Everything Wrong with The Secret Life of Pets 2 in BARK BARK BARK Minutes
What would happen if you took three separate TV episodes, a good animation department, an established franchise, and tried to make a movie with it? THIS! We counted the sins of Secret Life of Pets 2 so you wouldn't have to.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Curtis Whitehead Jr
    Curtis Whitehead Jr

    2:23. How bout 5 Sins for the obviously crackhead NYC pigeons?

  • xZempusx

    Found out a few years ago that secret life of pets means SLOP for short. So it means the animators want kids to call their films slop secretly +9 sins

  • Liam Mccormack
    Liam Mccormack

    Hey us New Yorkers are not a f*ucked up lot you asshole

  • SOUTHWEST 7138
    SOUTHWEST 7138

    I would rather see the first one im saying i hate TSLP

  • Joshua Gherlone
    Joshua Gherlone

    So I feel it necessary to mention that, while the visual art style is very similar, if you can't tell that this one's not Zootopia regardless of what scene it is, that's on you.

  • Anonymous Heart
    Anonymous Heart

    I'm surprised he didnt say "G-force" at 3:46 , that caught me of guard

  • Emmanuel Cooper
    Emmanuel Cooper

    Missionary I think you mean doggystyle😂

  • Yahikkox

    i really hate everything this movie is and stands for, but... god damn that tiger was fucking cute


    I love the silent sins

  • hey there
    hey there

    You clearly have it wrong. It's not BARK BARK BARK minutes, it's BARK² minutes. Stop teaching kids nonsense

  • Shumatsu Chan
    Shumatsu Chan

    One of those movies that make you go: *"since when was there a two?"*

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf

    I swear that kid looks like one of the girls from Dispicable Me. Maybe this is just a prequel, from before she becomes an orphan in a freak dog-walking accident.

  • Grant Bailey
    Grant Bailey

    Forgot to sin the bee doe minion at 3:03

  • Ari_Chxn

    You forgot a sin: Snowball's super hero costume logo looks like Samus' (or something like that) logo

  • Oscar J. Madrigal / Skewered Glaive
    Oscar J. Madrigal / Skewered Glaive

    3:46 Over the Hedge is more sophisticated than this snoozefest of a movie.

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    13:44 PETA? Dude, they're terrible. They're literally a terrorist organization, by law. Go for the ASPCA if you're concerned about the wellbeing of animals.

  • Sweet Potato
    Sweet Potato

    Black puppy is favorite character

  • Animus WOF Gurls
    Animus WOF Gurls

    The real sin is that this is one of those franchises where the sequel removes all the energy from the first and replaced it with better energy.

  • Brayden Phillipp
    Brayden Phillipp

    When Max was saying that he doesn’t like children: Wayne Williams would be proud

  • justanonion

    i hate how big movies make the moon bitch u all about to die

  • Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre
    Catalina & Max Cisternas Jofre

    0:09 *_Universal Studios is owned by Comcast NBCUniversal._*

  • Whitefang 73005
    Whitefang 73005

    all i can think about is Tuca and Bertie since one of the dogs has Tuca's actoress...

  • Mr. Pug Master
    Mr. Pug Master

    At 3:05 there’s a minion toy next to the photo

  • Bambina Saldana
    Bambina Saldana

    Liam probably understands the dogs. He literally learned to walk because of them. He pees like a dog,et cetera,et cetera.

  • *JÃÂZ* Jazir
    *JÃÂZ* Jazir

    Oo shut the fuck up guy's this is a movie for kid's and they enjoy it It's not avengers

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person

    Is no one talking about the fact that a cat is in the "puppy school?"

  • Sleepy Carousel
    Sleepy Carousel

    I love Donnie darko

  • Gonzo Mike but also Maul
    Gonzo Mike but also Maul


  • Sniffles Explains
    Sniffles Explains

    Comcast: breathes CinemaSins: *haha sin goes tiiiiing!*

  • Temmie Gaming
    Temmie Gaming

    Is It Just me Or It Don’t Have Errors?

  • PotatoSaladFace

    15:25 I wish the pigeons pecked that kid...

  • PotatoSaladFace

    15:23 Aaaaand Katie is still so dumb that she'll let her kid wander into the moving traffic, and the father is incredibly dumb *ALSO?*

  • PotatoSaladFace

    7:21 Also, the tiger could be going to a zoo or someone's home. How do they know it was also going to be treated miserably? The senders could just be evil, not the receivers.

  • PotatoSaladFace

    1:51 They tried to make that baby cute, but it's annoying, it's ugly, and i wish Max would throw a cactus at it's head.

  • Alexis Tangman
    Alexis Tangman

    3:12 BAHAHA you got me with that one

  • Squrriel Studios!
    Squrriel Studios!

    12:59 the best part ever

  • Summer E.
    Summer E.

    Who else totally forgot this movie existed? Just me? It can't just be me

  • Grug The pirate caveman
    Grug The pirate caveman

    Extra sin: at 3:04 if you look closely there is a minion

  • FlameWolf

    13:40 If PETA were there that ma would be dead and in like 1 week Daisy would be dead

  • Handle On The Fridge
    Handle On The Fridge

    I love how Katie married the only fat guy in the entirety of this movie

  • Dank Tr00per
    Dank Tr00per

    ima simple person, i laugh when someone says shitzu

  • Dank Tr00per
    Dank Tr00per

    "prepare to get plowed" doesn't remind me of snow

  • Scp_Guard

    Illumination is typing...

  • mulchtp

    So nobody is going to question why a cat is in a puppy school or the fact that there is a spandex superhero costume made for rabbits

  • William tracy
    William tracy

    He forgot roger rabbitt

  • Dontage 518
    Dontage 518

    Someone else should cinema sin a cinema bad vid for all the bad puns and jokes he successfully uses in his vids

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire

    I would like a sin off for when rooster says "your cured hallelujah" out of this entire movie full of shitty comedy (literally) this is the only part that made me laugh

  • DJI Mini Mavic Vatne
    DJI Mini Mavic Vatne

    Cinemasins: 62 sins beror title card

  • Kiara Walker
    Kiara Walker

    50 sins 50 sins 😳 you should of put 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sins

  • Kiara Walker
    Kiara Walker

    Bark bark bark

  • Peter Diogo
    Peter Diogo

    4:08 another sin they included the music from Gru's flashback in despicable me 1 in the vet waiting area

  • Shadow the YouTuber
    Shadow the YouTuber

    Despite its flaws, I really like this movie. I think it's a really good sequel cuz it has more interesting shit and even character development!

  • X2

    Cat in puppy school

  • Homie Mimikyu
    Homie Mimikyu

    when i watched this in cinema it genuinely felt like only 20 minutes long not a fucking hour and 26 minutes

  • Zebra

    All that moon needs now is a scary face and it’s majoras moon from zelda

  • yaacovyoung

    Um actually, a ewe is a female sheep, not a lamb, *Ding*

  • João Henrique Pereira Willmersdorf
    João Henrique Pereira Willmersdorf

    You know something's wrong when it's not even halfway into the movie and it already has more than 100 sins

  • Sebastián Pedroza de Santos
    Sebastián Pedroza de Santos

    Damn, this isn't a Michael Bay movie, but with roughly two and a half minutes of the video we have 60 sins on the counter. Somebody tell me if he has broken this record, before or after this video.

  • Steel Warrior
    Steel Warrior

    Who else wants to talk about the fricking bird in the cat car like what

  • Kingbob Gaming
    Kingbob Gaming

    Ah That 357 Revolver Is REALLY Intimidating Man. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) **Smiles With Fat Mac Rifle**

  • Wooley Entertainment
    Wooley Entertainment

    Another missed apple sin missed.

  • 9keykey

    @2:35-2:38 continuity sin for the leashes disappearing.

  • MrManowar6

    Both this movie and the previous one are portraying FUCKING New York City as lovely, bright and colorful, when in reality it's none of those things

  • kit kat
    kit kat

    you missed the fact that there was a CAT in puppy school

  • Doubutsu No Sekai
    Doubutsu No Sekai

    4:43 TF!?

  • TheEnderBoy1224 ,
    TheEnderBoy1224 ,

    He forgot that there was a kitten there

  • Ansis Prikuliz
    Ansis Prikuliz

    This video is BARK BARK BARK minutes long and if you do not beleve me look in title

  • RubberDuck

    I gotta admit, I was a little surprised when one of the characters cussed

  • Eli Stettner
    Eli Stettner

    I don’t like this movie because unlike the first one, it had no reckoning with loss and death.

  • Spencer Bacon
    Spencer Bacon

    I'm giving this video 2 sins for not acknowledging that one of the three plot threads in this movie is based off of a "Best in Show" reference.

  • Drew Ambrosia
    Drew Ambrosia

    “And everybody loves Bill Hader”

  • Master Madness
    Master Madness

    Am I an a-hole for liking this franchise more then despicable me?

  • Shereen Meiring
    Shereen Meiring

    I didn't even know that their is a second movie!!

  • Frandy Felix
    Frandy Felix

    Did you know if the grandma died in the cat doesn't have food? The cat Will eat her.

  • Joedon RamJoe
    Joedon RamJoe

    I fucking hate this movie

  • Gaming Jello
    Gaming Jello

    YES I ADDED HEALTH BARS TO MY SCRATCCH GAME this has nothing to do with the video i had a hard time adding health bars ya ok.

  • Jose Valle
    Jose Valle

    why does chloe need to wear a cat hat if she is already a cat

  • LPS Milkshake
    LPS Milkshake

    I can’t be the only one who thought the rabbit said “ there’s assholes in this tree”😂

  • Gabriel King
    Gabriel King

  • Daniel Cullen
    Daniel Cullen

    Hi guy

  • Daniel Cullen
    Daniel Cullen


    • Daniel Cullen
      Daniel Cullen

      Hi Daniel Cullen

  • Tommy MacWommy
    Tommy MacWommy

    That peta joke hasn’t aged well if you asked me

  • Court Wright
    Court Wright

    There's Apple's in this tree f******

  • Court Wright
    Court Wright

    F****** dogs

  • Tyler Gunderson
    Tyler Gunderson

    Just another formulaic animation made to sell dolls.

  • Emily Daniel
    Emily Daniel

    Am I the only one who noticed the way that the pug looked at Gidget when she was spinning around dressed up like a cat because it gave me some very weird vibes

  • Lady Onikara
    Lady Onikara

    That.... is the cutest tiger I have ever seen in my life.

  • Deadpool

    2:28 I don’t think Jeremy has ever written a truer sin. And he’s said himself that kids give him panic attacks.

  • -SugarHoneyIceTea -
    -SugarHoneyIceTea -

    Ok, but 3:47. Definitely Nut Job. Couldnt be Over the Hedge since they are all woodland critters and they would n o t know what this mini car thing is.


    The brown and white dog sounds like Jesse in Minecraft:story mode

    • Jacob Funk
      Jacob Funk

      Cuz it's the same voice actor

  • Jake R
    Jake R

    I swear to God his catchphrase is "How in the everlasting f*CK?"

  • Animus WOF Gurls
    Animus WOF Gurls

    As excited I am to watch this, I do feel like the movie doesn’t deserve any sin other than the fact I watch this every flipping weekend just to drive my little sister crazy. Also: you _did_ miss one- 2:23 Most of the birds are facing Max. So why do ALL of them fly away the moment a random kid comes in? I know the kid yells, but on a busy city street, it would be hard to hear.

  • Jump-Sake Rabbit
    Jump-Sake Rabbit

    14:02 Can we sin the fact the cat is disguised as a cat? Bottom left.

  • Robert Hosford
    Robert Hosford

    Remember how in the first movie Snowball beat up two fully grown experienced animal control officers on his own? Remember how he was a force too be reckoned with that everyone was afraid of? Now explain to me how I'm supposed believe this is the same character

  • David Davis
    David Davis

    you forgot a sin its made by illumination a compny known for making soules cash grabs

  • Ketchup

    I honestly forgot this was the sequel have way through

  • Coda Berkman
    Coda Berkman

    You didn’t sin “PANDA!”

  • Yeet Nation420
    Yeet Nation420

    Call me kidcist but all these kids look the same in this movie

  • X

    6:22 no... just no... lol

  • lando playz
    lando playz


968 ming