Everything Wrong With Corpse Bride In 14 Minutes Or Less
Corpse Bride is a Tim Burton stop-motion animation film that tries to recaptures the magic of The Nightmare before Christmas. It doesn't really succeed. There are charming moments, but LOTS of sins.
Thursday: Space sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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  • Nova

    There is nothing-

  • Orchid Day
    Orchid Day

    32 sins in and he hasn't even gotten to the bride

  • Hana


  • Kaynaydia Williams
    Kaynaydia Williams

    8:42 is the exact reason i started having panic attacks as a kid because i became aware of mortality and also that i could die anywhere at any time and noone would find my body. This lead to me developing a panic disorder and everything has been down hill from there

  • alldayagain

    Damn, he didn't show the mother-in-law's face

  • Zoeee


  • Nicole Sarmiento
    Nicole Sarmiento

    I'm shook that Cinema sins didn't add the adult joke when Victor was practicing his vows. He once said "with this cup I'll--oh goodness no"

  • Fork Foe
    Fork Foe


  • Frosty

    CS: compliments movie Ding*

  • Frosty

    I hate the concept of purposely ugly characters

  • 4 VAMP
    4 VAMP

    "14 minutes or less" 15:26

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    I'm suprised this is the first time I've ever heard about this...

  • Brave Pigster
    Brave Pigster

    10:36 notice that this little tune plays frequently throughout the whole movie? It gets stuck in your head like you wouldn’t believe.

  • Jessica Marie Baumgartner
    Jessica Marie Baumgartner

    Love this movie too much! The end makes me cry no matter what anyone says haha

  • firephoenix019 hi
    firephoenix019 hi

    He's just roasting the movie but its funny

  • Joe Vitale
    Joe Vitale

    9:48 is so true!😂😂😂

  • Kenya Pryor
    Kenya Pryor

    Best movie possibly top 5 ever. But let's see 👀 Her spirit can rest so she's butterflies now

  • Abigil Lenhard
    Abigil Lenhard

    7:28 - I totally thought it was Victoria that said "What a f*cker" I love how there's not JUST ONE But TWO Princess Bride quotes in here

  • Created Figure
    Created Figure

    One of my favorite movies

  • Mackenzie Boykin
    Mackenzie Boykin

    ahhh i see you’re a binging with babish fan...

  • Solace Huntsman Studios
    Solace Huntsman Studios

    Is no one going to talk about how the overworld is bleak, grey, lacking in any life, meanwhile the literal dead people in the underworld are full of life, their world is colorful, vibrant, energetic? It's genius to incorporate those ironic opposites into this.

    • Liberty Phillips
      Liberty Phillips

      I’ve always noticed this! But I think it may just be satirical

  • zero_theVisibleGhost

    Everything wrong w his commentary: 11:16, venomous* not poisonous 😂 got em Also, at the beginning when he puts the ring on her finger, he puts it on her pointer finger but for the rest of the film it’s on her ringer finger. But then again she can move her bones, maybe that happened.

  • Candy Kitty 664
    Candy Kitty 664

    Yes I've been waiting for this. I love this movie

  • Heather Josefina
    Heather Josefina

    It’s different bc she wasn’t just in the underworld but in limbo and she was set free bc Barkis is now dead

  • faithlovesyou

    Can you please do High School Musical

  • Warhawk 1943
    Warhawk 1943

    Why is everything grey

  • Loki

    In that era and country? They could have been uncle and niece and people wouldn't have batted an eye tbh

  • chadcattitay


  • Diggs

    Man Victoria’s dad really looks like Don Rickles

  • Alliyah Lawson
    Alliyah Lawson

    "Awwwwwwewwwww" Honestly relatable tho😂

  • Ramen Noodles
    Ramen Noodles

    I have waited a long time for this.

  • jayitee

    it’s been like 6 years and then some emos came across it and now everyone likes the movie

  • wet rat
    wet rat

    victor agreed to marry emily and die bc he didn’t wanna live after finding out victoria married someone else & prob also decided to at least make emily happy since he won’t be marrying victoria

  • GobbleTheEski

    says its a black widow and that the marking is its back so it's not a black widow its the Australian version which is a red back which is a close relative but the markings are on the back rather than the underside

  • Ian Krubel
    Ian Krubel

    How did they not remove a sin for the funky skeleton origin song

  • Sunny Girl
    Sunny Girl

    🤔Is there anything wrong with Beetlejuice?

  • Cameron Kobe
    Cameron Kobe

    "Dreams are for third sisters, as deadly diseases are for fourth sisters." What's this referencing? As someone who grew up on Little Women, I feel like it should definitely be the other way around.

  • Megan Z
    Megan Z

    Watching this while I was very young had no clue to why she turned into butterflies at the end of the move...thought it was just a classic Burton thing to do, but clearly it’s a beautiful metaphor. Yes, By turning into butterflies, her soul is free and goes to heaven. She always dreamed of being a bride, and Victor gave her that experience, to walk down the isle and say their vows. But she learned that it was wrong to kill Victor, knowing she would be taking him away from Victoria. Learning that her life and chance of being married was taken away from her forever, she would have never dreamed to take someone else’s away. Therefor, to let Victor live, and for he and Victoria to be wed, Emily could then finally be able to Rest In Peace. I as well think if Emily and Victor did overall get married, Emily still would have found peace, because her dream of getting married was her unfinished business (ghost or not)

  • little wolf _1794
    little wolf _1794


  • JJ Salty
    JJ Salty

    This it self is a sin ITS 15 MINUTES LONG

  • Stephanie Biddulph
    Stephanie Biddulph

    "How come some are skeletons and some have blue skin?" ... That's called decay, dude. 🤦‍♀️ If you bury Grandpa 10 years ago, then bury Grandma 1 year ago-- the decay will be much further along on one than the other.

  • Eliot Bee Andrews
    Eliot Bee Andrews

    I love this movie with every fiber of my being, and it has a sweet ending, but Emily is so much better then Victoria. Victor didn’t deserve her

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha

    “Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are in a movie together directed by Tim Burton cliche” AND composed by Danny Elfman 😄. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Sweenie Todd, this movie, etc 😁.

  • Ashamatronic How
    Ashamatronic How

    Ok, I agree with and get a lot of the sins in this video, however I just can’t ignore the sin saying Danny Elfman should be ashamed as a song writer. I’m not saying that all his works are perfect and he can’t make mistakes but the first lines of remains of the day make sense with the context of the world that it was written about. The lyrics are “gimme a listen you corpses of cheer, at least those of you who still got an ear..” while he makes a good point about skeletons not having ears, he’s not thinking of the other corpses in the room that haven’t completely decayed yet. When Mayhue the carriage driver for Victor’s family dies he still has ears, this is further supported by the fact that characters like Miss Plum and the other chefs aren’t completely skeletons and still have cartilage body parts attached to their bodies. This relates to his other sin about the corpses having blue skin and Emily being a mix of both, it’s just how corpses decay in this world.

  • PsychoLucario

    you should have sinned them for the 80 shades of grey in this movie. Nightmare Before Christmas AND Coraline have done magical otherworlds from claymation and or death with more color so just making everything dark and colorless is a choice not a limitation

  • Jennifer Palfery-Smith
    Jennifer Palfery-Smith

    My only question is how did the whole town know who Emily was when she had vowed to stay where she was killed until she found true love?

  • Fiercefox 444
    Fiercefox 444

    4:11 But... It doesn’t say skeletons, it says corpses

  • Mini Feebas
    Mini Feebas

    about the music thing: it actually depends on the era. And piano was as far as i know always off limits, due to being too "complicated" for a lady

  • Xray_Plays

    Here is a way to ruin this movie there is a disorder which is the elongation of the chin and this is the cause of many generations of incest so ??

  • Autumn Dye
    Autumn Dye

    I feel alot of these sins can be explained upon closer inspection and for that I give this video a sin.

  • Justin Lahaie
    Justin Lahaie

    any movie with logos: cinema sins: you picked the wrong house

  • R.a.t.t.y

    You clearly do not understand destitution (8:18) The definition of destitution is being down to your last butler.

  • adee ha
    adee ha

    Someones sour about marriage...😳

  • Leah

    Victor had more of a relationship with Emily than Victoria.

  • Sanai Broxton
    Sanai Broxton

    I think she evaporated into butterflies because she found peace with her death, not because she did "one good deed" lol

  • David Newhart
    David Newhart

    This is my favorite Tim Burton movie.

  • •Beldum •
    •Beldum •

    I can just imagine this dude talking to someone then making a video: *Everything wrong with this conversation* I would want a country called: *Wrong* I'm pretty sure the national language would be: *Sin*

  • Tai Perez
    Tai Perez

    Idk man if I saw Emily dead or not I would totally wifey her

  • Ed Bartlett
    Ed Bartlett

    this movie is depressing because of the lighting

  • H Solley
    H Solley

    They’re most likely modeled after a red back spider. They live mostly in Australia and are related to black widows.

  • Catt Johnson
    Catt Johnson

    What I never got was why he chose Victoria. He clearly had more in common and more enjoyment with Emily and basically forgot about Victoria when he realised that

  • Its Facilierr
    Its Facilierr

    "This antagonist doesn't seem like a "Show before you go" kind of guy." Meanwhile, earlier when referring to the same character: "Pride!" Where's Birdman when you need him?

  • Scott King
    Scott King

    Now for a certain man bird to sin the sinner...

  • zachary Donegan
    zachary Donegan

    Sorry man but I have to dislike this is just a classic from my childhood and this movie is just perfect

  • MetalSayin Jaymz
    MetalSayin Jaymz

    8:07 ha 69

  • Folish Owl
    Folish Owl

    7:00 it depends on the black widow specie

  • Clare Doherty
    Clare Doherty

    It wasn’t pool it was snooker

  • Janus Sanders
    Janus Sanders

    It's not in 14 minutes or less

  • Martial Larchez
    Martial Larchez

    Everything Wrong with Cinemacins: SINNING THIS MOVIE!

  • W.G. Forever
    W.G. Forever


  • Lillian Cutts
    Lillian Cutts

    Tim Burton response with what the hell is sense

  • Ruby Brown
    Ruby Brown

    long vid to say there’s “nothing wrong with this movie at all”

  • sehno

    Just a Theory, but if you ever watched the movie Frankieweenie, the one about the dog, The young boy, owner of the dog, was also named Victor. Also it might be a coincidence but they also have the same animation style, so the theory is that Corpus Bride is a sequel for Frankieweenie and it shows Victor older. Also, Victor interacted with the dead in Frankieweenie, so it could be the cause he has a "Corpse Bride". PS: I have never watched the movie Corpus Bride, so correct me if I'm wrong.

  • ML

    Could we get a sin for every character being to ugly?

  • Corbin Owens
    Corbin Owens

    amen to Foley!!

  • Ayesha Ahmad
    Ayesha Ahmad

    As much as I agree w almost everything you said, I excited to see th3birdmans review on this lol

  • Kevin Thorns
    Kevin Thorns

    Maybe the reason why Victoria was told that a women shouldnt play the piano was due to a theory that Emily is her older sister she didn’t know she had and that’s y Emily plays the piano and also why the parents are poor because in the bar song they said that Emily took the riches but idk it was a theory I heard not mine

  • Beep boop Bop
    Beep boop Bop

    Can you do popee? :>

  • Caleb Sportsman
    Caleb Sportsman

    Movies still better than Nightmare before Christmas

  • Jalaya White
    Jalaya White

    1:41 1 minute and 27 seconds in to the movie and their is already 19 sins that a sin in itself

  • Idk what to put here-
    Idk what to put here-

    This is one of my fav movies D;

  • Erfan Salari
    Erfan Salari

    how do you dared?i.with this -peace-of work.

  • Jamie Aldridge
    Jamie Aldridge

    Pls do coralline 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • im nala
    im nala

    wait do both cinema and animation sins have the same communty?

  • Heather Hannigan
    Heather Hannigan

    cinema sins should do hit and run its got Kristen bell in it and it was in 2012

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H

    HELL YEAH exactly what I was waiting for!

  • Keighly W
    Keighly W

    is it me or is the music awfully loud in this

  • Fiona

    That Movie once was on tv but i think i never finished it

  • Melodi

    0:16 this is my favorite movie cliche 😅😅

  • Kurtis Merrill
    Kurtis Merrill

    I love the irony that the underworld was more colorful and lively than the land of the living

  • Deceiver Airsoft
    Deceiver Airsoft

    Remember when cinema sins had VALID reasons for sinning something rather than petty subjectivism?

  • User 294
    User 294


  • samantha williams
    samantha williams

    4:06 he said corpses of cheer, not skeletons so technically you're wrong

  • • Salty_Alix •
    • Salty_Alix •

    Have Y’all Noticed That The Kid From Frankweiny Looked Like Victor As A Young Kid? He Even Looked Like Him. Also, Victor Also Had A Dog If You Payed Attention To The Pictures On The Walls. They Also Had The Same Name...

  • Araxie Rose
    Araxie Rose

    Not one accursed sin removed?? YOU REMOVED A SIN FROM CARS 3, FFS!

  • Clutzchick •
    Clutzchick •

    Um he said maggots only live for a few days....its already dead so it could totally have lived it that dude's family member.

  • Cameron Fucinari
    Cameron Fucinari


  • Michael Oluwajuyemi
    Michael Oluwajuyemi

    The reason Emily can understand a skeleton dog is because they’re both dead!

  • Michael Oluwajuyemi
    Michael Oluwajuyemi

    I ❤️ this movie!

  • olivia hye
    olivia hye

    the reason for the more decomposed skeletons is there they are taking a long time to fulfill there unfinished business. at the end of the movie u can see emily turning into butterfly’s and moving on from this life because lord barcus (i can’t spell his name lol) is finally dead