Everything Wrong With Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed is the very-not-good sequel to the kind-of-fun original live-action Scooby Doo movie. It's cringe-worthy. And full of sins!
Thursday: Animated espionage.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
    Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

    I like this movie

  • Dr. MarioYT
    Dr. MarioYT

    I remember back my grandma had a tasmanian devil (I don't remember what it was) then I said look it's scooby doo and she was like no that's the tasmanian devil it was because of this movie that I thought the tasmanian devil was scooby doo.

  • France Henry
    France Henry

    I wish Shaggy's last name were Johnson

  • Dolphin lover Jotaro
    Dolphin lover Jotaro

    Is anyone else uncomfortable with how much linda cardellini looks like riley reid in this movie?

  • Casey Bednarczyk
    Casey Bednarczyk

    I remember watching this as a kid and thinking that Scobby was the best cgi thing ever

  • Jevin Woods
    Jevin Woods

    I forgot how beautiful the actor for Velma is 😭😍

  • SummerTime High
    SummerTime High

    1. Velma is gorgeous 2. Tug on my chew toy lmfao😂🏌️‍♂️

  • Cole Hewett
    Cole Hewett

    Scooby and scrappy are canonically aliens

  • TripleXThreat

    this movie is the goat, spoiler, this has zero sins

  • Jets Above
    Jets Above

    Lmao I lost my sht when you gave it 100 sins 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matei Iftode
    Matei Iftode

    You asked me and well here it is 6/9

  • Mr. Ashtastic
    Mr. Ashtastic

    Considering what shaggy and scooby do in this movie, I’m surprised the gang doesn’t see them as the smartest and most reliable members

  • WyattDraws Decently
    WyattDraws Decently

    Okay, here's an explaination as to why only Scooby can talk, and why Scrappy isn't Canon So Scooby isn't a dog. He's an alien. He's descendant from a long line of ancient alien ancestors, who have no physical forms. Because of this, they need to possess other beings, like animals. And since the aliens are so far mentally advanced, they're able to make creatures talk that couldn't before, hence Scooby speaking (this also explains a line he says a few times in the animated series, being "Dog? Where?") And as for Scrappy, anything involving Scrappy isn't Canon, because it happened in a cyber simulation or something. I dunno watch MatPat's theory on it, he explains a lot

  • Blue DragonFox
    Blue DragonFox

    I got 2 kids movie with no gross-out jokes Caroline and Nine

  • Funtime Candy
    Funtime Candy

    I still liked this movie a lot. Nothing will change my mind that this is an awesome movie

  • Jonathan Ybarra
    Jonathan Ybarra

    You gotta give it up for Matthew Lillard though, the best shaggy to ever live. well next to the original Casey Kasem.

  • Mimsy

    I can't not picture Chris from Family Guy when watching this.

  • Mimsy

    I actually laughed at Scooby's "Bunny!" It's just so random and funny to me lmao

  • Mimsy

    There are some amazing Scooby Doo movies or episodes that involve real monsters. Some even being my favorite Scooby Doo's of all time. Scooby Doo Where's My Mummy (subtle and teased), Scooby Doo and Lochness Monster (although the real one is only just teased at the end), Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword (real dragons and spirits), Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders.

  • Sean Pacheco
    Sean Pacheco

    "Presidential health advice." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Panther Gravity64
    Panther Gravity64

    Vancouver-sized? Are u Canadian?

  • Stay Safe
    Stay Safe

    I love this movie ngl.

  • TheRiddick27

    This film is a lie. Thelma is waaaayyyy prettier than Daphne! Cardellini is also far superior to Gellar in every way.

  • Rolled Oats
    Rolled Oats

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie and the first movie. No you cannot tell me other-wise

  • CatMuto

    I enjoy watching a movie with PeanutButterGamer in it!

  • Toru Cena
    Toru Cena

    1:22 No not again I won’t fall for it

  • Frank Pitts
    Frank Pitts

    The most unbelievable thing about this movie is how hot Velma is.

  • Retro gaming king
    Retro gaming king

    plz watch the one series I forgot the name but one explaines why scobby can talk

  • kaleb dickerson
    kaleb dickerson

    this is my favorite movie of all time

  • Corrin Foss
    Corrin Foss

    "Biggest sin = monsters being created". This bitch basically dissing the hex girls, the zombie movie AND the alien movie. scooby-doo and the ghoul school was FABULOUS. sorry but that loses a viewer and a sub.

  • Justin Powell
    Justin Powell

    7:23 you're welcome

  • River Keyes
    River Keyes

    You have a masterful way of pointing out all the flaws in my favorite childhood movies but somehow not ruining them for me. Well done sir

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui


  • Colton Meek
    Colton Meek

    Shaggy says “let’s kick this investigation up from a 10 to an 11” then proceeds to hold up 10 fingers followed by 2 fingers. So did he hold up two 1’s as a means to show 11, or unintentionally display 12?

  • Hex

    The fact that this is a live-action scooby doo movie deserved 15 sins on it's own.

  • Brian Hartman
    Brian Hartman

    "Presidential health advice." LOL. :)

  • Mica B
    Mica B

    Tug on my chew toy worked! But with painful results.

  • Reece Ford
    Reece Ford

    Wait this is the SECOND MOVIE???? I thought the Island one with Scrappy was the second movie!!! I’m so confused 😂

  • Kurtis Woods
    Kurtis Woods

    Interview with a vampire, Queen of the damned. R

  • T Lebron
    T Lebron

    11:48 Now if only the Tasmanian She-Devil appeared.

  • SonnyBoy

    CinemaSins: I like this movie Also CinemaSins: But you get 254 sins anyway

  • Gabriel Barrera Jorcin
    Gabriel Barrera Jorcin

    Netflix: are you still watching? someones daughter: 21:59

  • Pickles Dill
    Pickles Dill

    Shaggy: "Let's kick this investigation up to an 11" Also Shaggy: *holds up both hands then both pointer fingers*

  • Çât Êggs
    Çât Êggs

    Love it or hate it. Its one of the best movies ever created.

  • Because Why Not
    Because Why Not

    16:12 best line

  • picklepowernow


  • N E W T I N G Z!
    N E W T I N G Z!

    "let me know the failure rates in the comments below" im dead!!

  • VainBadge

    I told her to chug on my chew toy and now I’m a eunuch

  • Big Tanks
    Big Tanks

    Lol Gregs from diary of a wimpy kid mom is the news b****.

  • ProudCatOwner

    The first and this movie are still the best live action scooby doo movies

  • Chuck the yellow bird
    Chuck the yellow bird

    22:07 - 2:10 it's not your mother it's an man, baby

  • Ashley Roemer
    Ashley Roemer


  • Daphne :}
    Daphne :}

    My name is Daphne lmao .was named after Scooby Foo.

  • Nathan Platt
    Nathan Platt

    Presidential health advice 🤣

  • CogitoErgoCogitoSum


  • ds 4
    ds 4

    Big mistake trying to touch on a cinematic masterpiece and historic classic such as this. For shame

  • psypad


  • Hudson Steiner
    Hudson Steiner

    Another sin you could’ve stated was that Alicia Silverstone had a mask on the entire time but in Scooby Doo mystery Incorporated it said that Fred is a master trapper any mask and Wood know it’s fake

  • Techkid720

    That’s carnage and electro

  • james friel
    james friel

    As a kid i remember these movies and loved them. As an adult i remember Linda in these movies and loved them.

  • I am a Person
    I am a Person

    I acc watched this bc I I wanted to rewatch the movie and was blocking out the sin count

  • Operation FUBAR
    Operation FUBAR

    The biggest sin of all is the movie trying to make Velma straight.

  • ivyleague10

    Raja Gosnell actually directed Show Dogs, not Snow Dogs

  • Xeno Entertainment
    Xeno Entertainment

    That presidential health advice sin didn't age well, seeing as every country using hydroxychloroquine are recovering at 5 times the rate of everybody else. It's tested, and it's cheap: Therefore it's not profitable so the propaganda is that it's dangerous and doesn't work, big pharma brain washing yall

    • The_ Knife_Pie
      The_ Knife_Pie

      Which countries are using it?

  • DrakeDraggin'

    14:50 Seriously? They're protesting outside Mystery Inc's base because they were just told to bring them to the Masked Man in exchange for their lives.

  • Dominic Coppard
    Dominic Coppard

    Scrappy is scooby’s son and scooby can Talbot because well he’s an alien Nope not lying that is cannon

    • Dominic Coppard
      Dominic Coppard

      Demetrius Pratt no he was his son but is almost always Called his nephew For some reason

    • Demetrius Pratt
      Demetrius Pratt

      I thought he was his nephew???

  • Joker Kxng
    Joker Kxng

    I cold tell who the 2 bad guys were instantly but then I remember I've watched this 3 times.....

  • Alice Willoughby
    Alice Willoughby

    2:20 - Yuck!

  • Chris Nesbitt
    Chris Nesbitt

    There is NOTHING wrong with Scooby Doo 2...

  • Lavan Smith
    Lavan Smith

    I don't think I seen that movie all the way through

  • lithara

    Only thing I kind of like about these movies is how they made daphne bad ass instead of always getting rescued.

  • R Al
    R Al

    I take that back this has the most at 100

  • Francis

    This movie was fucking great. Fight me.

  • ScreamWoo

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this movie it is a cinematic masterpiece made by God himself

  • Gods Power is Too Powerful
    Gods Power is Too Powerful

    Is it just me or all the characters are grown human and they are still scared of masked people it’s so wierd right?!

  • Alice Jones
    Alice Jones

    The film was sinned for claims the most enjoyable version of Scooby-Doo iterations were those without the paranormal. The fact is that "Mystery Incorporated" was by far the superior iteration of the franchise. The series walks both the lines of mystery and paranormal. The sin removed as such was uncalled for. (Sidenote: Lillard is an amazing Shaggy so much so it is the ultimate sin of "Scoob" of his absence.)

  • Alida Leeann Spence
    Alida Leeann Spence

    Thought Velma was supposed to be fat?

  • Simon Armstrong
    Simon Armstrong

    No mention of shaggys tits?

  • Mikael Elmblad
    Mikael Elmblad

    You forgot Burger King product placement at uzload.info/fun/iIeDZ6iayaefyGg/video shame on you!

  • Claire

    Scooby in that disco outfit is a reverse furry

  • Kristen Hosmer
    Kristen Hosmer

    You know, if Velma hadn't EXPLICITLY said they never found Jocobo's body, I might have been convinced. In fact, let's rewrite the scene: Fred: You think Jocobo's behind this? Velma: Unlikely Cut to Jocobo's escape, during which he's shot out of the sky and crashes into the sea Shift back to Mystery Inc, where they're reading a prison report about this incident Shaggy: Man, that's like, the worst way to go Later at the unmasking, someone points out that Jocobo was supposed to be dead, THEN Velma says they never found the body

  • Princefan046

    This movie is one big FART lol #dead lol

  • Ajarmetta

    Avengers before avengers

  • Kane Draw’s!
    Kane Draw’s!

    Yeah just want to say i’ve lost all respect for cinema sins

  • dumb_teen_99

    Check out the channel mystery incorporated . They are making a live action r rated series of scooby doo . Looks great .very dark twist tho

  • TheGodshatter

    Scooby doo on zombie island is one of the least appealing? I think you've upset me bro. Like actually upset me.

  • TheGodshatter

    Out of all the scenes in this movie. The part where shaggy turns buff, which you obviously didn't like, hence skipping that entire part. I thought was hilarious. Just that part though. Him flexing in the mirror and making the faces lol. The only scene that made me laugh. Still does lol.

  • Yuden Official
    Yuden Official

    Fun Fact: The sins only dinged 5 TIMES when he gave 100 SINS. 0/10

  • DatTromboneGuy

    20:07 this movie has a cuss word in it. Granted, it's in German, but still... Dummkopf

  • SamuelandPaige Schuster
    SamuelandPaige Schuster

    16:09 actually it is scooby doo and shaggy that solves it all, they mess up the first trap but then capture the villian if not always on purpose.


    My wife asked to tug on my chew toy. I turned her down. We have too much sex. I need to get more of a life instead.

  • xd god
    xd god

    how dare you sin a movie that deserves no sins

  • Tactical Nonsense
    Tactical Nonsense

    When I was like 5, I was legitimately terrified of this movie, and thought these monsters were going to pop out of nowhere for a solid 18 months. Now, almost ten years later, I look back, cringe at how bad the cgi is, and wonder why I ever thought this was scary

  • Shelby Lucero
    Shelby Lucero

    I love this and spooky island! These movies are so awesome lol

  • Sai Praneet Raavi
    Sai Praneet Raavi

    0:51 the guy with dreads, is the red power ranger, S.P.D.

  • PanzerWolffe

    15:58 why is Velma using a flight computer we use in aviation to calculate the crosswind component? It makes no sense to what disc thing she is making.

  • Lil Sewell
    Lil Sewell

    When my daughter was little she asked me how they got Scooby to act in this movie. I told her Scooby snacks. She nodded approvingly and said "Of Course!" : ) She totally believed Scooby was real.

    • episodicmarie

      *So pure!!!!*

    • Webslinging Menace
      Webslinging Menace

      So. How heartbroken was she when she found out he wasnt.

    • Katie Doodles
      Katie Doodles

      That’s so cute!🥺

    • Mimsy


  • Dawn Totten
    Dawn Totten

    Haha 1% Success! But I got laughed at for it first.

  • Anton Hartman
    Anton Hartman

    I'm surprised they didn't talk about the mixing the potion to fix the problem, but it's just him mixing two potions over and over. Even the motions and possible air inclusion. It's still two potions.

  • Isaac Foss
    Isaac Foss

    I like this channel. Skip the political jokes.