Everything Wrong With Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Batman vs TMNT! Batman AND the teenage mutant ninja turtles?!?! Yes, this is a real movie, and yes, it has sins. So we counted them.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?

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  • James Scannell
    James Scannell


  • ninjameg

    DC: Batman vs. ninja turtles Marvel: Daredevil vs. teenage mutant ninja turtles Coming soon

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • James Calderwood
    James Calderwood

    Cinema sin u miss a sin for Alfred given Batman a Superman mug to drink out of.

  • Justin Deliwe
    Justin Deliwe

    2:29 Because its already obvious that every criminal is after the tech that's in Wayne Enterprises

  • soy yo
    soy yo

    This movie is perfect

  • Κωνσταντίνος Παπαεμμανουήλ
    Κωνσταντίνος Παπαεμμανουήλ

    "Michelangelo... press some buttons." = 50 sins off

  • Lemon aid Bill
    Lemon aid Bill

    Also I’m a asshole

  • Noahcredibleftw

    I disagree with you on everything cause this movie is gold and you just enjoy being a dick. Still good vid

  • nic sharp
    nic sharp

    Love Batmans Superman coffee cup

  • Enrique Longoria
    Enrique Longoria

    I like it. Would have removed a sin for the hilarity that was ivy being extremely powerful and scary looking but being unable to move or reach our protagonists

  • Kyla Sharma
    Kyla Sharma

    i was gonna watch this but then i was like wait i love this movie its amazingn and fuck someone elses opinion ya know XD

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran

    Poison Ivy plant form mutant definitely looks different kaiju of Biollante.

  • Ruination

    It was pretty obvious it was Damian Wayne even before he called him father.

  • Nobod y
    Nobod y

    I realy tought he would sin donnies "I realies you are not looking for constructive critisism right now.". Especialy after 7:13.

  • Sonicgott

    Missed opportunity to have Splinter fight Ra’s Al Ghul.

  • Plake Plays
    Plake Plays

    I literally had no clue this movie exists and now i wanna watch it

  • Young Sir Ren
    Young Sir Ren

    Obviously the Robin is Damian Wayne. That's not hard to deduce. Like AT ALL. He's the annoying, arrogant Robin that actually stayed Robin, also the others don't casually refer to Bruce as "Father." Also also, Damian is Robin in the publications at the time of this release. I really thought you guys were DC fans

  • Dan L.
    Dan L.

    Also plot of GI Joe:The Movie

  • VeteranRedBeard

    1 sin for penguin never turning into a penguin

  • VeteranRedBeard

    So...if manbat got the ooze...would he be a batmanbat? Or a manmanbat since hes already a bat? My head hurts.

  • marcell brollem
    marcell brollem

    please add 10,000 more sins just because😑

  • Terminator 156
    Terminator 156

    I wish Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin were in this movie.

  • Terminator 156
    Terminator 156

    You know what I like is that in this movie the turtles are from the same reality unlike in the comics and they weren’t dying.

  • Enterprise1701J

    Y'all made me look something up. Entertainment and learning! *ding*

  • DJ Beatz I.L.
    DJ Beatz I.L.

    Oh now you gone too far

  • Omar Mo
    Omar Mo

    Everything wrong whith this movie. I HAVE DREAMS ABOUT CHAINSAWS. Tf is wrong this window likker 🤣

  • Buddah Theepoet
    Buddah Theepoet

    11:00 missed opportunity to call Raphael racist.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness

    Did you make sure to say Nightwing three times because of last time?

  • Douglas Kurtz
    Douglas Kurtz

    I just...don't like the animation...

  • Andrew W.C.
    Andrew W.C.

    Because any person trained in hand to hand combat who avoids blows is a detective. Just like the famous private eye Floyd Mayweather. Or the private detective Tyson Fury. Or the greatest fight-detective ever, James Toney. Seriously, have you seen some of his career highlights? He was incredible in his younger days. As a defensive fighter, I mean.

  • C Wiskus
    C Wiskus

    The ooze mutates off of what was last touched animal wise. So the turtles touched the owner last before being effected. So all of those mutants in the asylum should have been some major sins

  • Guillermo z
    Guillermo z

    Best movie ever! Don’t @ me 🦇 🐢

  • Pazuzu Deamon
    Pazuzu Deamon

    cinema the oozie works by using animal dna that is near said person to mutant them. Scarecrow had some crow feather that is part of his costume. That why he be came a crow.

  • - TheFantasyFox -
    - TheFantasyFox -

    Wait, WHAT?! This is a movie? I have one question... WHY?!

    • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
      Why Do I Even Look At The Comments


  • EpicEvan74

    Damn I actually saw this a week before this video came out Coincidence?

  • Frem Day
    Frem Day

    When yo said the plot sound familiar. I was think of the xman movie. Magneto use rouge to power up his machine to turn everyone into mutants.

  • The Fandom Philanthropist :D
    The Fandom Philanthropist :D

    I thought this movie was pretty awesome ngl. Not like action-packed awesome, more like "things I grew up with came together in a movie that's actually good???? What???" Kind of awesome

  • MrMrToYouThough

    Why is this a thing

  • Calvin Glenning
    Calvin Glenning

    batman: ...but I have a utility belt me: oh I'm sorry, I thought I was watching batman.

  • ItsBella’s World
    ItsBella’s World

    Let’s win the fact this movie exists

  • Marcella VA
    Marcella VA

    The whole, mutating from human to an animal how does that make sense, let’s not forget master splinter was a human who mutated into a rat because it was the *last* animal that came into contact with him, so for scarecrow it’s likely from the crow that last perched on him and so on

  • TheRedGameboy

    The studio name says DC, not DC Comics.

  • PyrozPlayground

    Nice "American Ninja" callback at 8:45! lol

  • Tim Woods
    Tim Woods

    Had to pause and laugh at the "Oh, I get it, Batman is stupid in this," line. Thank you for the liver and special T-cell growth! You are truly a cure for cancer.

  • Every Movie Hero
    Every Movie Hero

    Fun fact, Batman has now encountered the ninja turtles, who have had adventures with the power rangers, so where the fuck was Superman when Angel Grove got attacked every week

  • The 80's Slasher Librarian
    The 80's Slasher Librarian

    i love all these CynicalSins videos :) i mean cinemasins :) seriously love it :)

  • Quocalimar Anon
    Quocalimar Anon

    12:40 nope. Not confusing at all. Damien Wayne, son of Batman is the best and only Robin that matters. The rest are literally just filler characters to make Batman more human

    • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
      Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

      @Quocalimar Anon So you've read 0 comics? Okay.

    • Quocalimar Anon
      Quocalimar Anon

      @Why Do I Even Look At The Comments I'm not saying it, because I just said it. Damian Wayne is the only Robin that matters.

    • Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
      Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

      Are you saying Damian (correct spelling by the way) is the only important robin

  • Big Mo
    Big Mo

    Why are all the animated Dc Batman & Superman are great & the Live Action stuff stunk 😡😡😡😡😡

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    9:28 A missed "College girlfriend joke"

  • KapitalKTV

    This happened?

  • JohnIsAnnoying

    im just here to watch the mini movie lmao

  • Nathaniel Wildstone
    Nathaniel Wildstone

    Sometimes, when I’m vaguely curious about a movie but don’t want to waste the time to watch it...CinemaSins!

  • Nathaniel Wildstone
    Nathaniel Wildstone

    Jeff Goldblum impersonation. Nice reference to The Fly!

  • LodanSD

    No mention of Jeff Goldblum voicing a Fly?

  • Milk man
    Milk man

    Batman: exists Creator of this movie: *yo wanna go see some turtles?*

  • Dry toad Gaming
    Dry toad Gaming

    It's Damien Wayne

  • chara dreemurr
    chara dreemurr

    I didn’t even know this existed edit: the movie I mean

  • Pokemon Master
    Pokemon Master

    Correction. 25 boxes of pizza.

  • ThreatLevelGod2

    Don’t like the movie don’t watch it

  • Awesome Explosion999
    Awesome Explosion999

    This has the right amount of veiws

  • Shua Leaver
    Shua Leaver

    Fear and loathing in Las Vegas!!!!!

  • the red parrot and doggo
    the red parrot and doggo

    Wait this was a movie???????

  • Cemre Bayraktar
    Cemre Bayraktar

    Why!! Why Dc is sin?!

  • Gabi Garzon
    Gabi Garzon

    Don’t get me wrong, the voice actor for this Shredder is good, but I like Kevin Michael Richardson better

  • Kyraptor

    Batman the best fighter ever can't beat shredder but beats the 4 heroes who beat him regularly without effort

  • ErebosGR

    9:10 "ancient Ninja moves"? WTF The ninja weren't ancient. Their training wasn't standardized until the 15th century. _ding_

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris

    Thank you SO much for the Fantasy Footballers stinger in the outtakes! It was crazy hearing Andy Holloway talking about water bets LOL!

  • Pei K
    Pei K

    LOL "also known as 2020" nice social commentary man

  • alienbob21

    Cannot believe you didn't either Sin or Remove a Sin for Mikey falling up the stairs. Its a hilarious scene. Everyone is jumping and being all nimble and he literally faceplants. Cmon Cinemasin Guy

  • Araxie Rose
    Araxie Rose

    This movie looks as dumb as a raincoat made out of Swiss cheese, but dammit if it didn't entertain me more than any DC animated movie probably ever will.

  • Mikey LaFave
    Mikey LaFave

    Tmnt was my childhood. I had fun watching this

  • Mikey LaFave
    Mikey LaFave

    The movie did exactly what it was supposed to.

  • Sunken Drinker
    Sunken Drinker

    I've never seen or heard of this, and I'm glad.

  • Luka Kamberović
    Luka Kamberović

    Wait what about nick

  • john torouzokth
    john torouzokth

    Shoulda joker be a hyena or a honey badger Or a fox

  • RamboCreativity

    12:04 Hehehehehehe

  • Buuam

    But he called him father because he's his father? That Robin is Damien Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son? Or am i missing something?

  • Cosmic Chicken
    Cosmic Chicken

    Um isn't Ivey already a plant human hybrid?

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    You manipulated the scene where Batman administers scarecrow's fear toxin antidote. He only just then gave it to Leonardo after he was subdued. He was attacking Batman under the toxins effects, in order to give it to him Leo needed to stop moving and fighting. We watch the movie too, cinemasins.

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    Those "comeos" you Sinned are in fact not cameos. They are character introductions, and these characters actual contribute to the plot.

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    5:25 what pronouns are being used in this scene. Partner is either a person or group that take part in doing something. It is not a pronoun people have to describe themselves, it is a relationship status. Do you just say shit and think no one knows what it means?

  • Diego Brando
    Diego Brando

    Did you just give this movie a sin because of the DC logo? How is that something wrong with the film? Are your writers so lazy they can't come up with actual criticism so they just have you point out what ever is happening on screen and add the ding sound all while making unfunny jokes and going off on completely unrelated shit?

  • 4 Man Army
    4 Man Army

    4:24 Really ironic coming from YOU. Who doesn't pay attention to any movies you sin, then later, if they bring something up you say "Where did that come from, that wasn't explained at all!"

  • VinnyS914

    Repeated one scene. That's a a sin

  • Jan Luus
    Jan Luus

    I am questioning who made this monstrosity and why they thought they would get a lot of money. This is literally the definition of if we smashed a potato together with a watermelon and put them in the oven and after that we deep fry it and throw it in the ocean...

  • maxturbo45

    "ugh, that's weird and *ad"

  • TheNightAngels95

    12:04 Harley Quinn isn't a dog, she is a hyena, so it would be snake on hyena action which would be more messed up than most people would understand

  • FA QUU!
    FA QUU!

    House of 1000 corpses, devils rejects & 3 from hell!!!!!!

  • Tom And Dan Do Stuff
    Tom And Dan Do Stuff

    9:50 what is that grappling hook hang on on from? DING

  • Mimi Floyd
    Mimi Floyd

    The way he said "but why" cracked me up. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    When I saw the title I almost spit my soda

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    And then like two sin later, you incorporate fan service into another sin?!?! What the honest hell man?!

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    You are sinning this movie repeatedly for being fan service, which is almost certainly the entire reason why it was made?!

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    Re ooze. The turtle started out as turtles and they mutated into humanish. the humans start out as humans and they mutate into animal-ish. Makes perfect sense

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    The asylum is a maze so the criminals cannot get out

    • Brandon Newby
      Brandon Newby

      @Ansel Ravenhart huh. Good point

    • Ansel Ravenhart
      Ansel Ravenhart

      But they always do anyway, why not at least make it easier for emergency responders?

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    They're doing the same moon at the same time, as opposed to not getting their own moons like you just said, so what exactly is the point of that sin?

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    BECAUSE HE'S F***** FAMOUS FOR BRING A F***** DETECTECTIVE!!!! Man. I got to just stop watching this video...

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    Taser on the batmobile seemed rather helpful when it did exactly what it was supposed to do... Why all these crazy sins ? Were you angry drunk while doing this one? Bad break up or something?

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby

    Okay. Honestly I'm only at the multicolored umbrellas, and between those and the multi-tv storefronted scene, plus I'm sure some of the other sins I'm about to see, this movie was made for people who enjoyed these characters back then. All these callbacks to the characters and history we grew up with and you keep sinning them, and by extension us, for it. Booooo