Everything Wrong With Ad Astra In 14 Minutes Or Less
Ad Astra. This movie is not everyone's cup of tea. It has some really good stuff, but it's also overlong, over-narrated, and a little too heady. Oh, and the sins. Gobs of 'em.
Next week: '90s horror sins and '90s action sins.
No movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • VHS Tacos
    VHS Tacos

    Man, we loved this movie...but it is one hell of a downer.

  • Dave Mathew
    Dave Mathew

    You sinned the bumper car fall abt 5 mins in because "they survived this"? The moon has lower gravity so falls aren't as deadly.

  • Balugala plane
    Balugala plane

    We waited for years to get Ad Astra and it sucked.

  • Grabthar191

    Neptune eh? I was kind of surprised that you didn't add something from Event Horizon on there. :P

  • turbohusque


  • ludocrat

    One of the most disappointing movies I've ever watched. I was looking forward to the a couple of the Space Cowboys getting back together, but what I got was a perma-frown Brad Pitt and a load of baffling nonsense instead. Instantly forgettable. Some movies are just too awful for Cinema Sins. This should have been tagged "Everything Right with Ad Astra in 10 seconds or less". Would have saved time.

  • Joseph stalin
    Joseph stalin

    This movie was pretty boring

  • EJR914

    You nailed this giant time waste, it was awful

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Storm 69
    Storm 69

    I hated this movie.It isnt that its bad,but how slow it goes

  • Rich D
    Rich D

    When you don't have time to watch a movie but wants to know about it just watch cinema sins and if it looks good enough on here time to check it out. Thank you for helping finding good movies and making me laugh. Cinema Sins the best.

  • Dalton Hodge
    Dalton Hodge

    I’ve never fallen asleep at the movie theatre before but when I saw this in theatres I was OUT

  • Van The Man
    Van The Man

    I remember seeing this in theaters and visually it was great... but looking back I just remember vague shots of him floating around space, a fight on the moon, and Tommy Lee Jones telling him he left him and never loved him . Like I genuinely don’t remember the main storyline lmao

  • SteinOnkel

    I turned this movie off halfway through. On an airplane.

  • Petek121

    what was this movie anyway ?

  • LittleDragon The Gamer
    LittleDragon The Gamer

    Theres a UZload movie called Mario warfare you should do a video sin on that

  • The God Emperor
    The God Emperor

    14:21 that is not how you spell "Impostor"

  • Sophia Dominique
    Sophia Dominique

    This is literally "My dad left to get milk but never came back", but with space.

  • M B
    M B

    Checking into Cinema sins afterabout 12 months. Yep, still unwatchable.

  • Griffin Medved
    Griffin Medved

    "How tired do you think Jesus got of this?"

  • truth hurts
    truth hurts


  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot

    Boilermakers Nation wants you to remove the 23rd sin lol

  • andyjg13

    They just left Donald Sutherland hanging in emergency surgery.

  • Ignacio Fuentes
    Ignacio Fuentes

    When they are on the Moon and Mars...how is there gravity in the bases?

  • Bluthammer

    watched this movie cause i'm a big time sci fi fan. Realised its a shitty story that could have been told in any setting and the science fiction of it was a slap dash backwall that was poorly created. Hated this garbage

  • foureight84

    Did they de-age Brad Pitt's lips? There's a whole Justice League superman mustache thing going on.


    Boring shit

  • MattMann 2001
    MattMann 2001

    Tbh, the worst part about this film was the pace. It took 69 years to make a film that would take a human being 30 minutes long. +10000000000000000000000 sins

  • Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw

    This was the most disappointed in a movie I have been in years. And I love slow smart sci-fi. This should have been in my wheelhouse. Instead it was in my shithouse.

  • One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime
    One Batch Two Batch Penny and Dime

    When my dad left to avoid child support at least he stayed in the same country, tommy went all the way to Neptune to not pay child support

  • Guy Williams
    Guy Williams

    As much as you HATE bad cgi, how do you still buy SapceX!?!!?

  • Akira Kamisaru
    Akira Kamisaru

    Hey Look, It’s Braga!!!

  • Catharsis

    Ad Astra is everything Gravity wanted to be. It's also about 90 dB's quieter for the most part.

  • John Morrow
    John Morrow

    I hated this movie so much

  • Doctor Roboto
    Doctor Roboto

    Well, the space monkey scene does parallel Apocalypse Now... The chief of the boat cites regulations to make a detour to inspect another craft and everything goes tits up.

  • Mr. Hippopotamus
    Mr. Hippopotamus

    5:25 Hey, my magnetic kitchen timer

  • Crab b
    Crab b

    I actually really liked this movie

  • Shawn Noyes
    Shawn Noyes

    Was that a "Backdraft" reference in the audio out-takes? Love it! Keep up the good work. -Shawn

  • Ascension Industries
    Ascension Industries

    Pirates on the moon? In the near future?? Ha ha F--k off film.

  • JDeG 302
    JDeG 302

    I got half way through the movie, got confused and just stopped

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan

    Hey I go to Purdue what the hell? 😭

  • truongvinh nguyenduong TV
    truongvinh nguyenduong TV

    casting crowns

  • truongvinh nguyenduong TV
    truongvinh nguyenduong TV

    my mix

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Do Vavarium

  • Stark Parker
    Stark Parker

    Repo Man is without sin.

  • ImSteven

    I had a weird sense of anxiety after watching this movie and I still have no idea why

  • GamerFromJump

    Talking about moon commercialism as if having enough people going to the moon to make that viable isn’t _awesome,_ is *dumb.* _ding_

  • Nazael Rahl
    Nazael Rahl

    That Among Us outtake is my new oxygen :D

  • BostonMoose513

    Was expecting a "we're sailors on the moon, we carry a harpoon..." in the outtakes.

  • James The Wolf
    James The Wolf

    "FirstmanerStellarGraviContact" good one guys.

  • Robert McMillan
    Robert McMillan

    This movie was a massive disappointment

  • Cole Tanner
    Cole Tanner

    Plot Twist: His dad's ship never caused the power surges on earth and if Brad would have left him to die out there he wouldn't have killed ("I mean no harm") all those people along the way..slow space movies where people go mad crazy is so old.. directors need to start coming up with better movie plots for deep space movies

  • Hannah Mayr
    Hannah Mayr

    One of the worst movies I've ever had to sit through. No emotion, no suspense, no good science, no good characters, no nothing. Went with people from work and they all hated it and apologized for inviting me

  • IoEstasCedonta

    ...I'd actually forgotten until this video what a punchline Keanu Reeves' acting used to be. I guess the jokes stopped in the early tens when he wasn't doing much, and he worked too well as John Wick for them to really come back.

  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis

    Ad Astra could have been a 10 minute short film.

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller

    “Brad Pitt was not the Impostor” ...So who sabotaged the reactor and blew up the Lima Project, then?!? 🤔 Pitt sus.

  • Katlyn Brubaker
    Katlyn Brubaker

    The brad pitt was not an imposter killed me 😭

  • Matts Utube
    Matts Utube

    _Brad Pitt was not the imposter_ omg I'm SENT 😂

  • lostsoldier212

    I loved that this movies 1st ding'ed sin was Disney...lol...and that was all I liked about this stupid movie. Zzzzzzzz But...great video :)

  • вiтсн.тгттiэß

    Fun fact form a Latin speaker: the use of the title Ad Astra is incorrect The phrase Ad Astra is grammatically correct, but when using a phrase to identify something (ie a title), it changes to Ad Astrae, switching declensions and becoming plural and defining instead of stating. Just another interesting fun sin

  • Nick Wilcox
    Nick Wilcox

    Really? A sin for Purdue? +1 sin to Cinema Sins lol

  • ArmadilloZero

    "Brad Pitt was not the Imposter" killed me with laughter.

  • whynotcaptaincrunch

    I really liked this movie partly because of how blunt it was. I'd never even heard of "abandonment" in existential philosophy, but I knew that's what it was about from very early on. Tommy Lee Jones' mission is very explicitly about that, and obviously Brad Pitt's search for his father is a direct metaphor, but basically everything in the movie ties directly into that. Even the face-eating monkey.

  • Evan D.
    Evan D.

    dude i watched this with my ex who cheated on me thanks for tearing it apart:)

  • John Locke
    John Locke

    This film was beautiful to look at but absolutely nothing happened.

  • wolvesofdarkness27

    "brad pitt was not the imposter" LMAO

  • MrChickin Man
    MrChickin Man

    Someone: *breathes **ding*

  • Caleb Thomas
    Caleb Thomas

    You should do willy Wonka and the Charlie factory.

  • Leah Bouley
    Leah Bouley

    The box trolls needs to be reviewed cause it was the worst movie I have ever seen battlefield earth is better which is hard to do lol

  • Roystone Szweda
    Roystone Szweda

    Ad astra? Per ardua more likely!

  • I Wiggs
    I Wiggs

    This movie was an outrageous piece of shit.

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James

    missed opportunity to use a clip from the Twelve Monkeys.

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James

    Another movie I've never heard of.

  • M C
    M C

    Bruhhhh you really need to do the NEW American Pie MOVIE!!! I think it will break the a record!!!🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jack

    A Daniel Bryan reference, lovely.

  • Philip philip
    Philip philip

    More like everything wrong with every movie i have watched...

  • Gareth Murtagh
    Gareth Murtagh

    I’ve just seen this for the first time, beautifully filmed but it is so slow moving and so many pointless plot lines. As a bit of a space geek the bit that really annoyed me was when Roy used the metal panel to act as a shield when he went through Neptune’s ring. The particles in the ring will be travelling at orbital velocities so shouldn’t they have gone straight through the panel and into him? The Giotto probe that flew by Halley’s Comet had 2 Kevlar shields to protect it from the material coming off the comet, sensors detected dozens of them penetrating through the outer shield and eventually it was hit so hard that it lost contact with Earth. There was a really good movie in here trying to get out but it was badly executed

  • mason cashion
    mason cashion

    Literally half of the sins are just opinions and nit picks that don’t really matter. They are rarely actually bad filmmaking, logic flaws or other types of mistakes, it’s so annoying.

  • Steve LIU
    Steve LIU

    Damn it, 2020 can't get any worse UZload : Fucking deletes AnimationSins

  • Benjamin Barks
    Benjamin Barks

    I fucking love this movie man.

  • Jm_ Richert
    Jm_ Richert

    Transparent phones have already existed thank you...they didnt sell well and were stupid expensive

  • Sephiroth1204

    I was not expecting an Among Us reference at the end. Well played

  • Sarah W. Price
    Sarah W. Price

    Because of this channel, I’ll shout “SKIP!” when emotional exposition happens during television or film. And I TRULY appreciate that. Thank you. 💕

  • Jeremy Stubbs
    Jeremy Stubbs

    13:22 Me: *Cries*

  • Spice Light
    Spice Light

    You mentioned The Truman Show. You should totally do that movie.

  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li


  • Cole Brandt
    Cole Brandt

    @2:49 Sci-fi is the reason we have cool gadgets in this time. It's because people dared to dream. 007, Dick Tracy, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells...and more are all inspirational for what we take for granted now in 2020. They inspired people to go beyond and ask the universal question "Why not?" So sin for you for not thinking before speaking. You know not what the future holds for us

  • Flamebunny

    I’ve seen awful movies,none compare to this one. A bad movie will always be better than a boring one.

  • gueswho1968

    This video was better than Ad Astra

  • BeanHead

    Went to watch this with my dad, we literally both fell asleep. We went to theatres for this, and this video is the first time seeing the movie

  • Double D
    Double D

    You should do Pain & Gain

  • D Tell
    D Tell

    Please do everything wrong with goosebumps 2

  • Mark Knapp
    Mark Knapp

    The hell you have against Purdue?

  • Daniil Ivanov
    Daniil Ivanov

    Hi. So I’m not sure you will see this but if you do... I wanted to start my own UZload channel similar to yours where I take tv shows and say all the cringe parts. But it would be really similar to your channel so I was just wondering if it would be ok if I made the channel? Edit: oh no I just realized you have a channel TV sins too... well can I still?

  • Logan Narcomey
    Logan Narcomey

    Yeah it's really not necessary to go to Neptune to do SETI searches. Space is transparent in all relevant wavelengths. Also the doomsday thing with neutrinos or antimatter or whatever coming from Neptune was total nonsense. Presumably the surge came from the Lima station, and how does some ISS-type radio telescope station have Earth-life-destroying equipment on board? It's like saying you can turn your car radio into a nuclear bomb if you rewire it just right. You'd probably need to 100% explode Neptune, E = mc^2 style, to get any effect at all, and we'd probably still be mostly okay. Any surge or explosion happens in all directions, not a beam, so it would diminish in power from the source per the inverse square law. Neptune is about 30 times farther from the Sun than Earth, so anything powerful enough to destroy all surface life on Earth would be 900 times more powerful on Neptune...

  • Lynn Carpenter-Bennet
    Lynn Carpenter-Bennet

    I laughed at the earth gravity on the moon. Horrible movie. Another film that makes me believe that art films should be rated A for art so that the audience knows what it's getting into. I hate starting a film only to regret it 40 minutes in, once I realize that it's not going to be be cathartic.

  • steve mcrae
    steve mcrae

    do kickboxer:vengence

  • The Warpten Show
    The Warpten Show

    14:16 Hahahahahahahaah

  • James Joyce
    James Joyce

    "Hi, dad... it's me, Margaret." Damn it, you deserve field medal, for that one. You had me actual, real-world laughing.

  • Persondy - T
    Persondy - T

    New cinema sins extra long intro: one sin

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