  • TravellingVoid

    Bad Fat Gum

  • What are you doing IN MY SWAMP
    What are you doing IN MY SWAMP

    This video was over 16 minutes

  • Akar 76
    Akar 76

    Doom fans be like: *Big Fucking Gun*

  • StonedCrusader

    I will destroy the bfg with the bfg

  • Heralds_Gamer

    *_big fucking giant_*

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor

    1:32 That's a MOTORWAY, not an Interstate.

  • Plague doctor Spina
    Plague doctor Spina

    The bfg 9000

  • Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi
    Paulito Novickis Pichipoothingi

    its littearly laurel 0:44

  • bet

    BFG a is Erens titan if it was uglier and older

  • _lost data_
    _lost data_

    i remember doom

  • Christian Paulo
    Christian Paulo

    It is actually impossible to sneeze while you are asleep

  • Nuala Watson
    Nuala Watson

    Ik she’s like 10 but can we sin the girls acting

    • PleaseRayy


  • asnowballinhell

    You misspelled Yeltsin.

  • SharkAttack !
    SharkAttack !

    The BFG stands for the big fat glizzy gobbler

  • Jessica Mcdade
    Jessica Mcdade

    4:15 that was actually canon in the book i read it

  • Purple_Chowder

    I thought this was a doom video sorry

  • Waveflii

    DONT YOU DARE- You did it.

  • mr snoop
    mr snoop

    cgi wasted o shit writing

  • The Classic Academy
    The Classic Academy


  • Mika Pellarin
    Mika Pellarin

    Immediate sin for not calling the movie the big fucking giant.


    BTGGF: Big Titty Goth Girl Friend

  • Jamie 〜
    Jamie 〜

    Millie Bobby Brown probably could've played Sophie really well ngl but she sucks so nvm

  • Diwani Walters
    Diwani Walters

    Can someone translate the abbreviations at 1:53 for me please

  • Stephen Zehn
    Stephen Zehn

    You didn't sin the annoying game lobby background music playing through the entire movie?

  • Lucas Fleming
    Lucas Fleming

    Ok I literally watched this movie a few hours ago and I don’t remember all this drum/tambourine background music?

  • Optimistic Charizard
    Optimistic Charizard

    Was sad a Pickle Rick joke wasn't made but then I got to the end

  • cringe patrol inc.
    cringe patrol inc.

    All jokes aside this movie was actually pretty good i used to watch it with my dad back in 2017 it was ok i swear

  • Crazyvids.com

    Actually the whole inception thing wasnt copied from inception as it was written in the book Wich was written in 1982 and inception was in 2009 either way it doesn't matter this film was disappointing I prefer the original film and book

  • Crazyvids.com

    The giants were not scary they missed the songs too

  • Jonathan Gunderson
    Jonathan Gunderson

    To sum up the film: Spielberg in his most "Fuck the salary is good" mode.

  • Mister Reza
    Mister Reza

    Actually, you can't sneeze if you're sleeping. It's just scientifically impossible

  • MyUserNameIsThys

    3:33 had me dead

  • Khaled

    I hate this youtuber I like this movie but he thinks his videos are better no there not this dudes channel is trashbag

  • Snake Mate
    Snake Mate

    Hotdogs are not a sandwitch

  • Poo L
    Poo L


  • Captain Phillips
    Captain Phillips

    10:16 Does anyone correct Yoda’s grammar? No, no one does...

  • lifelessbaby

    Love the irony of this channel giving out sins for recurring jokes.

  • David Weisleder Shacalo
    David Weisleder Shacalo

    B F G Big Fucking Giant

  • Matthew Hamill
    Matthew Hamill

    And if we're talking about doom it's Big F*cking Gun 1 sin for censoring

  • Marlon Johnson
    Marlon Johnson

    You want to know if a hot dog is a sandwich may I suggest you do down to The Food Theorist and watch the video.

  • Random Animations
    Random Animations

    2:36 this made me laugh WAAAAY too hard

  • Volcanic Turnip
    Volcanic Turnip

    why do y’all still complain against logos when your logo sequence got extended just because

  • Maestro _
    Maestro _


  • finnish letsplay
    finnish letsplay

    Best friend gay

  • finnish letsplay
    finnish letsplay

    Big fat giant

  • smokeyfgg

    no cinema sins xD Boris is the prime minister of england lol

    • Jack Carter
      Jack Carter

      Not in 1983!!!

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Liam Payne LIVE
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